Starfield Weapons Tier List [All Guns Ranked & Compared]

Learn about the ranking of all Starfield weapons in from Highest to lowest tiers.

Like its predecessors, Skyrim and Fallout, Starfield has a barrage of weapons in it. These weapons become available to players as they level up their characters or after a certain mission/quest is completed. So, here is a Tier list that ranks all Starfield Weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield has well over 118 weapons, which includes unique weapons.
  • These weapons include base weapons with different mods, which are found throughout the Starfield universe.
  • The weapons in Starfield are ranked based on how fast they will kill enemies.
  • The S-tier weapons are an absolute beast. 
  • The A-tier guns are close to perfection.
  • B-Tier Starfield weapons have a few issues and are not perfect.
  • C-tier guns underperform in the game heavily. 
  • Starfield’s E-tier weapons are trash, and players should not use these at all.   

Keep in mind that the Tier List is based on my opinion. As Starfield has 118+ weapons, the best weapon will depend upon your playstyle and build.

All Starfield Weapons And Comparison

Here are all of the Starfield Weapons. You’ll find more details about them in their respective Tier with stats comparison.

TierNameClassDamageAmmoAccuracyMagazine SizeFire rateRangeMassValue
S TierBrute ForceShotgun259 (Physical)15x25 CLL Shell59.30%720264.422030 Credits
S TierDeadeyePistol154 (Physical)7.5mm80.00%615652.8521465 Credits
S TierExperiment A-7Shotgun415 (Physical)15x25 CLL Shell63.60%615348.637289 Credits
S TierMarathornPistol107 (Physical).43 Ultramag72.60%733240.4925680 Credits
S TierMarkman’s AA-99Rifle80 (Physical)11mm82.90%2540607.2537714 Credits
S TierN67 SmartgunHeavy25 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless57.70%3003505715.149465 Credits
S TierReckless BombardmentHeavy227 (Physical)40mm XPL69.30%8125714.296990 Credits
S TierRevenantRifle33 (Physical).50 Mi69.80%150375653.6985381 Credits
S TierShattered ShockHeavy353 (Physical)40mm XPL78.00%65626.732389 Credits
S TierTerror InflictorParticle Beam Pistol36 (Physical), 111 (Energy)Light Fuse72.90%1234472.862962 Credits
A TierAmbassadorPistol158 (Physical).43 Ultramag78.10%8109343.7528032 Credits
A TierAshta TamerHeavy307 (Physical)40mm XPL79.60%66626.733617
A TierBoom BoomShotgun182 (Physical)Caseless Shell45.80%2060313.7525787 Credits
A TierDesperationRifle44 (Physical)11MM72.90%15134443.233424 Credits
A TierDespondent AssassinRifle127 (Physical)9x39MM86.80%12401002.9522278 Credits
A TierElegancePistol138 (Physical).43 Ultramag75.00%8109221.524918 Credits
A TierEternity's GateParticle Beam Rifle54 (Physical), 175 (Energy)Heavy Fuse82.40%2029916.5124875 Credits
A TierFeatherRifle53 (Physical)11mm79.10%36117622.1921729 Credits
A TierFiscal QuarterRifle24 (Physical)6.5mm73.50%40180404.38689 Credits
A TierFuryRifle37 (Physical)7.62mm68.90%100150445.1542087 Credits
A TierGallow’s ReachRifle41 (Physical)7.62mm70.60%30150404.2542087 Credits
A TierHunterwulfRifle40 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless89.20%3012073523520 Credits
A TierKeelhaulerPistol165 (Physical).43 Mi67.70%6189265.1562020 Credits
A TierMagsniperRifle223 (Physical)6.5mm Mi86.50%12171309.5527790 Credits
A TierMagstormHeavy9 (Physical).50 MI54.90%160400521219129 Credits
