Warzone 2 DMZ Mode: Everything To Know

The free to play DMZ mode in Warzone 2 has a lot to discover and it is worth practicing your aim and for building game sense

Call of Duty has stepped up its game, and that’s the reason we are witnessing new and creative modes in the game. One of the modes in Warzone 2 is the DMZ, where you have to fight up against AIs and a few other players. Not only that, there are a number of different things that make it enjoyable.

Key Takeaways:

  • The DMZ mode in the game spawns your team on the battleground with active missions.
  • Other than the active missions, you can take activate contracts to maximize your cash and XP.
  • It has an assimilation feature so that you can invite or join the enemy squad. 
  • Beginners who struggle in the Battle Royale can enhance their game sense and fighting skills greatly through the DMZ mode.

DMZ Mode In Warzone 2

Warzone 2: DMZ Mode
The New DMZ Mode [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Although the DMZ mode still covers the large map in the game, there are a lot of different things going on. You would see the goals and pace of the game are at most different than the usual battle royale mode we play. Overall, you will need to exfiltrate as many goodies as you can. Upon a successful exfiltration, you will be able to get an increasing amount of goods.

Moreover, to add more exfiltrations, you will need to take on contracts, missions, and other activities of that sort. Apart from that, not only will you be fighting against other players but also against the AIs. If you are able to take down other players, then there is a high chance of you taking down the AIs as well. However, AIs are not so easy in the game.

At first, you will be able to take them down easily, and they will have no shield. But, as the game progresses, the number of AIs will start increasing, and so will their aiming skills. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the closing circle as there is none. However, you will have only twenty-five minutes for each deployment. On top of that, if you die during a fight, you will lose everything from weapons to valuables and items related to the missions.

Class Building In DMZ

Warzone 2: Loadout in DMZ
Customizing Loadout in DMZ [Image Captured by eXputer]
After all, the DMZ mode is of Warzone 2, and just like battle royale, the loadouts keep a significant value here as well. However, before starting the game, you will need to check things carefully. Otherwise, you will end up with your fists only on the battlefield.

To start the game, you will see the Deploy Exclusion Zone in yellow on the bottom left. Once you click it, it will advance two steps that are important for the game. Although you can just advance both of these automatically, we recommend you check them manually.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the weapons tab and customize your loadout there. By default, there are no weapons selected. So, make sure you select the guns manually. The first weapon you should ideally keep is an assault rifle. The other one, however, can be of your personal preference. Adding on to that, the weapon selection screen is different in DMZ compared to the normal battle royale in Warzone 2.

On Soldier

On the very top, you will see the On Soldier selection for the equipment. In the On Soldier selection, you will be able to see the killstreaks and the armor carrier that you have gotten from the previous games. Not only that, but you can also get yourself to revive and gas mask as well.

However, If you don’t see anything there for equipment, then it means you didn’t get it earlier. If you are playing DMZ for the first time, then you will be starting out with the single armor carrier. But you will be able to find two to three armor vests in the game.


Once you are done with that, the next selection is the backpack, where you get to keep a small, medium, or a large one.  That also depends on the last run you had on the battlefield. Moreover, you will have the option of keeping some keys which will be very important in terms of unlocking strongholds. Not only will those strongholds provide you with loot, but they will also tie you up to some good missions.


Then we have the weapon selection, in which you get to see two types of weapons. One is contraband, while the other one is insured. The contraband weapon is the one that you recover from the battleground upon a successful extraction. Therefore, you should keep the weapon that has high-tier attachments so it can come into play later on. However, as soon as you die or are unable to extract successfully, you will end up losing that weapon.

Coming on to the insured weapon, the first thing you get to see is that it can be customized, unlike the contraband one. The insured weapon will take up one of the three slots available. Moreover, you will not lose the insured weapon, unlike the contraband one, once you die. However, after dying, the insure weapon slot will be on a cooldown for a certain amount of time.

If you want to unlock more of these slots, you will need to take on more faction missions and keep on progressing in them. Then lastly, you will have the option of choosing the tactical and lethal equipment. Since there is an unlimited supply of this equipment, you should not worry about losing them once the enemy eliminates you.

Missions And Other Activities

Mission, contracts, and other activities
Active Mission During A Game [Image Captured by eXputer]
In total, there are three factions in the DMZ mode. Further on, each of these factions has three tiers within them. The main progress of the DMZ mode depends on them, so you should try to complete them as much as you can. At a time, you can go with three active missions, and you can choose them while getting ready for deployment. Other than that, you can select Faction Missions which is right next to the deploy option.

