Starfield Londinion: Hostile Intelligence [Complete Walkthrough]

Explore Londinion and its Terrormorph history in the Hostile Intelligence quest as part of the United Colonies faction's storyline.

Londinion is an exclusive city tied to a specific quest within the vast world of Starfield. As part of the United Colonies faction’s storyline, embark on the Hostile Intelligence side quest. Found on the planet Toliman II, the city has earned notoriety for serving as the very birthplace of the formidable Terrormorphs.

Key Takeaways
  • Discover the unique city of Londinion in Starfield, located on the Planet Toliman II.
  • Explore the Hostile Intelligence side quest in Starfield, part of the United Colonies faction’s storyline:
    1. Follow Hadrian and discuss the plan.
    2. Enter Londinion with Kaiser’s assistance.
    3. Clear the processing plant and locate Aceles samples.
    4. Examine the Lazarus Plant, then have a conversation with Hadrian.
    5. Confront and eliminate the Terrormorph to collect its tissue sample.
    6. Restore power to access the hatch, allowing you to retrieve an important recording.
    7. Secure the final sample needed for your mission.
    8. Finally, discuss your findings and insights with the team.
  • Obtain rewards, including 350 XP and 12,000 Credits, and unique weapons such as Reckless Bombardment, Vampire’s Gift, X-989 Microgun, and Shattered Shock.

How To Find Londinion In Starfield

Jumping to Starfield Londinion
Jumping to Londinion (image by us)

To locate it, in my opinion, you must take on the Hostile Intelligence quest. The quest will lead you to the planet Toliman II, found in the Toliman system, just a short jump away from the Sol system.

  1. Once you’ve started the Hostile Intelligence quest, access the missions menu.
  2. From there, initiate a jump to the Toliman system.
  3. Upon reaching Toliman, target Toliman II and seek out the designated landing site, Forward Base 441.
  4. Look for the quest marker labeled Proceed to Londinion.

As you progress through the quest, you’ll engage in a pivotal conversation with the base commander, Saira Hatoum. She will provide you with the essential unlock codes to enter Londinion City.

Hostile Intelligence Walkthrough

Starfield Londinion - Hostile Intelligence
The Hostile Intelligence Faction Mission (image credit: eXputer)

The Hostile Intelligence mission, part of the United Colonies faction’s storyline, follows the War Relics mission where you found Kaiser. At the mission’s end, Hadrian reveals your destination: Londinion, the site of a devastating Terrormorph invasion, aligning with the story’s theme.

Traveling To Londinion

Clearance To Land
Requesting clearance to land from UC Sec Longsword II (image captured by us)
  1. To get to Londinion, set your course for Toliman II in the Toliman System, conveniently near Alpha Centauri and New Atlantis.
  2. As you approach, you’ll receive a reminder from UC Sec Longsword II that Londinion is off-limits.
  3. Simply inform them of your mission to meet Commander Hatoum, and they’ll grant you clearance to land at Forward Base 441.
  4. Take a moment at the base to stock up on essential weapons and ammo.
  5. You’ll spot a UC Marine practicing nearby.
  6. Inside the TerraBrew Cafe, where Hatoum is located, don’t forget to unlock the case behind the counter.
  7. Inside, you’ll find a Poisoned Modified Calibrated Bridger.

Gearing Up

Talking to Hadrian
Talking to Hadrian at the exit (image captured by eXputer)

Hatoum emphasizes that while they’ll provide supplies, you’re alone once you enter the city. Kaiser will help you upload local municipal codes, Percival will stay at the base as your support, and Hadrian awaits near the city entrance.

  1. Visit the armory to gear up.
  2. The equipment marked by quest indicators is designed for battling aliens, especially the Sentinels’ UC Antixeno Spacesuit.
  3. Before proceeding, go through your inventory and send unnecessary items to your ship for later sale.
  4. When ready, speak with Hadrian at the exit and head through the corridors to the next area.

Searching For Aceles Gene Samples

Collecting Aceles Gene Samples - Starfield Londinion
Collecting Aceles Gene Samples – Starfield Londinion (image credit: eXputer)

As you enter the shipping yard, you’ll face various creatures controlled by the local Terrormorph.

  1. Your task is to clear the Processing Plant by swiftly eliminating threats in the nearby area.
  2. After the chaos subsides, resupply at the base cache.
  3. In the courtyard, your goal is to find several Aceles gene samples.
  4. Be cautious of Morphs in the area, including a powerful Cloaked Terrormorph.
  5. Keep your distance, let your assistants handle the fight, and focus on gathering gene samples.
  6. Two gene samples are on the ground, while the third is in a container above.
  7. To access it, approach the far end of the elevated platform, open the door, and proceed inside.

Finding More Gene Samples

  1. To continue, head through the Londinion Steam Tunnels.
  2. Here, you’ll uncover Heatleeches, those pesky creatures everyone complains about, are essentially baby Terrormorphs.

The Lazarus Plant’s spores, rapidly transform Heatleeches into full-fledged Terrormorphs, raising the possibility that a similar process caused the attack on New Atlantis.

Eliminating the Terrormorph
Eliminating the Terrormorph (image by us)
  1. Your task is to eliminate the newly transformed Terrormorph swiftly.
  2. Kaiser confirms using the Lazarus Plant in previous Terrormorph attacks, including those on New Atlantis and Tau Ceti.
  3. One more sample is needed.
  4. Follow your companions until Kaiser encounters an issue with a door.
  5. Accompany Hadrian to the Security Office to restore power.

Finishing Up

Grabbing the recording
Hadrian asks to grab the recording (image captured by us)

An automated security message reveals that during the Colony War, Vae Victis discovered the Lotus Plant’s secrets and bombed the Starfield Londinion spaceport to eliminate any competitors, shedding light on Vae Victis’s involvement in the Tau Ceti and New Atlantis outbreaks.

  1. Hadrian requests a printed transcription for evidence.
  2. Decide to share or keep the revelation about Vae Victis alive.
  3. Confront the final Terrormorph DNA sample at the Spaceport.
  4. Optionally activate radar dishes to disrupt the psychic link.
  5. Allies turn on the Terrormorph, remaining friendly.
  6. Return to base with the last sample for a debrief.
  7. Choose to reveal or keep the truth about Vae Victis.

Next, Hadrian assigns you to investigate further in New Atlantis based on the insights you’ve gained.

Mission Rewards And Unique Weapons

Reward Amount
XP 350
Credits 12,000
  • When you start the quest, you can buy Reckless Bombardment and Vampire’s Gift from Gualter Azevedo.
  • You can also find the X-989 Microgun in the armory at Forward Base 441.
  • Discover Shattered Shock in one of the containers with Aceles samples in Londinion.

In your quest through Starfield Londinion and the Hostile Intelligence mission, you’ve uncovered the city’s tragic history and faced the formidable Terrormorphs. Armed with unique weapons and valuable gene samples, you can continue your adventure and further investigate New Atlantis.

As you conclude your mission, consider exploring Starfield’s Neon City for more lively experiences. Alternatively, embark on the Starfield Red Tape Blues Quest on Mars to chase coveted rewards in the expansive Starfield universe. Also, while you are at it, make sure to check out this Reddit thread about exploring Londinion.

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