Warzone 2.0: Best Lockwood 300 Loadout & Class Setup

The Lockwood 300 is a devastating double-barrel shotgun that performs well even at a distance. Pair it with the best loadout to build on its strengths!

Shotguns in Warzone 2.0 are known for their explosive power, and the Lockwood 300 is at the top of the pack. This double-barrel powerhouse finds immense popularity within the player base due to its proficiency at close to medium ranges. However, with the right mix of attachments, perks, and equipment, the weapon can be made even better. Therefore, this guide will take you through the best loadout builds and class setups for the Lockwood 300 in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0!

Main Points

  • The Lockwood 300 is a double-barrel shotgun that can decimate opponents in close to medium ranges.
  • The weapon is unlocked by leveling up to level 36 and can be customized with attachments to suit your specific playstyle.
  • For a dynamic playstyle, we recommend the Matuzek 812 Barrel, the Bryson Series IX Choke, the Heist Stock Mod, the Buck-Pro, and the VLK LZR 7MW along with the X13 Auto, Shock Stick and Thermite, and the Warden perk package.
  • For an attacking playstyle, we recommend the 11” Bryson Special, the Demo Carbon Guard, the Sweetspot Stock, the Point-G3P 04, and the Cronen Grooveshot Grip along with the .50 GS, Smoke grenade and Drill Charge, and the Specter perk package.

Best Lockwood 300 Loadout (Dynamic Playstyle)

Our favorite loadout for the Lockwood 300 allows players to be dynamic in their approach. This means that they can choose to engage at different ranges with their shotgun with considerable firepower for each situation.


Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Lockwood 300 [Image credits: eXputer]
From the Gunsmith menu, players can select up to five attachments for their Lockwood 300. This allows for equipping modified barrels, guards, stocks, muzzles, and more. For our loadout build, we decided to go with the following attachments:

  • Barrel: Matuzek 812 Barrel
  • Muzzle: Bryson Series IX Choke
  • Stock: Heist Stock Mod
  • Guard: Buck-Pro
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW

This loadout build is among the best class setups players can run with the Lockwood 300 in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0. This is because it plays right into the strengths of the weapon.

For one, it gives a significant boost to the ranged performance of the shotgun. As a result, the damage range and bullet velocity of the shotgun see notable improvements. Moreover, the setup also tightens the pellet spread of the Lockwood, which means that pellets spread out less when fired over a distance. This, coupled with the stellar default damage stats of the Lockwood, makes it great for extended ranges.

Secondly, the setup also improves the handling of the weapon. This can be seen in the improvements to sprint to fire speed, aim down sight speed, and recoil control. This makes it quicker and easier to engage enemies, either while aimed down or firing from the hip. As a result, players will always have the upper hand when they come across enemies in the field.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons that this loadout brings.

Damage Range +2Flinch Resistance -1
Tighten Pellet Spread +2Recoil Steadiness -1
Sprint to Fire Speed +2Aiming Recoil Control -1
Bullet Velocity +1Sprint Speed -1
Aim Down Sight Speed +1Laser Visible in ADS
Hip Recoil Control +1 
Recoil Control +1 
Crouch Movement Speed +1 

Barrel: Matuzek 812 Barrel

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Mazutek 812 Barrel [Screenshot by eXputer]
We start with the Matuzek 812 Barrel, which has several benefits, all of which primarily rely on improving the ranged properties of the Lockwood.

This is initially done by tightening the pellet spread and increasing the damage range. This means that not only are more pellets landing on the target, but each of them does more damage. Therefore, the combined effect deals more damage to enemies further back.

Secondly, the barrel also increases bullet velocity and reduces weapon recoil. The former means that bullets travel faster in-game, giving players more snappy feedback when they fire. The latter, of course, makes it easier to control the weapon and line up the next shot.

Muzzle: Bryson Series IX Choke

Bryson Series IX Choke
Bryson Series IX Choke [Image captured by eXputer]
Our choice of muzzle is the Bryson Series IX Choke.

Much like the barrel, this also betters the shotgun when used at a distance. It does so by mainly increasing the damage range of the weapon. As a result, the damage drop-off reduces with increasing distance, making ranged operation a viable option.