A TierMicrogunHeavy9 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless47.20%3003504011.413519 Credits
A TierMindtearRifle29 (Physical).50 Mi68.90%75345656.959606 Credits
A TierPeacekeeperRifle44 (Physical)11mm73.20%50112624.528777 Credits
A TierPeacemakerRifle127 (Physical).50 Caliber82.60%612735.919037 Credits
A TierPoisonstormHeavy18 (Physical).50 Mi59.60%1604007512.253907 Credits
A TierReflectionParticle Beam Rifle54 (Physical), 175 (Energy)Heavy Fuse78.90%2029916.45100125 Credits
A TierSolacePistol107 (Physical).43 Ultramag74.00%730313.1518720 Credits
A TierTempestRifle53 (Physical)11mm81.20%3690626.424394 Credits
A TierThe BuzzcutRifle14 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless71.60%50212292.859623 Credits
A TierThe Last BreathRifle309 (Physical).50 Caliber84.10%52515610.163359 Credits
A TierThe MutineerPistol154 (Physical).43 Mi65.40%6161395.240967 Credits
A TierUnmitigated ViolenceLaser Rifle107 (Energy)3KV LZR77.50%50337510.725056 Credits
A TierVa’ruun InflictorParticle Beam Rifle38 (Physical), 113 (Energy)Heavy Fuse71.50%2025653.7522500 Credits
A TierVa’ruun PainbladeMelee135 (Physical)-----1.811260 Credits
A TierVa’ruun StarshardParticle Beam Pistol26 (Physical), 80 (Energy)Light Fuse71.60%121239118250 Credits
A TierVampire’s GiftRifle49 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless76.00%66120274.8525472 Credits
A TierVampire’s SidearmPistol84 (Physical).45 Caliber70.00%1580241.7518485 Credits
A TierWakizashiMelee74 (Physical)-----1.356140 Credits
TierNameClassDamageAmmoAccuracy301124037865 Credits
B TierAA-99Rifle17 (Physical)11mm Caseless65.70%1740261.713592 Credits
B TierAce SidearmPistol46 (Physical).27 Caliber73.20%50170292.414178 Credits
B TierAcid RainRifle13 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless71.70%201910013.682376 Credits
B TierAvatarRifle428 (Physical)6.5mm Mi 83.40%30505224850 Credits
B TierBeowulfRifle36 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless70.60%81426712870 Credits
B TierBig BangParticle Beam Shotgun42 (Physical), 122 (Energy)7Heavy Fuse58.20%610267.36780 Credits
B TierBreachShotgun129 (Physical)15x25 CLL Shell58.70%45525.58190 Credits
B TierBridgerHeavy127 (Physical)40mm XPL65.80%60160524.34922 Credits
B TierDrum BeatRifle8 (Physical)11mm67.60%2225394.2510122 Credits
B TierEmberPistol70 (Energy)1.5KV LZR76.40%1250260.55750 Credits
B TierEonPistol10 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless69.30%5251009.1520510 Credits
B TierHard TargetRifle116 (Physical)0.50 Caliber74.20%81426936677 Credits
B TierJake’s Hangover CureParticle Beam Shotgun102 (Physical), 299 (Energy)Heavy Fuse69.10%612755.614966 Credits
B TierJustifierRifle117 (Physical).50 Caliber81.60%30170262.255632 Credits
B TierKodamaRifle13 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless67.70%75300523.917721 Credits
B TierMagshearRifle10 (Physical).50 MI69.00%62526211380 Credits
B TierMagshotPistol53 (Physical).43 MI65.20%1740260.88041 Credits
B TierMemento MoriPistol40 (Physical).27 Caliber71.20%30150523.510582 Credits
B TierOld Earth Assault RifleRifle15 (Physical)7.62mm 66.70%20401303.155264 Credits
B TierOld Earth Hunting RifleRifle30 (Physical)9x39mm87.70%967261.14350 Credits
B TierOld Earth PistolPistol28 (Physical).45 Caliber68.70%66263.62870 Credits
B TierOld Earth ShotgunShotgun95 (Physical)12G Shell59.50%720262.754590 Credits
B TierPacifierShotgun77 (Physical)15x25 CLL Shell49.10%70100525.514044 Credits