It is possible for you to exfiltrate successfully without completing any of these missions. Therefore, you can avoid spending your time on these. The factions you want to complete are selectable. Look at the portion on the lower left of the mission select menu for that. With each mission that you want to select, you will be able to see the objectives for it. Moreover, you can even see the rewards that you will be getting once it completes.

Other than the missions and the activities, there are similar icons that you are familiar with through the battle royale. However, these icons have slightly different meanings in the DMZ mode. Contracts like securing nuclear materials will give you the objective of locating a Geiger counter first. Then it will ask you to check out specific areas where you will need to collect other nuclear materials.

Once you do what these contracts ask you to do, you can either get money by selling them at the buy station. If you are not looking for additional cash, you can exfil it for XP. However, when you are activating a contract, you need to keep in mind that the area will soon be filled with more AIs who will be hunting you.

The missile and radio tower icons that you will see on the map are for SAM Launchers and UAV radio towers, respectively. Go there to take control over them and then use them to your advantage. The castle icons are for strongholds that have been mentioned earlier.

Squad Size And Matchmaking

Overall, the DMZ mode starts off with a trio. If you don’t have any friends online, we recommend you turn the auto-fill on if it is not. When you are on the battleground, you will come across AIs most of the time. However, know that there are some other players roaming around in the game as well. Since they have the same objective as you do, you will come across them at some point.

If you are not in the mood for fighting, then there is good news for you. The DMZ mode has an assimilation feature like that in Unhinged BR Trios that lets you join or invite players of another team. Take full advantage of the proximity chat so you can convince the enemies to join you if they are not showing any interest. You can add up to six members to a team and make sure that you exfiltrate successfully. 

The AIs might not seem a big deal at the start. However, during the mid to late stages of the game, you will not be able to fight alone against a squad of them. Therefore, you should stick together with your team and have the same objectives. If the group scatters, then the probability of survival will be minimum. So, make sure you communicate well with your team and stick together.

Tips And Tricks

Warzone 2: DMZ tips and Tricks
Getting a Successful Exfil [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you are looking for a win in DMZ mode, perhaps the best thing you can do with your trio is to have a strategy. Even if you cannot build up a proper strategy, the least your team can do is stick together and provide cover. If you interact against a large number of AIs, one of your teammates will definitely get knocked down.

So, make sure that you equip either a smoke grenade as tactical equipment. The alternate for that is a deployable cover as a field upgrade to revive your teammate. Apart from that, as mentioned earlier, you have the option of selecting a weapon. Remember that in your first DMZ match, you will have a default loadout, and it will contain a shotgun. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is unequip the shotgun.

You will be able to kill AIs early in the game, even with a fist. Do that and take their weapon instead of taking up a shotgun with you. Moreover, if you like playing with a shotgun, don’t worry. You will find plenty of AIs with shotguns so that you can use them from time to time.

Other than that, you should familiarise yourself with the new mechanic in Warzone 2 called Stash. It is basically your inventory, and it has four sections in it. The sections of it are Key Stash, On Soldier, Weapon Stash, and Loadout. Make sure you keep the Stash filled in the most effective way possible, so everything in the game goes smoothly.

It is important to pick the important things only because, in DMZ, you will see all kinds of things. They will range from screwdrivers to light bulbs having very low value. So, make sure you don’t end up keeping them in your inventory. However, if you come across items like aged wine, consoles, and laptops, then do not hesitate to keep them in your inventory, as they are valuable.

Moreover, make sure you use vehicles because you will need to travel a lot to complete one mission and then another. Driving a vehicle will be less tiring, and your team can take turns in driving it. Apart from that, the most important thing is the Exfil location. You have to make sure that you are near. Otherwise, you will fail if you don’t reach even if you kill everyone on the ground. 

You can search the Exfil location by checking on the exit symbols on the map. Keep in mind that other players will have the same Exfil location. Therefore, try to reach there earlier so you can prepare yourself for the last fight. It is possible for you to die even if you are inside the plane, so keep on shooting any AI or player that tries to come near.

Final Words

All in all, the DMZ mode in Warzone 2 is a new addition that lets you fight against AIs. Although there are some other players out on the battlefield, chances of interacting with them can be low. If you are a new player in Warzone 2, you can take advantage of DMZ mode to practice the guns and get a better game sense for understanding the best tips and tricks of the game.

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