Warzone 2 BEST ISO Hemlock Loadouts [Season 6]

It's time to make a new loadout because there's a new AR in town!

The ISO Hemlock is an AR in Warzone 2.0, which arrived back in Season 2 of the game. Players now have the option to ponder over yet another hard-hitting Assault Rifle that can be utilized for many different playstyles. Therefore, it is important to know the Best loadout for ISO Hemlock for Warzone 2 before you drop down in Ashika Island or Al Mazrah.

Key Takeaways
  • ISO Hemlock is an Assault Rifle that was introduced in Season 2 of Warzone 2.0.
  • Players can go for two different builds after unlocking the ISO Hemlock; these include an all-rounder loadout and a long-range loadout.
  • For the ISO Hemlock All-rounder Loadout, players can go for the following attachments:
    • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40.
    • Barrel: Fielder-T50.
    • Optic: AIM OP-V4.
    • Underbarrel: EDGE-47 Grip.
    • Magazine: 45 Round Mag.
  • For the ISO Hemlock Long-range Loadout, players can go for the following attachments:
    • Muzzle: GAUGE-9 Mono.
    • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser.
    • Optic: Schlager 3.4x.
    • Magazine: 45 Round Mag.
    • Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity.
  • As for the secondary weapon, the P890 and X12 remain some of the best choices to go for in Warzone 2.0.

NOTE: The ISO Hemlock can easily be obtained because it’s a free unlock weapon. The weapon is unlocked after players complete Sector B11 in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

ISO Hemlock Best Loadout 

ISO Hemlock warzone 2
ISO Hemlock All-rounder Loadout [Image Credit: eXputer]
In our opinion, there are two different variations of loadout that you can go for while using ISO Hemlock. The first one is probably the All-rounder ISO Hemlock Loadout, which will be able to deal with enemies at all distances.

The ISO Hemlock isn’t ideal for rushing into buildings and hip-firing to take out whole squads. It’s a bit slow, but it can be great if you use it with a good strategy.

When used correctly, the ISO Hemlock is one of the best assault rifles in Warzone 2 Season 6. There are also new weapons like the Kodachis and KV Broadside.

You can use the ISO Hemlock to take down enemies at distances between 20 to 80 meters, but you need to be good at aiming. If you’re struggling with the recoil, you can use a specific loadout to make it easier to control. This setup has the potential to make the ISO Hemlock one of the Best Guns in Warzone 2.0.

Here’s a summary of all the best loadouts: 

ISO Hemlock LoadoutsAttachmentsPerk PackageEquipmentsSecondary Weapon Attachment
ISO Hemlock All- rounder
-Muzzle: Sakin TREAD-40
-Barrel: Fielder-T50
-Optic: AIM OP-V4
-Magazine: 45 Round Mag
-Underbarrel: EDGE-47 Grip
-Base Perk: Double
Time & Battle Hardened
-Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
-Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
-Secondary weapon:
X12 pistol
-Tactical: Stun Grenade
-Lethal: Frag Grenade
-Barrel: XRK LUC-9
-Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser
-Trigger Action: XRK TR9 Trigger
-Magazine: 33 Round Mag
-Rear Grip: Cronen LIMA-6
ISO Hemlock Long- range
-Muzzle: GAUGE-9 Mono
-Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
-Optic: Schlager 3.4x
-Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity
-Magazine: 45 Round Mag
-Base Perk: Bomb
Squad & Battle Hardened
-Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
-Ultimate Perk: Ghost
-Secondary weapon:
-Tactical: Flash Grenade
-Lethal: Frag Grenade
-Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser
-TriggerAction: Bruen Express
-Magazine: 12 Round Mag
-Rear Grip: Bruen RSH-80 Grip


ISO Hemlock best attachments warzone 2
ISO Hemlock Loadout attachments [Image Credit: eXputer]
ISO Hemlock All-rounder LoadoutMuzzleBarrelOpticMagazineUnderbarrel
AttachmentsSakin TREAD-40Fielder-T50AIM OP-V445 Round MagEDGE-47 Grip

To start things off, it is best to review all the different attachments that you’ll need to create the meta ISO Hemlock loadout. Even though the game provides you with 9 different slots that can be altered with an attachment. However, every COD gamer knows that you can only use 5 Attachments for your weapon, especially in Battle Royale modes.

