Warzone 2: Safecracker Contracts [Explained]

In This Guide We Entail On The New Safecracker Contracts That Have Been Introduced In The New Warzone 2.

Now, with the inclusion of new gameplay mechanics such as the AI Strongholds, 2v2 reviving Gulag, and the Safecracker contract, the game is much more engaged. On to the safecracker contracts, which can be found all around the map of Al Mazrah with a small safe icon

Key Takeaways

  • Contracts have been a part of the Warzone franchise from the very first game.
  • The Safecracker contract is a new type of contract added to the game.
  • First, get a hold of the contract and accept it.
  • The objective is to open three safes which will reward the player with advantageous loot.
  • A player who misses the opportunity to open a safe will also miss out on potential end-game loot and high amounts of cash.

What Are Safecracker Contracts

Safe In Warzone 2
The Safe Of The Safecracker Contract In Warzone 2 [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you pick up the contract phone and accept it, you will be notified by three safe icons, which will mark the locations of three safes. And to complete the contract, you are required to open all three safes. However, you will soon realize that these safes are not cracked open. These safes are blasted open by C4, which is part of an animation. Note that it is not required for the player to have C4 in their inventory.

Lastly, all you are required to do is to stand a certain distance away from the explosion. And then just rush in to salvage the loot that dropped from the blasted safe. The safes usually drop huge amounts of cash and some other random items, such as ammo or even some of the best weaponsFurthermore, if you are able to open all three safes, you are rewarded with another bonus. 

The safecracker contracts are very popular with the players as it offers a lot of cash in less amount of time. Also, you are able to open all three safes at the same time with the help of your teammates. Furthermore, the new warzone is very dependent on cash, so the more, the merrier. With the cash, you are able to buy various types of advantageous items such as weapons, kill streaks, etc.

About In-Game Contracts Of COD Warzone 2

Safecracker Contract Warzone 2
The Safecracker Contracts In Warzone 2 [Image By: eXputer]
Now, as we all might have noticed that the recent battle royale games are trying their very best to make the game more entertaining and one that can engage the player in more than one way, and for the warzone franchise, this was achieved through contracts that are totally optional. However, they do draw a player towards them by guaranteeing OP loot and an advantage over an enemy that does not complete the various contracts that are available.

Previously in the old Warzone, we can see that they offered a good variety of contracts, such as the most wanted contract, which makes you chase and defeat an enemy player. Furthermore, there were contracts such as scavenger routes and timed supply runs. Also, there were recon contracts that awarded the player with the next zone outline, which comes in very handy if you complete the contract.

However, what you might not have noticed is that with these contracts in the game, warzone seems much more intractable. And it even looks like it eases the battle a bit with the players also focused on other things. Also, we can see that the players and the developer like the contracts very much as they also included it in the new warzone 2.0. And among these, the safecracker contract is currently very popular and profitable currently.

If you are new to the game, then the first business to conduct is to know the best loadouts and weapons, such as the best SMGs, best LMGs, best Assault Rifles, and best Snipers. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the new Warzone 2, then we recommend you go through our Warzone 2 Walkthrough guide.

And unfortunately, with this, we bring our guide on Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Safecracker Contracts to an end. In the guide, we elaborated on all the aspects of the all-new safecracker contracts in the new warzone 2.


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