Warzone 2: One Shot Sniper Best Loadout

Learn all you need to know about the One Shot Sniper in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 came with some interesting changes, which were received with mixed opinions. One of the more controversial changes was that they removed one-shot sniper kills from Warzone 2. However, that didn’t stop the community from testing out every possible loadout and attachment available to see if they could still make a sniper capable of accomplishing this goal. 

Here is Warzone 2 One Shot Sniper Loadout Build:

Victus XMR (One Shot Sniper) Attachments
Mack 8 33.5 SuperVLK LZR 7mwSP-X 80 6.6XXRX Rise 5050 Cal Explosive
HCR 56 (Secondary Weapon) Attachments
Harbinger D20FTAC Hornet 20” BarrelFTAC Ripper 56Corio Enforcer OpticVLK LZR 7mw
Key Highlights
  • Warzone 2 introduced some changes that were met with mixed reactions, including the removal of one-shot sniper kills.
  • The Victus XMR is a one-shot sniper that is strong but slower and has less range than other snipers.
  • The right attachments are necessary to make the one-shot sniper work properly, including the Mack 8 33.5 Super barrel, VLK LZR 7mw laser, SP-X 80 6.6X optic, XRX Rise 50 stock and .50 Cal Explosive ammunition.
  • The HCR 56 is a good secondary weapon to use with the one-shot sniper, and can be equipped with the Harbinger D20 muzzle, FTAC Hornet 20” Barrel, FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, Corio Enforcer Optic and VLK LZR 7mw laser.
  • The one-shot sniper is effective at any range in solo lobbies but is inconsistent in duos or squads, could be a glitch or an oversight that the one-shot sniper is possible in Warzone 2 and it could be patched in the future.

One Shot Sniper Loadout 

Warzone 2 One Shot Sniper Loadout
Loadout For The One Shot Sniper – [Image credit: eXputer]
The only sniper that has the power to punch through 3 plates of Armor and kill an enemy in one shot is the Victus XMR. The sniper will help you secure easy kills at long range and give you the only satisfaction of killing an enemy in one shot. Unlike other snipers, it is stronger but also slower and has less range. However, it’s great for sniping at mid-range and will shatter the enemy.


The right attachments can really make or break the One Shot sniper in Warzone 2. If you change one of these attachments, the sniper will no longer be One shot. So you need to follow these attachments to the tee. The One Shot sniper is built to have the most damage possible. However, that comes at the cost of Bullet velocity and range. The attachments will make the gun harder to play with, but it’s still the only sniper to kill with one shot.

All the necessary accessories for the One Shot Sniper are listed below.

  • Barrel: Mack 8 33.5 Super
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7mw 
  • Optic: SP-X 80 6.6X
  • Stock: XRX Rise 50
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal Explosive 


Starting off with the barrel, we will be using the Mack 8 33.5 super. The barrel is going to be one of the few attachments that are going to give us a small boost in our Damage range and bullet velocity. With these buffs, we will get a much-needed boost in how far we can shoot and how accurately. Along with velocity and damage range, we will get Hip fire accuracy, making it easy not to scope people at close range. However, the barrel does decrease the Aim down Sight Speed and increases the Hip Fire recoil quite a bit. 


The second attachment will be the VLK LZR 7mw which will help make our One Shot sniper in warzone 2 a bit faster. The laser will give us an increase in Aim down sight speed and Sprint to fire speed. These buffs will allow you to react as fast as possible to the enemy. You will also get a boost in aiming for stability which will make it easy to Aim Down Sight and get off accurate shots. The laser is visible when you aim down sight, so you will have to be cautious of that. 


The SP-X 80 6.6X optic is going to be our optic of choice. With the SP-X, you will get two levels of zoom, allowing you to toggle it according to the situation. The first close zoom is going to be 6.6x zoom which is great for mid-range fights where the enemies aren’t too far away. However, the second 11x zoom will allow you to see enemies rotating across the map and down them. You can switch to whatever zoom you feel comfortable within the middle of the fight. The scope has a glint that enemies can see when you ADS.


One of the best attachments for the One Shot Sniper in Warzone 2 is going to be the XRX Rise 50 stock. The stock is also centered around trying to get as much movement as we can with the sniper cause it is quite slow. You will get a buff in Aim down Sight speed and Crouch movement speed. Moreover, you get increased sprint speed when running with the sniper. The sprint speed will be useful when you run into enemies at close range and need to reposition. 


The last but most important attachment to make the Sniper One Shot in Warzone 2 is going to be the .50 Cal Explosive. The Ammunition will give you explosive damage, literally. You will able to deal increased damage to cars and blow up enemy heads in one shot. Moreover, the bullets also provide you with increased Damage range trying to minimize the damage dropoff as much as possible. 

Secondary Weapon

Warzone 2 HCR 56 – Image Captured by eXputer

Since the sniper is going to dominate the lobby in mid to long-range fights, you will need a good secondary to destroy the enemies at Close Range. You can run an SMG cause they are fast and have a swift Fire rate, but the damage output per bullet is quite low. In a fight against multiple enemies, you will be at a disadvantage. We will recommend going with one of the strongest weapons in the game, the HCR 56.

The HCR 56 is a bit of a heavy gun because it is an LMG. It has a slower Aim Down Sight Speed and movement speed. You will be a bit slower using the HCR 56, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for it in damage. The HCR 56 has one of the fastest times to kill in Warzone 2 and demolish a whole squad in one mag. If you catch an enemy from behind or are holding a choke point, enemies can’t come near you. 

