Warzone 2: Best Vaznev 9K Loadouts & Tips

Learn about the Best Vaznev 9k Loadouts with weapon tuning & also how to Unlock the Vaznev 9k.

It looks like the First SMG to become meta is going to be the Vaznev 9K in Warzone 2.0. It’s fast, versatile, and phase no recoil. We have listed the best Call of duty Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9K Loadouts entailing weapon attachments, perks package, equipment, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Vaznev 9k is the best SMG currently in Warzone 2 and will be the new meta. 
  • It has explosive close-range damage and can be optimized for mid-range domination as well.
  • Running with a long-range weapon such as a sniper will be your best bet to dominate at all ranges.
  • You will have to unlock and upgrade 3 other guns to unlock the Vaznev 9k, so start grinding finally.

Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 1(Mid Range)

COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9k Loadout
Warzone 2.0 Vaznev 9k Loadout 1 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The first loadout is going to be centered around making the Vaznev 9k your primary weapon in COD Warzone 2.0. Though the Vaznev is not a significant weapon in the long-range like most SMGs, it will be the best for the task.

It has a longer damage range and lesser recoil, making it easy to control and deal more damage. You can run the Vaznev Loadout 1 in COD (Call Of Duty) Warzone 2.0 in the last circle, where the enemies are closer together and annihilate the competition. 

Your precision is spot on, and you have excellent control over movement and recoil. All you have to do to destroy your adversaries is aim and shoot. You can carry launchers or a combat knife to increase your close-range lethality. With Loadout 1, you may easily outpace your opponents and take the top spot on the rankings. 


The attachments are the most crucial component in creating a superb weapon. They assist you in overcoming the drawbacks of your weapon and customizing it for your play style. The weapon has a variety of attachments, but we have carefully chosen the best. Your gun will become a weapon of mass destruction with these add-ons. The Vaznev-9K has 9 attachment slots, just like all the other weapons in the game. However, the number of open slots is capped at 5.

The attachments for the Mid-Range Vaznev 9k Loadout 

  • Muzzle: Brunen Pendulum 
  • Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser 
  • Rear Grip: Ture- Tac Grip


Vaznev 9k Burnen Pendulum
Warzone 2.0 Burnen Pendulum – Image Captured by us

Firstly, we are going to be running the Brunen Pendulum Muzzle for the COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9k Mid-range Loadout. The burden muzzle is going to help reduce both your Vertical and Horizontal recoil immensely.

With the reduced recoil, you will be able to control the gun easily at long ranges and have more control over your gun. The muzzle does take away a bit of your Aim Down Sight Speed and Aiming stability. However, that’s normal for a Mid Range weapon so that you won’t be outmatched.

Tuning For The Muzzle 

You will want to tune all the attachments you can to get the most out of them. For the Muzzle, we will be tuning the Aim Down Sight Speed all the way to -0.80 oz. That will help us counter the Aim Down Sight Speed debuff of the muzzle, making us slightly faster. For the bottom bar, we will go with max Gun kick control, which is +0.35 in. That will allow us to have better control, and the gun won’t bounce as much when we start firing. 


Vaznev 9K KAS-1 381mm
Warzone 2.0 KAS-1 381mm – Image Captured by eXputer

Secondly, we have the KAS-1 381mm attachment as our barrel. If you take one look at the list of all the buff it provides, you will be able to see this one is a no-brainer. The barrel has everything From bullet velocity to Hip Fire accuracy, giving you the best of both worlds.

We the increase in damage range and bullet velocity, it is safe to say the KAS-1 is the most important attachment for the Vaznev-9K Best Mid Range Call Of Duty (COD) Warzone 2.0 Loadout.  

Tuning For The Barrel

If all those buffs were not enough, don’t worry; we are not done yet. You can tune the Recoil Steadiness to +0.48 lb and the Damage Range to +0.40 in. With these tunings, you can easily see that the Vaznaz 9k will dominate in Mid-Range fights. 


COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 45 Round Mag
45 Round Mag Warzone 2.0 – Image by eXputer

Thirdly, for the mag, you should run the 45-round mag. At first, you will look at the list of all the debuffs and will be discouraged. However, without those extra bullets, the gun won’t be able to perform at its best. Since the Vaznev 9K is an SMG, it has lower damage. So you need to do as much damage in one go as you can. The extra bullets help you destroy enemies in a 1v1 and also easily take on another enemy without having to reload. 

