Warzone: Holger 556 Best Loadout & Class Setup

I have spent 30+ hours to prepare the Holger 556 Loadout and Class guide.

The Holger 566 is an assault rifle that has gained popularity for its high rate of fire and high accuracy. It is a good option for both close-quarters and long-range missions. However, to fully benefit from its potential, you have to optimize the best loadout setup for Holger 556 in Warzone Season 1.

Key Takeaways
  • Holger 556 is a fast fire-rate Assault Rifle in Warzone.
  • It was a part of the Modern Warfare 3 Meta but was nerfed before becoming a part of Warzone.
  • The Holger 556 provides players with high damage and accuracy.
  • Still, I’d recommend building more Damage and Range with attachments to increase Recoil Control.
  • WSP Swarm is the perfect compliment as that will take care of the short-range combat for you.

Holger 566 Best Loadout Summary

This is the best loadout that you can use with the Holger 556:

Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor

Barrel: Chrios-6 Match

Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

Optic: Cronen Intlas MSP-12

Stock: Ignis F43 Stock
WSP SwarmDecoy Grenade

Frag Grenade

Double Time

Quick Fix

High Alert
  • Why I Chose This Loadout: The Holger 556 is already one of the best weapons. It only needs a bit of enhancement in a few stats, which the loadout provides.
  • Good damage range and bullet velocity.
  • Loadout makes its handling easier.
  • For close-range, the WSP Swarm is a great combo.
  • Recent nerfs made it quite weak.

Best Attachments

The Holger 566 has a high recoil and reload time, and in order to overcome this drawback, it is essential to have an effective loadout and class setup. I have curated the best loadout for Holger 566.

Best attachments for Holger 556 warzone.
The Holger 556 is a promising AR in Warzone. [Image by the Author]
The following are the best attachments to use with Holger 566:

  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Barrel: Chrios-6 Match
  • Underbarrel: XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
  • Optic: Cronen Intlas MSP-12
  • Stock: Ignis F43 Stock

For starters, you can start with the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor as the Muzzle, as it can give you enhanced ADS speed and moderate recoil control, and it keeps fire sound under wrap. However, it can reduce your longer damage range. But it is the way to go if you want to stay out of the radar.

  • The Chrios-6 Match is the perfect answer to increase the Damage Range.
  • It increases the Bullet Velocity and range while increasing Recoil Control.
  • For the under-barrel, you should select XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop.
  • It can improve recoil control and ADS speed while enhancing ergonomics and handling.
  • I would recommend using Cronen Intlas MSP-12 as the optic.
  • It provides a clear view with a red dot and decent magnification.
  • It can be used greatly with both Hip fire and ADS.

As for the stock, I would prefer using Ignis F43 stock because when using a Holger 566 in Warzone, you would experience a reduction in overall speed and movement, as handling it can be heavy. So, using this stock can increase your overall speed, including ADS, Tac sprint, movement, and crouch speed.

The overall goal of the Holger 566 can be described as a weapon that provides speed, high fire rate, and accuracy during medium and longer-range combats.

Best Class Setup

A good loadout is essential for a weapon to perform best, but an effective class setup is also necessary.

Following are the best perks, equipment, and secondary weapons for the Holger 566:

  • Perks: E.O.D, Double Time, Quick Fix, High Alert
  • Equipment: Decoy Grenade, Frag Grenade
  • Secondary Weapon: WSP Swarm

EOD is an overall choice. It can reduce damage from mines and claymores. Holger 566 is mostly used for medium and longer-range engagements, so you must reposition quickly during combat. Double Time increases your sprint time and reduces the refresh time of your weapon, making room for covering the ground and flanking enemies.

Quick Fix allows you to heal quickly as soon as you land a kill. Not only that, it will start regenerating health when you insert a plate. High Alert can help you be cautious and notified. It can notify you when an enemy spots you.

Equipment is also necessary to have a good class setup for combat. Using Decoy Grenade as tactical equipment can be a great choice. It helps you misguide enemies by creating a fake fire sound, making holographic projections of soldiers, and fake radar blips. You can use Frag Grenade as the lethal equipment. You can use it to flank enemies hiding in cover and kill enemies within its blast radius.

WSP Swarm warzone.
The WSP Swarm is great for close combat. [Image by the Author]
Holger 566 in the warzone is perfect for longer-range and medium-range combat. So, to counter situations like encountering enemies closely, you might need a weapon that works best in close quarters. WSP Swarm can be the best option to use alongside Holger 566 in Warzone because of its rapid-fire rate and minimal recoil. You can shoot enemies at a fast pace before they know it.

My Opinion On The Holger 556

I think it is a versatile weapon that can be used for various purposes. It has helped me various times to dominate medium and long-range missions. The fast fire rate is handy when you have a few enemies approaching you at once. While it has its drawbacks, such as high recoil and reload time, it can be a beast to dominate every round by using a good loadout and class setup.

That is all there is to the Holger 556 loadout in Warzone. Although Warzone is promising, the Modern Warfare III campaign wasn’t as good as expected. You can read more about it in Huzaifah’s review of Modern Warfare III. If you’ve invested yourself in Warzone, here are the Best Tips and Tricks for Warzone. Using these, you can up your game easily.

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