B TierPirate LegendRifle16 (Physical)6.5mm69.60%6039264.116134 Credits
B TierPower BeatRifle112 (Physical)11mm47.90%12114260.655473 Credits
B TierRadburnPistol24 (Physical), 1 (Energy)7.77mm Caseless69.60%618317.4532204 Credits
B TierRapidshotShotgun346 (Physical)15x25 CLL Shell59.40%612522.35300 Credits
B TierRazorbackPistol51 (Physical)7.5mm68.90%818260.74450 Credits
B TierRegulatorPistol35 (Physical).43 Ultramag73.10%1260262.957368 Credits
B TierShottyShotgun65 (Physical)Caseless Shell39.00%967261.1516963 Credits
B TierSir Livingstone’s PistolPistol106 (Physical).45 Caliber68.70%612623.628355 Credits
B TierThe PrimePistol168 (Physical)7.5mm80.80%1225473.0522906 Credits
B TierThe SpacerParticle Beam Pistol26 (Physical), 90(Energy)Light Fuse71.70%28104312.8512815 Credits
B TierThe ZapperPistol33 (Physical).27 Caliber72.80%2090524.156150 Credits
B TierTombstoneRifle19 (Physical)11mm74.60%634395.144950 Credits
B TierTrickshotPistol181 (Physical).43 Mi65.90%3033788.8517678 Credits
B TierUnrestrained VengeanceLaser Rifle81 (Energy)3KV LZR84.90%20100652.915637 Credits
TierNameClassDamageAmmoAccuracy10076264.32695 Credits
C TierBrawler’s EquinoxLaser Rifle10 (EM)3KV LZR68.40%1015264.57640 Credits
C TierArc WelderHeavy16 (Energy)3KV LZR Cartridge50.70%2472631650 Credits
C TierAuto-RivetHeavy100 (Physical)Rivet 65.30%-7644675 Credits
C TierCoachmanShotgun68 (Physical)Caseless Shell41.60%102526145 Credits
C TierCutterHeavy4 (Energy)Cutter77.20%---2.73832 Credits
C TierEcliptic Pistol-35 (Physical)11mm XPL67.20%614625.516403 Credits
C TierFortune's GloryMelee46 (Physical)---7644712 Credits
C TierHead RangerRifle127 (Physical)0.50 Caliber80.40%812521021200 Credits
C TierHeller’s CutterHeavy4 (Energy)Cutter77.20%520262.75700 Credits
C TierNegotiatorHeavy165 (Physical)40mm XPL64.80%1222391.354620 Credits
C TierNovaBlast DisruptorEletromagnetic Rifle100 (EM)Heavy Fuse71.60%3033655.255227 Credits
C TierNovalightParticle Beam Pistol8 (Physical), 25 (Energy)Light Fuse70.30%---2.72395 Credits
C TierOrionLaser Rifle27 (Energy)3KV LZR78.40%1250260.85942 Credits
C TierOsmium DaggerMelee42 (Physical)--615297.938984 Credits
C TierRattlerPistol10 (Physical).27 Caliber69.90%2229414.513642 Credits
C TierRiot ShotgunShotgun25 (EM)15x25 CLL Shell69.00%1740260.65825 Credits
C TierShort CircuitLaser Pistol44 (Energy)1.5KV LZR76.40%20481303.1518142 Credits
C TierSidestarPistol12 (Physical).27 Caliber69.70%25180312.856823 Credits
C TierSpeechless FireRifle106 (Physical)9x39mm88.20%---0.453075 Credits
C TierStreet SweeperPistol12 (Physical)6.5mm75.90%---1.820268 Credits
C TierTantoMelee60 (Physical)--725261.754800 Credits
C TierThe Last PriestMelee135 (Physical)-----0.341220 Credits
C TierUrban EaglePistol39 (Physical).43 Ultramag69.50%---0.36505 Credits
D TierBarrow KnifeMelee33 (Physical)--1740200.65790 Credits
D TierCombat KnifeMelee24 (Physical)--2050653.22408 Credits
D TierDiscarded SidestarPistol12 (Physical).27 Caliber67.90%610523.62395 Credits
D TierEquinoxRifle13 (Energy)3KV LZR71.60%2017523.713560 Credits
D TierLawgiverRifle31 (Physical)0.50 Caliber69.50%---1.4650 Credits
D TierMagpulseRifle71 (Physical)6.5mm MI61.60%---1.4935 Credits
F TierGrendelRifle3 (Physical)7.77mm Caseless66.20%50170202.651402 Credits
F TierMaelstromRifle4 (Physical)6.5mm67.80%40150524.151210 Credits
F TierRipshankMelee18 (Physical)-----0.4365 Credits
F TierSolsticeLaser Pistol10 (Energy)1.5KV LZR70.90%1626391.31960 Credits


