Warzone 2 Building 21: Location & How To Access

Take a look at the newest location in Warzone 2 DMZ called Building 21, and all the key features and rewards that it holds.

Building 21 is a new close-quarters map added to Call of Duty Warzone 2 exclusively for the DMZ mode. There are a lot of things to explore in Building 21. However, it should be unlocked by using a key card first. Building 21 holds a lot of rewards, including weapon charms, skins, stickers, emblems, and more. 

Key Highlights
  • Building 21 is one of the newest locations in Warzone 2 DMZ. 
  • The Building is very similar to the Al Mazrah map with a few additional features. 
  • There are a lot of rewards to look out for, especially weapon charms and chimera blueprints in the Building. 
  • The main boss of the Building is called Velikan. 
  • Building 21 can only be accessed through a key card that can be found as a random loot in one of the supply drops or supply boxes in the Al Mazrah map. 

What Is Building 21 In Warzone 2.0

Building 21 in Warzone 2
Building 21 (Image Credits Exputer)

Building 21 is by far the deadliest map for the players in the DMZ mode of Call of Duty Warzone 2. The best part about the map is that there are a lot of rare rewards for the players to obtain. The DMZ mode has been quite popular among the players.

This map will test your survival ability with no place to escape and hide. The map is essentially like Al Mazrah however there are a lot of unique features that the players should definitely check out. 

However, before you can do so you will need a DRC Building 21 Access Card. Fortunately, the key card is not that hard to obtain and can be looted on the Al Mazrah map. However, even after obtaining the card, you will have to wait a bit since Building 21 is on rotation right now and will not be always available to play. 

How To Get The Access Card

Al Mazrah (Image Credits Exputer)

The key card needed to enter Building 21 can’t be purchased and is not located in a specific spot. You must acquire it by looting. Specifically, it’s found in orange supply boxes scattered throughout Al Mazrah. While supply drops may also contain the card, its random drop rate makes finding it challenging. To improve your chances, shift your gameplay focus to searching for these rare orange cache supply boxes.

We recommend checking out the high-tier loot areas to find as many rare supply boxes as possible. Most of these orange supply boxes are found in locations like Strongholds. Moreover, you will also be able to find them in hidden areas are locked areas which you can access by using different keys in DMZ.

Another option is to check loot containers and complete HVT contracts, but be prepared to confront enemies guarding the loot. Despite the effort required, you should know that the rewards found inside Building 21 are worth it all!

Unlocking Building 21 

Once you’ve successfully obtained the DRC Building 21 access card, you’ll need to extract it successfully in Al Mazrah and store it in your DMZ Key Storage in Warzone 2. This will enable you to join matches on the newly accessed map. To do so, simply enter the match-making process, and if the map is available, you’ll have multiple chances to deploy in Building 21. If you miss one, don’t worry; you can keep track of the public countdown and join again later.

Before playing on the Building 21 map, it’s advisable to locate the blue and red access key cards. These key cards are essential for unlocking restricted areas filled with valuable loot. You can typically find them in cache containers throughout Al Mazrah, so be sure to check them all.

Additionally, you may come across these key cards alongside the Building 21 access card in rare supply boxes across the map. Having these key cards is crucial for accessing restricted areas, so make sure you have them before diving into the map.

Key Features Of Building 21

As we mentioned before most of the features of Building 21 are essentially the same as the Al Mazrah map. However, there are a lot of new and important features introduced that make Building 21 a must-explore for every Warzone 2 player. 

Besides the Building having 3 access cards, the DRC card, the red card, and the blue card there are a lot of rewards that come with the Building. Read on to find out all the features of Building 21 along with the rewards it holds for the players. 

Gameplay Mechanics 

Building 21 in Warzone 2
Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)

In Building 21 gameplay, your Protection Level increases when you kill enemies or make noise that reveals your location. This alerts Shadow Company AI to your presence, and as your Protection Level rises, more AI will spawn. To navigate the map effectively, it’s advised to stay stealthy, minimize noise, and use weapon silencers. Additionally, getting caught on security cameras significantly boosts the Building Protection Level.

