Warzone 2: Best Vaznev 9K Loadouts & Tips

After 100+ hours of gameplay, this is my take on the best loadout and class setup for Vaznev 9K.

It looks like the First SMG to become meta is going to be the Vaznev 9K in Warzone 2.0. It’s fast, versatile, and has no recoil. I have listed the best Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9K Loadouts, entailing weapon attachments, perks package, equipment, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Vaznev 9k is one of the best SMGs currently in Warzone 2 and will be the new meta. 
  • It has explosive close-range damage and can be optimized for mid-range domination as well.
  • Running with a long-range weapon such as a sniper will be your best bet to dominate at all ranges.
  • You will have to unlock and upgrade 3 other guns to unlock the Vaznev 9k, so start grinding finally.

Here are all the loadouts summarized: 

Vaznev 9K LoadoutAttachmentsPerk PackageEquipmentsSecondary Weapon
Vaznev 9K Loadout 1
(Mid Range)
-Muzzle: Brunen Pendulum
-Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
-Magazine: 45-Round Mag
-Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
-Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
-Basic Perks: Tracker
& Double Time
-Bonus Perk: Spotter
-Ultimate Perk: Ghost
-Tactical: Flash & Stun
-Secondary weapon:
Vaznev 9K Loadout 2
(Close Range)
Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
Magazine: 45-Round Mag
Stock: FT-Tac Elite Stock
Rear Grip: Ture- Tac Grip
-Basic Perks: Overkill
& Strong Arm
-Bonus Perk: Spotter
-Ultimate Perk: Survivor
-Tactical: Stun grenade
-Secondary weapon:
Signal 50
-Barrel: 29″ TV Kilo- 50
-Laser: FSS OLE-V
-Grip: SA Finesse
-Silencer: Nilsound 90
-Stock: SO Inline

Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 1(Mid Range)

COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9k Loadout
Warzone 2.0 Vaznev 9k Loadout 1 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The first loadout is going to be centered around making the Vaznev 9k your primary weapon in COD Warzone 2.0. Though the Vaznev is not a significant weapon in the long-range like most SMGs, it will be the best for the task.

It has a longer damage range and lesser recoil, making it easy to control and deal more damage. You can run the Vaznev Loadout 1 in COD (Call Of Duty) Warzone 2.0 in the last circle, where the enemies are closer together and annihilate the competition. 

For the Mid-Range Vaznev 9k Loadout, I recommend the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: Brunen Pendulum 
  • Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser 
  • Rear Grip: Ture- Tac Grip
  • Improved base damage
  • Better recoil control
  • Enhanced stabiltiy
  • Higher accuracy
  • Reduced ADS to some extent
  • Laser might be disturbing


You won’t be using a secondary weapon as much because you’ll be using this as your main weapon. Overkill will be useless, so pick a better perk and use a Launcher or a battle knife instead. Additionally, the launcher will aid in clearing any areas where opponents might be camped out.

So, having these as your secondary frees up space for your perks while maintaining gameplay balance. You can also pick up a great secondary weapon, such as a Sniper or a Semi-Auto Rifle, from the ground. 


You’re going to need perks and equipment to complete your ideal setup. They will give you the extra push you need to destroy your rivals fully.  You should test out these perks because they are currently the greatest in the game.

For Vaznev, I use the Specter Perk Package, which includes:

  • Basic Perks: Tracker and Double Time
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost


Both the flash and the stun are excellent choices for the tactical when playing aggressively. You can use both in close combat with the perks, even though you won’t be as affected as your adversary. 

The Semtex is now the most devastating lethal in the game and for a good cause. It is a fantastic explosive that adheres to surfaces and causes respectable splash damage. 

Best Vaznev 9K Loadout 2 (Close Range)

COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9k Loadout
Warzone 2.0 Vaznev 9k Loadout 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
If you want to melt through your enemies from the start of the game, you will need a long-range weapon. You don’t need to be concerned because the Vaznev 9K is lethal up close. In Loadout 2, you will have a second long-range weapon in addition to a quick and lethal Vaznev 9K close-quarters combat.

You should use a gun with a quick fire rate and decent movement capabilities for the short-range loadout. Both of them are covered by the Vaznev 9K. You can always fire first and cause greater damage with these accessories. 

For close-range build, I recommend the following attachments:

  • Barrel: KAS-1 381mm
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Stock: FT-Tac Elite Stock
  • Rear Grip: Ture- Tac Grip
  • Movement Speed
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Hip Fire Accuracy
  • Bullet Velocity
  • Limited Range
  • Accuracy decreases with distance


The Signal 50, which is presently available in COD Warzone 2.0, is the best Sniper. One of the rifles you can acquire early on in the game, Signal 50, can become overpowered with the appropriate loadout and class combination. It is the fastest sniper in terms of TTK because of its quick fire rate and low recoil. 

With Signal 50, the following attachments work best for me:

  • Barrel: 29″ TV Kilo- 50 Barrel
  • Laser:  FSS OLE-V laser
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip
  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Stock: SO Inline Stock


You can employ these perks with pretty much any loadout you want. These perks are currently the best in the game, so you should try them out. Your optimal configuration will be completed by Equipment and Perks. They will offer you the extra boost you require to eliminate your competitors completely.

For this loadout, I use the Weapon Specialist Perk Package:

  • Basic Perks: Overkill and Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor


When looking to run a gun, the Stun grenade is undoubtedly the most tactical weapon a player can have. Despite the slightly smaller area of effect, the reaction your opponent experiences nearly always results in a kill.

The Semtex is a practical grenade with a fuse that adheres to surfaces. For the optimum Vaznev-9K loadout, a large area of effect is crucial, and because of its sticking power, it is especially helpful at choke points. Y

My Take On Vaznev Loadouts

Vaznev undoubtedly has the best handling and recoil control; with appropriate attachments and perks, its performance can be increased further. You can use any of the suggested loadouts, depending on your preference and playstyle. 

The Vaznev 9k will be the new meta, so you better start unlocking and upgrading before anyone else. You need to grind a game a bit, but it’s all worth it cause you will soon be dominating the battlefield.  Since you will be running a lot more SMGs in Warzone 2, you will need a good sniper along with them. Have a look at THE Best Snipers Loadouts.

That sums up the guide on COD Warzone 2.0 Best Vaznev 9K Loadout. For the best Loadouts that might become meta in the near future, check out BEST Warzone 2.0 Loadouts to stay ahead of the competition. Lastly, I recommend you go through Asad Ahmed’s review on Warzone 2 and check out his in-depth analysis.

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