SOLVED: Steam Deck Update Error

You can fix the update error by freeing up disk space on your Steam Deck, checking your internet connection, and opening Steam's network ports.

Players who bought the Steam Deck have been running into an Update error. This error prevents you from updating Steam Deck’s system software to the latest version. If your Steam Deck remains on the older version, you will run into many bugs or issues that were supposed to be fixed. Additionally, online features of your games can become unavailable. It is best that you resolve the update error instead of keeping an outdated version of your Steam Deck’s system software.

The error message reads the following “Update Error. An error was encountered during the update process. Please try again.”

how to fix steam deck update error
Steam Deck Update Error Message (Image by Reddit User vikingsbest23)
Key Takeaways
  • Many players have been encountering the update error in their Steam Decks. This error does not allow the Steam Deck to download the latest software update.
  • Many things can cause the update error, including low disk space, slow internet connection, and closed network ports for Steam.

Follow these steps to fix the update error on your Steam Deck:

  1. Make sure that you are not running out of disk space on your Steam Deck. If you are, delete some games or clear the shader cache.
  2. Verify your internet connection’s speed and confirm that you have enough bandwidth. Also, make sure that no other devices are downloading excessive data.
  3. Ultimately, open the network ports required by Steam on your internet router.

What Causes The Steam Deck Update Error?

There can only be a few culprits behind the Steam Deck Update error. Here’s a brief overview of these reasons:

  • You will run into the update error if your internet connection is experiencing issues or is unusually slow.
  • If your Steam Deck has insufficient storage space for an update, you will likely encounter this error.
  • In case the necessary network ports for Steam are closed, you will be unable to download any updates for the Steam Deck.
  • Some external factors, like an incorrect boot or a bug, can also lead to an update error in your Steam Deck.

How To Fix the Steam Deck Update Error

You can approach the solution to the update error in several different ways. It will depend on whether the error is caused by your internet connection, a lack of storage space, or the Steam Deck itself. The first thing you should do is reboot your Steam Deck. Once done, follow every single method mentioned below until the update error gets fixed. 

Verify Your Steam Deck’s Disk Space

If your Steam Deck is low on storage space, you will not be able to download any updates either. Monitor your currently available storage; if it is depleting, try to free up some space. If you cannot delete any games or have low space despite doing so, then the next best thing you can do is clear the cache for Steam Deck’s shaders. You can use many different 3rd-party applications to clear this shader cache, as Steam Deck does not officially offer any way to do so. 

Check Your Internet Connection

steam deck error fix
Internet Bandwidth test (Image by eXputer)

If the error continues even after freeing up space on your Steam Deck, the next probable factor is your internet connection. Insufficient or inconsistent connection speeds can impede your ability to download the update. You should first test your internet connection and ensure it is working as intended. If you notice that you are getting unusually low speeds, then that is likely why you can’t update your Steam Deck’s system software.

You can try restarting your modem and see if that can fix your connection’s speed. Rebooting will clear your router’s network traffic and can assign a more optimal IP address. Additionally, verify that other devices on your network are not downloading a lot of data. Due to the shared nature of bandwidth, downloads on other devices can hinder your ability to download the Steam Deck’s update, especially when dealing with limited bandwidth.

Ultimately, try contacting your internet service provider and raise this issue with them. You might need to purchase a higher bandwidth package for your network connection.

Open Steam’s Network Ports

If your internet connection is working and you don’t see a lack of storage space in your Steam Deck, this is the next most likely cause behind your error. Network ports are unique numbers assigned to each network or server. These numbers are responsible for guiding network traffic, such as data packets, to their destination. If the network ports are blocked, your data will not be able to travel to the destination it is intended for.  

In our case, the network ports that Steam needs could be blocked on your network. You can manually open these ports within your router to allow data packets to pass again. Do exercise caution and ensure that you only open necessary ports. Opening an excessive amount of network ports will expose your router to malicious threats.

These are the ports that you need to open for the Steam Deck:

  • TCP: 27015, 27036, 80, and 443.
  • UDP: 27015, 27031, 27032, 273033, 27034, 27035, 27036, 4380, 3478, 4370, and 4380.

Here’s how you can open these ports on your network router:

  1. Inspect the back of your router for its IP address, username, and password. Note down this information.
  2. Open any browser. Type your router’s IP address into the browser’s search bar and press Enter.
  3. Once in the login portal, enter the username and password you noted down to enter the router’s configuration.
  4. Now, find the settings that will allow you to open ports.
  5. Most routers refer to the setting as either Port Forwarding, virtual servers, or NAT. You will find it in the advanced section.
  6. Once found, add the previously mentioned port numbers and ranges in their relevant sections.
  7. Click save and reboot your network router.
Port forward to fix the steam deck update error
Opening Ports in the Router (Credits to eXputer)

Final Words

After thoroughly following all of the methods mentioned in this guide, you will be able to solve the Steam Deck Update Error. In some rare cases, you might need to switch to a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal, as the Steam Deck does not support 5 GHz signals. You can test this by using your mobile’s hotspot and connecting it to your Steam Deck. Now that you have fixed the update error and can operate your Steam Deck normally, check out the 33 BEST Steam Deck Games Of All Time.


Why does the Steam Deck Update Error occur?

The error can occur due to factors like slow or unstable internet connection, insufficient storage space, closed network ports for Steam, and external factors like incorrect boots or bugs.

How do I test my internet connection’s speed?

You can test your internet speed using various online speed testing tools available on the internet. The most commonly used website is by Ookla.

Are there risks to opening network ports?

There are no risks as long as you only open the necessary ports. Opening ports you don’t need can be a massive security risk for your network.

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