In this map, players initially spawn in teams of 3 but can request an additional member through proximity chat or the ping menu. Unlike Al Mazrah, where teams can have 6 members, Building 21 offers more compact gameplay due to its smaller map.

Building Layout And Levels 

Building 21 looks very much like the normal Buildings you will get to explore on the Al Mazrah map. However, the players joining Building 21 will not be allowed to leave. They can only leave in case they are exfilling. Building 21 will have 3 Levels for the players to explore. These 3 Levels are filled with many loot and rewards for the players to discover.  

There are a lot of secret doors and hidden areas to keep an eye out for as they hold a lot of rewards for the players. When you join a match on Building 21, you will randomly spawn on one of the three floors of the Building. Therefore in every session, you will spawn at a different place. There are three Exfil Elevators as well that are located on each of the floors. 

Best Weapons For The Building And Enemies 

Building 21 in Warzone 2
Building 21 (Image Credits Exputer)

If you want to play the Building 21 map, we recommend that you bring weapons that excel in close-quarter combat. Assault rifles are the best option here, and submachine guns are also viable for this map. 

We recommend using weapons like the Fennec 45, a very powerful close-range weapon for maps like Building 21. You can also use the FSS hurricane for the map, as it will allow you to deal with damage in the narrow rooms of the Building.


Your enemies in Building 21 will be Shadow Company units that are pretty hard to deal with. They will be armed with vests and helmets so dealing damage to them will not be an easy task. Furthermore, these are 3 plate Armour Vests, and the Armour Helmets are not easy to break, so you will want to use the most powerful weapons in your arsenal to deal with the Shadow Company Units.

They are much more difficult to defeat than the AQ soldiers from the Al Mazrah map. Each of these units will equip random weapons. Some of them might be equipped with shotguns and assault rifles, while others can also have Pilla launchers at hand, which can be quite damaging to you and your team members in close-quarter combat. 

Locked Doors And Secret Rooms 

Next, we have the locked doors and secret rooms full of rewards in Building 21 in Warzone 2. You will come across them on every Level of the Building; however, they can only be accessed by using a certain key card. Different key cards, like green, blue, black, and red, will allow you to access specific rooms.

The red and blue key cards we mentioned before can only be acquired through loot supply boxes and drops in the Al Mazrah DMZ map. They will be inside the orange crates or the loadout drops, so keep an eye out for them and make sure to get them before you start a match in Building 21.

On the other hand, we have the green and black key cards that can only be acquired by defeating Shadow Company units. The green key card will be dropped by normal Shadow Company units, and the black key card can be acquired by defeating the boss in Warzone 2. 


The most valuable rewards in Building 21 are found in weapon cases. To access these cases, head to the building’s basement and locate the server room. Keep in mind that the basement is heavily guarded by enemies. Once in the server room, your task is to hack all the servers, which will alert other players in the building.

Hacking takes time, and during this process, you’ll face waves of enemy units that continuously spawn until hacking is complete. After defeating these enemies and successfully hacking the servers, proceed to the Armory room on the 3rd floor. Be prepared as this room is guarded by a drone called Wheelson. You must defeat the drone to enter the Armory room.

Inside the Armory room, you’ll find a safe that can be cracked open. Inside the safe, you’ll discover a weapon case. However, please note that the presence of a weapon case in the safe is not guaranteed and depends on luck.

Weapon Case

Now you need to extract with it in order to receive the rewards that the weapon case holds. There are 6 rewards in total that you will obtain through the weapon case. They are: 

  •  A Chimera Blueprint Called Silver Tox 
  •  Heavy Chopper Skin Called Camo Cloud 
  •  A Company Sniper Emblem 
  •  A Weapon Rover Calling Card 
  •  Roar Weapon Sticker 
  •  Weapon Charm Called Going Bark 

When looting the rewards, you don’t have to worry as it won’t mark you and give away your location to other enemy players. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Building 21 in Call of Duty Warzone 2 and all the features of the new location. While you are here, don’t forget to check out our guide on stronghold locations in order to get the key cards for Building 21. We have also curated a detailed guide on the one-shot sniper and the best loadout for it. Also, check out the best Bryson 890 loadout in Warzone 2.  


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