Expert Picks: Starfield Best Fighter Ships [Class A, B, & C]

Here you can find out everything about the Best Starfield Fighter Ship of all three Class A, Class B, and Class C.

There are tons of ships in Starfield, so it is hard to choose one. Among them, some ships might not be worth getting, so getting the Starfield Best Fighter Ship should be a priority. There are three ship classes in Starfield: A, B, and C, with the latter one being the best class.  

Key Takeaways
  • There are around 118 ships in Starfield, and the guide ranks the best 4 among them. 
  • The Best Class A Ship in Starfield is arguably Star Eagle, which has the best stats.
  • The only drawback of Star Eagle is that it doesn’t have really good jump abilities.

  • In Class B, the best ship players can get their hands on is Shieldbreaker.
  • While it is truly a beast among the other ships in Class B, it has a weak shield.

  • The Best Class C Ship in Starfield is hard to decide as the contenders are Renegade and Abyss Trekker.
  • Renegade is the best well-rounded ship in Starfield, while Abyss Trekker has the best firepower to melt through enemy ships.
  • Renegade doesn’t have firepower compared to Abyss Trekker, but it does have a huge cargo capacity. 

Our Picks For Best Fighter Ships In Starfield

Here are the best fighter ships, along with their stats you can find in-game:

Ship NameClassFuelHullCargoCrewShieldCredits
Star EagleA14094827365760Free (Reward)
RenegadeC580102439706850300,000 - 490,000
Abyss TrekkerC95010313406850345,000

Best A Class Fighter Ship – Star Eagle

The Best Early-Game Fighter Ship In Starfield.
Best A-Class Fighter Ship In Starfield (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Not only does Star Eagle have powerful weapons, but it is pretty fast, too, with a really decent cargo capacity.

The best Starfield A Class Ship is arguably Star Eagle. It is truly a beast, and on top of that, you can get it fairly early in-game. However, you can do some side quests of a certain faction. That being said, it is a ship every Starfield player should acquire at the start.

The stats are so good, making it the ideal ship choice for the early game. The jump abilities of Star Eagle are not the best, but despite that, the ship is nothing but a beat for an A-Class. 

The following are the stats of Star Eagle:

Fuel 140
Hull 948
Cargo 2736
Crew 5
Shield 760
Credits Free (It is a reward)

How To Get

You must complete the Freestar Ranger’s quest in Starfield to obtain the ship. The quest can take a lot of your time as it has eight missions, but getting Star Eagle early is totally worth it. The Freestar Rangers quest can be started in Akila City.

  • Easy to get.
  • Great choice for early-game players.
  • High cargo capacity.
  • Comparatively stronger damage output.
  • Gets overshadowed massively once players get Class B ships.

Best B Class Fighter Ship – Shieldbreaker

The Best B-Class Damage-Dealing Fighter Ship In Starfield.
Best B Class Fighter Ship In Starfield (Image Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Shieldbreaker is arguably an insane combat ship, as you can destroy the shields of the enemy’s ship with its laser weapon in no time.

In Starfield, you can’t immediately access the Class B ship. First, you must upgrade your Piloting Skill. Once done, you can obtain the Class B Fighter Ship Shieldbreaker, the best choice until Class C ships. While its shield is weaker than Star Eagle, it offers excellent maneuverability, compensating for its lower strength. With impressive jumping ability, Shieldbreaker is the ideal B-class ship to select.

It is a monster with many powerful weapons, but it does not have the best shield in Starfield.

The following are the stats of Shieldbreaker:

Fuel 540
Hull 940
Cargo 2280
Crew 5
Shield 610
Credits 250,000

How To Get

You won’t have to do any quest of Shieldbreaker, as it can be purchased on New Atlantis for 250,000 Credits.

Best C Class Fighter Ships

There are two Class C ships that I found the best, so I will discuss both of them. The first will be Renegade, and the last will be Abyss Trekker.

  • Respectable fuel capacity.
  • Impressive jumping ability.
  • Mobile and quick.
  • Lackluster defensive and offensive powers.


