Warzone 2: BEST Kastov-762 Loadout & Class

Learn about the Best Kastov-762 Loadouts to make in COD Warzone 2.0

The quick-paced battles in Call Of Duty require weapons that can catch up with the momentum. The top players of the game are using the Kastov-762 to remain ahead of the rest. Kastov-762’s amazing firepower and quick-fire rate make it probably the best TTK weapon loadout currently in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. We will be telling you about the best Kastov-762 Loadout and Class Setup in COD Warzone 2.0.

Important Points

  • Kastov-762 is an assault rifle that can be unlocked at level 23 as you progress.
  • You must first try to unlock all attachments of the weapon so that you have a variety of good attachments.
  • The Kastov-762 Aggressive loadout primarily focuses on rushing camping opponents. 
  • In the Long-ranged Kastov-762 Loadout, your strategy is basically maintaining a distance from your enemies.
  • The attachments in the Aggressive Loadout will increase your fire rate and recoil control.
  • You must equip the attachments in The Long-ranged that increase your bullet velocity and accuracy.

Kastov- 762 Aggressive Loadout 

Kastov-762 Aggressive Loadout In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov-762 Aggressive Loadout – Image Captured by us

The Kastov-762 is an absolutely demolishing assault rifle in Warzone 2. Its various attachments make it a very versatile weapon of choice. Any enemy ready to face it in close quarters will ask for their funeral. Its fire pattern is relatively easier to understand when compared to other rifles. In order to make it a complete weapon, players will have to attach the right sort of attachments to unleash their full potential. 

Our loadout basically revolves around aggressiveness and dominating your enemy in close quarters. You can typically get three or two head kills depending on the opponent’s armor. Its fast-moving agility and weapon accuracy can basically dominate any SMG in any battle. We will be equipping the attachments that make it the best Kastov-762 aggressive loadout in COD Warzone 2.0.


Kastov-762 Long-Ranged Loadout Attachments In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov-762 Long-Ranged Loadout Attachments – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

You must be able to rush opponents best with this set of attachments for the Kastov-762 Loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. They will increase your fire rate and recoil control without losing much mobility and handling. It will allow you to track your opponent’s moving patterns comfortably. So just make sure to seek out most of the attachments listed below.


Starting with the muzzle, you can equip the Polarfire- S, which has been an extremely reliable attachment for most Call Of Duty players. While shooting, your opponents will not be able to see you on the mini-map at all. Plus, if you are worried about the firing sound, then don’t. It is because one can barely listen to the sound produced by the muzzle and have to be at least 5 meters away to hear it. 


The barrel can be called the most important attachment of a gun. It is the factor that determines how powerful your weapon can be. The best-suggested barrel for the Kastov-762 loadout will be the IG-K30 406 MM. It gives you that recoil control we previously discussed that helps control that little kick your weapon does. You will be able to target enemies further away, too, as the barrel also provides bullet velocity. 


Sometimes players underestimate what a laser can do in close combat situations. With the Schlager PEQ Box IV, you will be able to dominate your opponents at close to medium ranges. What it does is actually improve your weapon’s hip-fire accuracy. That, in turn, helps to kill opponents even when you don’t want ADS at them. It also helps recover some of the mobility lost by the other attachments. 


You can stick to the original 30-round mag and opt for another attachment, but that is sort of risky. COD Warzone 2.0 is a fast-paced game, and when facing a trio, you shouldn’t be just reloading in the middle of the fights. You should just equip the 40-round mag because those extra 10 bullets may be the very reason you don’t get killed. It also makes sure your handling of the weapon is recovered just a bit. 


Finally, the last attachment is going to be the Cronen Mini Pro. You have probably seen most Twitch streamers running this optic and getting massive amounts of kills. It is because you get a clear picture of your surroundings and enough zoom to get headshots properly. The little reticle helps track the opponent’s head much easier. It isn’t too big to distort your enemy’s view, so you can pretty ADS while the enemy is at close range.

