45 BEST Starfield Mods [230+ Hours Gameplay Experience]

Explore the best Starfield mods from visuals, challenges, and expansive gear options so that you can revamp your experience as you like.

In the expansive universe of Starfield, mods have become game-changers, enhancing player experiences in diverse ways. From visually stunning health bars and FOV tweaks to unlocking equipment arsenals and intensifying combats, the modding community continuously reshapes the boundaries of the game. That is why I have listed here the 45 Best Starfield Mods for players to redefine their gameplay experience as they like.

Key Takeaways
  • Mods in Starfield are user-created content or alterations that enhance or modify the base game.
  • The biggest advantage of using mods in Starfield is that they can improve graphics, and gameplay mechanics, and add novel content, enriching the player experience.
  • However, the downside of mods is that they can lead to game instability, save-file conflicts, and potential incompatibility with future game updates.
  • The significance of using mods is allowing players to tailor their experience, bridging gaps, or enhancing aspects that the original game has missed.

Starfield Best Mods And Comparison

Here is a quick look at the 45 best mods in Starfield, and what they do in the game so that you can install them based on your preferences. 

Serial NumberMod NameFunctionality
45Skip Launch VideoSkips the introductory video during game launch.
44Quantum ReshadeEnhances game visuals and color tone.
43The Eyes of Beauty – Starfield EditionImproves character eye textures.
42Deep Space ReShadeAdjusts space visuals for more depth.
41DualSense PS5 IconsIntegrates PS5 icon graphics.
40Arthur Morgan – Space Cowboy SaveEnables space cowboy character preset.
39All The MaterialsUnlocks all crafting materials.
38Goodbye Green TintRemoves green overlay from visuals.
37Jetpack OverhaulImproves jetpack dynamics and usage.
36Automatic Quicksave BackupsCreates backups for quicksaves.
35Starfield Performance OptimizationsBoosts game performance.
34Enhanced Blood Textures StarfieldRefines blood graphics in combat.
33BetterHUDRevamps the in-game HUD layout.
32All Aid ItemsUnlocks all aid items for the player.
31Responsive GrabbingMakes object grabbing more intuitive.
30Undelayed MenusSpeeds up menu interactions.
29CleanfieldCleans up miscellaneous in-game elements.
28Less Spongy EnemiesMakes enemies less resilient to damage.
27Pride CollectionAdds pride-themed elements.
26StarUI InventoryModernizes inventory user interface.
25Better FlashlightUpgrades flashlight brightness and reach.
24Nerfblaster 3000Adds a toy gun to the game.
23Auto Skip DialogueAutomatically bypasses character dialogues.
22Compact Mission UIStreamlines the mission interface.
21Easy SpeechSimplifies dialogue challenges.
20Starfield UpscalerImproves resolution scaling.
19Instant ScanSpeeds up in-game scanning processes.
18Add All WeaponsUnlocks all weapons for the player.
17Low GravityReduces gravitational effects.
16Icon Sorting TagsOrganizes in-game icons.
15Blacked Out Weapons PackAdds a black weapon set.
14Starfield Script ExtenderExtends scripting capabilities.
13Easy DigipickSimplifies digital lock picking.
12Weightless ResourcesRemoves weight from resources.
11Unlimited SprintAllows infinite sprinting.
10Guaranteed PickpocketEnsures successful pickpocketing.
9Enhanced Player Health barAmplifies player health bar visuals.
8Steam Deck EssentialsOptimizes game for Steam Deck.
7Achievement EnablerEnables achievements with mods active.
6Playable Sam CoeLets players assume Sam Coe's character.
5Witcher Geralt Of AtlantisIntroduces Geralt character preset.
4More AI BrainsIncreases AI combat limit.
3Starfield FOVAllows field of view adjustments.
2IntensefieldModifies damage mechanics.
1All Weapons Ammo Space Suits And SkillsUnlocks all weapons, ammo, suits, and skills.

45. Skip Launch Video

Skip Launch Video
Skip Launch Video
  • Why I Chose This: It increases the player experience by immediate access to gameplay without any intro delays.

For those looking to dive straight into the vast expanse of Starfield without delays, the Skip Launch Video mod in Starfield is easily one of the best add-ons to go for. In my opinion, it’s a great mod as you can use it to skip the prolonged introduction and jump right into your cosmic adventure.

This Skip Launch Video mod replaces the initial logo .bk2 file with a swift single-frame video, ensuring Starfield’s intro video is bypassed immediately.

Important: Utilize the mod manager you prefer, or for a manual installation, transfer the Data folder to the root directory of your Starfield game. The typical location for this would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield.

44. Quantum Reshade

Quantum Reshade
Quantum Reshade
  • Why I Chose This: Enhances the visual immersion and realism.

Dive into a world where Starfield’s universe feels more alive than ever with the Quantum Reshade by HelloImCrimson. Among the myriad of Reshades available, this stands out as a celestial gem. It not only amplifies Starfield’s vibrancy but also accentuates the ethereal charm of outer space.

In my opinion, Bethesda has done a commendable job with the base visuals, which are truly mesmerizing. Yet, given the sometimes subdued hues in various locations, it’s no wonder this mod has caught the attention of many explorers.

Quantum Reshade tailors the universe to your perception of reality. Experience a game that mirrors actuality, thanks to cutting-edge imaging technology and emulation-ReShade.