The Most Well-Rounded Fighter Ship In Starfield.
Best Well-Rounded Ship In Starfield (Screenshot Grab By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Despite being huge and massive cargo size, Regenade is extremely fast, making it the best all-rounder ship choice for the end game.

This is arguably one of the best well-rounded ships in Starfield, as the ship’s stats are insane. While it doesn’t have the highest jump and attack power in-game, it might be the most useful. Even at base level, Renegade is extremely useful, but you can upgrade the ship further. The cargo hold of Renegade is massive; the base version comes with 3970, so the upgraded version would have even more space.

In my opinion, Renegade is the best well-rounded ship you can find in Starfield. It is a massive ship, and the number of attacks doesn’t matter much when you are piloting the beast.

The following are the stats of Renegade:

Fuel 580
Hull 1024
Cargo 3970
Crew 6
Shield 850
Credits 300,000 – 490,000

Where To Find

Renegade is an extremely rare ship in Starfield, so finding it is pretty hard. That being said, it has been found in Paradiso and Red Mile on Porrima III. You can also find it at one of the main starports. The main starports in Starfield include the already mentioned Paradiso, Neon City, Cydonia, New Atlantis, and Akila City.

  • Well-balanced stats.
  • Great cargo capacity.
  • High defensive capabilities.
  • Quick and versatile.
  • Challenging to find.
  • Lacks attack power.
  • Weak jumping ability.

Abyss Trekker

The Best Damage-Dealing Fighter Ship In Starfield.
Best C Class Fighter Ship In Starfield (Image Captured By eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: This is the ideal ship for you if you want to hunt enemies non-stop without caring how much cargo you can store.

Abyss Trekker is arguably the Starfield Best C Class Fighter Ship. Even its name implies that the ship would have a massive firepower. While having the best firepower in-game, it isn’t really the ideal choice as it has really low cargo space compared to Renegade. So, if you use the ship for the first time, you should place your cargo elsewhere.

Except for that, the ship is perfect, as it has a strong hull, and the shield strength is great, too.

The following are the stats of Abyss Trekker:

Fuel 950
Hull 1031
Cargo 340
Crew 6
Shield 850
Credits 345,000 

Where To Get

You can simply purchase it in Paradiso from the Ship Service Technician for 345,000 Credits.

  • Insanely high damage output.
  • Great hull and shield strength.
  • Low-cost compared to other high-tier Class C ships.
  • Low cargo capacity.

Similar Fighter Ships

Here are some other options for fighter ships in Starfield that you can consider based on your own personal preferences.

  • Narwhal: This ship has the highest reactor level in the game, but it might be a bit more expensive than the others I have mentioned above.
  • Razorleaf: A decent fighter ship that possesses various powerful weapons as well as a high shielded cargo capacity.
  • Silent Runner: Because of its powerful shield and missiles, this ship can easily deal with offensive situations. 

What Is The Best Fighter Ship In Starfield

Best Fighter Ships In Starfield (Image Source: eXputer)

If you are looking for the best well-rounded fighter ship in Starfield, you should go for Renegade, but if you want to melt enemies, then Abyss Trekker is the best choice. 

Both ships are great, and I consider both the best ships in Starfield as it depends on the user to pick one based on their preference. 

You would want to know almost everything about the Starfield Best Fighter Ship. There are a total of three classes, with C being the end-game class. You would have to upgrade your piloting skills to pilot C Class ship. Till you get to that point, you use the best ships in Class A & B. After that, you will be able to pilot the best ships, which are Renegade and Abyss Trekker.

While at it, you should read the Best Vendors To Sell Your Loot In Starfield guide so you can easily sell the items you don’t want to store. After that, make sure to check out the guide on Hopetech Facility Location for a detailed explanation of the place. When you are done, visit the page of Best Ways To Farm Iron in Starfield, as it will help you in the long term. Here in the Subreddit, you can learn about what others are suggesting regarding the best fighter ship. 

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