Warzone 2 Weapons Tier List [All Guns Ranked]

Learn about the best to worst-performing guns via COD Warzone 2.0.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 packs some of the best weapons that you can customize using perks to create unique loadouts. Having six weapon types in the game, it is imperative that you know which ones are the best and average guns in the current meta. COD Warzone 2.0 weapons tier list ranks all guns & the best loadouts you can have to reach peak performance In season 6.

Key Highlights
  • To help its players create the most optimum load-outs for themselves, Warzone 2 offers a collection of 53 weapons
  • Each Warzone 2 weapon is part of a category which are LMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and Marksman Rifles.

[Disclaimer] The COD Warzone 2.0 guns we ranked into the following tiers are entirely based on our experience. We welcome constructive criticism, but the tier list is not open for unnecessary hate.

Complete Tier List At A Glance

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Weapons Ranking Table

Weapon Types S-Tier  A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Assault Rifles Kastov 762, Kastov-74u, M4 Lachmann-556, STB-556, ISO Hemlock, Tempus Razorback M16, M13B, FR Avancer, Chimera Kastov 545, TAQ-56
SMGs Lachmann Sub, FSS Hurricane, BAS-P, ISO 45 Fennec 45, PDSW 528, Vaznev-9K VEL 46, MINIBAK MX9
Shotguns   Lockwood 300, Expedite 12, Bryson 800, KV Broadside Shotgun Bryson 890, MX Guardian  
Snipers Signal 50, Victus XMR MCPR-300, SP-X 80 LA-B 330, FJX Imperium Carrack .300
LMGs RAAL MG 556 Icarus, Sakin MG38, RPK RAPP H, HCR 56  
/Battle Rifles
SP-R 208, Lockwood Mk2, Cronen Squall FTAC Recon, Lachmann-762 LM-S, TAQ-M, SA-B 50 TAQ-V, SO-14, EBR-14

All Warzone 2 Weapons Compared

Before jumping in the Tier List, let’s first compare each of the guns:

WeaponsWeapon TypeTierReload TimeADS Time (ms)Fire Rate (RPM)Base Move Speed (m/s)
Kastov 762ARS1.322706104.62
Lachmann SubSMGS1.872408004.9
FSS HurricaneSMGS2.332406984.72
Signal 50Sniper RifleS3.276901074.45
Victus XMRSniper RifleS2.27625364.34
ISO 45SMGS22108964.72
SP-R 208Marksman RifleS2.07350594.51
Cronen SquallBattle RifleS2.82856744.49
Lockwood Mk2Marksman RifleS4.54280954.59
ISO HemlockARA22606004.69
Fennec 45SMGA2.1320010914.83
PDSW 528SMGA2.12609094.75
Lockwood 300ShotgunA2.063751714.65
Expedite 12ShotgunA6.033201274.71
Bryson 800ShotgunA4.62365754.65
MCPR-300Sniper RifleA2.6600404.41
SP-X 80Sniper RifleA3.37531514.48
556 IcarusLMGA5.673707794.38
Sakin MG38LMGA6.34606524.26
FTAC ReconBattle RifleA1.332635004.59
Tempus RazorbackARA2.22208334.63
Lachmann-762Battle RifleA2.042466064.51
KV Broadside ShotgunShotgunA3345208N/A
VEL 46SMGB1.42259524.76
Bryson 890ShotgunB2.25320714.71
LA-B 330Sniper RifleB2.07610474.43
RAPP HLMGB5.554808004.26
HCR 56LMGB3.134257414.3
FR AvancerARB2.42809234.93
LM-SMarksman RifleB1.652903334.45
TAQ-MMarksman RifleB1.532802314.5
SA-B 50Marksman RifleB2.07310654.59
MX GuardianShotgunB3.033504294.4
FJX ImperiumSniper RifleB4.4580444.54
Kastov 545ARC1.72606524.71
TAQ-VBattle RifleC1.352905774.58
SO-14Battle RifleC1.633024294.5
EBR-14Marksman RifleC1.532802864.45
Carrack .300Sniper RifleC2.735051884.48


The S-ranked weapons entails absolute beast guns in the current meta. Pick any weapon of any type from this list, and you will get kills easily. 

