Steam Deck

Steam was initially launched as a client to provide updates for Valve games, such as the iconic Left4Dead and Portal Series, both equally legends in their own rights. However, they later branched out to a storefront service of selling and distributing third-party games. After quite some time they even delved deeper into the technological side with ventures into virtual reality with their own proprietary hardware, Steam VR. Not to be stopped, Valve has also put effort into the handheld gaming sector and what they have for us might be the next big thing, the Steam Deck. It is touted as the best handheld gaming console that will be released onto the market able to fully handle AAA games, such as Elden Ring, Death Stranding, God of War, and others. In this section you can find the latest news regarding Valve’s Steam Deck; be it the games, the staff,  or new Steam Games.