43. The Eyes of Beauty – Starfield Edition

The Eyes of Beauty
The Eyes of Beauty
  • Why I Chose This: Provides enhanced eye textures which improves character immersion.

Looking to enhance the expressiveness of your character’s eyes in Starfield? Then, The Eyes of Beauty mod, a spiritual successor to its namesake from Skyrim and Fallout 4, is just for you. Modder LogRamm brings a diverse range of eye textures, with the assurance of more on the horizon.

The Eyes of Beauty mod isn’t a direct port from its predecessors in Skyrim or Fallout. Instead, it’s a freshly crafted version of TEOB fine-tuned for Starfield’s universe, making it among the list of the best mods in Starfield.

INSTALLATION NOTE: The Eyes of Beauty mod requires manual handling. Extract the ‘Data’ folder to ‘..\Documents\My Games\Starfield’. If a ‘Data’ folder already exists, merge them. Additionally, ensure you have a file titled ‘StarfieldCustom.ini’ within the ‘..\Documents\MyGames\Starfield’ directory. The following entries should be in the .ini file:

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal=

42. Deep Space ReShade

Deep Space ReShade
Deep Space ReShade
  • Why I Chose This: Changes the visuals of the game which allows for more of a cinematic experience.

Seeking a richer and more cinematic experience in the vast universe of Starfield? Among the myriad mods enhancing Starfield’s visual dynamics, the Deep Space ReShade emerges as a top contender. It redefines Starfield’s visuals, echoing the cinematic vibes of a Christopher Nolan masterpiece.

Crafted with a dedication to capturing a true Sci-Fi essence, this lightweight ReShade refines imagery, adjusts hues, and deepens shadows. The Deep Space ReShade mod brings out a world drenched in muted colors and profound contrasts — all without compromising on your FPS.

I personally found the Deep Space ReShade mod visual upgrade captivating, and it might resonate with you as well.

Important: Deep Space ReShade mod is optimized for ReShade v5.9.2, but compatibility with other versions is anticipated. Installation is straightforward: transfer the mod files to the directory housing “Starfield.exe” and replace files if prompted. While setting up ReShade, ensure you opt for “Uncheck all” when prompted to “Select effect packages to install.”

41. DualSense PS5 Icons

DualSense PS5 Icons
DualSense PS5 Icons
  • Why I Chose This: Change of Xbox button symbols with Playstation symbols which is ideal for DualSense users.

Venturing into the cosmos of Starfield on PC but yearning for the comfort of Sony’s DualSense controller? Thanks to modder EASKATER, there’s a solution tailored for you. Just after Starfield’s early access debut, EASKATER released the “DualSense – PS5 Icons” mod.

The mod swaps out Xbox button symbols for those familiar PlayStation icons, enhancing the gaming experience for DualSense enthusiasts.

In essence, it’s a mod that replaces Xbox button indicators with those of PlayStation, making it indispensable for DualSense users.

40. Arthur Morgan – Space Cowboy Save

Arthur Morgan – Space Cowboy Save
Arthur Morgan – Space Cowboy Save
  • Why I Chose This: Explore the game as Arthur Morgan which allows for a unique gameplay experience.

Embark on a cosmic adventure with a familiar face from the Wild West! Sam Coe won’t be the sole voyager in the Settled Systems any longer; meet the star cowboy, Arthur Morgan. While it might seem unconventional, exploring space with a seasoned gunslinger like Arthur promises thrilling shootouts with spacers.

Dive into Starfield as Arthur Morgan, a character meticulously modeled after the iconic protagonist from Red Dead Redemption 2. The Arthur Morgan mod presents you with a save game, allowing you to venture as Arthur immediately post-character creation.


  • Character Background: [FILE NOT FOUND]
  • Character Traits: 0/3
  • Decompress the save game file and position it in the directory: Users/User Name/Documents/My Games/Starfield/Saves.

39. All The Materials

All The Materials
All The Materials
  • Why I Chose This: Helps a lot in saving time on resource gathering.

Diving deep into Starfield, one can relish the thrill of constructing outposts and collecting myriad materials for crafting and scientific endeavors. Yet, the quest for elusive materials can sometimes turn from exhilaration to exasperation, leading players on a tireless trek across the cosmos.

To ease this cosmic scavenger hunt, v2461 introduces the “All The Materials” mod. This mod is a boon for players, offering the convenience of adding materials directly to their inventory with minimal fuss. While some purists might label it as a shortcut, those who’ve exhausted hours in pursuit of rarities like Tantalum or Vanadium might beg to differ. Nevertheless, “All the Materials” comes top in my 10 best mods in Starfield list.

All The Materials mod is essentially a text command. Input “bat mats” (without quotes) into the Starfield console, and watch your inventory flourish.

38. Goodbye Green Tint

Goodbye Green Tint
Goodbye Green Tint
  • Why I Chose This: Enhances visual clarity and vibrancy.

Journeying through Starfield, one can’t help but notice the persistent, murky green hue that clouds the game, sapping its vibrancy. With DIRECREEP’s mod, “Goodbye Green Tint”, bid adieu to this drab overlay and usher in a world radiating in brilliant colors.

The difference is palpable: from a world that once felt lethargic and distant, to one bursting with life. It’s not just about seeing; it’s about feeling immersed as if you’ve truly stepped into a living universe rather than merely observing it through a screen.

Experience a game that is now rid of its green tint, fine-tuned in contrast, and enriched with vivid colors, all while maintaining Starfield’s smooth performance. Dive in and let the world come alive!

