Warzone 2: Black Site Keys And Black Sites [Explained]

Learn Everything About Black Site Keys And Black Sites In Warzone 2.0!

Black site keys for Warzone 2 are unique items that unlock black sites. If you’ve played DMZ and used a stronghold keycard to raid an enemy base, you know that an item is typically needed to reach spots with good loot. These are essentially a much deadlier version of the enemy strongholds you can find scattered about Al-Mazrah. Therefore, you must understand how to obtain Black Site Keys in Warzone 2. As a result, this guide will walk you through the ways to get black site keys.

Key Highlights:

  • The Strongholds, Black Sites, Loadout Drops, and Shops are the three ways of finding a custom loadout.
  • Completing Strongholds will get you to the Black Site Key.
  • In addition to the unique loadout and blueprint, killing the juggernaut will drop a number of high-value items when you defeat him.

How To Get Black Site Keys In Warzone 2

You must be the first Operator squad to liberate a Stronghold in a Battle Royale round in order to receive a Black Site Key. Three heavily fortified Warzone 2 Strongholds may be found in Al-Mazrah, and they activate towards the conclusion of the first circle collapse. On the in-game Tac-Map, a castle icon clearly denotes these points of Strongholds.

Black Site and Stronghold Icons on map
Black Site(Skull) and Stronghold(Castle) Icons on map [Image Captured by us]
There is a ticking bomb in each Stronghold in Warzone 2. The first team to successfully disarm the bomb receives a Black Site Key, a Loadout Crate, and a brief UAV effect of the immediate region. A Stronghold can be cleared by many squads, and they can each take home the secondary rewards, but only the first team to accomplish so will receive a Warzone 2 Black Site Key.

Black Site Key after bomb disposal
Black Site Key after bomb disposal [Image Captured by eXputer]
Each game will allocate a stronghold to a different combination of buildings, and each one contains hordes of dangerous AI enemies that you and your team must eliminate in order to access the bomb. Once the matter has been resolved, you will have access to your loadout and a black site key. It’s vital to remember that only the first team in each match to finish a particular stronghold will receive a black site key.

Stronghold Mission Completed
Stronghold Mission Completed [Image by eXputer]

Black Sites

Strongholds’ superior version is Black Sites. They are not present in DMZ and are only accessible in the Battle Royale. These are indicated by the icon of a skull on the map. Black Sites can only be entered with the use of a Black Site Key.

Black Site Key Warning
Black Site Key Warning [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Warzone 2 has a unique edition of Black Sites. A key to a Black Site location is essentially a more dangerous version of a Stronghold. It will be given to the first player or group to clear a Warzone Stronghold. These areas have much tougher AI foes, like the minigun-wielding Juggernaut boss.

You will also receive a permanent weapon blueprint that may be used in all game modes for completing a Black Site for the first time. It also provides you with a huge amount of equipment for use in the actual game, such as a minigun, robust gas mask, loadout drop, and a permanent UAV to ping adversaries in the vicinity of the Black Site until the region is lost due to the circle collapse.

Black Site Completed
Black Site Completed [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
It is of no consequence that, while receiving wonderful rewards for completing Strongholds beyond the first one, you will not receive a Black Site key in exchange for your efforts. You still have the opportunity to potentially steal the key from the enemy who earned it if you’re not the first person to destroy a Stronghold.

AI Enemies

As a challenge for obtaining the set of rewards, you will be engaged by several enemy AI while entering a Black Site. To improve your chances of success against the barrage of adversaries in the area, it is advised to stay with your team.

Wait for the full squad before opening the door so that they can revive you if you are shot while they are nearby. It is also advised to put on armor plates before attacking a Black Site to increase survival.

How To Kill Juggernaut

Following are the tips that players should keep in mind while fighting Juggernaut in Black Site:

  • A Juggernaut will appear when you enter a Black Site after several enemy AI have been eliminated there. To get the blueprint and a unique loadout, the player must slay the juggernaut.
  • Prior to battling the Juggernaut, it is advised to eliminate the majority of enemy AI in the Black Site. Because of its tenacity, isolating the Juggernaut will be essential for defeating it.
  • Utilize tactical tools to stun the Juggernaut temporarily. Try to hit him with a headshot while he is shocked.  The Juggernaut also takes a lot of damage from this kind of shot.
  • Last but not least, using a riot shield to block its shots is beneficial. Concentrate your fire on hitting the juggernaut’s head after he starts reloading to deal the most damage.

Rewards After Clearing Black Site

In Warzone 2 Battle Royale, one of the rewards for clearing a Black Site is the Phantom’s Call Blueprint for the Vaznev-9k. The Vaznvev-9K is a lethal alternative for the run-and-gun playstyle, thanks to this pro-tuned loadout. It mainly focuses on hip fire accuracy, sprint-to-fire speed, and sound suppression.

Vaznev-9k Blueprint Reward
Vaznev-9k Blueprint Reward [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
In addition to the unique loadout and blueprint, killing the juggernaut will drop a number of high-value items when you defeat him. Items that might be obtained after clearing a Black Site include the following:

  • Minigun
  • Armor Box Field Upgrade
  • Armor Plate
  • Advanced UAV
  • Large Backpack
  • Durable Gas Mask
  • Self-Revive Kit

Wrap Up

Have you ever discovered that entering a Black Site requires a Warzone 2 Black Site Key? The best loot on Warzone 2’s Al-Mazrah can be found in Black Sites, but you can’t just stroll in. Our guide on black sites and black site keys comes to an end at this point. We shared all the required information regarding getting the black site keys and completing the black sites.

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