Starfield Habs [Importance, Types, & Best Ones]

Understanding the Habs in Starfield is important because they link the entire ship together.

Figuring out how to set up the interior of a Starfield ship can be a bit of a puzzle, and it all comes down to the Habs you install. These not only determine how the inside of your ship looks but also play a crucial role in connecting important parts like the Cockpit, Bay, and Docker. Each Hab comes with its own unique interior, some even providing handy Workbenches.

Key Takeaways
  • Habs determine ship aesthetics and functionality. 
  • Different Habs come with unique interiors, including Workbenches. 
  • 17 distinct Hab types are available for purchase. 

What are Ship Habs In Starfield 

HopeTech Hab
HopeTech, All in one, 2×1 (Screenshot by Me)

Ship Habs in Starfield allows you to modify the appearance and functionality of your ship’s interior.

While the concept of Habs (Habitat Areas) seems simple, incorporating them into the ship-building mechanics introduces a layer of complexity. 

The game randomly determines the placement of doorways and ladders, which can obstruct these stations. Unfortunately, without the ability to preview your ship’s interior during construction or manually position elements, trial-and-error becomes the only method for achieving your desired layout in Starfield. 

Types Of Ship Habs

Nova Hab
Nova Workshop (Image by Me)

“There are a total of 17 distinct Hab types available for purchase, with each Hab originating from a different manufacturer.”

Hab ModuleFeatures
All-In-One BearthNavigation Console, Galley, Bed, Passenger Slots.
ArmoryWeapon & Armor storage/display
Battle StationNavigation Console, Crew Stations
BrigBed, Storage
Captain’s QuartersBed, Storage, Galley
Cargo HallStorage
CompanionwayBeds, Chairs, Storage
Computer CoreStorage, Crew Stations
Control StationCrew Stations, Storage, Galley
Engineering BayStorage
InfirmaryPharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
Living QuartersBed
Mess HallCooking Station, Galley
Science LabPharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab, Galley
Workshop HabWeapon, Spacesuit, & Industrial Workbenches, Research Lab

Consider the types and quantity of Habs you have because they can boost how many crew members your ship can accommodate. Also, it’s convenient to have specific areas with workstations and labs on board so that you don’t have to go back to the Lodge for them.

Best Habs

Deimos Hab
Deimos Armory (Screenshot gathered by Me)

Determining the top Habs can be challenging, given their diverse functions. However, here are some Habs that are essential for your ship.

  • Science Lab: Includes both Pharmaceutical and Research Labs, enhancing your scientific capabilities.
  • Workshop Hab: Houses all the required workbenches, ensuring you have the tools necessary for various tasks.
  • All-In-One Berth: Functions as a central space with a navigation console, a bed, and accommodations for passengers.
  • Armory: Ideal for storing weapons and armor, preventing them from burdening you during your journeys.
  • Captain’s Quarters: Provides a comfortable bed and additional storage space. 

My Thoughts On Habs

Each hab may add specific elements, but due to the randomness in ship construction, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the features you want. The Science Lab and Workshop Hab stand out as crucial additions, providing all the necessary workbenches and labs. It’s also beneficial to consider Habs that offer additional storage, as your cargo hold can fill up rapidly.

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