Starfield: 8 BEST Engines [All Compared]

With over 250 hours in Starfield, here are my picks for the best engines.

In the universe of Starfield, engines are the heart and soul of your spacecraft, which can affect your thrust, speed, and overall maneuverability. They do more than just propel you through the stars; they are essential for steering your ship during intense battles and navigating the vast expanse of space.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield offers a selection of 60+ engines, each with unique attributes and capabilities to enhance your spaceship’s performance.
  • Engines are ranked based on factors like engine thrust, maneuvering thrust, and overall effectiveness.
  • They significantly impact your spacecraft’s thrust, speed, and maneuverability, directly influencing your gameplay.
  • While engines add a ton of versatility to your ship, most of them may not align with your gameplay style or ship design preferences.
  • The Poseidon DT230 Engine’s balance of power and maneuverability impressed me, as did the cost-effective and versatile SAE-5220 Engine.

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Best Engines In Starfield Compared

Here is a table summarizing our picks for best engines in Starfield:

EngineBrandClassMax PowerEngine ThrustManeuvering ThrustEngine HealthHullMassValueRequired Starship Design RankBest For
Ares DT60 EnginePanoptesA214,0002,6008358517,7643Best Engine For Saving Space.
SA-4330 EngineSlayton AerospaceA215,2403,2208858523,4224Best Thrust Power With Low Mass.
SAE-5220 EngineSlayton AerospaceB315,2704,59095513910,7352Best Value.
Dunn-71 EngineAmun DunnB326,5805,250133514439,1404Best B Class Performance.
Supernova 2200 EngineReladyneC325,7707,650148533339,9004Best Supernova Series Engine.
Amun Dunn X-300 EngineAmun DunnC325,8908,400156533642,8454Best Engine For Balance.
SAL-6330 EngineSlayton AerospaceC218,0007,800140534052,8224Best Thrust With Multiple Engines.
Poseidon DT230 EnginePanoptesC434,52011,600140533440,2804Best Stats.

1. Ares DT60 Engine

Best Engine For Saving Space.
Starfield Best Engines - Ares DT60 Engine
Ares DT60 Engine (image captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: When I was just starting out in Starfield, this engine was a great option because it has few requirements and offers decent advantages.
Brand Panoptes
Class A
Max Power 2
Engine Thrust 14,000
Maneuvering Thrust 2,600
Engine Health 83
Hull 5
Mass 85
Value 17,765
Required Starship Design Rank 3

Players must wait until they reach level 35 to access a worthwhile engine, and that’s when the Ares DT60 Engine becomes available in Starfield. While it may not be the most powerful engine, it’s a decent choice, occupying only two of the 12 maximum power slots.

  • With the engine thrust and maneuvering thrust it comes with, the Ares DT60 Engine holds its ground.
  • In fact, having a lower max power requirement than most engines offers a unique advantage.
  • It frees up valuable space for additional engines, enabling you to harness even more thrust power for your cosmic adventures.
  • Only takes up 2 power slots.
  • It’s a great early-game option.


  • Does not have a lot of power.


2. SA-4330 Engine

Best Thrust Power With Low Mass.
SA 4330 Engine
Starfield Best Engines – SA-4330 Engine (image via me)
  • Why I Chose This: As I was getting further into Starfield and managed to reach level 45, this became the ideal choice for my engine. It offers amazing thrust power and isn’t hard to install.
Brand Slayton Aerospace
Class A
Max Power 2
Engine Thrust 15,240
Maneuvering Thrust 3,220
Engine Health 88
Hull 5
Mass 85
Value 23,422
Required Starship Design Rank 4

In Starfield, tracking down the SA-4330 Engine can be a challenging task, as it’s not readily available in many places. Moreover, players won’t spot the following engine in markets until they reach the milestone of level 45.

Ranked as a Class A Engine, the SA-4330 shares similarities with the Ares DT60 Engine. What sets it apart is its impressive thrust power while maintaining a relatively lower mass compared to most other engines. The best part is you won’t need any special reactor to install the SA-4330 Engine, but achieving Rank 4 in the Starship Design Skill is a prerequisite to harness its capabilities.