Above we mentioned the 5 Attachments you need for your ISO Hemlock All-rounder Loadout. Of course, you can make some slight changes here and there according to your playstyle and preferences.

Secondary Weapon

warzone 2 x12
X12 Loadout [Image Credit: eXputer]
ISO Hemlock is a hard-hitting weapon with a rather slower fire rate. Hence, players should try pairing the new Warzone 2 Season 6 AR with a weapon that offers high movement speed and is a viable option for CQC. You could go for an SMG, although the best option is to opt for the X12 pistol.

Yes, the good old X12. It may not be the deadliest weapon in Warzone 2, but it offers a lot when used properly. With the X12, you’d be able to sprint for longer and have godlike movement speed. Not only that but with the right attachments, you can also take down a few enemies on your own at close range. With that said, here are all the attachments you can apply on your X12 as a secondary to the ISO Hemlock.

  • Barrel: XRK LUC-9.
  • Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser.
  • Trigger Action: XRK TR9 Trigger.
  • Magazine: 33 Round Mag.
  • Rear Grip: Cronen LIMA-6.

With the 33-round mag, you can easily down enemies without having to reload (which is usually the major drawback of pistols). The big ammo clip also makes X12 a great option for modes other than Solo BR.


stun tactical warzone 2
Stun Grenade [Screenshot by eXputer]
Without proper equipment teamed up with the ISO Hemlock, you won’t be able to reach its full potential. The use of some of the Equipment in Warzone 2 can make or break an entire play. If you see a whole squad camping or holding a house, simply throw a few stuns in there and rush in to get some free kills. With that said, here is the Lethal and Tactical Equipment you should try going for alongside the ISO Hemlock.

  • Tactical: Stun Grenade.
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade.

By far the most used and effective pair of equipment in Warzone 2. Even in Season 6, this pair is an easy choice to go for. Therefore, feel free to add these to your ISO Hemlock loadout before you queue up for your next game.

On the contrary, if you want to switch things up, then you could also go for Flash Grenades and Throwing Knife.


best perks warzone 2 season 2
Perk Setup for ISO Hemlock [Screenshot by eXputer]
When it comes to Perks, personal preferences play a huge part. Despite that, there are a few perks that stand out amongst the rest and are always worth picking. So to conclude your ISO Hemlock loadout in Warzone 2 Season 6, then make sure you have these ready to go in your setup.

  • Double Time (Base Perk 1): Allows the player to use Tactical Sprint for a longer period.
  • Battle Hardened (Base Perk 2): The player won’t get affected as much by enemy stun, flash, gas grenades, EMP, and shock sticks.
  • Fast Hands (Bonus Perk): Allows the player to switch weapons quickly and reload faster.
  • Quick Fix (Ultimate Perk): Faster health regeneration after plating up or killing an enemy.

ISO Hemlock Long-Range Loadout 

ISO hemlock Long Range loadout
ISO Hemlock Long-range build [Image Credit: eXputer]
There is no lack of combinations you can make with the attachments to come up with a great ISO Hemlock loadout. So to add another variation to your custom loadouts, it is worth knowing the ISO Hemlock long-range build. While playing BR modes, especially in maps like Al Mazrah, long-range ARs become a necessity. They offer a high fire rate as compared to Sniper Rifles, and can even deal significant damage at long ranges with the right attachments.

The ISO Hemlock Long-range loadout in Warzone 2.0 Season 6 solely focuses on enemies that are further away. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to know that you can not use it at close ranges or in fast-paced gun fights. Although, you could obviously go for a secondary weapon that compensates for that.


ISO Hemlock long range loadout warzone season 2
ISO Hemlock (long-range) Loadout attachments [Image Credit: eXputer]
ISO HEMLOCK LONG-RANGE LOADOUTMuzzleLaserOpticAmmunitionMagazine
AttachmentsGAUGE-9 MonoFSS OLE-V LaserSchlager 3.4x5.56 High Velocity45 Round Mag

The ISO Hemlock long-range attachments are a bit different from the ones we listed in the previous build. Nevertheless, in comparison, this loadout will offer more at long ranges. So if you like fighting on the open fields of Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, then the ISO Hemlock long-range loadout is worth trying out.