37. Jetpack Overhaul

Jetpack Overhaul
Jetpack Overhaul
  • Why I Chose This: The improved maneuverability this provides with jetpacks in second to none.

Navigating the vast expanse of space can be a tad bit challenging, especially when adjusting to jetpack controls. The Jetpack Overhaul mod fine-tunes the Starfield boost pack experience to be more intuitive. Although you’ll still need to advance your Boost Pack Training to Rank 4 for near-endless thrust, this tweak lets you glide over desolate planets seamlessly.

Now, jetpack usage is about precision. By pressing and holding buttons, you control the duration, allowing boosts ranging from a brief 0.1 seconds to a longer 3 seconds, in contrast to the default fixed ~0.5 seconds.

To master horizontal boosting with your jetpack:

I recommend you assign an alternate key in Starfield to the jump function (LAlt is a recommended choice).
While sprinting, hit the alternate key twice in quick succession.

36. Automatic Quicksave Backups

Automatic Quicksave
Automatic Quicksave
  • Why I Chose This: The way this mod allows preventing data loss is really helpful for anyone playing the game.

Stepping into the world of Starfield, players might often be caught off-guard by unforeseen crashes, and we’re talking about the technical kind, not spaceship mishaps. Enter the “Automatic Quicksave Backups” mod, an indispensable tool for those pushing their system limits.

  • Designed as a PowerShell script, this mod acts as your safety net, safeguarding your game’s progress.
  • Given Starfield’s occasional instability, there’s a potential risk of your save file taking a hit.
  • To mitigate this, the script continuously backs up your quicksave while you immerse yourself in Starfield.
  • The mod maintains an updated log of your recent five-game saves, and I think this feature is good enough to make the Automatic Quicksave in the list of the best mods in Starfield.
Important: By default, it crafts up to four backup files, ensuring you always have a recent save to fall back on. These backups reside in your standard Starfield save location (“C:\Users$currentUser\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves”) and come labeled with a .backup extension

35. Starfield Performance Optimizations

Performance Optimizations
Performance Optimizations
  • Why I Chose This: Provides smoother gameplay and Higher FPS.

For the tech-savvy gamers looking to finetune their Starfield experience, here’s a mod that’s right up your alley. Those with a beefy setup can achieve silkier gameplay, while the daring ones can embark on a pixelized adventure with the unique “Potato Mode”. Why someone might opt for that in a cutting-edge RPG is beyond us but to each their own!

Unlock peak performance and rev up those FPS with these straightforward tweaks. If players are struggling with frame rates despite having a powerful setup I recommend using this mod.

What the Starfield Performance Optimizations mod does is recalibrate the existing settings. For instance, ‘Ultra’ gets a revamp and is now ‘Ultra-Optimized.’ Just a heads up: after installation, ensure you toggle between the available options, like alternating between ‘low’ and ‘ultra’, to activate the changes. Let the optimized adventures begin!

34. Enhanced Blood Textures Starfield

Enhanced Blood Textures
Enhanced Blood Textures
  • Why I Chose This: The way this mod creates a more intense and chilling atmosphere.

Craving a darker, more intense atmosphere akin to Dead Space within Starfield? Dive into the Enhanced Blood Textures Starfield mod to infuse the game with a grittier tone. It focuses on amplifying the intensity of blood visuals, adding a chilling touch to Bethesda’s renowned RPG.

At present, it functions primarily as a texture overhaul, letting you opt for either 4k or 2k resolutions for blood details, noticeably amping up the blood splatter from its default subtleness.

The creator hints at future updates, eyeing more detailed injury visuals once advanced modding tools roll out, potentially coinciding with the launch of the creation kit. Dive into a more harrowing Starfield experience now!

33. BetterHUD

  • Why I Chose This: Improves the HUD making it more clean and clearer.

The BetterHUD mod offers a cleaner HUD, designed to keep you immersed without any unnecessary on-screen clutter. Pack back on-screen elements for a more focused journey through the stars, and this immersion easily defines the mod to be the best mods in Starfield.

Key Enhancements:

  • Reduced size for location texts and XP markers.
  • Opt out from seeing enemy health bars and hit indications.
  • A simpler dot crosshair, without the weapon-specific bars.

A glimpse of a fully customizable version is now available, allowing you to shape the HUD to your personal preferences. Dive deeper into Starfield, minus the distractions.

32. All Aid Items

All Aid Items
All Aid Items
  • Why I Chose This: The increased survivability of players with the help of a bunch of aid items.

For those tired of draining their credits on Medpacks, here’s a solution to keep you supplied without frequent stops at the Trade Authority shops. Boasting a generous 1000 of every aid item, pairing the All Aid Items mod in Starfield with one that provides infinite carry capacity might be a savvy move.

In Need of a Quick Fix? Introducing a text file that showers you with every aid item in abundance.

Important: To use, simply drag the text file to your Starfield directory located under user/documents/my games/. Either execute “bat heal” from the in-game console or add “bat heal” to your starfieldcustom.ini for an automatic refill every game starts.

31. Responsive Grabbing

Responsive Grabbing
Responsive Grabbing
  • Why I Chose This: The reduction in delay when picking up items results in a swifter looting.

In Bethesda’s tradition, Starfield enables players to gather nearly everything in sight. This quickly leads players down the path of expanding their carry limit to steer clear of the dreaded Overburdened status. But that’s only one hurdle loot aficionados face. An overlooked aspect is the minor yet tedious delay every time an item is picked up. It might only last a second, but consider the multitude of items grabbed over a gaming session; it certainly accumulates.

