Starfield: All Console Commands & Cheats [Full List]

Master universe of Starfield using console commands, offering tailored gameplay, cheats, and deep customization.

Console commands in Starfield open a gateway for players to modify various game aspects, providing a deeper level of personalization. By accessing the command console with designated keys based on keyboard type, players can effortlessly input commands, toggle modes, spawn items, and manipulate the game environment. While these commands offer immense customization, caution is advised to avoid potential game disruptions.

Key Takeaways
  • Console commands allow players to modify various game aspects.
  • Access the command console using the “@” key, Grave (`), or Tilde (~) based on your keyboard type.
  • Console commands offer cheats, environment manipulation, and game controls.
  • Starfield’s console commands are case-insensitive for user convenience.
  • Using commands can result in potential game glitches or crashes in Starfield.
  • Always save your Starfield progress before experimenting with commands.

All Console Commands In Starfield

game play using commands
Gameplay using Commands (picture credits: eXputer)
Serial NumberConsole CommandEffects of Console Command
1tgmEnables God Mode providing invulnerability and infinite ammunition supply.
2player.setav carryweight (carryweight number)Modifies carryweight capacity by setting it to the desired number you input.
3additem (Item ID) (Value)Places the designated item (given by 'Item ID') into your inventory.
4timInitiates Immortal Mode, allowing the player to suffer damage but health never drops to zero.
5psbUnveils all powers accessible in the game for the player.
6ToggleImmortalModeActivates Immortal mode where Health, O2, and Magic can diminish but never exhaust entirely.
7player.removeperk (Perk ID)Deletes the chosen Skill, Trait, or Background as identified by 'Perk ID'.
8player.addperk (Perk ID)Incorporates the selected Skill, Trait, or Background using 'Perk ID'. A Skill point is necessary for this action.
9psbUnlocks all spells, providing unrestricted access to them.
10tdetectNPCs lose their capability to perceive the player.
11tcaiHalts Combat AI's function of marking the player as a target. Inputting the code again toggles its activation.
12tclTurns off character collision, granting the player the ability to glide through physical barriers. Activation can be toggled by re-inputting the code.
13tmEnables the user to switch the UI menus on or off.
14tfcFrees the camera from the player, offering a birds-eye view of the surroundings.
15(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID)Integrates the designated weapon modifications, represented by '(OMOD ID)', to the specified weapon '(Ref ID)'.
16(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID)Detaches the indicated weapon modification, provided by '(OMOD ID)', from the selected weapon '(Ref ID)'.
17killallEradicates all NPCs in the vicinity.
18kahExtinguishes all hostile NPCs nearby.
19resurrectRevives the chosen NPC. The NPC needs to be selected within the console command interface for the code to function properly.
20unlockReleases locks on doors or containers targeted. The target should be selected in the console interface prior to entering the command.
21sexchangeAlters the gender of your in-game character.
22showmenu sleepwaitmenuDisplays the sleep/wait option without needing a bed or chair.
23player.setlevel (Value)Boosts the character's level to the desired '(Value)'.
24player.additem (Item ID) (Value)Adds the particular item, represented by '(Item ID)', into the player's inventory.
25player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value)Generates the designated item, given by '(Item ID)', directly ahead of the player character.
26player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID)Allows payment of any due bounties related to a chosen Faction.
27showlooksmenu player 1Launches the character designing interface.
28saqInitiates every Main Story and Side Quest, but can potentially cause game instability.
29caqsCompletes every Main Story Quest but might lead to game malfunctioning.
30ShowHighMaxHeights (shmh)Toggles the visibility of high-resolution maximum height data.
31EnableStoryManagerLoggingActivates logs for the story manager.
32DumpPapyrusStacks (dps)Logs all data related to Papyrus stack.
33DumpPapyrusTimersRecords all Papyrus timer activities into the log.
34DumpPapyrusLOSEventsLogs every Papyrus Line-Of-Sight event registrations.
35DumpPapyrusDistanceEventsDocuments all Papyrus distance event activities into the log.
36DumpPapyrusPersistenceInfo (dppi)Records all persisting references in Papyrus based on a called or passed reference.
37DumpPapyrusEventRegistrationsLogs all event activities for a specified object and its script in Papyrus.
38RunCompactionExecutes compaction.
39SetSubgraphToDebugSets a subgraph for debugging purposes.
40EnableRumbleToggles the rumble feature on or off.
41HavokVDBCaptureInitiates Havok VDB capturing.
42ToggleNavmeshInfoSwitches to a mode that displays navigation mesh information.
43PlaySyncAnimExecutes a synchronized animation.
44SetFormKnownMarks a form as recognized.
45SetDebugQuestDetermines a quest as the sole startable one based on its event type.
46SetQuestAliasLoggingToggles logging for a quest alias.
47SetRaceModifies the race of a given actor.
48FindForm (find)Searches for a specific form.