Additionally, the muzzle again tightens the pellet spread. This makes the weapon more accurate at range, as seen by the increased accuracy statistic of the attachment. Therefore, players will have an easier time landing their shots on target, provided they aim well enough.

Alternatively, players can also use the XTEN V2.0 Choke. This muzzle also has similar characteristics, although it gives a slightly smaller accuracy improvement.

Stock: Heist Stock Mod

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Heist Stock Mod [Picture by eXputer]
The Heist Stock Mod is a minimal and lightweight modification to the weapon stock and promotes mobility and handling.

For mobility, it increases the movement speed of the weapon as well as the sprint to fire speed. Hence, players will be able to cover ground quicker to keep up with the ring and push enemy squads. Moreover, they will also be able to start firing quicker after they rush in, giving them a leg-up.

In terms of handling, the stock makes improvements to both aimed fire and hip fire. For the former, it increases the ADS speed, letting players lock onto enemies quicker. For the latter, though, the stock makes the recoil more manageable. Therefore, close-ranged engagements also become easier to handle.

Guard: Buck-Pro

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Buck-Pro [Screenshot credits: eXputer]
For the next attachment, we went with the Buck-Pro guard.

This attachment mainly serves to improve the aim-down sight speeds of the weapon, which some other attachments in this setup had reduced. A respectable ADS speed helps, especially in ranged engagements where players need increased accuracy and visibility.

What’s more, players will also see increased crouch movement speeds in-game. Since crouch movement makes much less noise, this can help in situations that require stealth, such as when sneaking up on a squad.

This does, however, come at the expense of some sprint speed.

Laser: VLK LZR 7MW

VLK LZR 7MW [Image taken by eXputer]
The last attachment in our loadout is the VLK LZR 7MW laser that improves the accuracy and handling of the Lockwood.

As before, this improves the ADS speed of the weapon, letting players lock onto enemies quickly. This helps bring the net effect on ADS speed of this loadout to a positive, thereby nullifying the effect of the barrel and muzzle on this stat. Furthermore, close-quarters situations benefit from the increased sprint to fire speed.

Another benefit of this laser is that it helps to aim for stability. This means that the weapon will sway less when aimed in. As a result, players should have an easier time lining up their shots on targets further away. All of these items combine to build the best loadout setup and class for the Lockwood 300 in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0.

Perk Package

Perks have always been an integral part of the Call of Duty experience. Warzone 2.0 also heavily adopts from Modern Warfare 2’s perk system. However, unlike Modern Warfare 2, which allows for custom perk setups, Warzone 2.0 only has preset Perk Packages that players can choose from.

For our dynamic playstyle loadout, we recommend going with the Warden perk package. This has the following perks:

  • Base Perk 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Overclock
Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Warden Perk Package [Screenshot captured by us]
We start with the first Base Perk of Double Time. This is a mobility-centric perk that increases Tactical Sprint duration. This is an essential tool that players can use to get the drop on enemies or to retreat from dangerous situations in a hurry. Moreover, the perk also increases crouch movement speeds, giving players more of an advantage when they push unsuspecting enemy squads.

For our next Base Perk, we have Strong Arm. This lets players make the most of their throwable equipment. Not only can things like Grenades and Shock Sticks be thrown farther, but players will also see a preview of their trajectory. This makes them much easier to use, and players can get more value out of them.

Our Bonus Perk here is Fast Hands. This is an excellent perk for the Lockwood 300 since it requires very frequent reloading owing to its double-barrel nature. As such, this perk speeds up the reloading process so that players are not left vulnerable for as long. It also allows faster swaps between weapons and quicker usage of equipment.

Finally, the Overclock Ultimate Perk lets players recharge Field Upgrades while also giving them an additional charge. Therefore, players can get much more use out of the different Field Upgrades the game offers.


The equipment for our class setup will give players more utility and options when it comes to their engagements, whether they need to play it safe or go on the offense. As such, here are our selections for the best equipment players can use with their Lockwood 300 loadout build and class setup in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0.