Secondary Weapon 

You will first have the Overkill perk in your loadout so that you can switch to a secondary weapon as well. It makes room for you to equip another great weapon that works best alongside the Kastov-762. That weapon will be the SPR-208. It is currently the best marksman rifle currently being used in the game. It has incredible firepower in long ranges, which is enough to get that one-shot kill on two armored players. 

The Kastov-762 is amazing on its own and can put up a great fight in all ranges. You do have to consider the fact that in an extremely long SPR-208 will have your back. It is amazingly faster than a regular sniper and, of course, comfortable to use. If you used to play the Kar-98 in the previous version of the game, then the SPR-208 is the one for you. 

Attachments For the Secondary weapon 

You will be equipping the ZRL T70 Pad Extension stock, which will help you get those nice clean headshots more easily. It is because the attachments increase the handling of the weapon. Alongside you can go with the 10-round mag because the initial 5 bullets can just prove to be daunting once you miss those shots. So having some bullets in the back may improve your chances of getting a squad kill. 

The SPX-80 6.6X can be expected as a reliable optic for the rifle simply because of its reticle. It simply doesn’t distort major playing field targets but is actually quite clear. The whole field of view is seen and zoomed on perfectly and well enough to align the reticle on the head of the opponent. The multiple marked coordinated axis numbers can help you determine the bullet drop in order to calculate those headshots. 

For the next attachment, you will have to go big and bold since you will be using the FSS Ole-V

laser attachment for a rifle. Now many gamers frown upon it, but actually, it can help provide that much-needed accuracy and mobility for the weapon. It is the very reason the rifle can also be used in mid-combat ranges. 

Now to conclude the attachments for the loadout, you must attach the FSS ST87 bolt, which makes the rifle so much better. Now, this is why most players prefer marksman rifles since the fire rate of the weapons can easily be the difference in battles. So this attachment will help you boost up the fire rate of the weapon and help you get that speed in with your shots. 


Now, who doesn’t love some extra abilities at hand? The Perks simply cannot be unappreciated in the game since it provides enormous amounts of benefits in the game. People even use just regular in-game guns in the beginning and still call a loadout just to get those perks. You should be able to determine which perk package you should select that makes your Loadout the best Kastov-762 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 

Perk Package 

Weapon Specialist Perk Package To Make The Best KAstov-762 Loadout In COD Or Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Weapon Specialist Perk Package– Image by eXputer

The perks are now introduced into the game as perk packages. You cannot just randomly select perks into your loadout. You have to select the pre-built packages in the game in order to get those perks. It does come with the advantage that there are now a total of four perks you can now select in Warzone 2.0. You will be choosing the Weapon Specialist perk package so that you can build yourself the best Kastov-762 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 


The obvious perk that you are going to be choosing is the Overkill perk because of the fact that you will need a secondary. Your Kastov-762 will mainly handle middle to close-range combat situations, and you can use the secondary as your backup. In your case, you can use the SPR-208 to take those long-ranged kills that threaten you and your team. 

Strong Arm 

You get the Strong Arm alongside Overkill is considered the base perk, which are the first two perks you get in the perk package. Having the Strong Arm perk will make you throw your lethal equipment at farther ranges, like grenades. You can even hold onto grenades for a prolonged period of cook time before you throw. If an enemy manages to throw a grenade right at your, you can simply throw it back because it resets the timer. 


Well, the most clever little perk you can probably use in Warzone 2.0 is Spotter. It is pretty underused because most players just don’t know how to work it properly. What it does is hack the enemy’s tactical equipment and actually turn it against them. It means once you are able to hack the tactical equipment such as Claymores and C4s, they will be put as yours. So if the enemy tries to walk over them, thinking it is their trap, they will die. 


It is known that using equipment in battles can benefit you in many sorts of ways. Whether it be for mere intimidation or actually going for the kill, using your equipment the right way can probably win you all your matches. You do have to consider which equipment best fits into your playstyle and strategy. We will be discussing the equipment needed to make the best Kastov-762 loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

For your lethal or explosive equipment, you can choose the semtex as it is very precise and accurate equipment. It is sort of a sticky grenade and plays best in any combat situation you are in. Even if you manage to take severe damage from your opponent, if you place your semtex well, you can surely get the kill. If you manage to stick the grenade onto your opponent and they run back to there, you may even get a squad kill. Of course, no promises. 