49StartPapyrusScriptProfile (StartPSP)Begins the profiling process for a Papyrus script.
50StopPapyrusScriptProfile (StopPSP)Concludes the profiling process for a Papyrus script.
51StartPapyrusFormProfile (StartPFP)Starts the profiling of Papyrus scripts based on a form.
52StopPapyrusFormProfile (StopPFP)Ends the profiling of Papyrus scripts based on a form.
53StartPapyrusStackRootProfileBegins profiling all Papyrus stacks that initiate from a script.
54StopPapyrusStackRootProfileTerminates the profiling of Papyrus stacks that originate from a script.
55TogglePapyrusGlobalProfiler (TPGP)Alternates between turning on and off the global profiling for everything in Papyrus.
56PrintQuestSceneInfoRecords the current scenario status in the Quest Inf file.
57IsInvulnerableChecks if a character is immune to harm.
58CollisionMeshSwitches the Mesh Collision Info on and off.
59HavokWorldStep (hkstep)Alternates the display information of BhkWorld Havok Step.
60IsolateRenderingActivates standalone rendering for a specific object.
61ToggleWaterCurrentGeometryToggles between showing and concealing the water current geometry.
62PerformActionExecutes a chosen action on the selected actor.
63StartTrackPlayerDoorsInitiates the monitoring of doors activated by the player.
64StopTrackPlayerDoorsCeases the tracking of doors activated by the player.
65CheckPlayerDoorsCompares the pathway tracked by the player with the quest's targeted route.
66SetInChargenAlternates features of Chargen Mode, including disabling saving, waiting, and activation messages.
67ForceResetCommands the game to perform a thorough reset.
68ForceCloseFilesShuts down masterfile and plugins. Useful when allowing CreationKit to save a loaded plugin in-game, but use with caution as it can lead to game instability.
69HotLoadPlugin (HLP)Loads or re-loads a specified plugin. This is beneficial for incorporating changes without a game restart but can cause game crashes and corrupt saved files.
70GenerateBendableSpline (Spline)Creates a flexible spline geometry instance.
71Reload (Papyrus script)Refreshes the specified Papyrus script.
72TestAimExamines the aiming capability of an actor.
73TestLookTests an actor's ability to look around.
74PushCameraPushes the camera to the editor.
75MoveToEditorCameraRelocates to the editor's camera viewpoint.
76MoveToEditorSelectionMoves to the chosen selection in the editor.
77PlaceFurnitureTester (PFT)Places an actor who will utilize the selected furniture. An actor type can be specified.
78DumpConditionsFunctionsOutput the current counters for condition function calls.
79ReloadAnimationGraphsRefreshes the animation graphs currently in use.
80ToggleWeaponOverlaySwitches the weapon overlay on or off.
81ForceDetectMakes the chosen actor detect another specified actor.
82ChangeAnimArchetype (caa)Modifies the animation archetype of the selected actor.
83ChangeAnimFlavorAlters the animal flavor animation for the chosen actor.
84SetAngryWithPlayerActivates the "angry with player" status for the actor.
85ForceRepathCommands the actor to generate a new path.
86ForcePathFailureCauses the actor's current path to malfunction.
87DumpFormListDisplays the contents of a specified formlist in the console.
88TraceAnimationEventsMonitors the animation events of a particular actor.
89ShowModsDisplays all modifications applied to an object.
90DumpInputEnableLayersOutputs the active input enable layers to the console.
91AttachModAttaches a modification to a designated object.
92RemoveModDetaches a modification from a specified object.
93SpawnTemplatedObjectProduces a reference to a templated object with optional parameters.
94CallFunctionExecutes a papyrus function on the targeted reference with given parameters.
95CallQuestFunction (cqf)Initiates a papyrus function on a specific quest with subsequent parameters.
96CallGlobalFunction (cgf)Executes a global papyrus function using the first parameter as a function and the rest as function parameters.
97ResetInputEnableLayerRestores all control restrictions on a specific input enable layer.
98ForceEnablePlayerControls (fepc)Overrules and activates the player's controls, overriding any layers.
99ResetForceEnabledPlayerControlsRestores all previously overruled player controls.
100GetActorRefOwnerShows the owner of the currently selected reference.
101SetActorRefOwner (saro)Assigns ownership of the chosen reference to a specific actor or the player if none is specified.
102HasActorRefOwner (haro)Indicates if the selected reference has an owner, returning 1 for yes and 0 for no.
103SetOutfitChanges the default attire for the actor.
104PassTimeSimulates the passage of a specified number of hours, as if the player was resting.
105LinkLocationsConnects two locations using a specified keyword.
106ShowLinkedLocationsDisplays all locations connected to a given location using a certain keyword.
107SetLinkedRefLinks the present reference to a given one using a specified keyword.
108ResetContainerRefreshes the chosen container or all containers when specified with "1".
109SetSceneForDebugDesignates the current scene for debugging.
110PreloadExteriorPreloads external data for the currently highlighted reference.
111TestPathUtilizes the debug function to assess a path.
112ToggleControlsOverlySwitches the Controls Overlay on or off.
113RefreshUses a debug function to refresh a reference.
114DynamicResolutionModifies the dynamic resolution settings.
115TestLoadingMenuDebug function that toggles the Loading menu in the Loading thread.