  • Secondary: X13 Auto
  • Tactical: Shock Stick
  • Lethal: Thermite

Secondary: X13 Auto

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
X13 Auto [Image credits: eXputer]
The X13 Auto is an automatic upgrade of the X12 pistol, both of which take inspiration from the real-life Glock-18. It is a rapid-firing pistol that can essentially act as a mini-SMG. With a 20-round magazine and manageable recoil, the weapon compliments the Lockwood 300 by providing a reliable backup option. We also recommend pairing the sidearm with the following attachments to make the most out of it.

To start, players should equip their X13 Auto with the XRK Sidewinder-6 Slide barrel. This tailors the weapon for long-range engagements by increasing bullet velocity and reducing the recoil. Resultantly, bullets are easier to land on target, and they do so instantly.

The next attachment is the DZS Open Comp muzzle, which focuses primarily on reducing recoil and making the weapon easier to handle. This is done by reducing both the horizontal and the vertical recoil. Therefore, players should be able to land more shots on target, even at modest distances.

Afterward, we recommend the FJX Diod-70 laser. This serves to improve the handling stats of the weapon. It does this by increasing both the ADS speed and the sprint-to-fire speed. Hence, players can aim in and start firing quicker after a sprint. Moreover, the aiming stability is useful for holding down longer sightlines.

Moving ahead, players should select the Cronen Lima-6 as the rear grip. Much like the laser, this attachment helps mobility by improving ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds. This, coupled with the X13 Auto’s lightweight structure, means that the weapon will allow players to run and gun easily.

Lastly, players will want to go with the 33 Round Mag. This gives them a cushion in terms of how they spend their bullets, considering the weapon runs through its default magazine very quickly.

Tactical: Shock Stick

Shock Stick
Shock Stick [Image captured by eXputer]
For the Tactical, we recommend going with the Shock Stick. This is a sticky device that electrocutes enemies, equipment, and vehicles within a short radius.

The Shock Stick’s area-of-effect is a useful anti-personnel tool. Any enemy caught in its radius will spasm out and hip-fire uncontrollably until either their ammo is depleted or they leave the zone.

For one, players can throw it into a room to affect enemies directly, much like a Stun or Flash grenade. In addition, this can also help cover one’s path when retreating. Simply throw the Shock Stick behind you as you are escaping, and enemies will either be shocked or deterred from pursuing you altogether.

This Tactical can also be used to trigger other pre-placed explosives, such as C4s and AP Mines. What’s more, the Shock Stick can be used to temporarily disable vehicles. As such, this tool will find excessive utility in the field of Warzone 2.0.

Lethal: Thermite

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Thermite [Screenshot by eXputer]
When it comes to the Lethal, we suggest going with the Thermite. This is a powerful sticky device that can be used either on surfaces or directly on enemies if players can throw it well enough.

On surfaces, the Thermite sticks and gives off embers for a few seconds. This can damage any enemy caught in its radius. Therefore, it can be thrown into a room full of enemies as a method of crowd control. Moreover, it can also flush enemies out of their hiding spots.

Conversely, if players can stick a Thermite directly onto an enemy, their foe will be helpless for the few seconds it takes for the Thermite to burn out. During this time, they will have to bear the brunt of the damage, likely downing them. As such, this Lethal can act as an effective last resort.

Lastly, Thermite can also find utility as a smokescreen. This is due to the smoke it emits while burning, which is enough to block narrow sightlines. All in all, the Thermite acts as an incredibly versatile Lethal in this Lockwood 300 loadout.

Best Lockwood 300 Loadout (Attacking Playstyle)

The second loadout build for the Lockwood 300 is a more aggressive class set up and is best for a more mobile playstyle in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0. This is one for players who like to take the fight to the enemy with relentless pushes and continuous progression throughout the map.


