Warzone 2 Best Tacticals [Top 10]

The BEST Tacticals in Warzone 2 will give you an upper hand in gunfights even if you are outnumbered

Warzone 2 is out now, and you know what that means! All new weapons, loadouts, game modes, and much more! That being said, you need to make sure you have the best Warzone 2 tacticals on you when you are suiting up for your next battle!

Key Takeaways:

  • The tacticals are used in the game to give a player an upper hand in a gunfight.
  • You can only carry one tactical at a time in the game.
  • Using tactical in a smarter way can not only deal damage to an enemy but also disable their equipment.
  • Not using a tactical will make you rely solely on firepower, which is not so smart when you are up against a squad.

1. Stun Grenade

Warzone 2: Stun Grenade one of the Best Tacticals
The Stun Grenade Tactical [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Stun Grenades do mainly what they’re called, which is stunning enemy players. Anyone affected by a stun grenade will have blurred vision, slowed movement speed, low aim control, and low sensitivity when turning. Therefore, the stun grenade is overall a good tactical for disabling enemies. Moreover, you can easily get in a few kills with good timing and a well-thrown stun grenade.

2. Stim

Warzone 2: Stim Tactical
The Stim Tactical [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Stim is a medical syringe that gives an immediate health boost to you during combat. Since it heals you to the maximum and gives you a small speed boost, it is great for you when you are playing aggressively and need to stay on point when running and gunning. It is especially important when you can’t risk the enemy covering and healing up.

3. Flash Grenade

Warzone 2: BEST Tactical Flash Grenade
The Flash Grenade Tactic [Image Captured by eXputer]
Flash grenades are one of the most infamous tactical in any shooter, and you have seen your fair share of these in any lobby. A flash grenade quickly blinds enemies, making them unable to see their mini-map as well. Anyone short of a hardcore player will be rendered useless for a few seconds.

That is all it takes for even a reasonably good player to rake in some quick kills. When paired with a good lethal one, these can make your killstreak on any given day. Just be sure to throw them accurately or you will risk exposing yourself to a hail of bullets.

4. Tear Gas

Tear Gas Tactical
The Tear Gas Tactical [Image Captured by eXputer]
Tear Gas grenades release a cloud of toxic smoke that slows, causes blurred vision, and forces your enemy to put on a gas mask if they have one. The tear gas is great for flushing out enemies or even preventing them from advancing since they won’t be able to use the equipment.

You can also pinpoint any nearby enemies entering the smoke since tear gas causes them to cough loudly. Moreover, it can be your cue to get a jump on them.

5. Heartbeat Sensor

Warzone 2: Heartbeat Sensor best tactical
The Heartbeat Sensor Tactical [Image Captured by eXputer]
Heartbeat sensors give an estimated position of any enemies within a cone-shaped area of around 50m in front of you. These are great picks for seasoned players. Especially when you are in the last few players on the map, trying to spot the enemy.

The heartbeat sensor tactical has been nerfed in Warzone 2, and some modes still have better substitutes, like UAVs. Most players can equip UAVs early on for a longer and more spread-out radar. Considering that, the Heartbeat sensor is still a pretty good option. It is most useful when you are pinpointing where your target is. 

6. Shock Stick

Shock Stick Tactical
The Shock Stick Tactical [Image Credit: eXputer]
Shock sticks are one of the newer additions to the armory. If you love disabling the enemy’s equipment, then it is surely for you. They can disable any enemy equipment by creating an EMP blast in the AOE where they are thrown at. They also stun enemies until they exit the AOE, and they disable vehicle control in Warzone.

These are great for defensive play as well; if you want your enemy to avoid attacking from a certain route, throw these, and they’ll avoid advancing since they won’t be able to aim properly. 

7. Smoke Grenade

Warzone 2: smoke grenade best tactical
The Smoke Grenade Tactical [Image Captured by eXputer]
Throwable and easy to cover, these are great in situations when you are in the enemy’s sights and need to hide or escape. Sentry guns will also be unable to lock on to you when you are in smoke. Hence, making them great for flanking and capturing objectives.

8. Snapshot Grenade

The Snapshot Grenade: A Tactical
The Snapshot Grenade Tactical [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Snapshot grenade is generally a good tactical when clearing any structures or just to get an idea of where the enemy is. They explode quickly and give you an infrared scan of any enemies in the room, as well as their bodies, which you can see from your POV. It is great for you in scenarios where you think it might be an ambush. You can also use it in scenarios where the player is lying down or crouching.

9. Decoy Grenade

Warzone 2: Decoy Grenade
The Decoy Grenade Tactical [Image Captured by eXputer]
Decoy grenades are best when used mainly for a split-second distraction or when you are just trying to farm XP in multiplayer lobbies. Nearby players will net you some XP, which is going to help you in leveling up. However, pros do make use of even split-second distractions since your enemy’s map will show a red dot imitating an enemy on the map. A decoy grenade might confuse them just enough for you to get a few shots in.

10. Spotter Scope

Warzone 2: Spotter Scope BEST Tactical
The Spotter Scope Tactical [Image Credit: eXputer]
It is great for you when you are in duos, trios, or even quads. If you have a sniper on your team, use the scope to point out enemies and let them drop. While it may not be the most suitable for you if you are the sort who loves firefights and CQC, it would still help in scoping out any location, so you have an idea of what you are getting into.

Final Words

All in all,  these are the best tacticals that you can use in Warzone 2. What matters is how you make use of your tactical. If you are a well-seasoned player who thinks Shock Sticks are the way to go, then go for it! We generally recommend pairing lethal like grenades and Semtex with stuns. Heartbeat sensors go well with claymore when ambushing.

Molotovs and stuns work well too, when you want the enemy disabled enough to get a lot of damage, so you can easily finish them off. But generally, if you are focusing on tacticals only, stun grenades and stim are the best for all situations.

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