The magazine will make you slightly slower, but all our other attachments are built around increasing your speed, so you won’t notice the debuffs in-game. 


Vaznev 9k FSS OLE-V Laser
Warzone 2 FSS OLE-V Laser – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

We have the FSS OLE-V Laser for your fourth attachment to help with some of the Speed debuffs of the Mag. The laser is the opposite of the Mag and cancels out most of the Magazine’s debuff. The OLE-V Laser gives you Aim Down Sight Speed, increases your Sprint to Fire speed, and also provides you with extra Aiming stability. The only downside is the Laser is visible when you ADS, so be careful, as the enemies can see it and find your location easily. 

Rear Grip

Vaznev 9K Ture-Tac Grip
Warzone 2.0 Ture-Tac Grip – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Last but not least, we will be running the Ture-Tac Grip for the Rear Grip. The Ture-Tac Grip is one of the most popular Grips in the game, and for a good reason. It makes your gun faster and helps you win more fights. It counters all the ADS debuff of the other attachments and allows you to have faster ADS Speed.

Moreover, it gives you a boost in Sprint to fire speed so you can rush enemies and instantly start firing once you have them in your sight. The only debuff the grip has is recoil control, but it’s easily countered by the other attachments. 

Tuning For The Rear Grip

You can tune the Grip to perfection to utilize its full potential. You tune the Sprint to Fire Speed to -0.45 to have the minimum delay when you start engaging in a fight while sprinting. That really comes in handy when you run into an enemy while both of you are sprinting, but you will have the upper hand. You can tune your ADS Speed to -1.00 oz and for maximum speed, making you even faster when you engage in a fight.  

Secondary For Loadout 1

You won’t be using a secondary weapon as much because you’ll be using this as your main weapon. Overkill will be useless, so pick a better perk and use a Launcher or a battle knife instead. Additionally, the launcher will aid in clearing any areas where opponents might be camped out.

So having these as your secondary frees up a space for your perks while maintaining gameplay balance. You can also pick up a great secondary weapon, such as a Sniper or a Semi-Auto Rifle, from the ground. 

Best Vaznev 9K Perks And Equipment

You’re going to need perks and equipment to complete your ideal setup. They will give you the extra push you need to destroy your rivals fully. These perks can be used with pretty much any loadout you like. You should test out these perks because they are currently the greatest in the game. The top perks to use with the Vaznev 9K Loadout Build 1 are listed below. You will the running the Specter Perk Package.

Basic Perks

Tracker and Double Time are the finest Basic Perks to use if you are playing aggressively and rushing the enemy. You can move across the map with these Perks and gain an advantage over your opponents tactically. With Tracker, the enemy’s footprints will be visible to you, making a trail for you to follow and eliminate them.

You have the greatest advantage over your adversary with these two of Warzone 2.0 strongest perks. These are crucial since, in COD, movement is the secret to winning any encounter with a foe. No one will be faster than you making it impossible to run away from you. 

Bonus Perk

The Spotter Perk will be your Bonus perk in the package. The spotter perks have a number of advantages and can turn enemy equipment against them. You can also see field upgrades and enemy traps through walls, so you have the element of surprise. the enemies won’t be able to guess your movement. Aiming down sight can also ping enemies that are in your view, alerting you and your teammates of their exact location. 

Ultimate Perk

According to your playstyle, you have two options for the Ultimate Prek. The Ghost perk will be your best choice if you plan to use the Vaznev 9K in the last circle. It will conceal your position from all enemy UAVs and give you the element of surprise. It will let you eliminate foes from a distance and hide your location from all enemy radars. Due to the fast TTK in the game, you need to be as hidden as possible. If the enemy knows your location and you are unaware of their location, it gives them a huge advantage. 


You will be able to force foes back and nerf them with the aid of your lethal and tactical equipment. Using your equipment in tandem is a lethal combination that can even change the course of a losing battle. So, these are the tactical and lethal weapons you ought to use.

