Starfield: Due In Full Walkthrough [All 4 Debtors]

Embark on the Due in Full quest in New Atlantis, chasing debtors and making choices that impact your rewards in Starfield.

Due in Full is an initial side quest available once you arrive in New Atlantis in Starfield. The quest will take you to series of locations where you’ll be tasked with collecting debts. Due in Full quest revolves around assisting Landry Hollifeld in locating an individual who owes a significant debt to the bank.

Key Takeaways
  • Due in Full Starfield is an initial side quest located in New Atlantis, taking you through various parts of the system.
  • To unlock the Due in Full quest, visit the Mast District in New Atlantis and speak with Landry Hallifeld in the GalBank branch.
  • The quest involves recovering debts from 4 debtors, including Dieter Maliki, a Spacer Ship, a CEO, and a Mercenary in Starfield.
  • You have choices in dealing with some debtors, some choices resulting in higher rewards and a more favorable outcome.

How To Unlock Due In Full Quest

Due in Full Starfield Quest Giver Landry Hollifeld
Landry Hollifeld Quest Giver [Image Grab: eXputer]
Due in Full quest is given by Landry Hallifeld at the GalBank, Mast District within New Atlantis.

You can initiate the Due in Full quest within New Atlantis by following these steps in Starfield:

  1. Start by making your way to the Mast District within New Atlantis using the designated trails connecting the districts.
  2. Upon your arrival at the Mast District, locate the GalBank branch in the area.
  3. Inside the branch, you’ll find Landry Hallifeld, the quest giver for Due in Full Starfield, seated behind the counter.
  4. Approach Landry and engage in a conversation with him to accept the quest.
  5. Landry will explain that he needs assistance in retrieving a debt owed by Dieter Maliki, who had previously deceived him by taking a significant loan and disappearing to a secluded shack.
  6. Landry is unable to collect the debt alone and requires your help to track down Dieter Maliki.

Now, you will have to find the Dieter Maliki and collect the debt of Landry. 

Due In Full Quest Walkthrough

There will be four debtors that you’d have to interact with during the Due In Full Starfield Quest. The debtors are Dieter Maliki, the Delinquent Spacer, the Delinquent CEO, and the Delinquent Mercenary.

1. Dieter Maliki

Debt Collecting Dieter Malik
Collecting Dieter Malik Debt [Image by eXputer]
The initial objective involves tracking down Dieter Maliki, a fraudulent individual who obtained a loan for a new restaurant and subsequently absconded to the distant moon of Aranae IV-A. 

Dieter’s location changes each time you encounter him, much like other targets in Starfield. To locate him efficiently, access your star map and choose the quest objective. After you locate him, you’ll have a choice.

Dieter Malik Persuading starfield due in full
Persuading Dieter Malik [Image Grab: eXputer]
Now, you face a decision: persuade or attack Maliki. Going for persuasion is advisable, as eliminating him results in a smaller reward. Fortunately, convincing him isn’t much of a challenge; you only need to fill four persuasion bars.

Here are the decisions and outcomes:

[Persuade] GalBank will never, ever give up. It’s better if you just pay them.Dieter complies by paying his loan, and Landry rewards you with 5500 Credits.
For the right amount of credits, maybe I could report you were dead when I found you.Dieter rejects the proposal and launches an attack on you. With Dieter dead, Landry compensates you with only 3300 Credits.
Looks like we’re doing this the hard way.Dieter initiates an attack on you. Following Dieter’s death, Landry compensates you with only 3300 Credits.

Both bribing and attacking Dieter lead to his demise and a reduced credit reward. To maximize your earnings, opt for persuading him instead. Dieter doesn’t seem to offer any unique or enhanced loot, so making the choice to increase your credit reward is the most sensible one.

