Warzone 2 BEST Field Upgrades [Top 6]

Here are my top picks for Field Upgrades in Warzone 2.

Field Upgrades have always been a crucial piece of your loadout in the heat of battle in Call of Duty. They give you a tactical or lethal advantage in a 1v1 situation. Each field upgrade is unique and encourages a play style. However, some of them feel specifically designed for Warzone 2’s battle royale mechanics and are considered the best field upgrades in terms of value in that mode.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 17 unique field upgrades in Warzone 2.0, which are divided into three categories: aggressive, defensive, and reactive.
  • However, there are a few field upgrades which no player should miss out on:
  • Anti-armor rounds penetrate any armored equipment., Battle Rage improves health regeneration and Deployable Cover enables you to place a shield in front of you, serving multiple useful purposes.
  • Similarly, the Portable Radar gives intel about enemy positions by scanning the surrounding areas, the Recon Drone is a controllable drone that detects enemies and has thermal detection, while the Revive Pistol enables you to revive yourself or your allies from a distance.

For this list, I’ll focus on field upgrades that can take advantage of large-scale maps and provide the essential tools to win the game. This includes providing enemy info, better mobility and resistance, and consistency in different scenarios. 

Anti-Armor Rounds

The Best Field Upgrade for Offensive Playstyle.
armor-piercing rounds at buy stations
The price of Armor-Piercing Rounds at Buy Stations (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I chose this: Allows me to penetrate opponent’s tech equipment.

The Anti-Armor Rounds is a great field upgrade for BR. It gives the player Armor-penetrating rounds to easily shave off equipment, vehicles, and especially body armor. This upgrade effectively makes your gun a laser, massively improving your firepower and time-to-kill.

  • If you’re also a fan of DMZ and want to get some quick AQ kills, the Anti-Armor rounds will make sure you don’t get outnumbered.
  • It’s important to note that anti-armor rounds are a rarity in the game and can only be purchased at a few buy stations for $2400.
  • Although the price may be high, they are certainly worth it for their sheer potential and power in the game.

Battle Rage

The Best Field Upgrade for Improved Focus.
battle rage in warzone 2
The Battle Rage Field Upgrade (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I chose this: Gives me the Adrenaline boost that I need. 

Battle Rage is an aggressive field upgrade that massively improves your mobility. It regenerates the user’s health quickly, makes them resistant to tactical equipment, and constantly refreshes their tactical sprint. This lets you sprint further without any obstruction.

  • Once activated, this upgrade lasts for 15 seconds, giving you enough time to utilize it properly.
  • The usefulness of this upgrade shows during clutch situations when you’re under enemy fire.
  • It lets you get to cover quickly, thanks to your constantly refreshing tactical sprint.
  • It also lets you rapidly recover your XP so you can get back into action immediately.
running during battle rage
Sprinting when Battle Rage is active (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Overall, if you’re an aggressive player who likes to move around a lot, then this is the best field upgrade for you in Warzone 2. It encourages a combative play style and lets you be more active when traversing Al Mazrah.

Deployable Cover

The best Field Upgrade for Instant Cover.
active deployable cover
Deployable Cover set up in the open (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I chose this: Provides me instant cover in intense situations.

If you’re mainly a defensive player, the deployable cover is an easy pick for you. This field upgrade lets you deploy a rectangular shield in open spots inside buildings or out in the open. You can’t directly put it in doorways, but with careful positioning, you can deploy the shield close to one.

By using the Deployable Cover, I found the following pros:

  • The first benefit is that you can create a strong barricade against enemies.
  • This leaves one less direction for enemies to flank you, eliminating that element of surprise.
  • You can also use it to quickly make a cover and get to it if there isn’t one nearby.
  • Another important benefit is that you can also mount weapons to this deployed shield. 

Portable Radar

The best Field Upgrade to get enemy position.
radar on the shelf
Portable Radar Field Upgrade (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I chose this: Allows me to track down my enemies.

It’s always important in Warzone to know the enemies’ exact positions around you. So if you’re tired of spending money for a UAV that barely lasts for 10-15 seconds or constantly checking your Heartbeat Sensor and leaving yourself vulnerable, then the portable radar is for you.

  • This is a straightforward field upgrade with one main use.
  • You plant it on the ground, and it scans your surroundings in every direction to reveal enemies.
  • Although this doesn’t have the range of a standard UAV, it lasts much longer.
  • Active Portable Radar
    Portable Radar set up in a room looking for nearby hostiles (Image by eXputer)

The Portable Radar can be used in a variety of situations, especially towards the endgame when you know an enemy could be in any corner. It also works well in circumstances when you’re being hunted by another player or team.

