Starfield Players Have Already Built Vehicles And A Mech Ship

Finally, a car in the vast expanses of the Starfield universe.

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  • The Starfield players have already started building vehicles and mechs in the game.
  • One Reddit user has assembled a muscle car in the game without mods using a glitch.
  • A user has also created a car and a whole truck with a trailer that can fly in space, while another made a mech in the vanilla game.
  • It came out on September 6 this year for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Starfield has been a massive success after release, but the mods have already improved many parts of the game that players felt were not up to par. The lack of cars has been evident in the RPG, but a user has made the thing closest to it. As found by video game informer Rebs Gaming on Twitter, the Reddit user u/KN-Art has created a muscle car in the title without using mods. Object placement glitch was used in the ship builder to construct it.

the Pony.
byu/KN-Art inStarfieldShips

While it looks like a car, it is most certainly a ship in disguise that can travel across the stars. It is most likely the first car design we have ever seen in Starfield. Mods may make it possible for users to add driveable vehicles one day. Regardless, the Reddit user u/Xeppeling has also created an automobile and a whole truck with a trailer that can fly in space. 

“Roadster? More like Spacester”
byu/Xeppeling inStarfield

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The truck looks gigantic compared to the other vehicles. The trailer of the truck was built using a mod, but it is also possible to assemble the rest without using mods.

You thought we were Space Truckin’ before? That was nothing
byu/Xeppeling inStarfield

The mech designs have also started popping up on Starfield subreddits. The user u/Advanced_Sector_3442 has built an incredible mech that left the community in awe of its design. It was created entirely without using mods and glitches.

We need Mech Builds to relive the starfield history!
byu/Advanced_Sector_3442 inStarfield

Players have already brought a slew of notable gameplay changes and enhancements in the entry. One player has made the enemy AI much smarter, which makes the fighting more dynamic. A mod is also gaining popularity for skipping the long intro included in the game. Additionally, you can float around the vast space in Titanic while wearing a Mandalorian armor set.

Starfield came out on September 6 this year for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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