Both the flash and the stun are excellent choices for the tactical when playing aggressively. You can use both in close combat with the perks, even though you won’t be as affected as your adversary. When an enemy is camped out or pursuing, you can use them for clearing out rooms or halting any advances from your foes. 

The Semtex is now the most devastating weapon in the game, and for a good cause. It is a fantastic explosive that adheres to surfaces and causes respectable splash damage. If you stick an opponent with it, the kill is confirmed, and if they are close to their comrades, they are all low-health targets now. For player camping in rooms and alleys, glue it to corners and wall surfaces to force them out. Having a Semtex in your back pocket is useful and deadly. 

Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 2 (Close Range)

COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9k Loadout
Warzone 2.0 Vaznev 9k Loadout 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
If you want to melt through your enemies from the start of the game, you will need a long-range weapon. You don’t need to be concerned because the Vaznev 9K is lethal up close. In Loadout 2, you will have a second long-range weapon in addition to a quick and lethal Vaznev 9K close-quarters combat. Vaznev 9k has one of the best Loadouts in COD Warzone 2.0 right now and has the highest chance of becoming the new meta. 


You should use a gun with a quick fire rate and decent movement capabilities for the short-range loadout. Both of them are covered by the Vaznev 9K. You can always fire first and cause greater damage with these accessories. Unmatched targeting steadiness and quickness are provided by the aim-down sight. You should use Vaznev 9K since it will outperform all other close-range weapons.

The attachments for the close-range Vaznev 9k will be 

  • Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Stock: FT-Tac Elite Stock
  • Rear Grip: Ture- Tac Grip


Vaznev 9K KAS-1 381mm
Warzone 2.0 KAS-1 381mm – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

First, our barrel is the KAS-1 381mm attachment, the same as before. One glance at the list of all the buffs it offers will show you that this choice is obvious. The barrel offers the best of both worlds in terms of hip fire accuracy and bullet velocity.

It is safe to conclude that the KAS-1 is the most crucial attachment for the Vaznev-9K Best Close Range Loadout. KAS-1 is the best barrel for the Vaznev at the moment, so you definitely should choose it. 

Tuning For The Barrel

We are not finished yet if all those buffs weren’t enough. Recoil Steadiness can be tuned to +0.48 lb, and Aim Down Sight Speed to –0.40 in. You can plainly tell that the Vaznaz 9k will win close-Range battles with these tunings. Your gun won’t jump as much and will be smoother and easier to control. With the faster ADS speed, you will get the first shot allowing you to have the advantage. 


Vaznev 9K Commando Foregrip
Warzone 2.0 Commando Foregrip – [Image credit: eXputer]
To nerf the recoil of the Vaznev 9k in Call Of Duty (COD) Warzone 2.0 even more, you will be running the Commando Foregrip. The Commando Foregrip provides you with increased recoil stabilization and Aiming Idle Steadiness. The buff makes your gun easy to control and allows you to track enemies fluidly. It will nerf your Aim down Sight Speed, but the other attachments should give you more than enough ADS increase.


COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 45 Round Mag
Warzone 2.0 45 Round Mag – Image Captured by us

Third, use the 45-round mag for the magazine as we did in Loadout 1. When you first see the list of all the penalties, you may become demotivated to use it. However, the gun won’t run as smoothly without those extra bullets. The Vaznev 9K has less damage because it is an SMG. Therefore, you must cause the most harm possible all at once. The extra ammunition enables you to simply take on another foe without needing to reload while taking down foes in a 1v1 situation.


Vaznev 9k FT-Tac Elite Stock
Warzone 2.0 FT-Tac Elite Stock – Image Captured by eXputer

The stock will make your gun as fast and stable as possible. Use the FT-Tac Elite Stock to make your gun as steady as possible. The Recoil control will help you have full control over the direction of your gun, and you can easily track your opponent. Your overall speed is also increased, so you will be able to maneuver around more easily. 

Rear Grip

Ture-Tac Grip Vaznev 9K
Warzone 2.0 Ture-Tac Grip – Image by eXputer

The Ture-Tac Grip for the Rear Grip will be used as our last but not least maneuver. One of the most well-liked grips in the game is the Ture-Tac Grip, and with good reason. It helps you win more battles and makes your rifle faster. It allows you to have quicker ADS Speed and negates all of the ADS debuffs of the other attachments.