116RecalcInstanceDataDebug function to recalculate instance data for the chosen reference or all loaded references if none is selected.
117ToggleReferencePoseActivates or deactivates forcing an animgraph for the chosen actor to be in a reference pose, with options for "target" or "rig".
118SetPersistLocationDebug function to set persistent location data on a reference.
119SetLocationRefTypeDebug function to establish the location reference type for a location on a reference.
120ShowLocDataDebug function that outputs data about a specific location.
121ReserveLocDebug function that reserves a location, preventing its use for most aliases.
122UpdateAwakeSound (UAS)Refreshes the actor's ongoing conscious loop sound.
123SetHarvestedMarks the current reference as either Harvested or unharvested.
124PauseScenePauses or resumes the specified scene.
125SpawnDupeCreates a copy of the selected reference.
126DisableDistantReferencesTurns off references that are beyond a certain distance from the selected reference.
127FireAssertTriggers an assert, with available text if provided.
128ForcePersistentCompels a reference to become lasting.
129PlayActionCamera (pac)Executes an action camera on the reference with a target reference.
130StopActionCameraStops the ongoing action camera.
131ChangeStanceAlters the actor's current stance.
132AuditionWwiseEventSet of commands used for trying out Wwise events.
133AuditionReverbForm (arf)Activates a specified Reverb form.
134SetWwiseState (sws)Designates a global Wwise State.
135BuildAnimationData (bad)Constructs animation data for a specific actor.
136SwitchSkeletonAlternates between the standard and character generation skeletons for a chosen actor.
137GetHelloorGreeting()Introduces bone tint data to an object's third dimension based on the given region ID (integer) of that object.
138SendDialogueEventInitiates a dialogue event between the currently selected actor and the target actor.
139SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysSucceed()Ensures the player always triumphs in speech challenges.
140SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysFail()Ensures the player never triumphs in speech challenges.
141RunMaterialsAnalysis(rma)Analyzes and contrasts the materials of the chosen reference.
142CaptureMessages(Message)Captures the designated '(Message)' DebugString, USER1, and USER2 messages through a Message Event Listener and sends the output to CaptureMessage.lua.
143ToggleTrijuiceSwitches the Trijuicing feature in the renderer, possibly sacrificing texture filtering quality for better performance.
144SetPresentThreshold(spt)Designates a percentage (0-100) of scanlines covered before the swap threshold is activated; default is 0 (always swap).
145LinkFullAccountIntegrates a full Bnet account to a game-account using the provided credentials.
146IsLoggedIn(isonline)Determines if the player is connected to
147GetLegalDocs(getlegaldocs)Retrieves an exhaustive list of necessary legal documents.
148AcceptLegalDocAccepts a legal document based on its unique ID.
149GetDataAttachmentExtracts information from a Profile Data Attachment based on its type and ID.
150DeleteDataAttachmentErases a Profile Data Attachment based on its type and ID.
151UploadCharacterDataUploads the character data payload as a Bnet Profile Data Attachment.
152GetAttachmentLeaderboard(getattachmentleaderboard)Retrieves the leaderboard page for the given attachment type.
153LoadUnitedDataExtracts character data from the leaderboard and saves it for later use.
154MakeUnityNPCUpdates an NPC's attributes using the unity cache data.
155SetVolumetricLightingParameters(vl)Designates the volumetric lighting parameters.
156StartWorkshop(workshop)Activates the Workshop mode when the player is within the buildable zone of a Workshop.
157ToggleVBlankOptimSwitches the VBlank optimization feature.
158AddKeywordAppends the specified keyword to the reference.
159RemoveKeywordDetaches the specified keyword from the reference.
160SetAmbientParticlesEnabledActivates (1) or deactivates (0) the ambient particles feature.
161RemoveOutposts()Eliminates the designated Outpost along with all its constructed items.
162SetESRAMSetupDesignates a specific ESRAM setup or uses an automatic setup when set to -1.
163CallStackTraceDepthSpecifies the depth of the call stack when tracing it.
164CommandedActivatedCommands the selected actor to interact with a specific reference.
165EnableGalaxyModeActivates or deactivates the galaxy mode.
166ToggleStarFieldDebugSwitches the StarField debug feature on or off.
167SetStarFieldCoordinateScale()Adjusts the StarField coordinate scale.
168SetStarSystemScale(sss)Determines the scale of the star system.
169MoveToPlanetIf targeting a player's ship, moves to or provides a piloting path to a target, with an option for a full jump sequence.
170SetOrbitSpeedScaleSpecifies the global orbit speed scale.
171InstanceNamingRulesExports the instance naming rule data to a file named INRExport.txt.
172GetOrbisModInfoDisplays information about the Orbis mod game data files.
173ToggleSceneDebugDisplays the debug status for the scene.
174SetFarClipSets the far clip value or clears the override when set to -1.
175ToggleOverdrawSwitches the overdraw feature.
176RecordSceneCaptures screen shots of a scene, specifying the Scene EditorID and the FPS (default is 60).
177LandOnPlanet(lop)Lands on a designated planet.
178TakeOffToSpaceAscends to space.
