Starfield: 5 BEST Ways For Iron Farming [Our Picks]

Get detailed information on Starfield best iron farming methods to get rich in Iron reserves and use them for smooth gameplay progression.

Iron is one of the minerals that you’ll be using a lot in Starfield. Whether you have to build an Outpost or upgrade your ship at the technician, you’ll need the precious element. So, if you know Starfield best iron farming methods, you will not have to encounter the issue of running out of stock while you need it the most.

Key Takeaways
  • Iron is a valuable resource in Starfield, essential for crafting and upgrading items.
  • Multiple methods are available for obtaining Iron in Starfield.
  • Players can establish outposts on Iron-rich Celestial bodies to mine Iron Ore.
  • Destroying large asteroids is another way to acquire Iron Ore.
  • Players can purchase Iron from various merchants and vendors in the Starfield universe.
  • Running low on Iron can impede equipment upgrades and construction progress in Starfield.

How To Farm Iron In Starfield?

Starfield best ways to farm iron
Iron [Image by eXputer]
The best iron farming method in Starfield involves finding planets rich with Iron reserves and extracting the mineral. 

Iron is spread across the vast cosmos of Starfield, and it’s your task to find the reserves in the wandering planets and their specific biomes. Although Iron is in abundant amounts in the Starfield universe, it is crucial to look for it in the right place, such as asteroids or iron-rich planets, or you’ll just waste your time finding nothing but debris.

Many celestial bodies have Iron in ample amounts. To farm the Iron in the fastest way possible, you need to hop on the ship and know your desired destination where you’ll fulfill your objective.

1. Visit Iron-Rich Planets

Andraphon Moon
Andraphon Moon [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
One of the easiest ways to find Fe in abundant amounts is by locating planets that have plenty of Iron. Once you scan a planet, it will display all the available resources. To find if the specific planet has iron reserves, check out the chemical symbol Fe.

Some planets hold more Iron, while some have traces of it. To find out if the planet is worth farming or not, you can take the help of the color-coded resource Scan, which will help you determine the quantity of Fe.

Here are some of the celestial bodies that are rich in Iron reserves:

Celestial ObjectIdentitySystem
CallistoJupiter’s MoonSol
LunaEarth’s MoonSol
IoJupiter’s MoonSol
AndraphonSumati’s MoonNarion
KreetAnselon’s MoonNarion
PodiusDanra’s MoonNarion
CodosAkila’s MoonCheyenne
HardpointNavaha’s MoonCheyenne
BelwahNavaha’s MoonCheyenne
CraggFenn’s MoonCheyenne
Porrima IPlanetPorrima
Porrima IV-CMoon of Porrima IVPorrima
Tau Ceti VIII-bMoon of Tau Ceti VIIITau Ceti

2. Build Outposts

Starfield best ways to farm iron
Outpost Beacon [Image by eXputer]
In Starfield, you can construct Outposts on your desired Planets to channel its resources or for research purposes. If your goal is to farm Iron, you should consider building Outposts in Fe-rich areas. Although you have numerous options, I recommend you start with Luna or Callisto, which is in the Sol System.

These moons are easily accessible and hold a significant amount of Iron that you can farm easily. Once you’re all set up, you can place an iron extractor and use the transfer container to transport the ore directly to the ship. This way, you can collect a considerable amount of Iron and use it where needed.

3. Use Extractors To Mine Iron

Iron Extractor
Starfield Iron Extractor [Image by eXputer]

To extract Iron from a planet or a moon, you need an extractor to draw out its resources. So, once you find a suitable planet for Fe farming and build an Outpost on it, the next step is to set up the Extractor to start mining Iron.

  1. To place the Starfield Iron Extractor, make sure you have enough power sources on your Outpost, such as Generator, Wind Turbine, and Solar Array.
  2. The Power Source will act as a means to fuel the Extractor.
  3. Once the Extractor is connected to the power source, it will start to mine Iron Ore.
  4. Make sure to empty the container timely or build a Storage Container to extract the maximum amount of Iron.
  5. If you set up a Storage Unit, right-click or press A on your controller to connect the Extractor to the unit.
  6. For maximum farming, you can set up multiple Extractors in the area with rich reserves.

4. Blast Asteroids

Asteroids Belt destruction
Asteroids Belt [Image by Us]
One of the best Starfield Iron farming methods is blasting the Space Rocks and Asteroids using Lasers or Missile Launchers. To extract iron reserves, you need to fly to an Asteroid belt and destroy rocks while sitting in your best Ship in Starfield.

  • A perfect Asteroid Belt where you can farm Iron is in the Etherea Ruins of the Wolf System. 
  • After destroying the Asteroid, you can loot its resources and transfer them to your Ship’s inventory in Starfield.
  • This way, you can get a hefty amount of Iron without building any outposts or setting up any extractors.
  • Another considerable location for Starfield Iron farming is in the Cheyenne System, in the orbit of Hardpoint Moon.

5. Purchase Iron From Vendors   

Starfield best ways to farm iron
Vendor Shop [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]               
If you want tons of Iron and have a decent amount of credits in your inventory, then one easy way to get Iron is by purchasing it from the merchants. There are different NPCs scattered around the Starfield universe from where you can purchase Iron.

Fortunately, Iron is one of the affordable resources in the game and is not very costly. You can get one unit for about eight Credits.

You can buy Iron from the following Vendors:

Jemison MercantileNew AtlantisJemison
Mining LeagueNeonVolii Alpha
Denis AverinCydoniaMars
UC Distribution CenterNew AtlantisJemison
Midtown MineralsAkila CityAkila

Uses Of Iron In Starfield

Iron Reserves on planet
Iron Reserves [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Just like many other resources, Iron is an element used for crafting and building different items and equipment. It is an essential item that has many uses. The most practical use of Iron is in the crafting of the best armor and weapon parts. Which often require Iron to be made and installed onto your best weapons in Starfield.

In Outposts, you need Iron in the construction of Storage Containers, Extractors, and other structures. It is also used to complete several research projects. Running out of Iron reserves could cause troubles and slow down your progress.

Farming essential minerals such as Aluminium and Iron is necessary for a smooth journey in the galactic world.

Now that you know the best Iron farming methods, make sure to check out other useful guides such as How To Lockpick and Starfield’s Ship Storage to have a better understanding and smooth progression. You can also learn How To Use Boost Packs In Starfield to get fairly better at it.


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