Additionally, it increases your sprint-to-fire speed so you can rush adversaries and fire right away soon as you get them in your sights. Recoil control is the only disadvantage of the grip. However, it is readily overcome by the other attachments.

Tuning For The Rear Grip

The Grip may be tuned to perfection to reach its maximum potential. To have the shortest delay while starting combat while sprinting, you tweak the Sprint to Fire Speed to -0.45. When you run into an enemy while both of you are sprinting, that significantly helps because you will be in the lead. For fighting, you can adjust your ADS Speed to -1.00 oz for maximum speed, making you even faster.

Secondary For Loadout 2

The Signal 50, which is presently available in COD Warzone 2.0, is the Best Sniper. One of the rifles you can acquire early on in the game, Signal 50, can become overpowered with the appropriate loadout and class combination. It is the fastest sniper in terms of TTK because of its quick fire rate and low recoil. Due to the Signal 50’s semi-automatic nature, it is unaffected by the removal of the one-shot kill mechanism. The signal 50 will be a great secondary to help you dominate the long-range battles as well. 

For Signal 50, we’ll be using the 29″ TV Kilo- 50 Barrel. You would want to use the barrel every time you use the Signal 50 because it is one of the best barrels for the device. It will increase bullet velocity and range, giving the gun the much-needed boost, and it will increase your lethality at a distance.

In order to compensate for the slower handling speed, we will use the SA Finesse Grip and the FSS OLE-V laser. To boost your Signal 50’s Aim Down Speed, you must employ both of these accessories. Additionally, you get a faster Sprint To Fire speed with these attachments, which makes the Signal 50 an ideal weapon for all game modes.

The Nilsound 90 Silencer, which has additional advantages and doesn’t expose your location when you fire, will work best with the Signal 50. Similar to the Barrel, it offers you bullet velocity and damage range. You can win long-range battles by combining the two, which makes for a powerful combo.

Last but not least, we shall run the SO Inline Stock. The INline stock basically removes the stock making the gun lighter allow you to have better mobility. The gun is faster without the stock, which will speed up both your movement and ADS. You will, however, lose some control over the recoil. It will be worthwhile, though, because of the speed boost.

Best Vaznev 9K Perks And Equipment

You can employ these perks with pretty much any loadout you want. These perks are currently the best in the game, so you should try them out. Your optimal configuration will be completed by Equipment and Perks. They will offer you the extra boost you require to eliminate your competitors completely. The following perks and gear are included with the Vaznev 9K Loadout 2. We are going to be running the Weapon Specialist Perk Package

Basic Perks

Your first basic perk will be Overkill so that you can run two primary weapons at the same time in Loadout 2. You will use the Vaznev 9k as your main gun for close-range combat and switch to the Signal 50 when the enemies are far away. Running 2 guns is important when you are in the early game gives you the opportunity to dominate at all distances.  

Your second basic Perk will be the Strong Arm in the Weapon Specialist Perk Package. Strong Arm helps you with your equipment. Allowing you to throw it at farther distances, and you are able to see where the equipment will land. 

Bonus Perk

Your Bonus perk in the package will be the Spotter Perk. The spotter perk offers a lot of benefits and can make equipment belonging to the adversary work against them. Additionally, you can see opponent traps and field improvements through barriers, giving you the element of surprise. Your movement won’t be predictable to the adversaries. Aiming down sight can ping adversaries in your field of view, letting you and your allies know exactly where they are.

Ultimate Perk 

The ultimate perk available in the package is the Survivor Perk. The Survivor Perk is more of a team perk so it won’t really be useful in a solo queue. However, it will be a lot of help with queueing with friends or playing with teammates. The perk allows you to get revived faster and also pings the enemy that downed you. Putting the enemy at a disadvantage and giving you a higher chance at survival. 


When looking to run and gun, the Stun grenade is undoubtedly the most tactical weapon a player can have. All seasoned COD players should be aware of its significance and how, when used skillfully, it may change the course of a battle. Despite the slightly smaller area of effect, the reaction your opponent experiences nearly always results in a kill.
As a result, the Stun makes a fantastic entry tool before sprinting into a room or structure. You can then use your Vaznev-9K to stomp them to death. 

