Starfield Player Uses The Game’s Outpost System To Create A Massive Factory

And even after a 100 hours, it's still a work in progress.

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  • A Starfield player has developed a massive factory in the game using the outpost system.
  • The system was met with a ton of criticism from fans for being lackluster, but this does show its potential.
  • That said, the factory was made with the help of a mod that removes item limits in Starfield
  • It’s currently not possible to create such large structures in the vanilla version of the game. 

Bethesda’s latest RPG has allowed gamers to try to explore their wildest dreams when it comes to being a space explorer. While some players have been exploring the depths of the Titanic, others have discovered that the game has actual solar eclipses. However, one extremely dedicated player has decided to skip all that and has instead spent a hundred hours creating their own massive factory.

For all of you hating on outposts, this is what 100+ hours and dedication gets you. I present to you my factory, still work in progress.
byu/Hackoox inStarfield

The absolute legend took to Reddit to share multiple images of their factory. This was made using the game’s outpost builder, a feature that wasn’t exactly well received. While some found it a bit overcomplicated and pointless, Hackoox, who designed the structure, called out the naysayers. They mentioned that with a ton of dedication and 100+ hours of gameplay, it’s possible to get pretty stunning results

From the images, it’s clear the outpost comes complete with trolleys and storage containers. Everything is so neatly laid out, that one might think they were looking at a 3D visualization of an actual factory. The careful attention to detail, especially considering how hard it is to find plain surfaces to build on in the game, is truly impressive. The user explained the ground was leveled by placing 3,000 floor mats on top of each other. 

An aerial view of the factory made by Hackoox.
An aerial view of the factory made by Hackoox. (Source: Hackoox)

But perhaps the most mindblowing thing about it all is that Hackoox, 100 hours later, still considers the factory a work in progress. It’s tough to imagine what else could possibly get added to it, but considering the sheer creativity displayed already, it’s likely going to be something interesting. Comparatively, most other outposts in the game tend to consist of a bunch of roughly placed assets. 

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That said, not everyone’s convinced. Some players still shared criticism for the game’s outpost system. Notably, despite being a huge factory, even Hackoox’s creation looked bland. You can only imagine how off-putting regular outposts might look in that case. Some other folks felt like the user calling out the people criticizing outposts was a bit uncalled for. Many feel Bethesda could’ve done a lot with the outpost system. 

It’s also worth noting that building this factory is actually not possible, without a mod that removes Starfield’s item limit. Players used that as a way to call out the game’s outpost system even more. It’s possible Bethesda might make improvements to it in the future. For one, they could allow players to develop such structures without the need for mods or changes to their game. 

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