Recon Drone

The Best Field Upgrade for Scouting.
Recon drone item description
The Recon Drone Field Upgrade (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I chose this: Best equipment for having a look-over of an area.

The Recon Drone makes a return to Warzone 2.0 with even more features and benefits. This Field Upgrade essentially lets you control a drone to scour the nearby area for enemies. However, Warzone 2.0 now adds further functionality also to let players plant it at a certain location to detect enemies that walk past it, so it also acts as a Tactical Camera.

  • The Drone also has a thermal optic sensor to let you see enemies more visibly.
  • This works especially well against players with strong camouflaging operator skins.
  • However, one important thing to note about the recon drone is that it comes with a battery and health.
  • Therefore, it can be taken down by hostiles or simply run out of battery in 60 seconds and shut off.

Revive Pistol

The Best Field Upgrade to Revive Teammates.
revive gun in first-aid box
The Revive Gun Field Upgrade (Image by us)
  • Why I chose this: Great equipment for team assistance.

This field upgrade is ideal for team-focused strategies. It lets you instantly revive your teammates from afar, giving drastically reducing their time and your time of vulnerability. You can also revive yourself with them as a good alternative to the self-revive kit. As a result, this is easily one of the best field upgrades for BR and DMZ.

  • If the enemy team downs one of your teammates, you’re outnumbered, giving the enemy a massive advantage.
  • This is where the pistol comes in, giving you a fighting chance in this clutch situation.
  • The Pistol also comes with 4 bullets, so you can revive your teammates multiple times.
  • However, it’s important to note that self-reviving will take all 4 of your charges.
  • It’s also important to know that these pistols are rare, and you can only find them in a few first-aid kits and buy stations.

Which Field Upgrade Should You Use- My Opinion

Steam Profile
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After covering the best field upgrades for Warzone 2.0, let me tell you which one you should equip according to your playstyle. Choosing the best one for Warzone 2.0 boils down to your personal preference and how you like to play in a large and open environment. This includes your preferred aggression level, range, and weapons for gunfights.

Aggressive Players

If you like to run head-first into battle and constantly seek hostiles to shoot down, I recommend going for either Battle Rage or Anti-Armor Rounds.

Battle Rage is a great option for people who want to have great stamina while also having a backup in case the situation becomes dire. With this upgrade equipped, you can maneuver around. Furthermore, it also lets you escape a losing situation if things aren’t going your way.

  • On the other hand, the Anti-Armor Rounds is a field upgrade purely made to kill.
  • It can shred all armored enemy and enemy equipment almost immediately, increasing your weapon’s efficiency and reliability.
  • The most important aspect these rounds improve is your weapon’s time-to-kill, one of the most essential facets of a weapon.
  • Therefore, if winning head-to-head matters to you the most, this is the best upgrade you can get.

Defensive Players

If you’re instead focused on making yourself more secure and completely foolproof, then the best choice for you is the Deployable Cover or the Revive Pistol.

  • Deployable Cover is mainly focused on letting you set up your weapons and barricade in case an enemy pops out in front of you.
  • It’s relatively quick to set up, tough to destroy, and covers a decent area.
  • The bonus of mounting anywhere via the cover encourages the usage of some of the best LMGs and other long-range weapons in the game.
  • The Revive Pistol is a vastly different defensive archetype.
  • It lets you revive downed teammates to remove some pressure and give you much better odds of surviving. 

Strategic Players

Knowing enemy locations at all times is key to getting a Warzone victory. This is why most strategy-focused players tend to equip either the Recon Drone or Portable Radar in their custom loadouts.

  • The Recon Drone lets you get info on your surroundings and even buildings to flush out campers.
  • Moreover, the added ability to plant a drone somewhere and let it act as a tactical cam makes it more consistent and useful.
  • Like the Recon Drone, the Portable Radar also lets you know about nearby hostiles, but in a much simpler fashion.
  • While the drone excels in range because of the fact you can control it to see large distances, the portable radar is much more reliable. 

That wraps up the guide on the best field upgrades you can pick in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. As mentioned earlier, most of these upgrades rely on a certain playstyle to be utilized properly. 

For other impactful add-ons to your loadout, here’s a guide on the best equipment in the game. Additionally, you can further strengthen and synergize your loadout by checking out the best perk packages in COD Warzone 2 and seeing which perks you’d ultimately prefer. Also, I recommend you go through Asad Ahmed’s review on Warzone 2 and check out his in-depth analysis.

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