The Semtex is a practical grenade with a fuse that adheres to surfaces. For the optimum Vaznev-9K loadout, a large area of effect is crucial, and because of its sticking power, it is especially helpful at choke points. You can low a whole squad camped out in a room with the semtex. It allows you to play more aggressively and stick enemies with it to kill them. 

How To Unlock Vaznev 9k 

When you first start the game, the Vaznev 9k  will be locked and will take some time to unlock. You must unlock and upgrade 3 more firearms due to the new unlocking system that was incorporated into the game before you can get the Vaznev 9k.

To begin with, you must unlock the Kastov 762. You only need to play the game until you reach level 23 to unlock the Kastov. All you need to do to use the Kastov 762 in matches is equip it when you’ve unlocked it. The Kastov 545 is unlocked when you level it up to Level 10.

The Kastov 545 will require you to follow the same procedure. The only way to upgrade it to level 13 is to use it in games and level it up. Once you’ve done that, the Kastov-74U will be unlocked, but you’re not quite done. You will also have to upgrade the Kastov-74U as the last step to unlock the Vaznev 9k. 

Once you have it unlocked, you will have to max out the gun to get all the attachments and also unlock tuning in those attachments. The unlocking and upgrading seem like a lot, but it is the new system, so you will have to grind a bit. 

Pros And Cons Of Vaznev 9k 

Despite having its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the Vaznev 9k is one of the best weapons in the game. There are no Cons to the gun that can’t be fixed with the appropriate perks and attachments. It is a simple-to-use weapon that has a high damage output at close range yet is still a fantastic long-range weapon.

The Range of the Vaznev 9k is the one drawback that comes to mind. Even though it still performs admirably at a distance, it is not the finest. It is more challenging to utilize in long-range combat due to its range and fire rate. It’s still functional, but to prevail in those battles, you must be the superior player. 

Given that, it is arguably the finest close-range weapon available right now in the game. In COD (Call Of Duty) Warzone 2.0, Vaznev 9k’s Best possible Loadout is hard to beat when it comes to close-range fights. The enemy is effectively dead if you engage them first, and it has one of the lowest times to kill in the game. The better option is to run it with a long-range weapon because you can control all ranges and are invincible.

It’s lethal to battle against because of the minimal recoil and superb precision, and you have the advantage in all close-quarters battles. Due to your high degree of mobility, you will be able to sprint, dive, and slide throughout the map and eliminate each opponent you encounter. You don’t have to worry about pausing and aiming before peaking corners because you also have a very swift sprint to shoot and Aim Down Sight Speed.

Why Select Vaznev 9K 

When it comes to causing damage at close range, the Vaznev 9K is the greatest SMG. You may anticipate it to deal with the high amount of damage it has because it is an updated version of the AK platform. However, it doesn’t reduce mobility the way you may anticipate it would with other AK rifles.

It maintains its high level of mobility while dealing excellent damage. Making the Best Loadout for the Vaznev 9k in COD (Call Of Duty) Warzone 2.0 is going to be a piece of cake. 

If you intend to utilize it, you can employ long-range weapons with it. That weapon will eventually be utilized to deal with enemies in far-off skirmishes. In close combat, you can also use your SMG, the Vaznev 9K, to deal with them if they get too close to you. The gun is great at medium range, and if you want to run it solo with ghosts in the last few circles, you can still dominate. 

Final Words

Warzone 2.0 has made some changes to the gun mechanics, due to which the SMGs are going to be running the meta. They have faster Aim Down Sight speed, Faster movement, Faster fire rate, and even Faster TTK (time to kill).

The Vaznev 9k will be the new meta, so you better start unlocking and upgrading before anyone else. You need to grind a game a bit, but it’s all worth it cause you will soon be dominating the battlefield. After learning the Best Loadouts for Vaznev 9k in Call Of Duty (COD) Warzone 2.0, you are ready to annihilate your foes. If you want to find out what other SMGs are overpowered in the game, check out our Best SMGs & Their Loadouts.

Since you will be running a lot more SMGs in Warzone 2, you will need a good sniper along with them, have a look at our Best Snipers & Their Loadouts. For the best Loadouts that might become meta in the near future, check out BEST Warzone 2.0 Loadouts to stay ahead of the competition.  

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