Attachments for Secondary 

Attachments are the most important part of any weapon and can make a break the weapon. Here are all the best attachments you can you with the HCR 56 to unlock its full potential. 


The best muzzle for the HCR 56 is going to be the Harbinger D20. It has its own list of pros and cons, but the Pros make it an elite attachment. The muzzle attachment increases the bullet velocity and damage range

.making it lethal at mid-range. Moreover, the Recoil smoothness makes it a breeze to control and track enemies at any range. Along with long these perks, we also get Sound Suppression allowing us to conceal our position and get some sneaky kills. 


For the barrel, we have a few choices, but the best is going to be the FTAC Hornet 20” Barrel. At first glance, it might look like the barrel has more Cons than Pros. However, the cons can easily be canceled out by our other attachments, and the Pros are going to make our weapon Overpowered. The recoil control will be improved drastically so you can easily eliminate enemies without having to control your gun. 


Our Underbarrel of choice is going to be FTAC Ripper 56. The attachment brings additional recoil stabilization and Aiming Stability. With all of these attachments, your secondary will be a killing machine; all you have to do is aim and fire. However, the only con of all of these is you will be a bit less agile. 


For the Optic, we would suggest a good close-range optic such as the Corio Enforcer Optic. The optic provides you with a good level of clarity. The gun is great with Ironsight, but the additional clutter makes it a challenge to track enemy heads. Also, with the One Shot Sniper in Warzone 2, you don’t need a zoom scope as the sniper will handle the long-range engagements. 


The VLK LZR 7mw will be our final attachment, and it will try to increase the agility of our LMG as much as possible. We will experience faster Aim Down Sight and Sprint to Fire speeds thanks to the laser. You will be able to respond to the adversary as quickly as possible, thanks to these perks. Additionally, you’ll improve your aim for steadiness, which will make it simpler for you to Aim Down Sight and fire precise rounds. When you aim down sight, the laser is visible, so you must exercise caution.


Perk Package Weapon Specialist
Warzone 2 Weapon Specialist Perk Package- Image by eXputer

No Loadout is complete without its complementing perks to go along with it. They will give you the extra advantage you be over the competition and play to your strengths. They allow you to carry two primary weapons or even let you know when an enemy is looking at you. For the One Shot Sniper Loadout in Warzone 2, we will be using the Weapon Specialist Perk Package

You will get two basic perks, now a bonus perk and one ultimate perk in these packages. This is a lot of buffs considering you only got 3 in Warzone one. However, you are no longer able to make your own packages and have to choose one pre-made by the game. 

The basic perks are going to be the Overkill and the Strongarm perks. The overkill is the most important perk, as it will allow you to run the overpowered HCR 56. The Strongarm will allow you to use your tactical and lethal more effectively. Both of these together will help you come out on top; with you running these, the enemies won’t stand a chance. 

The Bonus perk is going to be the Spotter ability allowing you to see the enemy’s equipment through walls and turn them against the enemy. You will also get the Survivalist perk as the Ultimate perk, which is really handy when it comes to team fights. You ping enemies who down you, and you can get revived faster, so you are back in the fight. 


One of the most important items in the game is equipment. They help you turn the tables over an enemy and win a losing fight. The best equipment to use will be the Stun as your tactical and a claymore to proximity mine as the lethal. Snipers are always at risk of being caught from behind, so you can put a trap behind you no stop any enemy from getting too close. The Stun will nerf the enemy movement, making them sitting ducks for your sniper. 

One Shot Sniper 

Due to intense research done by the community, we have discovered a loadout for the Victus MXR capable of killing an enemy with one shot. However, there are some problems with the sniper, and it’s not so simple. The one-shot sniper can only consistently kill enemies with one shot in Solo lobbies. It’s inconsistent when it comes to other modes, such as Duos or squad, so you will have to try it out to check.  


The Victus XMR is the only sniper, so of now, that can Shoot a target at any distance in solo Br mode. Many people suspect that this is a bug overlooked by the developers and will be patched soon. So you can check if it still works or not. One shot Sniper in Warzone really shows how much people miss the old One Shot system and want to see it implemented back into the game. 

The One Shot Sniper is going to be the most overpowered gun in Warzone 2. It will give you a fighting chance against a whole squad, or even if you have one shot and can only get one shot in. It can turn the tide in a gunfight. Also, most enemies will be unaware of the One Shot sniper and will peak at you thinking they won’t die on the first shot. With the One Shot sniper, you can get some easy kills and dominate the lobby. 


The sniper will be slower than your normal sniper. The Aim down sight speed and movement speed isn’t going to be the best. If you want a fast-movement sniper, the one-shot sniper isn’t for you. The recoil of the Sniper makes it very hard to get off a second shot if you miss it or if the person is downed. It’s quite difficult to move around and avoid getting shot if the enemy is at close range.

The one shot Sniper in Warzone 2 doesn’t have the best bullet velocity and range. To get headshots at long ranges, you will have to aim well above the head and predict the bullet drop. If the target is moving, you are pretty much taking a shot in the dark at long range. You will have to aim above the target and also calculate the distance of where the enemy’s head will be when the bullet reaches that location.

Final Words

Since Warzone 2 has removed One Shot sniping, you will be ahead of all the competition with the One Shot sniper in Warzone 2. However, it is speculated that the developer had overlooked this detail and will soon patch it. So you should get it before it’s gone. 

If you want to find out what other sniper will be great once they have patched the One Shot sniper check out our Best Snipers & Their Loadouts guide. Also, to learn which Loadouts are the best, check out our Best Loadouts guide to find out our top picks. 

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