Enter Seb263’s Responsive Grabbing mod, which streamlines this by trimming the lag time from grabbing items down to a mere 300 milliseconds. It’s a game-changer for those who find joy in collecting items, making the experience notably snappier.

To uninstall: Either extract “StarfieldCustom.ini” from the “Documents\My Games\Starfield” directory or tweak the relevant parameters (fQCZKeyDelay & fZKeyDelay) within the ini file.

30. Undelayed Menus

Undelayed Menus
Undelayed Menus
  • Why I Chose This: Improves the overall user experience by reducing menu load times.

Tired of tedious menu load times? Smoothen your game navigation with the Undelayed Menus mod designed for efficiency. The main objective is to offer a refined and faster interface experience by boosting the speed and fluidity of Starfield’s in-game menus. This level of immersion is the core reason why I think Undelayed Menus is another of Starfield’s best mods.

Main Highlights of the Mod:

  1. Fade Effects Elimination: Say goodbye to those prolonged fade-ins and outs when accessing or leaving menus. With this tweak, experience instantaneous menu transitions without any lags.
  2. 60 FPS Menu Update: Boosting the frame rate, this mod upgrades your menu from the standard 30 FPS to a slick 60 FPS. Managing your inventory and navigating options just became twice as smooth.
  3. Optimized ‘Press to Exit’ Function: Exit prompts are now snappier! The ‘press to exit’ command responds in half the time, and the unnecessary button release animation is done away with, ensuring you can leave menus without a hitch.

29. Cleanfield

  • Why I Chose This: Allows players to tailor the experience to their own personal preferences.

Tired of the lengthy intros before diving into Starfield’s expansive universe? Streamline your entry with the Cleanfield mod.

The Cleanfieldby Gametism allows you to dive straight into the action by bypassing all the initial splash screens and messages that delay your gaming adventure. Some players appreciate the ambiance of the start screen, while others prefer direct immersion. With this mod, you choose how you begin.

Key Features:

  • Skip the Epilepsy & Seizure Warnings
  • Bypass the Bethesda Logo Intro
  • Eliminate the Bethesda Static Logo
  • Option to Disable the Daily Message Prompt
  • Keep/Remove the Starfield Logo – Your choice!
  • Fully compatible with Vortex & MO2.

28. Less Spongy Enemies

Less Spongy Enemies
Less Spongy Enemies
  • Why I Chose This: The control this mod provides over enemy resilience and the combat difficulty.

While Starfield’s adversaries can often seem overly resilient, it’s not just about how much damage they can take. It’s about how they gain that resilience. By default, each time an NPC levels up, they receive an extra 20 HP, turning them into formidable bullet sponges over time.

The Less Spongy Enemies mod offers adjustable settings for the health bonus NPCs receive upon leveling up. Previously set at 20, now you can choose between 0, 5, 10, or 15. Even at a setting of 0, enemies will still gain some health, but not the overwhelming amount that can frustrate players.

Doubling your damage output might seem like a solution, but it’s a drop in the bucket when high-level enemies are racking up hundreds of extra health points. This mod offers a more nuanced approach, targeting the root of the sponginess.

Important: This change affects only new adversaries you encounter. Those you’ve faced before maintain their initial health until Starfield’s cells reset.

27. Pride Collection

Pride Collection
Pride Collection
  • Why I Chose This: An ideal mod for the LGBTQ+ community allowing them to choose between a bunch of apparel options.

Introducing the Pride Collection mod by SnowisQueer, a stylish nod to the LGBTQ+ community in the virtual realm of Starfield.

Crafted by the talented modder SnowIsQueer on NexusMods, this collection brings a vibrant range of LGBTQ+-inspired apparel to Starfield. The “Pride Collection” features distinct attire like saris, casual comfort outfits, ponchos, and even a pride-themed axe.

Each piece is meticulously designed, showcasing various pride emblems to represent everyone on the spectrum. SnowIsQueer isn’t stopping here; they’re gearing up to introduce more clothing options. Plus, they’re receptive to player suggestions, eagerly awaiting ideas to make this collection even more inclusive and diverse.

26. StarUI Inventory

StarUI Inventory
StarUI Inventory
  • Why I Chose This: A user-friendly inventory interface providing improved usability and efficiency.

Introducing StarUI Inventory mod by m8r98a4f2’s, which is the ultimate inventory overhaul for PC gamers. Dive into a sleek, compact interface filled with detailed sortable columns, item category icons, and a handy left-side bar for easy categorization, among other quality-of-life improvements.

  • The native Starfield inventory can be a bit clunky, often feeling like an expansive space with minimal actionable data.
  • And while yes, Starfield does provide ways to sift through data or sort items, it doesn’t make the process any less tedious.

Thanks to the StarUI Inventory mod, which in my opinion qualifies for the best mods in Starfield under the UI overhaul category, players can now have an eagle-eye view of their inventory on a single pane. Whether you’re assessing your arsenal, or quickly determining which heavy and low-value items to discard to lighten your load, this mod is a game-changer for inventory management.

25. Better Flashlight

Better Flashlight
Better Flashlight
  • Why I Chose This: Providing a clearer vision in the dark while using a flashlight.

Illuminate your Starfield adventures with the Better Flashlight mod by DoubleYouC. While the in-game flashlight may set the mood, it often falls short when you truly need to pierce the darkness or get a clearer line of vision.