2. Delinquent Spacer

Debt Collecting Delinquent Spacer Ship
Collecting Delinquent Spacer Ship Debt [Image by eXputer]
To deal with your second target in the Due in Full quest, be prepared for a space battle, as you’ll need to destroy a Delinquent Spacer Ship in Starfield. Fighting him in space would be a lot easier if you have the skill to Lock on Ships.

Delinquent Spacer Ship Fighting starfield due in full
Fighting Delinquent Spacer Ship [Image Grab: eXputer]
  1. As with the first target, the Spacer Ship’s location is random. So, use the same strategy to locate it.
  2. Ensure the quest is tracked, select the objective, and set a course to your target.
  3. Upon entering the same orbit as your target, you’ll face immediate attacks from Spacers.
  4. To complete the current quest objective, defeat the Delinquent Spacer Ship marked in blue.

It’s advisable to take out all Spacer ships, or you might have difficulty escaping.

After your success, return to Landry and update him. You’ll then discover your next target: the CEO of a small company.

3. Delinquent CEO

Debt Collecting Delinquent CEO
Collecting Delinquent CEO Debt [Image by eXputer]
The next target is a rather unusual case, as Landry explains. The CEO of a small mining company has gone completely off the grid, even missing her regular loan payments to GalBank.

Use the same strategy as previous ones to locate the Abandoned Mine of the CEO.

When you reach the Abandoned Mine, you’ll encounter some challenges:

starfield due in full Delinquent CEO Rescuing
Rescuing Delinquent CEO [Image Grab: eXputer]
  • Defeat the Pirates that have overrun the mine.
  • Depending on your level, you might find the CEO outside or deeper within the mine, surrounded by more pirates.
  • If you haven’t cleared out all the pirates, the CEO may not engage in conversation initially.
  • Once you’ve dealt with the pirates, the CEO will talk to you and settle her loan.
Asking to pay back Delinquent CEO
Asking Delinquent CEO to pay back [Image by eXputer]
Rescuing the CEO is the most time-consuming one, as you’d have to take down a lot of pirates. However, she will gladly repay her debts and thank you for saving her.

4. Delinquent Mercenary

Debt Collecting Delinquent Mercenary
Collecting Delinquent Mercenary Debt [Image by eXputer]
The last target in the Due in Full quest is a mercenary who maxed out his credit with GalBank a year ago and disappeared in Starfield. However, GalBank has now located him.

To locate the Delinquent Mercenary in Starfield, use your ship’s Starmap to set a course to the specific star system where he’s located. 

When you find him, the mercenary confesses to stealing GalBank’s money to fund his retirement. 

Debt Paying Delinquent Mercenary starfield due in full
Paying Delinquent Mercenary Debt [Image Grab: eXputer]
In this situation, persuasion isn’t an option, and you have three choices: 

I’m not leaving without payment.The mercenary is left with no choice and attacks you instead. Landry pays you only 3300 Credits.
It’s too bad I couldn’t find you. Looks like GalBank struck out this time.The mercenary is grateful for receiving mercy. Landry pays you 5500 Credits for the trouble you went through.
[Pay 10000 Credits] The only way to keep GalBank off your back permanently is by taking this.The mercenary is extremely grateful and decides to give you his old pistol, Solace. Landry pays you 5500 Credits and commends you for a job well done.

The best ending would involve showing mercy to the old Mercenary and paying off his remaining debt. By doing so, the mercenary will reward you with Solace, a valuable pistol. While you’ll lose 4,500 Credits from this choice, you still receive a 5,500 Credit Reward, making it a worthwhile decision.

Many people have reported Due In Full as Bugged at Steam Community. Make sure to check or complete the other quests that might link with the Due In Full quest. Hopefully, Bethesda will release the patch notes soon enough to fix many bugs detected.

That’s everything you need to know about the Due in Full Quest in Starfield. Use the Best Missile Launchers in Starfield to annihilate the enemies in space. Use the Best Weapons in Starfield to destroy your enemies on the ground. Conquer the Space by Ship Building and making the best ship there is in Starfield.


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