Splitgate Could Release On Nintendo Switch And Mobile

"This task would be much easier with an expanded team of engineers," says 1047 Games.

Splitgate is currently one of the most well-known games on Steam. It’s an arena FPS that combines features of the Halo and Portal franchise and is completely free-to-play. The game was released in March 2019 but didn’t have many active players at the time – often fewer than 1,000 concurrent players. However, the game has now become increasingly famous on Steam in only the past few weeks and gets an average of around 25,000 players per month.

Of course, this is a massive accomplishment for such a small studio like 1047 Games and its team of only 10 developers. Still, this isn’t the end for the company. In a recent blog post on the official Splitgate website, 1047 Games announced its new funding of $100 million and the future plans for the game, including the possibility of Splitgate coming to the Nintendo Switch and mobile.

“Many of you have asked for a Nintendo Switch version of the game; this task would be much easier with an expanded team of engineers! Personally, I am very intrigued with the idea of playing Splitgate on the Steam Deck, so I understand the fascination with being able to portal-on-the-go,” reads the blog post.

1047 Games certainly wants to expand its Splitgate franchise to other platforms and the Nintendo Switch seems to be at the top of its list. This is, obviously, no surprise as it was previously announced that the game could be played on the upcoming Steam Deck, so it makes sense for players to now want the game on the Nintendo Switch, too. However, the Nintendo Switch isn’t the only thing that 1047 Games has plans for.

“The Switch isn’t the only platform we’re not on, however! Mobile is a possibility, but we’d have to figure out if we’d want to approach it like Fortnite (with cross-play) or Call of Duty Mobile (a standalone game). Google Stadia and Amazon Luna could be other platforms to investigate,” stated the blog post.

In recent years, mobile gaming has seen a significant increment. As the number of active players is increasing constantly, the demand for more companies to release their games on mobile is also increasing. Lately, we’ve seen video game giants like Activision and EA expand their franchises to mobile, too. Similarly, 1047 Games also wants to make its game accessible to more people and mobile seems to be a reasonable option.

Right now, Splitgate is available to play for free on PC and the previous-generation and current-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and is natively supported on Linux operating systems. In the future, the company aims to expand the franchise to hand-held devices, such as the Nintendo Switch and mobile, as well as cloud-based gaming services, such as the Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

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