  • Exceptional thrust power.
  • Low mass.


  • Need to meet some requirements to obtain.


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3. SAE-5220 Engine

Best Value.
SAE-5220 Engine
SAE-5220 Engine (image captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: When I was running out of credits but still wanted a good engine, SAE-5220 was the perfect choice. As long as your main purpose isn’t to optimize your ship’s speed, this will serve as a great value engine.
Brand Slayton Aerospace
Class B
Max Power 3
Engine Thrust 15,270
Maneuvering Thrust 4,590
Engine Health 95
Hull 5
Mass 139
Value 10,735
Required Starship Design Rank 2

The next Starfield best ship engine is the SAE-5220 Engine, a solid pick from the SAE engine series. It may not be the speediest, and its maneuvering thrust isn’t the best either, but it stands as the top-notch option among SAE engines. The best part is that it won’t dent your wallet, costing a reasonable amount of credits.

  • With the given engine thrust and maneuvering thrust capabilities, the SAE-5220 Engine might not be the fastest in Starfield, but it still gets the job done.
  • Especially when paired with other ship components or when you’re crafting a ship with specific needs beyond pure speed, the SAE-5220 Engine is a cost-effective choice.
  • Very cheap.
  • One of the best SAE engines


  • Lacks in speed.


4. Dunn-71 Engine

Best B Class Performance.
Starfield Best Engines - Dunn-71 Engine
Dunn-71 Engine (image captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: This can be the perfect engine for you if you’ve progressed a bit further than level 57. It will give you the most optimal performance you need with its power.
Brand Amun Dunn
Class B
Max Power 3
Engine Thrust 26,580
Maneuvering Thrust 5,250
Engine Health 133
Hull 5
Mass 144
Value 39,140
Required Starship Design Rank 4

In the progression of Starfield, players gain access to the Dunn-71 Engine once they reach the milestone of level 57. However, it’s important to note that at this stage, it’s not advisable to equip a Class B Engine as more capable Class C Engines become available in the market.

  • Among all the Class B Engines, the Dunn-71 Engine stands out with its remarkable performance.
  • It boasts a decent amount of engine thrust and maneuvering power, making it a viable choice for captains seeking a balance between power and maneuverability.
  • Offers top-notch performance.


  • Not suitable for players starting at level 57.


5. Supernova 2200 Engine

Best Supernova Series Engine.
Starfield Supernova 2200 Engine
Supernova 2200 Engine (screenshot captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: Despite its initial cost, this engine delivers great value, especially when you consider its impressive 27K+ thrust power.
Brand Reladyne
Class C
Max Power 3
Engine Thrust 25,770
Maneuvering Thrust 7,650
Engine Health 148
Hull 5
Mass 333
Value 39,900
Required Starship Design Rank 4

The Supernova 2200 Engine reigns supreme in the Supernova engine series in Starfield. Its impressive stats speak volumes: with very reasonable values of engine thrust and maneuvering thrust.

  • For a price of 39,900 credits, you can get your hands on one of the swifter and more agile engines, perfect for enhancing your ship’s performance.
  • However, do keep in mind that your starship design rank must be at least four to take advantage of such a top-tier engine.
  • Respectable amount of engine and maneuvering thrust. 


  • Requires Starship design rank 4.


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6. Amun Dunn X-300 Engine

Best Engine For Balance.
Amun Dunn X-300 Engine
Amun Dunn X-300 Engine (image captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: I had to save up for a while, but this engine was worth every credit. This kind of balance between Engine thrust and Maneuvering thrust is difficult to come across.
Brand Amun Dunn
Class C
Max Power 3
Engine Thrust 25,890
Maneuvering Thrust 8,400
Engine Health 156
Hull 5
Mass 336
Value 42,845
Required Starship Design Rank 4

In the world of Starfield, the Amun Dunn X-300 Engine stands as a remarkable choice for captains seeking the ideal balance between engine and maneuvering thrust. With a substantial engine thrust and an impressive maneuvering thrust, it strikes the perfect equilibrium between these vital stats.