179PreviewBodyResources(pbr)Provides a preview of resources for a specific planet.
180SendAffinityEventExecutes an affinity event on an optional object reference.
181AddPowerAdds power to a specific part of a structure.
182RemovePowerDeducts power from a specific part of a structure.
183MatlockCaptureForces matlock to capture a specific instance.
184ToggleSnapNodeMarkersSwitches the snap node markers feature.
185SetVoiceTypeSets an override voice type for an actor.
186AddWorldSpaceToPlanetAdds a designated world space to a planet.
187DebugDataProviderSpecifies the name of the UI Data Provider intended for debugging.
188LoadAll3DLoads all the queued 3D content.
189PrintAllMenus(pam)Displays all the active menus.
190PrintAllInputContext(paic)Displays the input context stack.
191AddPlotToBody(AddPlot)Plots a route to a specified body.
192ReloadFaceDataRefreshes the face data.
193SetGravityScaleAdjusts the gravity scale for a reference's parent cell.
194PreviewBlockProvides a preview of a block for a specific biome.
195ExportTerrainTexturesExports the terrain textures.
196ExportTerrainGridsExports the terrain grids.
197ExportTerrainHeightMapExports the terrain height map.
198ExportTerrainSplatMapExports the terrain splat map.
199ExportTerrainMaterialIndexMapExports the terrain material index map.
200ExportTerrainFilesExports all the terrain-related files.
201UpdateTerrainClipmapsUpdates the Terrain Clipmaps.
202ToggleDebugCameraSwitches between the standard and debug camera modes.
203CyclePrevDebugCameraSwitches to the previous debug camera.
204CycleNextDebugCameraSwitches to the next available debug camera.
205ToggleDebugCameraControlsSwitches on/off the debug camera controls.
206SetImGuiWindowFunction (siw)Initializes a specific ImGui window.
207HotReloadUIQuickly refreshes the user interface elements.
208SetPosRelativeToRefModifies the position of the chosen reference relative to a specified reference, defaulting to the player's position.
209FaceRefDirects a reference to face another specified reference, typically the player, with an additional angle adjustment if needed.
210SetWorkshopItemRedirects the Workshop menu's Node Cursor to the highlighted reference, if one is present.
211GenerateNavMeshProduces a navigation mesh for the present cell.
212LandOnPlanetAnimatedInitiates a landing animation for the player's spaceship.
213startNewGameInitiates a new game from the main menu, without involving the user interface.
214ForcedBleedoutCommands an actor to start the bleedout phase.
215ForceConditionFormTrueMandates a condition form to be true with specific arguments.
216ForceConditionFormFalseMandates a condition form to be false with specific arguments.
217LandOnPlanetBiomeDirects a landing on a specific biome of a given planet.
218LandOnPlanetMarkerInitiates a landing at a pre-set marker on the current planet.
219TestAllPlanetsTests the functionality of all planets.
220ClearLinkedRefErases a linked reference.
221SetLocalTimeModifies the local time on the existing planet, with an option to refresh the galaxy simulation.
222ReloadMaterialsReinitializes all the materials in the game.
223PlacementOnCellEvaluates overlay placement on a designated cell.
224ToggleWorkshopFlyCamAlternates the workshop's fly camera on and off.
225CheckBiomeMarkerScans the loaded area to find instances of the given biome marker.
226TestBiomePlanet (tbp)Constructs a full planet using a specific biome exclusively and places the player on it.
227PreviewPatternProvides a preview of a pattern for a particular biome.
228SetHavokDynamicAdjusts reference motion to dynamic with an optional weight measure.
229SetHavokKinematicModifies reference motion to kinematic status.
230SetHavokActiveActivates or deactivates reference havok motion.
231SetHavokLODDetermines the level of detail for reference collision.
232SetHavokLinearVelocityAdjusts the linear velocity of a reference.
233SetHavokAngularVelocityModifies the angular velocity of a reference.
234SetHavokCollisionLayerAssigns a collision layer to Havok physics.
235SetHavokRagdollFrictionModifies the friction value for Havok ragdoll physics.
236SetHavokParamEstablishes specific parameters for Havok physics.
237ShowHavokRagdollValuesDisplays values associated with Havok ragdoll physics.
238StartHavokPartTestCommences or resets the Havok particles testing process.
239StopHavokPartTestHalts the Havok particles testing process.
240SetOrientationSpecifies the orientation of a reference.
241ToggleDebugText3DSwitches on/off in-game debugging text.
242ToggleBioOverlayAlternates the BI Overlay on and off.
243ToggleMetricViewerInitiates the Metric Viewer.
244PrintMessageDisplays a specific message on the screen for a set duration.
245AddDebugTestAppends debugging text to a reference with customizable parameters.
246DisableActorPackageEnables or disables an actor's specific package.
247StopBatchFileHalts the execution of a running batch file.
248CenterOnSpaceCellNavigates to a specified space cell, with the option to specify a ship.
249DependencyGraphDumpExtracts data from the Dependency Graph.
250ToggleExperimentalShadersAlternates the use of experimental shaders between on and off states.
251SetTestPlanetAndBiomeDesignates a testing planet and biome for interior assessment in relation to biome markers.
Note: In my opinion, instead of relying solely on console commands, you should try using them as tools to experiment with new strategies and gameplay styles.