Kastov-762 Dominant for its enormous firepower and stability. Its well-rounded attributes make it lethal, despite potential downsides. Increasingly common among players.
Kastov-74u Delivers significant damage at medium to close ranges. Versatile in loadouts, allowing use as a CQC, medium, or long-range weapon, demonstrating adaptability.
M4 Capable of causing significant damage with 4-6 shots, showcasing its power. Its fast fire rate and broad attachment range make it formidable, though choosing the right setup can be challenging.
Lachmann Sub Surpasses the FSS Hurricane in speed, handling, damage, and fire rate, albeit with slightly lesser range and accuracy. Remains superior in mobility and handling, even with extra attachments.
FSS Hurricane Features the best range in-game, enabling competition without an AR when equipped with certain attachments. The large magazine supports sustained pressure on opponents, with notable speed, control, and excellent recoil control making it the ideal SMG.
BAS-P Boasts excellent recoil control and accuracy. With high handling and mobility, it excels in aiming down the sight. Its position as a top-tier SMG is due to a high fire rate and damage output among SMGs.
ISO 45 Dominating SMG in the meta, praised for its maneuverability, fast ADS time, and close combat efficiency.
Signal 50 An early-game sniper that becomes too powerful with the right loadout and class, having the quickest firing rate and lowest recoil, leading to the fastest TTK among snipers. Likely to redefine sniper gameplay standards.
Victus XMR The go-to for the longest-range sniper rifle, known for its power and high bullet velocity. Low bullet drop rate allows accurate shots over long distances, offering considerable agility and maneuverability in close quarters.
RAAL MG Valued for its damage profile surpassing other LMGs, enabling quick, precise kills without losing shot accuracy or control. The slow rate of fire may require some getting used to.
SP-R 208 The preferred Marksman weapon for long-range engagements, offering high precision and damage management. Functions similarly to a sniper rifle but has the slowest firing rate among Marksman Rifles, a drawback that can be offset with attachments.
Lockwood MK2 Stands out for its long-range effectiveness among Marksman Rifles. Versatile, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and can serve as both a short-range powerhouse and a precision long-range firearm.
Cronen Squall Meta-defining Battle Rifle in Season 6, part of the Nicki Minaj Operator Bundle. Despite a slower fire rate, it deals superior damage, effectively decimating opponents with accurate shots.


The A-ranking mentions guns that are second to none. These ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers Rifles, and Battle Rifles are not as good as S-tier ones, but still, they will get the job done. 

Lachmann-556 Features enormous accuracy and a fast time to kill, making it one of the best weapons in the game. Extremely versatile, excelling in both close and long-range engagements.
STB-556 Known for its high firing rate and potentially the fastest TTK. Recommended to try due to its ability to quickly eliminate adversaries with chest shots.
ISO Hemlock Great long-range AR introduced in Season 2. Known for its capability to take down squads with precise shots, though it underperforms at close ranges due to a slower fire rate.
Fennec 45 The best SMG for close-range combat with the fastest rate of fire among SMGs. Its effectiveness decreases over distance due to lower recoil control and accuracy. Quick mag depletion is a downside, especially in squad modes.
PDSW 528 Robust SMG at close range with a 50-round magazine capable of impressive feats. Best used alongside a long-range weapon for balanced engagement.
Vaznev-9K Noted for its damage at close range and being a modern adaptation of the AK platform. However, its effectiveness significantly drops beyond fifty meters.
Lockwood 300 Considered the best shotgun by many, depending on class setup and attachments used.
Expedite 12 Rated highly among shotguns for its control and large magazine capacity, making it suitable for players struggling with shotguns.
Bryson 800 With the right attachments, it can become one of the best for CQC gunfights.
MCPR-300 Anticipated to break the one-shot kill meta with its adaptable loadouts and class combinations. Offers the highest damage range and fastest bullet velocity among snipers.
SP-X 80 Favored over the LA-B 330 for its higher velocity and damage, contributing to its effectiveness at long range and making it a top choice for a covert playstyle.
556 Icarus Versatile and sturdy LMG, ideal for short ranges due to its short hipfire bullet spread. Noticeable recoil can be managed with attachments.
Sakin MG38 Features the largest standard magazine for LMGs, capable of wiping a four-player squad. Accuracy can be enhanced with attachments.
FTAC Recon A powerful weapon that can excel as the best marksman or battle rifle in Warzone 2 with the right attachments.
Lachmann-762 Offers semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes. Requires handling recoil control concerns but is highly effective with the right attachments.
RPK Ideal for accurate players making headshots at close range. Notable for its short Time-To-Kill on upper torso and limbs, with average TTK at mid to long ranges.
Tempus Razorback Underrated AR with one of the fastest fire rates among ARs. Recoil control at long ranges can be challenging.
KV Broadside Shotgun Semi-automatic shotgun that excels in close-range battles. Recent buffs have elevated it to A-tier, making it highly effective for clearing buildings.


