Warzone 2.0 Rebirth Island Map Allegedly Leaks Online

DMCA strikes are apparently being issued, adding onto the credibility of the leak.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 was released with a bang, being recalled as the worthy successor of the highly-popular predecessor. It is an iterative sequel but blends the perfect amount of changes to stand out. The game has brewed to be a worthy upgrade over the original Warzone experience, and fans excitedly await the next additions.

That wait may soon come to a halt as a new leak has begun circulating the depths of the web. Warzone 2.0 may soon be getting the prominent Rebirth Island map that has appeared in many previous Call of Duty games in one way or another.

Distributed initially on Facebook, the potential forthcoming of the map is making rounds on forums like Reddit. The latest leak shows us an eye-catching Rebirth Island map to gawk at, which could turn out to be the upcoming Resurgence map. The alleged leaked map is nearly reminiscent of the map that appeared in the original Warzone.

Major Takeaway

  • The prominent and well-renowned Rebirth Island map has leaked online, suggesting its possible incorporation in Warzone 2.0.
  • The leak appears to be credible despite looking like a piece of fan art, possibly to avoid DMCA strikes.
  • Nevertheless, DMCA strikes are being issued, further amping up the credibility of the circulating image.
  • In Warzone 2.0, an island off the coast of Al Mazrah looks suspiciously similar to the leaked map, adding more seasoning to the leak.

The recently surfaced Rebirth Island map unveils a castle and a power plant in the middle of the map. Moreover, there are many other alluring locations worth noticing. Rebirth Island map’s coast has other domains like a Port, Beach Club, Shipwreck, Town Center, etc. The leaked map can be analyzed below in all its glory.

The map size is small, but that will only provide a densified area of action-packed tactical gunfights. Additionally, the Rebirth Island in Warzone 2.0 may incorporate multiple game modes that can be enjoyed. If the leaked map image is believed, the new Rebirth Island map may be utilized as a Ground War Area.

We could see teams of 24 vs. 24 players fighting for prominent control points like the Castle to accumulate as much score as possible. The Rebirth Island map ostensibly will also support DMZ mode. The new battle-royale map will be used in various modes to get the most out of the well-renowned and nostalgic Call of Duty map.

The leaked screenshot does look like a fan-made attempt at the Rebirth Map, but it is not uncommon for maps to leak in this style to prevent DMCA strikes. We suggest taking the leak with a grain of salt; there is a possibility that we may not see the Rebirth Island map for a long time in Warzone 2.0.

However, a few points seem to add up and support the newly surfaced image to increase its worth. Activision is busy issuing DMCA strikes left and right to prevent the image from penetrating the Warzone 2 community. Twitter also saw the removal of the leaked screenshots of this map for copyright reasons. 

Fortunately, all these variables positively enhance the credibility of the supposedly upcoming Rebirth Island map. Furthermore, even Warzone 2 appears to hint towards the emergence of the fan-favorite Call of duty map. We can see a possible glimpse of the anticipated map on the Al Mazrah map.

On the coast of the Al Mazrah map, an island can be seen with a castle standing proudly at its peak. The difficult to spot island matches the description of the leaked image.

The alleged map can also be seen for a few seconds at the start of every match. The island appears to spark a lot of rumors, increasing the chances that it is the Rebirth Island map. The fables are currently drawing a lot of attention and spreading like wildfire on social media.

There is a chance of it being a coincidence that just happens to align together perfectly alongside the leak like an eclipse. On the other side, this is likely an intentional effort by Activision, hinting towards its next significant addition.

What are your thoughts about a new and highly anticipated map, Rebirth Island, finally coming to Warzone 2.0? Do you think that the map should be added so soon after the game’s official release? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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