Starfield: Ship Storage [How To Access, Increase & Upgrade]

Explore comprehensive ship storage in Starfield & learn about how to customization, and increase the space for a burden-free exploration.

In Starfield, space isn’t just the final frontier it’s also your personal inventory. As you traverse the expansive cosmos, your ship acts as both a means of travel and a massive storage locker. Beginning with the Frontier’s modest 450-unit capacity, players can expand their horizons and their haul through ship customization, theft, and specialized compartments like Shielded Cargo. Let’s go through everything there is to know about the Starfield Ship storage system!

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield introduces a dynamic ship storage system to manage loot and resources.
  • The Frontier ship starts players off with 450 units of storage.
  • Customization at major settlements enables further storage enhancements.
  • Cockpit and Cargo Modules in Starfield are essential for space optimization.
  • Shielded Cargo holds allow for contraband smuggling undetected.
  • Stealing ships offers a high-risk, high-reward method to increase storage in Starfield.
  • The Starship Design Skill unlocks exclusive parts for vast storage benefits.

What Is Ship Storage In Starfield?

Starfield ship cargo
Starfield ship cargo (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield ship storage allows players to manage and expand cargo space for loot, resources, and materials. Initially, the Frontier ship will offer players 450 units of storage.

Through customization at major settlements or theft of better-equipped ships, players can increase this space, optimizing their interstellar adventures and inventory management.

How To Increase Ship Storage 

Starfield ship customisation
Starfield ship customization (picture credits: eXputer)

So, you’ve been gallivanting across the cosmos, collecting loot and memories, and now you find your ship’s storage brimming to the edge. No worries! Starfield offers a stellar solution: ship customization. It’s like adding extra rooms to your cosmic home!

Cargo Holds are the answer to your storage prayers in Starfield.

  • Imagine them as spacious extensions to your ship. Want more space? Purchase a new Cargo Hold and attach it. It’s as simple as adding a new wardrobe to your bedroom.
  • The more holds you have, the more stuff you can store. Just be cautious, as packing too much might weigh down your ship, affecting its performance. It’s all about balance.

For those with a penchant for the mysterious and illicit, Shielded Cargo Holds are a must in Starfield.

  • Not only do they offer additional storage, but they’re also specially designed for smuggling contraband.
  • With these, you can sneak past most scanners and deal in goods that might be frowned upon in more lawful parts of the galaxy. Plus, dabbling in some off-the-books trading can be quite profitable.

How To Add Storage To Your Ship 

add cargo storage to ship
add cargo storage to ship (picture credits: eXputer)

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, managing your ship’s cargo space is crucial. The game initiates players with the Frontier ship, boasting a generous 450 units of storage. As tempting treasures of the universe beckon, this capacity might quickly seem limiting.

Visiting Ship Technicians At Major Settlements

These hubs of interstellar activity host Ship Technicians in Starfield, the gatekeepers to expanding your ship’s storage capacity. Once you engage with them, you’ll be guided to the Ship Builder interface—use B on PC or X on Xbox to access it.

  • Diving into the Frontier’s blueprint, players in Starfield will observe the default components contributing to the initial 450 storage units: the Cockpit at the front and the Ballast Cargo Hold at the rear.
  • You can either swap out these existing modules for more expansive ones or add new sections altogether.
  • However, be warned, the Frontier isn’t the most flexible—unless you opt for an extra habitat module to pave the way for more storage.

Cockpit And Cargo Modules

Cockpit- captains locker
Cockpit- captains locker (picture credits: eXputer)

The beauty of Starfield lies in its diverse manufacturing realm. Settlements and starports curate a collection of ship upgrades, featuring unique parts from different manufacturers.

  • The Cockpit Modules, while pivotal, allow a one-time upgrade—granting between 200-260 Cargo. So, choose wisely!
  • If you’re hungry for more space, the Cargo Modules in Starfield are the workhorses, adding between 210-320 Cargo.
  • The catch? While you can relish in multiple cargo slots, they aren’t weightless. Overburdening your ship in Starfield will challenge its agility and speed. Unless you compensate with a robust engine, be prepared to feel the drag.

Starship Design Skill

starship design skill
Starship design skill (picture credits: eXputer)

I recommend the seasoned explorers to keep an eye on the Starship Design Skill in Starfield. This skill unlocks the premium shelves of ship parts. Investing time and resources here can yield parts granting a whopping +700 Cargo, especially if you align with the right manufacturer.

