Nintendo Is Removing Switch Emulation Videos On Steam Deck

Nintendo is back with its infamous takedowns of fan content

The Steam Deck, after much anticipation, is finally here. Valve’s device, which runs on its own SteamOS, is the company’s answer to handheld gaming. What separates it from its competitors is that it is essentially a handheld PC that runs PC games from your Steam library. As if that wasn’t enough, the device sports some interesting hardware under the deck, too (pun intended).

One of the appeals of the PC gaming community is of course the emulation community, which not only breathes life into many older titles but also opens the doors for accessibility to exclusive gems, as well as opening the doors to the preservation of many classics lost to time. Considering how crafty the PC community is, it’s not surprising that one of the most pressing questions in the minds of the community was regarding the emulation capability of the Deck. Well, we certainly have some answers now. Or had, since Nintendo completely erased them.

As seen on ResetEra, Apparently, Nintendo is back to its antics. YouTube user The Phawx posted a video showcasing how well the Steam Deck can emulate the Nintendo Switch, and it was soon taken down on copyright grounds. It’s no secret Nintendo fears that this will take away possible sales of the Switch hence the insecurity, especially since the Switch is on a roll, having outsold the Wii and PS1 just last month.

Steam Deck
YouTuber The Phawx’s video on Nintendo Switch emulation on the Steam Deck removed by Nintendo. | Source: dex3108/ResetEra

Of course, this is not the first time that Nintendo has done this. Just a quick google search using the terms Nintendo takes down mod” will yield thousands of results. In the past, various ambitious projects, such as fan-made games, QoL mods, and even complete fan-made remasters have been ruthlessly shut down, their videos removed from video hosting sites, and the supposed perpetrators threatened with copyright infringement lawsuits. However, this of course does not mean that people will stop anytime soon. 

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