Field Upgrade 

It can be tough choosing the right field upgrade by your side to aid your battles. They majorly contribute to your gameplay, especially when you are running quads with your friends. A new field upgrade that is being considered “meta” is the Battle Rage. It regenerates your health constantly as you get damaged. It is best for rushing strategies, as tactical equipment has no hold on you whatsoever. Plus, you can also Tactical Sprint indefinitely. 

Kastov-762 Long-Range Loadout

Kastov-762 Aggressive Loadout Attachments In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov-762 Aggressive Loadout Attachments – Image Captured by us

This loadout steps a further bit from the previous loadout as there is a significant improvement in both damage and accuracy. These bumps can prove to be greatly effective in gameplay, especially when you are in long-ranged combat situations, and you need the right accuracy to get the kill early. You shouldn’t worry anymore when snipers are aiming at you anymore.  can simply fire back now, and the firepower will absolutely wreck their ADS.

You do have to consider that all of these bumps mean that you have to go off the mobility and handling of the weapon a bit. This is what makes it quite a balanced weapon. You get such power from it, but you will need some mastery over the weapon in order to get it. We will help you find the right attachments and secondary required to make this the best Kastov-762 long-ranged loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 


Kastov-762 Aggresive Loadout Attachments In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov-762 Aggresive Loadout Attachments – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The attachments of this loadout are what make it the best Kastov-762 long-ranged loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. It is crucial you get the right attachments picked out for such a loadout since each and every attachment must have a role to make it reach its max potential. The attachments will primarily focus on buffing the Damage, Accuracy, and Range statistics of the weapon. 


Now starting out with the barrel, you will be using the KAS-10 584MM. It is the best attachment for the loadout you are going for.  The barrel increases the damage range and bullet velocity, which mainly contribute to the active range of the weapon. This makes the Kastov-762 an absolute beast in long ranged battle and even might even trick the player into thinking you are hacking. Hopefully, you actually aren’t. 


For the muzzle, you should be rocking the ZLR Talon 5 due to its ability to provide a pretty lowkey sound that is almost therapeutic to listen to. It won’t be therapeutic for your opponents, though, since they won’t be able to list from distances. Another major plus point is that it increases Damage and Range significantly. You will be another step closer to building the best Kastov-762 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 


As mentioned previously, your main focus will be the targets that are situated in farther regions. For that purpose, you must first have an optic that can magnify your sight far enough for you to see. The VLK 4.0 has been the best of all optics currently in-game simply because of its perfect magnification and clear sight. The reticle dot gives the feeling of running Cronen Pro while being the magnified optic it is. 


A massive game-changer for this loadout will be the FTAC Ripper 56. You definitely have to attach it no matter what. It increases the recoil stability vastly while giving you that aiming stability that most guns are not able to provide in longer ranges. It is an easy-to-unlock attachment and benefits the gun in every possible way. There is a slight decrease in mobility, but it is a long-range loadout. 


The last attachment required to make this the best Kastov-762 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0 will be the magazine. For the magazine, you can simply choose the 40-round mag since it is all you really need. You will be aiming for the enemy’s head at longer distances, so you should be able to hit them within the bullet or ammo capacity you have. This will make it much easier because of the extra 10 bullets and the much better overall handling of the weapon.

Secondary Weapon 

In this loadout, you will not be switching to a primary weapon when the moment arrives simply because you will not be running the Overkill perk in the loadout. Instead, you will choose a strong, versatile head-piercing pistol. You, of course, in this scenario, cannot go wrong with the Basilisk as your secondary pistol. It will be a great addition to make your Kastov-762 loadout the best in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

Attachments For The Secondary Weapon

It may be simply just a pistol but it can be fun to play with when you have already damaged your enemy with your Kastov-762. It is sort of a last-resort option kind of thing, but you do not underestimate the power it can pack. With extremely high mobility and amazing firepower, this pistol can be considered the best of all pistols in the game. Even the damage falloff can be compensated when you equip the correct attachments.