The Better Flashlight mod revamps the flashlight’s dynamics, casting a broader, more encompassing light. Gone is the narrow, horizontal-focused beam of the original; instead, enjoy a consistently lit circle that aids better visibility.

The Better Flashlight mod isn’t just about functionality but aesthetics too. By refining the flashlight’s gobo texture, the end result is a more authentic, artifact-free flashlight experience.

24. Nerfblaster 3000

Nerfblaster 3000
Nerfblaster 3000
  • Why I Chose This: The superior firepower and customizable options the mod provides for the Novablast Disruptor weapon.

Tired of lackluster firepower? Elevate your shooting prowess with the Nerfblaster 3000 mod. Though it’s exclusively designed for the Novablast Disruptor, once you acquire this weapon, the fun truly begins. Experience an intriguing twist on firepower with this uniquely retextured weapon, turning it into a formidable tool in your arsenal.

23. Auto Skip Dialogue

Auto Skip Dialogue
Auto Skip Dialogue
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for a swifter playthrough by auto-skipping all the dialogues.

Looking to speed through Starfield’s narrative on your subsequent playthroughs? The Auto Skip Dialogue mod’s got you covered, making exchanges with notable characters like Andreja and Sam Coe swift and efficient.

Introducing Auto Skip Dialogue mod– designed for enthusiasts who aim for speed runs or simply want to breeze through conversations. With this modification, dialogues will auto-progress, removing the need for button pressing.

To Uninstall: 

  1. Modify the txt file value back to its original.
  2. Either reboot your game or apply the ‘bat AutoSkipDialogue’ command via the console.
  3. The txt file can be retained or discarded as it won’t be active anymore.

22. Compact Mission UI

Compact Mission UI
Compact Mission UI
  • Why I Chose This: The way this mod allows for more quest visibility allowing for better task management.

Enhance your mission menu’s readability with the Compact Mission UI Starfield mod, expanding the list for a clearer quest overview.

If the default quest UI in Starfield isn’t cutting it for you, this is yet another of the best mods in Starfield that will be a game-changer. It redesigns your mission menu, allowing 50% more quests to be visible simultaneously, streamlining your in-game task management.


  • Boosts the number of visible quests by 50%.
  • Reduces the visibility of completed tasks for a cleaner look.

21. Easy Speech

Easy Speech
Easy Speech
  • Why I Chose This: The way this mod is able to help players in increased success rate in persuasion.

Boost your charisma with the “Easy Speech” mod crafted by NexusMods’ Ixion XVII. Achieve a flawless persuasion rate, ensuring every dialogue goes your way.

Navigate conversations effortlessly, convincing NPCs across the galaxy without investing heavily in Starfield Persuasion skills. While it may remove the thrill of strategic dialogue, this mod in my opinion becomes essential for players finding it challenging to sway certain in-game characters.


  • 100% successful persuasion every time.
  • Save on skill points; bypass the need to max out Diplomacy and Persuasion.
  • Ideal for those tricky NPCs that resist traditional persuasion tactics.

20. Starfield Upscaler

Starfield Upscaler
Starfield Upscaler
  • Why I Chose This: The ability of this mod to increase frame rate and performance on higher resolutions.

Enhance your Starfield graphics experience with the Starfield Upscaler by PureDark. This modification lets players swap out FSR2 for DLSS or XeSS, greatly boosting frame rates at higher display resolutions.


  • DLSS2 integration (Note: DLSS3 is not supported in this version).
  • Prerequisite: Upscaler Base Plugin.

As it stands, the Starfield Upscaler by PureDark stands out as one of the top mods for Starfield. It’s anticipated that official DLSS support for Starfield is on the horizon. But for now, gamers using older systems aiming for 4K gameplay can significantly benefit from this mod.

After AMD’s announcement of Starfield’s lack of DLSS or XeSS support at launch due to their exclusive partnership with Bethesda, mod enthusiast PureDark stepped up, unveiling plans for this essential graphical tweak. For those eager to harness the power of DLSS or XeSS in their Starfield journey, PureDark’s mod is your golden ticket.

19. Instant Scan

Instant Scan
Instant Scan
  • Why I Chose This: The increased efficiency and reduced workload it provides for the tedious scan tasks.

The Instant Scan is my top 3 best mods in Starfield because it lowers your scanning grind in Starfield with the option to complete your flora and fauna surveys in just 1 (or 3) scans.

Note: Implementing the Instant Scan mod in Starfield might deactivate achievements. Counter this by integrating the Baka Achievement Enabler Mod.

For space explorers aiming to document every nook and cranny of Starfield’s expansive cosmos—comprising a staggering count of moon and planets in Starfield—the repetitive need to scan fauna and flora several times can be tedious.

However, with Just AnOrdinaryGuy’s Instant Scan mod, explorers can drastically cut down their workload. Now, each flora or fauna requires merely a single scan to be fully registered. Additionally, for those aiming to map out the endless void, Just AnOrdinaryGuy has a complementary mod to extend your scanning distance. Adventure through space has never been this efficient!

18. Add All Weapons

Add All Weapons
Add All Weapons
  • Why I Chose This: This mod allows you to use all the iconic weapons in the game. Helps in acquiring any weapon of your choice.

Simplify your search across the vast universe and instantly acquire iconic weapons in Starfield. A word of caution: with the Add All Weapons mod comes weight. Pairing this mod with one that boosts your carrying limit might be wise, as having the entire Starfield’s arsenal at your disposal can be quite hefty in my opinion.