Our B-ranked category contains weapons that are average performers in the current meta. You will need to be a good aim to score kills or even kill streaks using these guns.

M16 Improved recoil control makes it accurate over long distances. Requires getting used to the slower kill time post-Nerf, but offers versatility across ranges.
M13B A new AR with a submachine gun’s firing rate and an assault rifle’s firepower. Ideal for beginners for its effectiveness in near to mid-combat ranges.
VEL 46 Useful in close to mid-range combat but lacks significant damage at longer ranges. Its modest submachine gun range limits its impact on large maps like Al Mazrah.
MINIBAK Excellent for direct team confrontations with its large 64-round magazine.
Bryson 890 Similar to the Bryson 800 but slightly underperforms in comparison.
LA-B 330 Quick-scoping, rapid-fire weapon with balanced pros and cons. Ideal for players who like to engage swiftly and closely.
RAPP H Requires unlocking through a progression of other weapons. Offers advantages in close-quarters combat with its light weight and quick ADS speed.
HCR 56 Effective in close quarters with a quick reload time but lacks the damage output and speed for long-range and CQC dominance, respectively.
LM-S The fastest Marksman Rifle for back-to-back kills but falls short in long-range combat due to lower damage and accuracy.
TAQ-M Versatile Marksman Rifle effective in various situations. Its only drawback is a slower firing rate, which can be mitigated with attachments.
SA-B 50 Compact, quick bolt-action rifle excellent for usability and control. Its speed makes it great for CQC, though it has a slower firing rate.
FR Avancer An AR that doesn’t challenge the meta, suitable for close to mid-range combat but lacks range for larger maps. Best used on smaller Resurgence maps.
Chimera Functions more like an SMG despite being an AR, with one of the fastest TTKs in the game. Popular in Vondel Park map setups alongside a sniper.
MX Guardian Versatile shotgun with different firing modes. Easy to use, making it suitable for aggressive close-quarters engagements.
FJX Imperium Bolt-action sniper with mixed reviews. With the right attachments, it can take down fully armored enemies with a headshot, worth trying for long-range encounters.


If you want to stay away from guns that are underwhelming in the current meta, then take a good look at our C-ranked weapons in my Warzone 2.0 Tier list.

Kastov-545 Known for its high firing rate, making it effective against LMGs. It allows for engaging enemies at longer ranges with ease due to manageable recoil. However, mastering its use may require some practice due to its novelty.
TAQ-56 Offers impressive range, almost making it a long-range weapon. Known for its precision and high damage, making it easier to take down fully armored targets.
MX9 Competent SMG with good damage output and rate of fire, but falls short due to its limited range, making it less ideal for engaging distant targets.
TAQ-V As a battle rifle, it brings the SCAR-H from Modern Warfare 2 into Warzone 2. Ideal for medium- to long-range engagements thanks to adjustable recoil and a moderate firing rate. Available from level 11 of the Tactique Verte Platform.
SO-14 A versatile Battle Rifle with semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes, suitable for players who switch between fire modes rapidly. Its significant recoil requires focus on attachments that mitigate this for better control.
EBR-14 Semi-automatic battle rifle that offers a satisfactory rate of fire and reasonable TTK with two to three shots. Available from the start of the game, but leveling up for its best attachments will take some effort.
Carrack .300 The veteran COD players will remember this gun as it is quite similar to the classic WA2000. However, apart from the nostalgic element, the Carrack .300 is an average Sniper Rifle in my opinion. Players can use loads of other Snipers which are better, even the FJX Imperium.

Our Warzone 2.0 Weapons Tier List was curated after having used all of the mentioned guns in the field. We had to look at the elements that make a certain gun a good performer and take them into consideration while designing this list. 


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