For the Barrel, you will be going for the 0.5″ FTAC Arrow since it provides an increase in mobility of the gun as well as hip-fire accuracy. The Hip-Fire accuracy can help get those final finisher shots when your run out of bullets. Apart from that, it also contributes to the bullet velocity of the pistol as well which can greatly improve your impact in the game. 

The REVO-LSO 7MW laser considerably improves the gun’s hip-fire accuracy and improves its battle precision. Additionally, the laser enhances your hip-fire recoil, making it simpler for you to maintain lock-on during combat. Finally, it improves your sprint-to-fire speed, which can help avoid all those nasty shots that can potentially kill you. 

The .500 Snake Shot ammo is incredible. You may fight from a greater distance, and each bullet’s damage radius is increased. As a result, the loadout is more adaptable and practical in a variety of settings, including confined spaces and wide-open spaces.

You can fire the weapon more quickly than ever thanks to the Bryston Match Grade trigger, and you can combo it with the incredible power of the Akimbo Basilisk rear grip, which can actually double your firepower as you can now hold two pistols at the same time.

Perk Package 

Sentinel Perk Package In Warzone 2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Sentinel Perk Package – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The Perk package you will now be using will primarily contain perks that will allow you to take on any tactical equipment and firepower that comes your way. You can easily demolish your opponents by simply using these perks to your advantage. It is a pretty underrated package, mostly because players aren’t familiar with the combo much. It is highly recommended to use the package in order to make your Kastov-762 loadout the best in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0.

Battle Hardened 

It pretty much reduces the impact that the tactical equipment have you. Even if an opponent throws a stun or an EMP at you, it won’t have much effect, and you can fight back. They will think you are blinded by a flash or drowsy by a stun, so they rush freely. In those moments, you can catch them off guard and kill them easily. It does not make you invincible to the equipment but it can be really handy. 

Bomb Squad

Most of the players just aimlessly run into buildings looking for loot and get caught in traps such as the C4 explosion trap. It happens especially in the final stages of the game when the enemy sticks C4s and Claymores on the ground. They bait you into cover and kill you off from the foot mine or a press of the button. This is why you will use Battle Hardened, which helps you see through the walls and see enemy C4 traps. 

Cold Blooded 

Just like in Warzone 1, players in Warzone 2 are back to running thermal optics on their weapons. It gets really annoying because you are literally exposed all out there while they easily aim at you. There are some parts of the maps that are really dark, so even if you are hiding there for mere survival, you can get caught. So the Cold Blooded bonus perk will make sure you are not detected by anyone using a thermal scope. 


It is a new and unique ultimate in the game since it allows you to basically have a field upgrade in your hand all the time. It doesn’t mean you always use it, but it kind of charges the field upgrade as they did in the plunder. Alongside that, you can store an additional charge making so you can make the field upgrades plays more often. The charge rate of the field upgrades has also been decreased by 20%. 


It could be difficult to come up with the best equipment when playing COD Warzone 2.0 with the Kastov-762 loadout. To be successful, the Call Of Duty Kastov-762 long-range loadout requires a lot of camping and holding positions. In order to help us in those difficult camping situations, we may employ equipment like the Claymore and Throwing Knife.

The Claymore is most effective when used when camping in a set location. By luring the adversaries to your position, you may somewhat alter the game’s strategy and have them get bombed up when they get there! Another option is to just camp and maintain the claymore near the door, ensuring that if the adversary approaches you, he will be detonated. 

The Throwing Knife isn’t really that necessary for the strategy, but using it in battle is a lot of fun. When you toss it at an adversary, it almost completely eliminates them. Now that counts for something. It is extremely harmful and excellent for eliminating knocked-down opponents. Although it is challenging to use, if you master it, you can perform incredible plays for the Call of Duty video short reels. 