The attachments mentioned above create an amazing ISO Hemlock long-range loadout. Of course, you can make a few changes here and there according to your preference as well. 

NOTE: Before moving on, if after testing the ISO Hemlock long-range build, you find the recoil too tough to control, then you could switch out the Muzzle for the Lockgrip Precision-40 Underbarrel. The under barrel will help you control the recoil and have more stability while aiming down an enemy.

Secondary Weapon

p890 Warzone 2.0
P890 Loadout [Image Credit: eXputer]
Just like the first ISO Hemlock loadout weapon, you can yet again roll for another pistol as your secondary weapon. Players can also go for SMGs such as Vaznev-9K, Lachmann Sub, or the Fennec 45. However, going for an SMG would mean that you’ll have to drop one of your Base Perks for Overkill.

Nevertheless, going for the P890 as your secondary weapon is the optimal choice. The P890 is considered one of the Best Pistols in Warzone 2.0. It has a decent damage output and players with good trigger fingers can easily deal with multiple enemies with the P890 at hand. And if you add on some of the vital attachments then you’ll have a great secondary gun at hand to compliment your long-range ISO Hemlock.

Here are the best attachments to apply on your P890 loadout:

  • Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser.
  • TriggerAction: Bruen Express.
  • Magazine: 12 Round Mag.
  • Rear Grip: Bruen RSH-80 Grip.


flash tactical warzone 2
Flash Grenade [Screenshot by eXputer]
Along with the ISO Hemlock and P890, it is important that you equip an effective pair of tactical and lethal gear. Gunfire won’t be enough to win you games in Warzone 2. You need a nicely built strategy that makes use of equipment like stuns, flashes, frags, C4s, etc.

With that said, to further enhance your ISO Hemlock long-range loadout, it is advised to get the following equipment:

  • Tactical: Flash Grenade.
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade.

Flash Grenade is always a good choice to go for in hybrid loadouts. You can also swap out the flash for the Stun if you’re more comfortable with that. Whereas the Frag Grenade is a must-have in most loadouts but Lethals like Semtex and Drill Charge are also viable options. Especially if you see yourself running into a lot of campers in the BR lobbies.


perks iso hemlock warzone 2
Perk Setup for long-range ISO Hemlock [Screenshot by eXputer]
Before rounding up your ISO Hemlock long-range loadout for Warzone Season 6 you will also need to add some perks. Even though the perks that we mentioned in the previous loadout are good enough but we will still add a new variation so that you can try out something new. With so many perks to choose from, it can get a bit confusing at times. However, the following perks ought to be good enough for your ISO Hemlock long-range loadout.

  • Bomb Squad (Base Perk 1): Players will take less damage from explosives (Non-killstreak).
  • Battle Hardened (Base Perk 2): Stuns, Flash, EMP, Shock Sticks, and Gas Grenades will affect the player less.
  • Fast Hands (Bonus Perk): Ability to reload and switch weapons faster.
  • Ghost (Ultimate Perk): The player will be undetectable on enemy UAVs, heartbeat sensors, and portable radars.

Players who plan to use an SMG instead of the P890 can switch out Bomb Squad for the Overkill perk. Apart from that, you could also use Double Time instead of Bomb Squad. If Ghost isn’t a priority on your list then you could also opt for the Survivor Perk (especially if you play with teammates).

Final Words

So there you have it! Our complete take on the Best ISO Hemlock Loadout setup for Warzone 2.0 Season 6. The AR is loved by plenty of players around the globe. Even some famous streamers are running it on a daily basis. The ISO Hemlock is more of a mid to long-range weapon; therefore, it’s better to link it up with a quick secondary weapon such as a Pistol or an SMG.

If you’ve just started off your Warzone 2.0 journey, then it’s important to know all the Tips and Tricks. Along with that, make sure to tweak your Controller, Audio, and Aim Assist Settings before you start matchmaking. On the topic of ARs, also check out the loadout for Lachmann-556 and M4.

Thank you for investing your time here at eXputer. For more guides regarding Warzone 2.0 make sure to drop by again soon!

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