How to Use:

  1. Press the ‘~’ key (found right above the Tab).
  2. Input: Bat allguns (without the quotation marks).

Now, prepare to wield the might of every gun Starfield has to offer!

17. Low Gravity

Low Gravity
Low Gravity
  • Why I Chose This: The ability of this mod to allow flight ability to your character makes the game much more fun to explore.

Wave goodbye to investing endless skill points in Tech enhancements or depleting Boost Packs. Thanks to Ixion XVII’s Low Gravity mod, you’re granted the gift of unrestricted flight. No need to unlock traditional jetpacks – leap upwards and take flight on your own terms.

And if jetpacks are still your thing, Ixion XVII’s got you covered with their “Jetpack Overhaul” mod, streamlining jetpack use with reduced costs. Dive into the limitless skies and embrace the weightlessness!

16. Icon Sorting Tags

Icon Sorting Tags
Icon Sorting Tags
  • Why I Chose This: The ability to visually see the value of an item before picking it up allows for more efficient looting.

Drawing inspiration from mcguffin’s Fallout 76 mod, the Icon Sorting Tags Mod introduces innovative glyphs to Starfield’s standard game fonts. It then integrates these glyphs into the in-game text labels for items, offering players an instant value assessment.

Enter mcguffin’s Icon Sorting Tag, and this mod revolutionizes your looting strategy by indicating the value of each item. Upon activation, a nifty icon appears beside every lootable item’s name, both within the environment and your inventory. This visual cue effortlessly distinguishes between essential assets and mere trinkets.

Enjoy streamlined looting with prominent icons marking items, a blessing for both rookies and pros.

Few known issues:

  • Specific quest rewards and static world items, especially weapons, might maintain their original names post-mod installation. If discovered before mod installation, such items might lack the iconic indicators. However, should you wish to remove an icon from a weapon, a workbench rename will do the trick. Adding icons via the UI isn’t feasible.
  • Caution: Altering weapon/armor names in a workbench and inadvertently deleting an icon? You won’t be retrieving it unless a saved game state is reloaded.

15. Blacked Out Weapons Pack

Blacked Out Weapons Pack
Blacked Out Weapons Pack
  • Why I Chose This: This mod is ideal for players who enjoy deep and darker shades for their weapons.

Craving a more gothic vibe for your Starfield weaponry? The Blacked Out Weapons Pack mod lets you drench your armament in deep, dark shades. The package features shadowy reskins for fan favorites like Razorback, and Equinox, among others.

Dive into the shadows with this mod, offering muted versions of nearly every Starfield firearm. Born from a desire to veer away from Starfield’s brighter weapon aesthetics, this mod promises more dark-toned updates in the future.

Important: Exclusive weapons such as the Ember and X898 Micro Gun remain untouched.

14. Starfield Script Extender

Starfield Script Extender
Starfield Script Extender
  • Why I Chose This: This mod provides a superior gameplay experience with enhanced scripting capabilities.

Delve deeper into mod complexities with the Script Extender, poised to be the bedrock for future intricate Starfield mods. Crafted by the masterminds behind the Fallout 4 Script Extender, the Starfield Script Extender mod is accessible for download on Nexus Mods.

  • To get started, simply transfer the Starfield Script Extender mod’s files to the main “Starfield” directory and initiate Starfield via the sfse_loader.exe. Regrettably, Xbox users will have to wait, as the Script Extender isn’t yet available. But, mod support is on the horizon!

For an enhanced gaming experience, this mod introduces advanced scripting potential and introduces a mix of functional and quality-of-life improvements.

13. Easy Digipick

Easy Digipick
Easy Digipick
  • Why I Chose This: Provides an easier and faster alternative to the default mechanism of lockpicking.

Navigating Starfield’s lockpicking mechanism is manageable for many, yet a fraction of players, including me, might find it tedious or just yearn for a speedier approach, especially when confronted with Starfield’s intricate locks. For this reason alone, the Easy Digipick is by far one of the best mods in Starfield that I have on my system.

Enter the Easy Digipick mod by Ixion XVII, perfect for those who’d rather bypass the lockpicking mini-game altogether. Not only is it harmonious with numerous Starfield modifications, but it also grants an immediate boost to your Security rank. This means you’re primed to conquer even the toughest Expert and Master locks from the outset.

Important: Opt for a simplified digipick experience with this mod. (Choice of 2 versions.) Perks remain essential for unlocking. If you aim to sidestep the perk prerequisites, just input “player.addperk 2ce2e2” into the console for an instant Security rank boost.

12. Weightless Resources

Weightless Resources
Weightless Resources
  • Why I Chose This: Allows more focus on exploration and immersion in the game’s universe by making inventory management tasks easier.

Tailor your experience: Set resources, aids/chemicals, sustenance, miscellaneous items, and literature to either be entirely weightless or just half their original burden. Say goodbye to frequent ship returns and immerse yourself more in the Starfield universe.

Originally crafted to alleviate the heavy burden of Manufactured Resources – which often felt disproportionately weighty given their importance – the Weightless Resources mod reduces the frequent trips to one’s ship for storage. For those who crave the ultimate lightness, there’s also a version making all resources weight-free.

CAUTION: This mod is still in its testing phase, so its stability is uncertain. Employ with caution. Prior to activation, ensure you have a saved game. Unforeseen glitches might force you to revert to a previous save.

