Warzone 2 Best Victus XMR Loadouts & Guide

The Best Victus XMR Loadout focus on achieving headshots

Players who want to take headshots during intense battles must choose Warzone 2.0 Best Victus XMR Loadout wisely in Call of Duty. This weapon is best for long ranges, and along with choosing the best Loadout, you can manage to take accurate headshots.

Important Points

  • Victus XMR can best be used for single headshots with increasing bullet speed.
  • Victus XMR Loadouts can be proved lethal with the Recon and Specter perk packages. 
  • Having a secondary weapon with Victus XMR loadout is crucial for close-range combat.

First Victus XMR Loadout

Victus XMR
Victus XMR Gun [image captured by Us]
There are several best Victus XMR loadouts in Warzone 2.0 available, but beginning with the first one, you will be able to shoot at bigger distances other than the assault rifles. Using this loadout will aid you in having a much better recoil rate, and the velocity of the bullet will drastically increase. Additionally, the Aim Down Speed (ADS) will also be up to the optimum level.


The following features are considered crucial elements of the gun.


 We will use the Mack 8 33.5 Super barrel, which basically boosts the bullet speed and increases the overall damage. This barrel will help you to hold a firm grip and fire at a steady speed while moving forward. The control rate is better due to a high aim-down speed.


As you are using the sniper, you must carefully evaluate your options on the scope because aiming with this gun is everything. Therefore, your best option lies with SP-X 80 6.6X, which is much more reliable and helps you to zoom at a greater distance.

Now, the best way to control your scope is to limit your options for zooming. You have two options which are 6.6x and 11x scope, which will magnify your aim, but it is totally up to you.

Rear Grip 

The best grip for your Victus XMR is STIP-40 Grip which extends its variable options and improves your aim stability. The best grip should be the one which you are consistent with.


The best laser sight that goes with Victus XMR is 1MW Quick Fire Laser. The best part of using this laser is that it is not visible to your enemies, even when you are using it for aiming purposes. This laser option, along with the above-mentioned rear grip, makes a good combo and will altogether increase the ADS to the best rate possible. However, do note that if you look at the enemy directly, there might be a shade of blue light visible if using this laser.


Using XRK Rise 50 as your stock is vital as it aids you to have an influential better crouch speed. This is vital when you have to relocate your position after being spotted by an enemy sniper.


The most suitable guard with this gun is Corvus Responder, which is best used with the recon package. This guard will help to control the flinch resistance, causing us a better adaptability towards handling the weapon.

Secondary Weapon 

Loadout for Victus XMR
X13 AUTO [Image Captured by eXputer]


The Victus XMR is a sniper weapon, and you can’t just go along with a single weapon and expect to win. Therefore, you should have a backup in the form of a secondary weapon. The most sensible one to have is any 0.50 GS handgun.

Though you can opt for X13 Auto, which is a fully automated gun, it is much better to have a .50 GS handgun. The main reason is that it can kill the opponent in two shots, with one shot being aimed at the head. If you are way too confused, then you can opt for the Weapon Specialist package, which will ease your way.

Perk Package 

The best perk package that suits the best Victus XMR loadout in Warzone 2.0 is the Recon package. We need to focus on those perk packages which make the player a part of the center stage, and the Recon package will provide the players with Focus, Double Time, Tracker, and Birdseye.

  • Double Time: This perk will aid you to have even more speed in crouch movements causing you to lay low for enemies and avoid the plain sight.
  • Tracker: This is part of the Recon Package which will allow you to track the footsteps of your enemy. The sole purpose of this is for you to have a fair idea about your opponent’s position. Additionally, each adversary you kill doesn’t leave a kill mark, keeping you hidden. This feature could be less effective. However, you could always increase stealth here with a suppressor.
  • Focus: This is one of the best parts of sniper weapons as it holds the breath during the shootout, causing more stability and accuracy toward your shot. It is also beneficial as it will cause you to flinch a bit less when the opponents shoot you.
  • Birdseye: This is the signature perk of the Recon package, which tells you the location of your enemies. This is best when you are out in the center of the field, and using this perk will cause you to have an idea if your enemy is behind you or not.


Using some equipment along with your weapons is crucial at stages, especially when you have long distances to cover on the field. You must equip some tactical and lethal equipment with you to escape hard situations where you are pinned really badly.

Tactical Equipment 

Usually, players often choose the Frag and Stun grenades, but if you want to have a better edge over your opponent, it is important to have Spotter Scope and Claymore.

Lethal Equipment 

Though the smokes can be used to relocate when you are detected, and frags are always best to clear some hideous spots, the choice is totally with you. You can even choose to throw the knife at your opponent.

