Starfield: No Sudden Moves [Walkthrough & Bugs]

Learn about how to recover the artifact from Petrov in No Sudden Moves Starfield and determine the best course of action.

As part of the Constellation, players in Starfield are expected to collect mysterious Artifacts throughout multiple missions. No Sudden Moves in Starfield is a similar mission that sends you to a scavenger ship called the Scow to retrieve an artifact. You have various ways to board the ship and retrieve the artifact from the captain in the mission. Depending on your choices, the events on the vessel may change completely.

Key Takeaways
  • No Sudden Moves in Starfield is an artifact recovery mission assigned by Vladimir.
  • The goal of the ‘No Sudden Moves’ mission is to steal an artifact from a collector who is refusing to give it away for trade.
  • To complete the quest, players must travel to the Procyon A star system in Starfield and dock the Scow (scavenger ship.)
  • There are multiple dialogues within the ‘No Sudden Moves’ quest that present the players with a choice to try passive and hostile approaches. 
  • There are multiple bugs that have caused trouble for players who want to complete the quest, such as being unable to exit an Airlock, among others.

No Sudden Moves Quest Location In Starfield

Vladimir in No Sudden Moves Starfield.
A dialogue with Vladimir in No Sudden Moves. [Image credit: eXputer]
The No Sudden Moves mission starts once you talk to Vladimir after the events of mission nine. After you have completed mission nine, go to the Eye (Constellation ship) orbiting Jemison. Here, Vladimir will brief you about your next quest. 

For this quest, you must recover a piece of an artifact with a fellow member of the Constellation. The artifact is located on a scavenger ship. Since the captain of the vessel is refusing to cooperate, you must recover the artifact by force or by using the persuasion system. Vladimir will have three crew members of the Constellation, helping him expand the ship’s functionality.

These three members will be the companions with whom you have the highest relationship bond. Vladimir will inform you that he needs these three members to work on the Eye, so he is sending the fourth companion with you for the No Sudden Moves mission.

How To Board The Scow

The Scow No Sudden Moves Starfield.
The Scow orbiting the Procyon V-B in Starfield. [Image by us]
After you have heard the mission briefing from Vladimir, take your No Sudden Moves Starfield companion and head to the Procyon V-B (the moon of Procyon V in the Procyon A star system.) You will find a scavenger ship called the Scow orbiting the moon here. Hail at the ship and start the dialogue. The crew will tell you that they are not taking any visitors.

You will get the following three options:

  1. [Persuade] I have business with Pertov. It’s important.
  2. [Attack] Prepare to be boarded
  3. Leave as instructed.

Since you can’t leave without securing the artifact, you have only two ways to dock the ship in Starfield. You can try to persuade the crew to let you board the ship peacefully, or you can directly attack the ship.  However, if persuasion fails, you will have no option but to use the hostile approach.

When attacking the Scow, you must destroy the particle turrets surrounding the ship and then target the ship’s engine. Once all threats have been neutralized, you will be clear to dock the Scow.

How To Reach Petrov

Scow crew members in No Sudden Moves Starfield.
A dialogue with Tao Xun on the Scow. [Screenshot grab eXputer]
After docking the ship, you will head inside its airlock and open a door using the button on your right. Take the in front of you and turn left. Here, you will start your second dialogue with the Ship’s Crew.

From this point, there are two primary ways to complete the mission:

  1. Attack the crew and Petrov to retrieve the artifact. 
  2. Persuade the crew to let you see Petrov.

Attack The Crew

If you decide to attack the Ships Crew, it will turn all members onboard hostile. You must fight Petrov and make him surrender to stop the chaos. 

Here’s how you can get to Petrov’s location:

  1. Get past the initial crewmembers you encounter and reach the end of the hallway. 
  2. Open the door at the end of the staircase and head into the next room.
  3. You will come across two doors; take the one on your left.
  4. Keep heading straight until you reach two yellow-colored rooms. 
  5. From here, you need to follow the pathway on your left with the red floor.
  6. Keep following the same path until you see a room on your right with various items in display cases.

Captain Pertov is at the back of the vast room. Once you attack Pertov and deal sufficient damage, he will surrender and ask you to take anything you want. You can kill the entire crew or comply with this request. 

  • If you comply with Petrov’s request, you can leave with anything you want to loot from the ship. 
  • Killing Petrov and his crew members will produce the same outcome, but you must fight for the artifact. 

Persuade The Crew

If you successfully persuade the crew to let you meet Captain Petrov, you can peacefully head to the captain’s room and talk to him personally. When you reach Petrov, meeting him will trigger another dialogue, and again, you will have the option to persuade or attack him.

  • Attacking Petrov will generate the same two outcomes in the previous section.
  • If you persuade him to show you his collection, he will lead you to a locked room where he keeps his possessions. 

Once you are inside the locked room with Petrov, it is still impossible to convince him to give up the artifact. Ultimately, you must attack him inside the room to surrender the item. After you have acquired the artifact, you can safely leave the ship to complete your mission. 

Bugs In No Sudden Moves Quest

Starfield No Sudden Moves bug.
Scow Arilock in Starfield No Sudden Moves. [Image captured by Us]
Amidst all the exploration and quests, Starfield is prone to bugs and glitches like any other game. Many players have shared their experiences with Starfield No Sudden Moves bugs.

Some of the primary complaints from users include the following:

  • In a post on r/Starfield, a Reddit user reported a bug in which they were unable to exit the ship’s Airlock.
  • Another user in the comments reported that their ship disappeared after logging out during the quest, which made it impossible to leave the Scow.
  • A user on Steam also reported a Starfield No Sudden Moves bug that made it impossible to complete the mission after you leave the Scow without recovering the artifact.

No Sudden Moves in Starfield is a mission in the main quest list that requires you to recover an artifact from a collector. You have the freedom to use your persuasion skills or brute force. The quest requires navigating a series of complex dialogues on the Scow to retrieve the artifact.

Apart from the main quest, there is a lot more to explore in Starfield. For instance, you can learn about the best Starborn armor and the exploits in Starfield. You can also read about the money glitch and the best religions in Starfield to improve your playthrough.


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