11. Unlimited Sprint

Unlimited Sprint
Unlimited Sprint
  • Why I Chose This: Allows more unlimited stamina for limitless exploration.

In the vast expanse of Starfield’s planets, with limited vehicles at your disposal, sprinting often becomes a lifeline. Yet, the constant drain on your oxygen while running can quickly become a challenge, especially in Starfield’s early stages. Introducing the Unlimited Sprint mod by NexusMods, granting you the freedom to run endlessly without the fear of depleting your oxygen.

The Unlimited Sprint mod delivers precisely what its name suggests: an unrestrained sprinting ability. While it ensures your sprints don’t consume oxygen, be mindful that all other activities that diminish oxygen reserves remain unaffected.

Note: The Unlimited Sprint mod is still under evaluation and its full stability is undetermined. Proceed with caution. It’s highly recommended to save your game before activating this feature. Should unexpected glitches arise, reverting to a previous save might be necessary.

10. Guaranteed Pickpocket

Guaranteed Pickpocket
Guaranteed Pickpocket
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for a 100% success rate on your pickpocket attempts.

While pickpocketing might clash with your moral compass, it opens doors to intriguing finds such as unique keys, essential quest items, and rare weapons. Equip yourself with the Theft skill first to become a master pickpocket, and only then download the Guaranteed Pickpocket, another of the best mods in Starfield for you.

Mod Feature: Once acquired, you can effortlessly approach any unsuspecting soul and swipe their belongings right from their pockets using the Guaranteed Pickpocket mod. 

Dive deep into the world of clandestine theft with Boboking123’s Guaranteed Pickpocket mod, ensuring you always succeed in your sneaky endeavors. With this mod’s guaranteed success rate, you can rest easy knowing the NPCs will remain none the wiser to your stealthy escapades.

9. Enhanced Player Health bar

Enhanced Player Healthbar
Enhanced Player Healthbar
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for different color visualization when HP is on different values.

Navigating Starfield’s universe might leave you wishing for a more vibrant visual indicator, especially when the stakes are high, and your health is on the line. Enter SilverEzredes’ Enhanced Player Healthbar mod, giving your health bar that much-needed dynamic flair.

Expect color transitions at health milestones of 75%, 50%, and 25%.

The Enhanced Player Healthbar mod in Starfield ensures your health bar is more than just static white. Instead, it morphs in color in response to damage, offering a clearer visual cue. So, when you’re on the brink, your health bar radiates a stark red, prompting immediate action.

Recent Changes:

  • v1.0.4: Introduced an alternate color scheme: Green-Yellow-Orange-Red.
  • v1.0.3: Refinements made to the Environment Damage Bar color.
  • v1.0.2: Resolved compatibility with Large Menu Fonts accessibility feature.
  • v1.0.1: Enhanced Vortex support, and added a vibrant Blue-Yellow-Orange-Red color variation.

8. Steam Deck Essentials

Steam Deck Essentials
Steam Deck Essentials
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for an optimized steam deck experience.

Ever tried playing Steam Deck-compatible games and felt let down by performance glitches? Bring your Starfield gameplay to its zenith on the Steam Deck with Hybred’s Steam Deck Essentials mod.

Dive into Starfield with fluidity and finesse, all thanks to the Steam Deck Essentials mod’s knack for reconfiguring textures and optimizing files tailored for the Steam Deck. Say goodbye to clunky in-game interactions and embrace a streamlined experience.

Here’s what Hybred’s Steam Deck Essentials mod has to offer:

  1. Advanced compression for textures and files, ensuring better texture streaming, faster load times, and a boost in game lows.
  2. Adjusts texture sizes to harmonize with the Steam Deck’s VRAM, leading to improved game lows and frame timings.
  3. Refines in-game interactions and animations to a seamless 40fps, promising smoother gameplay.
  4. Optimizes settings beyond the regular menu, enhancing both GPU & CPU performances. This improves the average FPS, though with a slight trade-off in image quality.

The true gem of this mod? It has the power to minimize in-game stutters and uplift the overall gameplay quality. While you can expect an FPS boost, it’s the quality-of-life enhancements that truly shine.

7. Achievement Enabler

Achievement Enabler
Achievement Enabler
  • Why I Chose This: Allows for earning achievements without the mods getting in the way. Making for a better solo gameplay experience.

A common pain for players is that many mods that enhance the game also bar them from snagging achievements. And while there’s an ongoing debate about the ethics of using add-ons to snag achievements, remember that Starfield is a solo venture – so modding it doesn’t hamper anyone else’s play. For this reason alone, I actually find the Achievement Enabler helpful, and putting it on my list of Starfield’s best mods.

For the players keen on sprucing up the Starfield’s graphics or saying goodbye to pesky loading times, some of these mods might unintentionally halt achievements. Enter Priqrade’s Achievement Enabler mod from NexusMods. This nifty mod ensures you keep adding those shiny achievements to your list, regardless of the mods you’ve chosen.

A gentle reminder: I recommend always backing up your original files before tinkering. That way, if any hiccups occur, you’re just a step away from getting things back on track.

Key Features:

  1. Achievement Liberation: Never again see your save as “modded”, keeping those achievements rolling in.
  2. Console Command Freedom: Use the console commands in Starfield without the fear of your save turning modded and halting achievement gains.

6. Playable Sam Coe

Playable Sam Coe
Playable Sam Coe
  • Why I Chose This: Allows players to play as Sam Coe for a unique and nostalgic gameplay experience.

