Starfield: BEST Starborn Armor Sets [Top 5]

Get detailed information on the best Starfield Starborn Armor sets along with their stats and how you can get them.

The Starborn series of spacesuits are easily the best armor sets in Starfield that protect you from the outside environment and potential hazards. Each spacesuit offers different stats and provides different defense levels, with higher-level spacesuits providing more protection. During your interstellar journey, make sure to know about the Starfield Starborn Armor location and how you can get it.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 10 Starborn suits in Starfield that players can obtain by performing different tasks.
  • The biggest advantage of having Starborn suits is that they provide protection against environmental hazards and enhance your survival rate by giving different buffs, including damage reduction, increased accuracy, O2 preservance, and resource management.
  • Starborn Venator is the best Starborn spacesuit in Starfield as it features the highest stats and offers the most protection.

Starfield Starborn Armor Sets

After trying various gear combinations, here’s an overview of the best Starborn spacesuits that you can collect in the Starfield world:

Spacesuit NamePHYSENGYEMThermalCorrosiveRadiationEffectsItem ID
Astra 149149149505050Technician, Analyzer, Sensor Chip, Balanced Boostpack0012E187
Gravitas 203203203505050Ablative, Antiseptic, Mechanized, Balanced Boostpack0021C77E
Solis192192192505050Bolstering, Resource Hauler, Assisted Carry, Balanced Boostpack002D7365
Tempus 224224224505050Technician, Fastened, Mirrored, Balanced Boostpack002D7346
Venator 246246246505050Chameleon, Acrobat, Armor-Plated, Balanced Boostpack0021C77F

5. Astra Spacesuit

Astra Spacesuit in Starfield
The Astra Spacesuit [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
PHYS 149
ENGY 149
EM 149
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Item ID 0012E187

Starborn Astra is a great spacesuit that features decent stats. Getting the Astra suit is pretty straightforward, as you will get the outfit once you complete all the missions and start a New Game Plus. You can speedrun the title if you want to try out the armor specifically. Once you complete Starfield and start New Game Plus, you’ll automatically be equipped with Starborn Spacesuit Astra in Starfield.

I found out that while the Astra spacesuit doesn’t boast the highest stats, it does provide several decent buffs, including:

  • Technician: -25 percent damage from robot enemies.
  • Analyzer: +10 percent increased damage to scanned targets.
  • Sensor Chip: +20 percent increased accuracy while firing.
  • Provides Boostpack balance.

4. Solis Spacesuit

Starfield Starborn Armor
The Solis Spacesuit [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
PHYS 192
ENGY 192
EM 192
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Item ID 001CBA4A

Solis Spacesuit is another freebie that you can get by putting in some effort. If you love playing Starfield and are eager to collect all the unique items, then doing some grinding for the Solis Spacesuit will not be a bothering task for you. The armor shares almost the same stats as Astra, but it is still a free upgrade that gives you better protection.

Important: As you complete Starfield five times in the New Game Plus, the Solis Spacesuit armor will be automatically added to your inventory along with Starborn Guardian Ship.

After testing different spacesuits, I’ve found that the Solis Spacesuit will give you the following buffs:

  • Bolstering: Gives you +100 Energy resistance and Physical resistance once your health drops to a certain level.
  • Resource Hauler: Reduces Resource weight by 25 percent.
  • Assisted Carry: Preserves O2 by 75 percent when running while encumbered. 
  • Provides Boostpack balance.

3. Gravitas Spacesuit

Gravitas Spacesuit in Starfield
The Gravitas Spacesuit [Image by eXputer]
PHYS 203
ENGY 203
EM 203
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Item ID 0021C77E

The Gravitas spacesuit is another reliable option to equip while you’re on your ambiguous space journey. It has 17.4 mass, which is equal to all the other Starborn spacesuits. As compared to Astra and Solis, it is a considerable upgrade, and it will provide you with more protection in harsh conditions. You can get the Gravitas spacesuit by defeating the Emissary monster.

Important: The fight with Emissary will appear during the “Unearthed” quest when you have to side with either Hunter or Emissary. Once you defeat the monster, scroll through the loot drop, where you will find the Starborn Gravitas Armor.

In my experience, the Gravitas stands out as it provides you with the following buffs:

  • Ablative: Reduces incoming Energy damage by 15 percent.
  • Antiseptic: Increases airborne resistance by 25 percent.
  • Mechanized: Increases carrying capacity by 40.
  • Provides Boostpack balance.

Although getting the suit by defeating Emissary is the way, there is another method for the die-hard fans to get the armor. If you beat Starfield six times in total, you will automatically receive the Gravitas spacesuit, along with the Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship.

2. Tempus Spacesuit

Starfield Starborn Armor
Tempus Spacesuit [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
PHYS 224
ENGY 224
EM 224
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Item ID 002D7346

Just like most of the Starborn armor sets, the Tempus is also obtained by beating Starfield sometimes. The spacesuit features the highest stats after Venator in the Starborn collection. It is the most sturdy Starborn armor that you can get for free. Although you get the armor free of cost, it is not that easy to unlock it.

Important: To unlock the Tempus spacesuit in Starfield, you need to complete the campaign a total of seven times or six times in the New Game Plus.

In addition to default stats, here are some other buffs I got while having the Tempus Spacesuit equipped: 

  • Technician: Reduces damage from robot enemies by 15 percent. 
  • Fastened: Increases carrying capacity by 20 percent.
  • Mirrored: Provides a 4 percent chance to reflect attacks. 
  • Provides Boostpack balance.

1. Venator Spacesuit

Starfield Starborn Armor
Venator Spacesuit [Image by eXputer]
PHYS 246
ENGY 246
EM 246
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Item ID 0021C77E

The Starfield Starborn Venator is by far the most overpowered Starborn Armor, as it features the highest stats in terms of protection from environmental hazards. You can acquire the Venator suit the same way as the Gravitas armor.

Important: In the “Unearthed” quest of Starfield, you’re given the option to either side with Hunter or Emissary. Depending on your decision, you have to fight one of them. If you choose to fight Hunter, you will get the Venator spacesuit as a loot drop once you successfully beat him.

Based on my gameplay experience, the Venator spacesuit provides the following enhancements:

  • Chameleon: Blend with the environment while sneaking. 
  • Acrobat: Reduces fall damage by 50 percent.
  • Armor-Plated: Reduces Physical, Energy, and EM damage by 10 percent. 
  • Provides Boostpack balance.

Why Are Starborn Armor Sets Important In Starfield?

Starfield Starborn Armor
Starborn Armor Sets [Image by eXputer]
Wearing appropriate armor and a spacesuit is crucial while exploring new celestial bodies, and Starborn spacesuits will protect you from toxic environmental factors and extreme climatic conditions while supplying you with enough oxygen.

The Starborn Armor Set comprises various spacesuits, each obtained through distinct methods. While some are easily accessible, others are rare due to their exceptional abilities. Understanding the Starfield Starborn Armor sets and their locations is crucial for players. Obtaining most sets requires completing the playthrough multiple times, catering to dedicated fans looking to expand their collection.

Now that you have the best Straborn armor sets make sure to go through other useful Starfield guides, such as How To Lockpick and Starfield’s best backgrounds, to have a better understanding and efficient gameplay progression. You can also have a look at Starfield: Ship Storage to manage it efficiently.


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