Starfield: Akila City [Location & How To Reach]

Akila City is an important location in Starfield and you need to travel here to join one of the major factions.

Akila City location in Starfield is an important location, like New Atlantis, since it is the capital of one of the major factions. There are many star systems that you can explore, and one such star system houses the planet on which Akila City is based.

Key Takeaways
  • The Akila City is located on the Akila Planet of Starfield, which is present in the Cheyenne Star System.
  • Players can travel here once they unlock space travel and build your ship.
  • The main campaign of Starfield will also lead them to this location at one point.
  • Akila City is an important location as it serves as the headquarters for the Freestar Collective faction.
  • It is also one of the most unique locations in Starfield and is heavily inspired by cowboys and the Old West.
Important: You can travel to Akila City either by following the main quest in Starfield or just by exploring the Cheyenne Star System.

Besides questlines and progression, there’s also a popular puddle glitch in Starfield’s Akila City, which gives you a free chest, that you can learn more about by following the video below:

How To Reach Akila City In Starfield

akila city location
The Cheyenne Star System (Image Captured by Us)

Akila City is located on the Akila Planet, which can be found in the Cheyenne Star System on the Star Map, and you can easily travel here once you complete all of the tutorial missions and build your own ship in Starfield.

akila city location
The Akila City On Akila Planet (Image Captured by eXputer)

As you can see in the image above, once you select the Cheyenne Star System, you can find the Akila Planet quite easily in Starfield, and I have also marked the exact planet additionally. 

  • Once you select the Akila Planet planet in the Cheyenne Star System, you can find the Akila City.
  • Just select the Akila City location, and you will be able to land here.

Akila City is an important location because it is under the control of one of the five major factions. The faction that controls this city is the Freestar Collective, and it actually serves as their base of operations.

area in game
The Akila City Entrance (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

You’ll come here if you keep following the main campaign as well. But if you want to join the Freestar Collective early or just want to explore the cowboy-styled city, you can do so by traveling to the Cheyenne Star System. The Akila City is huge, and there is so much you can discover here aside from the main faction questline.

This concludes my guide on the Akila City location in Starfield. I have explained the exact location of the city and the planet that it is located on. The star system that you need to travel to in order to reach the city has also been mentioned. I hope that the guide was helpful in finding the Akila City in Starfield. 

Starfield is an exceptional RPG set in space and is probably Bethesda’s best title released. You can venture into the deep cosmos with your favorite companion in your own customized ship. You can even play around with a few unpatched exploits currently. Combat is also really good, and you can use the best armor in Starfield (spacesuits) to defend whilst having the best weapons, including ranged guns and melee weapons.

For more intriguing locations to explore in-game, check out these guides on Starfield’s Neon City and Temple Eta. Besides that, consider reading up on the Overdesigned Mission in Starfield to learn more narrative-shaping encounters. Let me know what you think about Bethesda’s latest RPG in the comments below!


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