Ever dreamt of stepping into the shoes of the legendary Sam Coe? With the Playable Sam Coe mod by Nexus Mods, you can fully embody the iconic Freestar Collective cowboy. Just a heads-up: it might feel a tad unusual if you have Sam tagging along as your companion, though, fortunately, he doesn’t seem to mind the uncanny resemblance.

This Mod Mechanism:

  1. Transform your in-game avatar into Sam Coe. Perfect for photo ops, it’s designed to work seamlessly with Starfield’s Photo mode.
  2. Compatible at any game stage or save point. Sam’s signature attire is set as the default, but feel free to mix and match as you see fit.
A word of caution: Commit to this mod transformation only when you’re certain, as there’s no reversing to your original character post-modification. Always save beforehand for safety.

5. Witcher Geralt Of Atlantis

Witcher Geralt Of Atlantis
Witcher Geralt Of Atlantis
  • Why I Chose This: Play as Geralt Of Rivia with his advanced textures and detailed customization suite.

Dive into an enthralling blend of fantasy and sci-fi as you transform your Starfield character into the legendary Geralt of Rivia. Ever wondered how a Witcher’s journey might unfold amidst the stars? The Witcher Geralt Of Atlantis mod is your golden ticket to such a galactic adventure.

This modification offers:

  1. A detailed rendition of Geralt in Starfield’s character customization suite.
  2. Enhanced 4K eye textures, giving true depth to the Witcher’s gaze through AI-powered upscaling.

4. More AI Brains

More AI Brains
More AI Brains in Starfield
  • Why I Chose This: Adds a more survival thrill to the game with increased AI Brains.

Did you miss having a genuine survival mode in Starfield? Crave more formidable opponents? The More AI Brains mod by ArmoredTrollmight just be the adrenaline boost you need. Dive into heightened battles where the enemy NPCs no longer wait for their inevitable doom but actively challenge your prowess.

The More AI Brains mod elevates the default AI combat limit from 20 to 60, ensuring more dynamic and engaging skirmishes. The heated AI is what I wanted in the game since day one, and luckily, More AI Brains is my go-to & the best mods in Starfield till now. 

Historically, Bethesda games have capped simultaneous AI combatants, with Starfield setting the bar at 20. By tripling this number to 60, this mod ensures you’ll seldom witness idle NPCs during combat. While you could potentially push this number even further, 60 strikes an ideal balance, ensuring smooth gameplay.

3. Starfield FOV

Starfield FOV
Starfield FOV 
  • Why I Chose This: The ability to customize your FOV by your own personal preference.

Most contemporary FPS titles let players tweak their field of view, tailoring the game to their visual preferences. Surprisingly, Bethesda skipped this feature in Starfield, prompting the modding community to step up.

With hellstorm102’s FOV mod for Starfield, players can easily adjust their field of view via a straightforward text file. An added bonus? It’s compatible with both first and third-person perspectives, ensuring that everyone can customize their experience, regardless of their gameplay style.

2. Intensefield

  • Why I Chose This: An ideal pick for someone who enjoys intense battles and combat.

In the vast universe of Starfield, the Intensefield Mod by Rakun94 offers a balanced, yet intensified combat feel. You’ll deal out and absorb greater damage, making strategic gameplay more vital than ever. 

Opt for the ‘Very Hard’ difficulty using the Intensefied Mod in Starfield. Although it sounds intimidating, this is another one of the Best Mods that are primarily optimized for overall immersion, ensuring a balanced and quality experience.

Games are about immersion, not reality. While no one’s suggesting characters should be bulletproof, they shouldn’t disintegrate at the slightest touch either.

Modifications Changes

  • Altered the scales of damage dealt and received.
  • Enhanced enemy HP bonus as they level up, now set at 5.
  • Fine-tuned enemy detection range, narrowing their field of view from 190 to 160 degrees.

A separate version ensures spaceship battles remain challenging yet not as lethal as the primary mod. Players will note a significant increase in damage received compared to the base game.

1. All Weapons Ammo Space Suits And Skills

Space Suits And Skills
Space Suits And Skills
  • Why I Chose This: The diverse gameplay options this mod provides allow players to customize their own adventures.

Eager to play around with all that Starfield has to offer without the meticulous grind of exploration? The All Weapons Ammo Space Suits And Skills Mod by GoldenDarknezz lays out Starfield’s entire equipment spectrum at your fingertips, perfect for those eager to toy with varying skill sets and weapon pairings.

The mod provides:

  • All Weapon IDs in Starfield
  • All Spacesuit IDs in Starfield
  • All Ammo IDs in Starfield
  • All Skill IDs in Starfield
  • All Trait IDs in Starfield
Important: To integrate, simply move the text files into your Starfield game folder. A common pathway might be C:\Games\steamapps\common\Starfield.

Once in-game, pull up the console and enter commands like “bat kekfield”, “bat alltraits”, or “bat allperks”. For perks, you’ll need to input the command four times to attain the highest rank.

In conclusion, the modding community has always amplified the allure of action RPGs, and it was about time Starfield had to get the best mods. With user-created enhancements offering immersive visuals, heightened challenges, and expanded gear access, every player can tailor their cosmic journey. Embrace these modifications and let Starfield transcend beyond its original frontiers. 

Before you leave, I strongly advise you to read Starfield Landmarks, Paradiso, Crimson Fleet Questline, and Starfield crew skills guides.


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