In essence, Starfield offers a rich tapestry of options to ensure your ship is a reflection of your journey. Whether you’re a minimalist traveler or a cosmic hoarder, understanding how to optimize your ship’s storage is a voyage in itself. So, gear up and venture into the great beyond, equipped and prepared.

Stealing Ships For Better Storage

stealing ship in starfield
stealing ship in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

In the sprawling galaxy of Starfield, not every explorer plays by the rules. For those unburdened by the shackles of legality, there’s an exciting, albeit riskier, avenue to augmenting your ship’s storage capacity: theft.

Acquiring ship parts, particularly the ones that expand storage, might weigh heavy on your in-game wallet. Herein lies the allure of commandeering someone else’s hard-earned vessel. Why buy when you can simply take it?

  • To successfully steal a ship in Starfield from the vastness of space, precision is your closest ally.
  • The Targeting System Skill emerges as an invaluable tool, allowing you to focus your attacks on the lifeblood of any spacecraft: its engines.
  • By dealing sufficient damage to incapacitate, but not obliterate, a ship’s propulsion, it becomes vulnerable to boarding.
  • A simple flyby allows you to dock, dispose of any remaining crew, and then claim your new prize.

Planetary theft of ships presents a slightly different set of challenges in Starfield. Occasionally, you might chance upon ships resting on celestial bodies. Thinking about doing a quick heist might seem tempting, but I suggest that you first scout the owners.

Ordinary civilians, security forces, and even smugglers don’t take kindly to theft. However, ships under the banner of groups like the Spacers or the notorious Crimson Fleet are often ripe for the picking. But remember, taking on such factions won’t be a walk in the park; ensure you’re ready for the confrontations that lie ahead.

Yet, it’s not just the immediate challenges of ship theft that players should be wary of. Owning a stolen ship in Starfield, especially if recognized, can attract unwanted attention from law enforcement or even vengeful former owners. 

My Tip: I managed to steal ships a lot easier with this method. Just sit in the pilot’s seat without taking off, register the ship, and then return to your landing site to make it your home ship again. This gets rid of the need to find a ship technician.

Why Add Shielded Cargo To Ship In Starfield?

Shielded cargo hold
Shielded cargo hold (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, as you hop from one planet to another, you might stumble upon items labeled as ‘contraband.’ While these items can be lucrative, there’s a catch. Enter any settled system, and there’s a good chance the local authorities might scan your ship. If they spot any forbidden goods on board, you’re in for some trouble.

  • So, how do you smuggle contraband without getting caught in Starfield? Say hello to Shielded Cargo!
  • This isn’t your regular storage.
  • It’s specially designed to dupe those pesky scanners.
  • When you’ve got your illegal goodies stashed in shielded cargo, there’s a high likelihood the scanners will miss them.
  • Imagine it as the ultimate camouflage for your space loot in Starfield!

How To Get Shielded Cargo

Now, for the million-credit question: How do you get this sneaky storage in Starfield? Well, there are two main routes:

  1. Join the Bad Guys: The Crimson Fleet, a notorious group in Starfield, knows a thing or two about smuggling. If you’re brave enough, you can try to infiltrate their ranks. Once inside, you might find opportunities to acquire Shielded Cargo.
  2. Steal from the Bad Guys: Not keen on joining them? No problem. You can always target and steal a Crimson Fleet ship. With luck, they might already have Shielded Cargo installed, and voila! It’s yours for the taking.

How To Access Ship Storage In Starfield

access to ship storage
access to ship storage (picture credits: eXputer)

Any seasoned gamer familiar with Bethesda titles knows the dreaded feeling: you’re adventuring, collecting loot, and suddenly, you can’t move! This is the bane of over-encumbrance. It’s like stuffing your backpack until the zippers burst, making you trudge along at a snail’s pace.

To sum it up, your ship is more than just a vessel in Starfield—it’s your cosmic vault. From the Frontier’s initial 450-unit capacity to the intrigue of Shielded Cargo, managing storage is pivotal. Whether you’re trading, smuggling, or just exploring, mastering ship storage ensures an optimized and rewarding interstellar adventure. The universe awaits, inventory-ready!

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