Field Upgrade 

When you employ field upgrades in a game, you are given tools or skills that enable you to make better moves. The Dead Silence is one of the greatest field upgrades, especially in your case, because you can pair it up with your Over Clock. It may entirely muffle your steps, which makes it easier to surprise an adversary. They would be completely unaware of what was about to happen to them when they gave in to you.

Best Kastov-762 Class Setup 

How To Make The Best Kastov-762 Loadouts In Call Of Duty Or COD Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov-762 Loadouts – Image Captured by us

Most of the weapon loadouts in Call Of Duty have a certain amount of attachments that help buff up the statistics of the weapon. The same goes for the Kastov-762. You can equip about Five attachments to it to increase aspects of the weapon, such as handling or damage run. Sometimes players tend to rush with the process of getting attachments and just choose any and run with it. 

That is not probably the right course of action to take. If you choose attachments that aren’t increasing the statistics much or are decreasing aspects such as handling, you might be nerfing the weapon’s potential. To avoid this, you must first try to unlock all attachments of the weapon so that you have a variety of good attachments you can choose from. When it comes to choosing the attachments, we will help you out. 

How To Unlock Kastov-762 

Kastov Weapon Family Tree In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Kastov Weapon Tree – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Another part of Warzone 2.0 is the weapon upgrade system. It has always been there in the Call Of Duty series but it is quite different this time around. Players have to grind a little more in order to get the weapon of their desire truly. It can be extremely difficult, playing long hours of consistent Warzone 2.0 and trying to upgrade different weapons. It is kind of worth it in the end especially considering your choice will be the Kastov-762.

In the progression section of the game, you will be able to achieve different rewards as you level further up. You can select the weapon tree of the Kastov-762 to see that it can be unlocked when you reach the progression level of 23. You can see how Kastov-762 is the starting weapon of the Kastov weapon tree. If you want to equip the gun and see the various attachments, just simply head over to the gunsmith. 

There are lots of ways you can upgrade your weapon. For instance, you can get a lot of kills in random matches in order to gain the XP required. Some people are just waiting for the modes like plunder to jump back in. It would help them the most amount of kills to upgrade their weapons. If you really want to unlock the Kastov-762 and make it the best loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0, then it is really up to how much you grind. 

Pros And Cons Of Kastov-762 

Kastov-762 is finally rolling into the category of meta and OP guns. Its incredible firepower and weapon stability make it one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Many players are starting to include the Kastov-762 in their loadout, and it is being perceived as a balanced gun. This means that while the weapon carries a lot of advantages, there are some drawbacks to the gun as well. 

At medium to long ranges, it can dominate the opponent with its incredible damage and recoil stability. You will be provided with steady and accurate gameplay while using the gun. The recoil stability and smoothness help stop that little kickback that the gun makes. It helps you be in control of the weapon and not the other way around. The incredible bullet velocity and aiming stability steal the show at the very end. 

While it has all these Pros there are also some Cons attached to it as well. The ADS takes a massive dip in the weapon. The slow animation makes it harder to win close-range battles where the person who draws the weapon first wins. The sprint, crouch, and walking speed also take a hit due to the attachments you equip on the weapon. If you attach a laser-like one of the loadouts says you should, the enemy will be able to see it.

So overall, if you look at it. Kastov-762 does the job but also has its laybacks. If you manage to turn about those laybacks, you will have yourself a deadly weapon at hand. The amazing recoil and firepower are enough reasons alone to make yourself the best Kastov-762 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 

Final Words 

Now you know the best loadout builds of Kastov-762 in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. There is a choice here to make, whether to make the aggressive loadout or the long-ranged one. Whichever one you choose, make sure to comment down below your thoughts on the weapon itself. While you’re at it, make sure to check out our guide over the COD Warzone 2.0: Best STB-556 Loadout.

Also, check out our guide on how to convert Valorant mouse sensitivity into Warzone 2.0 if you are a Valorant player and struggling with it. There is a new mastery camo you should know about, and it is called the Polyatomic mastery camo; if you want to unlock it, make sure to check our guide.

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