  • However, such an optimal performance comes at a price, with the Amun Dunn X-300 Engine demanding a huge amount of credits and requiring a ship design rank of four.
  • While the cost may give pause to some captains, it’s a worthy consideration if you value the delicate balance between engine power and maneuverability.
  • Additionally, at level 60, players unlock both the Amun Dunn X-300 and the SAL-6330 Engines.
  • Offers the most balanced stats.
  • Very high Maneuvering thrust.


  • Very expensive.


7. SAL-6330 Engine

Best Thrust With Multiple Engines.
SAL-6330 Engine
SAL-6330 Engine (image via me)
  • Why I Chose This: This is one of those rare engines that have a very specific purpose. If you specifically want to maximize your thrust as much as possible, there won’t be a better choice than multiple SAL-6330 engines.

For players who don’t face any weight constraints when constructing their ships, the use of SAL-6330 Engines comes highly recommended. With the ability to install up to 6 of these engines, each contributing a substantial engine thrust and maneuvering thrust, your ship can achieve the highest thrust available in Starfield.

Brand Slayton Aerospace
Class C
Max Power 2
Engine Thrust 18,000
Maneuvering Thrust 7,800
Engine Health 140
Hull 5
Mass 340
Value 52,822
Required Starship Design Rank 4

However, it’s essential to note that SAL-6330 Engines are not a common choice among players. They become available only through a select few merchants once players reach level 60. Additionally, to harness the power of multiple SAL-6330 Engines, it’s advisable to equip your ship with a Class C reactor, ensuring smooth operation and management.

  • Enables the highest thrust with multiple engines. 
  • Rare to come across.
  • Requires a C-class reactor for multiple engines.


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8. Starfield Poseidon DT230 Engine

Best Stats.
Starfield Poseidon DT230 Engine
Poseidon DT230 Engine (image captured by me)
  • Why I Chose This: This is my perfect choice for an engine. It will offer you the highest stats in virtually every category, including the thrusts.
Brand Panoptes
Class C
Max Power 4
Engine Thrust 34,520
Maneuvering Thrust 11,600
Engine Health 140
Hull 5
Mass 334
Value 40,280
Required Starship Design Rank 4

Last in the list of Starfield’s best ship engines, the Poseidon DT-230 reigns as the unrivaled champion in ship engine speed, boasting a staggering engine thrust. Its remarkable engine thrust, combined with the highest maneuvering thrust in Starfield, solidifies its status as the ultimate choice for your ship.

Undoubtedly, the Starfield Poseidon DT230 Engine comes with a significant price tag. However, if you can muster the great amount of credits and attain a starship design rank of four, you’ll have the opportunity to possess a genuinely phenomenal asset.

  • Incredible amount of Engine and Maneuvering thrust.
  • Highest stats.
  • Difficult to obtain due to the price.


Alternative Picks

Here are alternative choices worth considering when selecting the best Engine in Starfield.

  • Hercules DT160 Engine: Considered a good option as it gives an outstanding balance of engine and maneuvering thrust.
  • White Dwarf 3030 Engine: Boasts an impressive engine and maneuvering thrust but requires a large amount of credit.
  • Nova 1050 Engine: Improves your speed and maneuverability but requires starship design rank of four.

My Take On The Best Engines

With a lot of hours in Starfield, I’ve found the Poseidon DT230 Engine to be the perfect balance of power and maneuverability. Its 25,890 engine thrust and 8,400 maneuverings thrust make it an ideal choice.

The SAE-5220 Engine also impressed me for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Your choice of engine can truly make or break your galactic adventures, so choose wisely.

starfield hours
My Starfield hours

In the vast universe of Starfield, choosing the right engine for your spacecraft is of utmost importance. These engines not only propel you through space but also play a vital role in steering your ship during battles and exploration. Selecting one of the best in-game engines is key to ensuring your vessel can outmaneuver adversaries and safely explore the galaxy.

For tips on assembling the ideal ship to match your engine choice, read the guide on the Best Fighter Ships In Starfield. Also, make sure to check out this comprehensive spreadsheet of Starfield’s Engines, detailing every major and minor stat you might want to learn about. Additionally, if you’re looking to optimize your cargo space for those long journeys, don’t forget to check out the guide on the Best Ship Cargo Holds In Starfield.

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