Here are the attachments that we find go best with this style of gameplay:

  • Barrel: 11” Bryson Special
  • Laser: Point-G3P 04
  • Stock: Sweetspot Stock
  • Underbarrel: Cronen Grooveshot Grip
  • Guard: Demo Carbon Guard

Firstly, this loadout setup equips the Lockwood 300 for close-ranged engagements. For this, the setup gives the weapon much better hip-fire characteristics. This comes in the form of both increased hip fire accuracy and recoil control. Therefore, not only will players be able to get their shots more on target, but they will also have an easier time controlling successive shots.

Close-quarter situations also benefit from a wider pellet spread, which means that players are more likely to hit their target, even if their aim flinches. Moreover, the setup also makes notable improvements to the aim-down-sight speed of the shotgun.

The second major benefit of this loadout is increased mobility. For example, the player will see increased movement and sprint speeds. This has multiple benefits in the game, such as being able to cover ground faster and hence travel quicker between points of interest. The quicker sprint can also aid players when they have to outrun the circle.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons that this loadout brings.

Hip Recoil Control +2Recoil Control -2
Hip Fire Accuracy +2Recoil Steadiness -1
Aim Down Sight Speed +2Bullet Velocity -1
Sprint Speed +2Damage Range -1
Sprint to Fire Speed +1Flinch Resistance -1
Movement Speed +1Laser Visible at Hip
Crouch Movement Speed +1 
Aim Walking Steadiness +1 
Wider Pellet Spread +1 

Barrel: 11 Bryson Special

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
11” Bryson Special [Screenshot credits: eXputer]
We start this loadout with the 11’’ Bryson Special barrel. This shortens the shotgun’s barrel to make it a suitable run-and-gun attachment.

This is shown by the increased ADS and movement speeds. This lets players rush into opponents and get the drop on them while also having the near-perfect accuracy offered by aiming down sights.

Moreover, as stated before, the wider pellet spread leads to more likelihood of landing shots up close. As such, players do not have to hold themselves back and can feel comfortable closing the gap.

Conversely, the barrel slightly downgrades Lockwood’s ranged capabilities. However, the weapon should still perform pretty great at moderate distances due to its amazing default stats.

Laser: Point-G3P 04

Point-G3P 04
Point-G3P 04 [Image by eXputer]
Next up, we decided to go with the Point-G3P 04 laser sight. This is a very popular universal attachment that aims to make the weapon work better for hip fire and mobility.

In terms of hip fire, the laser first improves hip fire accuracy. This means that shots will land closer to where players aim, even without ADS-ing. Secondly, players will notice more manageable hip fire recoil, which is useful when firing shots in quick succession. This becomes especially critical in the case of the Lockwood since players only get two shots at a time.

On the other hand, mobility improvements mean that players can shoot faster after sprinting. What this essentially means is that if players come across a foe while sprinting, they will be able to get in that critical first shot instantly. And with a shotgun as powerful as the Lockwood, that is often sufficient.

All of this makes the Point-G3P 04 the best laser for the Lockwood 300 in this Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0 loadout build and class setup.

One downside is that the laser will be visible at the hip. However, with the aggressive playstyle this setup promotes, your enemy should not see you long enough for it to matter.

Stock: Sweetspot Stock

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Sweetspot Stock [Picture taken by eXputer]
For the stock option, we decided to go with the Sweetspot Stock. This is a wooden stock that focuses on getting on target faster.

The stock mostly helps to increase ADS speed. When aimed down sights, players can benefit from improved accuracy when they fire. Moreover, they get a clearer view of their target and often a lower sensitivity that helps track these targets accurately.

Aside from this, the attachment makes player movement easier. For one, it increases sprint speed. This can help players going on the offense, or it can also come in handy when players find themselves in a pinch and need to retreat. Secondly, this stock also increases the crouch movement speed. Players will find this helpful in situations where they have to minimize the sound they make while also maintaining decent mobility.

This does, however, come at the expense of some additional recoil. However, this will matter less in the close ranges this loadout is designed for.

Underbarrel: Cronen Grooveshot Grip

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Cronen Grooveshot Grip [Image credits: eXputer]
The next attachment we recommend in this loadout is the Cronen Grooveshot Grip. This is an excellent underbarrel foregrip that focuses mainly on hip fire capabilities.