Second Victus XMR Loadout 

This is a bit different than the first one, and it will focus on tearing even armor-plating players and piercing through them. This one will focus on precision and a better grip. Though your speed might decrease a bit due to the heavy loadout, this Second loadout is best if you want accuracy over stealth and speed.

COD Warzone 2: Victus XMR Loadout
Victus XMR Loadout 2 [Image Captured by eXputer]


The following features are considered attachments for the gun, Victus XMR.


The best Victus XMR loadout in Warzone 2.0 should have a decent muzzle for the sniper weapon is Bruen Counter-Ops which covers more range, and the bullet firing speed is also decent. If this is combined with the below-mentioned barrel, which is the longest barrel in the game, then it exceeds the range and aids more towards achieving single headshot kills.  


Mack 8 33.5 Super is the best one out in the game, and using it with the above-mentioned muzzle will suffice to cover large distances.

Rear Grip 

The grip in the second loadout is different than the first one, Bruen Q900 Grip, because the heavy muzzle and barrel might slow you down. Therefore, the lighter rear grip will aid you in mobility. This might help you handle the Victus XMR much better.


Combining the laser, VLK LZR 7MW, along with the rear grip, makes it a lethal weapon. This will increase the overall ADS of the gun and help you aim better with a laser. However, unlike the first Loadout mentioned earlier, this particular laser will be visible, but apart from that, this laser works perfectly with the above rear grip.


Using the usual .50 Cal will help with achieving high speeds with the gun.  This is the most sensible option for the sniper.

COD Warzone 2: Victus XMR
Image Captured by eXputer

Secondary Weapon 

The sniper itself is not suitable for lone ventures; therefore, having a secondary backup is important. The best secondary weapon that goes with the sniper has to be STB 556. This weapon is quite accurate, and you can use it right after your sniper shot to land a heavy automated fire to finish off your kill for fun.

You can even opt for Kastov-74U, which is even faster than the STB 556, but the drawback is that you may face some problems when you are beyond the mid-range. The choice totally lies with you but do note that Kasto-74U is better at closer distances so that you can have a good burst on enemies.

Perk Package 

Using the perk, the Specter package is best as it will provide you with facilities like Spotter, ghost, Double Time, and tracker. This perk is best for finding out hidden enemies.

Specter Perk Package
Specter Perk Package [Image Copyright eXputer]
  • Ghost: This will allow you to have a camouflaged state where you won’t be noticed by the UAVs of enemies. This way, you won’t need to relocate or compromise your position. This feature is best when you want to lie in the same place for some time.  
  • Double Time: This one is merely used to run in case you are detected. It gives you extra speed to move toward the safer zones, escaping enemies in no time.
  • Tracker: This has the same purpose; it tells us the location of the enemy by following the footprints. This should be used when you are in pursuit of enemies at close ranges with your secondary weapon.
  • Spotter: It makes the enemies’ weapon visible, even through walls, so you just can’t be surprised by a claymore.


The equipment consists of 2 parts which are as follows:

Tactical Equipment 

The tactical equipment consists of the usual smokes and stuns grenades. The smoke can be used to relocate, and the stun can be used to clear corners or some spots, which make a good hiding spot for enemies or the entrance of the building.  

Lethal Equipment 

You can use the Heartbeat Sensor to locate how many enemies are holding within the building. This way, you can have a fair idea before entering. If there are a lot, then you can also opt to use a C4 to clear a relatively big area.

How To Unlock Victus XMR 

The Victus XMR is considered the best option for a sniper gun, so bear in mind that unlocking it will require time and effort. You should complete the A1, A2, and A4 sectors in the battle pass to finally reach the A7 sector. This sniper is available in this A7 sector. After this, the final step is to use 5 tokens to unlock it.

Apart from that, you also need to reach out to level 27 in order to unlock all the features for the loadout. The levels of these features are mentioned below:

First Loadout Attachments 

  • Barrel, Mack 8 33.5 Super: Level 3
  • Optic, SP-X 80: Level 5
  • Rear Grip, STIP-40 Grip: Level 16
  • Laser, 1MW Quick Fire: Level 4
  • Stock, XRK Rise 50: Level 19
  • Guard, Corvus Responder: Level 26

Second Loadout Attachments 

  • Muzzle, Bruen Counter-Ops: Level 21
  • Barrel, Mack 8 33.5 Super: Level 3
  • Rear Grip, Bruen Q900 Grip: Level 3
  • Laser, VLK LZR 7MW: Level 5
  • Ammunition, .50 Cal High Velocity: Level 9


Both the best Victus XMR loadouts in Warzone 2.0 mentioned above are useful. You might choose the loadouts out of your own choice. The first one will have the best use for aggressive gameplay, consisting of long shots and then running off to finish the enemies with their secondary weapon.

It is best for players who tend to move often. The second one is best for players who prefer to take time and hide in the same spot, looking to seek enemies from a longer distance.  


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