S-Tier Weapons in Starfield

The S-Tier of weapons is filled with weapons that will have your enemies falling in mere seconds. Although a few of these are niche weapons like ‘Reckless Bombardment,’ most of them will be suitable for you. These weapons either have quite high fire rate and damage, or they are so accurate that you won’t miss a single shot.

High fire rate weapons such as N67 Smartgun and Revenant will melt down enemies’ health in seconds. As for Experiment A-7, I was able to one-shot many higher-level enemies with it. These all are the weapons that you wouldn’t want to miss out on in your playthroughs. Because each one of these is quite deadly in their class.


A-Tier Starfield Weapons

Tier-A is the list where you can’t go wrong with any of the weapons. Whatever you choose, as long as it is in your playstyle, will perform great when fighting enemies. Each of these weapons has enough firepower to get rid of enemies in mere seconds. And even if they miss out on killing enemies swiftly, they get back in some other way.

Here, you get to see two high-damage melee weapons, Va’ruun Painblade and Wakizashi. They have high enough damage that you can use them while dealing with a few enemies. So, for players running the Melee build, these are some of the best Melee weapons you can find in Starfield. 

I was quite impressed with the performance of Feather, Fiscal, Fury, and Gallow’s Reach’s fast fire rate and damage. They were melting enemies in mere seconds. Apart from them, Magstorm and Minigun are quite good here if you love weapons that go brrr.

The shotgun, Boom Boom, has high damage with a medium-sized mag and a high fire rate. Desperation is quite good against high-health enemies as it deals damage according to lost health. All in all, A-Tier has weapons that will make you want to choose them among every other weapon.


Tier-B Starfield guns

When you get to B-Tier, you will start to see some interesting weapons. These weapons go from the high damage and low fire rate of the sniper Avatar to the high fire rate and low damage of Magshear. Both of these are weapons that you can choose for your adventures, and they won’t disappoint you.

Apart from that, there are some good choices here too. Pirate Legend, although it has low damage, its high accuracy and fire rate will give you perfect headshots and will get rid of enemies quickly. Acid Rain falls in the same category as that of Pirate Legends.

You have a few high-damage weapons such as Rapidshot, Big Bang, Jake’s Hangover Cure, and others. They can deal a ton of damage, which comes in handy while dealing with high-health enemies.


C-Tier weapons list

C-Tier is where things start to get a little interesting for lower-level players. There are a few cutters that provide constant damage to enemies and some EM guns to freeze them. Keep in mind that the EM guns aren’t as effective as they seem like, at least not for me.

The EM guns will freeze an enemy if they are hit by it. You can use it to target higher-level enemies, and once they are stunned, you can focus on the lower-level enemies and get rid of them. That way, only the higher-level enemy will remain in the end. Keep in mind that Electromagnetic guns don’t deal any damage, so you will need a powerful weapon to kill enemies.

There are a few weapons here that have respectable damage. You can use them while you can get your hands on higher-tier weapons. All in all, even these C-Tier weapons will seem underwhelming.


D-Tier weapons

In the D-Tier, you’ll find most of the melee weapons. That is because melee weapons are somewhat useless unless you have a special build in mind. While using them, you will have to go out in the open and deal with enemies. Due to this you can’t stay in cover and handle them.

Apart from that, you will find Equinox and Sidestar here. They both have low damage, which makes them useless for most players who are looking to deal some damage. Lawgiver and Magpulse have a higher damage, but their low fire rate is what makes them fall off. You can add mods to them to make them more viable.


Starfield E-Tier weapons list

The weapons here are those that I have avoided in my playthrough since the beginning. Unless there are some really good modifications on them. Like the Grendel, even at level 5, I wanted a better rifle as its damage was really bad.

There are a few modded versions of Grendel, like Acid Rain and The Buzzcut, and they performed superbly. They made it to A-Tier and B-Tier. You’ll need to add a few mods to them to make them viable.

Apart from that, all other weapons here are subpar or become useless if you don’t update them with mods. As for Ripshank, it has one of the lowest damage among all melee weapons, so it is better to avoid it if you can.

Starfield Weapons Tier List Criteria

The way I have curated the Starfield Weapons Tier list is based on a simple requirement: how fast and easily can a weapon kill enemies? Whether it’s good against one enemy or a ton of them. If you can use the gun in close combat, or you should keep your distance (One of the few reasons I believe snipers should be ranked lower than Assault Rifles).

While you’re going through the Tier List, I must remind you that this isn’t a Warzone Tier List or CS2 Weapons List. These are the games where you have to fight against players, and even a small edge over them matters. Instead, it is Starfield’s AI, which is toned down for players of all types. That means although Sniper Rifles are a viable choice, I often opt for guns that go ‘brrrrr.’

In story mode games, like Starfield and, to some extent, Fallout, it’s better to go with guns that will quickly get rid of enemies before you are overwhelmed by them. Unless you’re going for a ‘stealth archer‘ type of build from Skyrim, we’re sure you’ll find the best guns for you from this Tier list.

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