This means that, similar to our laser sight, the underbarrel improves hip fire accuracy and recoil control. Consequently, players should see more of their shots landing on target when they hip fire, and that too with less weapon kick. Therefore, with the combination of this attachment and the laser sight, players can rely on their hip fire when things get too chaotic.

Another bonus this attachment brings is increased aim walking steadiness. This means that the weapon will sway less from side to side as players walk while aiming. This can make it easier to hold angles while pushing or pulling from a situation.

Guard: Demo Carbon Guard

Demo Carbon Guard
Demo Carbon Guard [Image by eXputer]
Our last attachment is a different shotgun guard, which is the Demo Carbon Guard. This is a lightweight carbon fiber guard which builds on the movement stats we have been working on throughout this loadout.

As previously seen, the increase in sprint speed helps greatly in the vast maps of Warzone 2.0, both for traversal and for engaging enemy players. Additionally, this attachment brings about an increase in hip walking speed. And thanks to the excellent hip fire stats we now have, players will feel comfortable walking and firing from the hip, making this a useful upgrade.

Perk Package

For the attacking playstyle that this loadout is made for, we recommend the Specter Perk Package. This is a useful package that bundles benefits such as greater mobility and intel. These are all highly desirable features, and they help make this loadout build and class setup the best for the Lockwood 300 in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0!

It contains the following perks:

  • Base Perk 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk 2: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Specter Perk Package [Screenshot taken by us]
The first Base Perk is Double Time. This is an excellent addition to any mobility-oriented setup due to its upsides of increased Tactical Sprint duration and crouch movement speed. This lets players be more effective with their pushes and retreats and sustain them for longer.

Secondly, we have the Tracker Base Perk. This essentially lets players go on the hunt by following enemy footprint trails when they are close by. Moreover, players can see enemy death markers, and their kill markers are hidden from the enemy team. These factors again aid in hunting down enemies while remaining stealthy.

Our Bonus Perk in this package is Spotter. This perk lets players view enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through walls. These are also highlighted for the squad when players ADS. Moreover, enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4, and Trophy Systems are hacked. As a result, players can always be aware of their surroundings and neutralize threats as they push.

Lastly, the Ultimate Perk is Ghost. Where the Bonus Perk lets players gather maximum intel, the Ghost perk lets players reduce the intel enemies receive. This is because when active, the perk makes the players undetectable by enemy UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors. Since these are very commonly used in the game, nullifying their effect gives players a major advantage.


Our equipment selection complements our loadout by providing players with options to engage at a distance. Aside from this, players will also have the utility to push up on enemy squads and clear rooms and corners where required. Here is a quick rundown of the setup:

  • Secondary: .50 GS
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade
  • Lethal: Drill Charge

Secondary: .50 GS

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
.50 GS [Image by eXputer]
The .50 GS is a sidearm based on the Desert Eagle. It packs a punch but has a slower fire rate and increased recoil to match. In our loadout, this lets players engage at increased ranges as well. Therefore, the pistol pairs well with the Lockwood, which we have tailored for close range. Moreover, the characteristics of the weapon can be improved further by equipping eXputer’s recommended attachments for the best pistols in Warzone 2.0.

For the muzzle, we recommend the SA Peak 77. This works to reduce the significant kick of the pistol and therefore makes it a little easier to handle. To achieve this, the attachment reduces both the horizontal and vertical recoil.

Next, players should equip the SA Tyrant Fifty barrel for the pistol. This is a long-range barrel that increases the bullet velocity and damage range. As a result, the weapon becomes more tuned for those longer distances. Additionally, better hip fire accuracy and recoil control help in close quarters.

Afterward, we recommend using the SA Competition Trigger as the trigger action. This tackles another downside of the .50 GS: its slow fire rate. With this trigger, the pistol fires faster and can, therefore, down opponents quicker.

Moving ahead, players should replace the default ammunition with the .50 Pistol Overpressured +P. This ammunition type increases the enemy to flinch, which makes enemies slow down when shot. Consequently, players should have an easier time picking apart even more mobile enemies.

Lastly, players can equip any optic of their choice that provides a clear enough sight of their opponent. However, we recommend some magnification to make the most of the .50 GS’s ranged capabilities.

