Warzone 2: Superman Jump Exploit [Explained]

Wanna fly around Al-Mazrah and make some Warzone players angry? Well now you can!

There’s no denying that Call of Duty has had a reputation for having hilarious bugs and glitches. And Warzone 2.0 is no different by reintroducing a glitch that the community infamously calls “The Superman Jump Exploit.” This exploit lets you soar across the map to get from point A to point B in seconds instead of minutes. And despite it being a game-breaking bug, it’s rather easy to get!

Key Highlights

  • Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has several bugs and exploits in the game
  • One of the more recent exploits the community has picked up is a glitch called the ‘Superman Jump Exploit.’
  • This bug, after careful positioning and jumping, lets you jump at an insane speed and height.
  • You can use this bug to escape enemy fire, reach the safe zone quickly, and get quick kills with close-range weapons like the Lockwood 300.
  • Despite its common occurrence, this exploit has still yet to be picked up and addressed by Warzone 2’s developer team.
  • It’s also rumored that players who constantly abuse this exploit to get kills are not being banned despite multiple reporting attempts.

Triggering The Superman Glitch

As of now, there are 3 ways to trigger the Superman Jump exploit. It’s important to note that none of these methods are going to guarantee you successfully doing the Superman jump. You might have to try dozens of times to trigger it, or you might get it on the first attempt. Either way, these methods have proven to at least work for many casual and pro players. Therefore, it’s best to add friends to your party and test your luck.

Dolphin Dive Method

The first method involves the dolphin diving technique. This technique mainly works on high-altitude areas where you have to jump off a ledge of a building to activate the glitch. This method works more often than the second and third methods but limits where you can and cannot superman jump.

dolphin diving method
You have to Dolphin Dive onto the edge and immediately spam jump once you land (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

To start, sprint directly towards a ledge and do a dolphin dive on such a point that you land directly on the ledge. Once you’ve dived onto the ledge of that platform, spam jump right after, and you’ll activate the glitch.

Platform-To-Platform Method

The second method requires a bit more precision but works in a lot more areas. It’s important to note that you need to have two platforms of varying heights to activate the glitch. To do this, sprint and slide towards the edge of one platform, slide-cancel and jump onto the other platform, and press the jump button at the exact frame you land on the other platform.

platform to platform method
Jump from higher ground to lower ground and tap jump at the right moment (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

It’s better to look down while you’re doing this so that you can get a better idea of when to jump. It would also be better to jump at a slight angle sideways since doing that increases your chance of doing the Superman jump for some reason.

Vehicle Method

The third method is very situational and usually doesn’t work. This method involves a vehicle where you have to be atop the car at the edge of its windshield. After that, ADS across the windshield, crouch, and spam the jump button rapidly to do the Superman jump.

vehicle method for superman jump
Position yourself right in front of the windshield for the jump (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

These methods work on all consoles and PCs, so you’re not limited by hardware to do this glitch if you want. As for game modes, you can do this in any Multiplayer mode in COD MW2 alongside Warzone 2. You can also do it in DMZ to get a few easy AQ kills.

History Of The Superman Jump Exploit

This bug dates back to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, the first game featuring advanced movement. Players slowly learned to fly in that game and trigger the exploit by vigorously bunny-hopping in matches. The Superman jump was mainly used by players to get up close and personal with enemies and use the best shotguns they had to decimate them.

After that, the exploit was not seen for a while. Many players thought that the abomination was finally gone, and they didn’t need to check the skies for enemies. But then, it finally showed itself in Warzone 1. Players began seeing others flying Verdansk during Season 3.

Ever since, the superman jump exploit has been a part of nearly every Call of Duty, even making its way into Modern Warfare 2022 and Warzone 2.0. And previous experiences to learn, players are making some crafty tips and tricks with this exploit this time around.

Most of the community thinks that the COD’s recently added slide-canceling mechanic is the cause of the superman exploit. Previously, the advanced movement was the main culprit, but the exploit disappeared once that mechanic got more refined. Similarly, players believe that once slide-canceling gets a technical overhaul, the superman exploit will disappear again.

Has Activision Taken Notice?

So far, the Superman exploit has not been recognized in any of Warzone 2.0’s patches or known issues. It’s also not been addressed by any of Infinity Ward’s dev team on social media despite a considerable part of the community noticing and reporting it.

COD WZ 2 S1 Patch Notes
Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 1 Patch Notes with nothing related to the Superman Jump Exploit (Image by eXputer)

It’s surprising to see this common glitch has not been removed yet. Even COD Advanced Warfare, a game that came in 2014, still has this bug. Although not as common, it was still an issue in Warzone 1 as well. So from the looks of it, this exploit is here to stay for a while and create some wild kill cams.


That wraps ups our complete guide on the Superman Jump Exploit in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. As mentioned earlier, this exploit is not on Raven Software’s Trello board, so it’s not their priority bug to work on. Perhaps it’s because the dev team is keen on removing other significant issues plaguing the game. However, despite the superman jump being a frustrating glitch, it’s still fun, and you could certainly be creative with it and do some exciting stunts.

If you want to take advantage of the superman glitch, here’s a guide on the best guns and loadouts in the game for you to kill enemies in style. You could also share these hilarious moments with your buddy by checking out how to split screen in Warzone 2 and have a blast. For other entertaining and game-breaking bugs, find out the best XP glitches.

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