In conclusion, console commands empower players, granting them the ability to tailor their experience within the expansive universe. Whether it’s customizing gameplay elements or activating cheats, these commands provide an unmatched depth of personalization. However, prudent use is advised to ensure a seamless journey across the Settled Systems of Starfield.

How To Use Console Commands In Starfield

Command Terminal
Command Terminal (picture credits: eXputer)

Console commands are a set of instructions that players can input to alter various aspects of the game.

To utilize console commands, you first need to access the command console. Follow the steps I’ve listed below:

  • On a PC, you can easily open this console by pressing the “@” key.
  • Another way I suggest is to bring up the command console by pressing the key located just below the ‘ESC’ key on the top left-hand corner of the keyboard.
  • Depending on your keyboard type, this will either be the Grave (`) key on UK keyboards or the Tilde (~) key on US keyboards.

Upon opening the console, a pop-up menu will appear where you can input your desired commands. It’s essential to note that when entering these commands, you don’t have to worry about capitalizing any letters. Starfield’s console commands are not case-sensitive, making it easier and more user-friendly.

Important: Once you’ve entered your chosen command, simply press the ‘Enter’ key to apply it. If you wish to input another command, just type it in and press ‘Enter’ again.

Explore a wide range of console commands in Starfield for modifying and controlling the game’s universe. These commands empower players to manipulate the environment, activate cheats, and control various elements within Starfield. Whether toggling God mode, spawning items, or altering gameplay elements, these commands offer a deeper level of customization. Exercise caution when using them, as glitches or crashes may occur.

Gameplay using Commands
Gameplay using Commands (picture credits: eXputer)
For Example: Commands like “tgm” enable God Mode, making your character invincible with unlimited ammo, while “player.additem” allows you to add specific items to your inventory in Starfield.

However, while these commands provide a deeper customization level and can enhance your experience in Starfield, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Inputting certain commands can occasionally result in glitches, crashes, or other in-game issues. As a safety measure, I recommend you always save your progress before experimenting with any console commands.

That is all for my guide on console commands & cheats, If you are interested in knowing more about the game, then consider reading Starfield BEST Major Factions, Assign Weapon To Group Error, and How To Set Up A Transfer Container in Starfield guides.


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