Tactical: Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade [Picture taken by eXputer]
The Smoke Grenade is a very powerful piece of utility when used correctly. The grenade emits smoke and covers a small area with a cloud that blocks vision.

The potential of the Smoke Grenade lies in its ability to manipulate the playing field to the user’s liking. Not only can it block vital sightlines against keen-eyed opponents, but it can also provide some respite when players find themselves being shot at out in the open.

Therefore, players can use this Tactical to create attacking opportunities or execute defensive maneuvers.

Lethal: Drill Charge

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Drill Charge [Picture by eXputer]
For the Lethal, our pick is the Drill Charge. It is a sticky explosive device that burrows into a wall and explodes on the other side.

This is a great tool to deal with hunkered-down enemies without exposing yourself too much. If nothing else, it will force the enemies to leave their positions, giving you an easy window to take them down.

Furthermore, the Drill Charge can burrow through reasonably thick walls. This makes them very versatile and an essential tool in any Warzone player’s arsenal.

The Drill Charge can also be used directly as a throwable explosive. In fact, if players can hit an enemy directly, the Drill Charge will stick to them. This damages the enemy over time and is guaranteed to take off a large portion of their health.

More About The Lockwood 300

The Lockwood 300 close-up
The Lockwood 300 close-up [Picture by eXputer]
The Lockwood 300 is a double-barrel shotgun that packs immense power. In fact, it has the best damage, range, and accuracy statistics out of all the shotguns in Warzone 2.0. This makes the weapon much more versatile than close-ranged options such as the Expedite 12.

Moreover, the shotgun also has a respectable fire rate. As such, it can deliver its two blasts in very quick succession. This leaves behind pump-action shotguns such as the Bryson 800 in terms of damage per second.

However, all this power does come at a cost. For one, the weapon has noticeably more recoil than others in its class. This means that making sure all shots land as intended will take some amount of practice.

Additionally, owing to the double-barrel nature of the shotgun, players can only house two shells at a time. As such, they will need to make each shot count. What’s more, the weapon will require frequent reloading, leaving players vulnerable. This is in stark contrast to a magazine-fed shotgun like the Bryson 890, which makes short work of reloading.

With all these strengths in its arsenal, it is no wonder that the Lockwood 300 becomes one of the best weapons in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0 when paired with our loadout build and class setup!

Unlocking Lockwood 300 Customizations

Best Lockwood 300 Class Setup Loadout Build Call Of Duty COD Warzone 2.0
Lockwood 300 customizations [Image credits: eXputer]
To unlock the weapon Lockwood 300, players will have to progress to level 36 in Warzone 2.0 or Modern Warfare 2.

Once the Lockwood is unlocked, players can then create and equip custom loadouts for the weapon by heading into the Gunsmith.

The Gunsmith will let players equip different modifications with their Lockwood 300. To unlock new attachments and slots, players will have to level up the weapon. Some attachments also have specific progression paths involving other weapons.


Players looking for a shotgun that excels even at the range will no doubt love what the Lockwood 300 has to offer.

However, other close-range options do exist. For example, the game has an excellent assortment of SMGs. These include popular weapons such as the Lachmann Sub, FSS Hurricane, and BAS-P. Not only can they handle some extended ranges, but they also provide competitive levels of mobility. As such, they pair well with aggressive playstyles.

Conversely, if players are looking for a powerhouse that can sustain prolonged engagements and perform exceptionally at range as well, they should look at some of the LMGs the game brings. Among these, we recommend taking a look at Sakin MG38, RPK, and HCR 56. Aside from large magazine sizes, these weapons also feature less recoil and can therefore be handled better.

For more alternatives, players should go through our Warzone 2.0 Weapons Tier List!


With that, we conclude our Call of Duty (COD): Warzone 2.0 guide on the best loadout build and class setup for the Lockwood 300. These loadouts should give you a competitive advantage and help you excel in the game, regardless of your preferred style of play. Leave a comment if this loadout worked well for you. And for more guides on Warzone 2.0, stick to eXputer!

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