Warzone 2: Best Classes & Setups [Top 6 In Season 3]

These are the Best Classes & setups that will surely get you victory in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2 has different Weapon tiers, platforms, and types that you can combine with other features in the game to make the Best Classes. But that doesn’t mean that any one class you take will be the best. These classes make the already powerful guns much more useful. The Perks, Equipment, and, most importantly, secondary weapons used for our Class setups are some of the best in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Classes in Warzone 2 keep you prepared for every situation.
  • Attachments in the Best Class make the gun much more usable.
  • The RPK goes on perfectly with the Basilisk for its Best Class Loadout.
  • For TAQ-56 Class Loadout, we recommend using the P890.
  • With the FSS Hurricane’s Class, we’ve used Victus XMR as they both go well with each other.
  • TAQ-V’s longer range makes it somewhat useless in close range. Use Akimbo X12 in its Class Loadout.
  • The Marksman Rifle SP-R 208’s Class has the Vel 46. That way, you’ll be deadly in long-range and close-range combat.
  • MCPR-300 and its Class setup work perfectly if you combine it with the X13 Auto.

All Classes Comparison

Below we have listed down the stats so that you can compare the Warzone 2.0 weapons from our guide:

WeaponsTypeReload TimeADS Time (ms)Fire Rate (RPM)Time To Kill (ms)Base Move Speed (m/s)
FSS HurricaneSMG2.33240.0698.0258.04.72
SP-R 208Marksman2.07350.059.0-4.51

Best Warzone 2 Classes

Following are some of the best Classes that you can build in Warzone 2. However, we’re using Pistols as the Secondary weapon in most of our Class Setups. But you can switch that with any of the Best Guns in Warzone 2.0 that you come across in the game.


The RPK is a powerful LMG. It has the best Stats in all of the LMGs. You can use it as an Assault Rifle or LMG, whatever you want. That can be determined with the loadout that you’re using with the gun. As for our Class loadout, we use it as an LMG with a secondary Pistol that gives you amazing mobility.

RPK best classes in warzone 2.
The RPK is a powerful LMG that can be used as an AR. [Image by: eXputer]


MuzzleUnderbarrelOpticRear GripAmmunition
Kastovia DX90Phase-3 GripAim OP-V4Demo-X2 Grip7.62 High-Velocity

The Attachments of the gun decrease its Mobility and Handling. But in return, you’ll get increased Range, Accuracy, and Recoil Control. That makes the RPK deadly for enemies, and they will be forced to run for their life.


Okay, so we begin with the Muzzle in the Attachments. For the muzzle, we’ve gone with the Kastovia DX90. The Kastovia DX90 is a Sound Suppressor that will keep you off the radar and away from unwanted attention. In addition to that, the Suppressor is quite good when it comes to Bullet Velocity. It will give the RPK a little push to its range. You’ll have good Recoil Control and Recoil Smoothness with all that. The RPK takes a hit on its mobility, but it’s an LMG, so that’s expected.

In the Tuning section of the Muzzle, we increase its Recoil Smoothness by moving the slider all the way up on the left side. And on the slider at the bottom, we need to move it to Bullet Velocity. Our goal is to have almost ‘no recoil,’ so the tuning will help a lot with that.


The Underbarrel that goes well with the Best Class of RPK in Warzone 2 is the Phase-3 Grip. The Phase-3 Grip has all it needs to ensure that your bullets are always hitting the enemy, and that is thanks to its superior accuracy. It increases the Aiming Idle Stability and Recoil Stabilization. Better Hip Fire Accuracy is a great feature of the Underbarrel attachment.

When we get to the Underbarrel’s Tuning, we focus on the Recoil Stabilization. That will, in turn, give you the best Recoil control that is available for the RPK. On the toggle at the bottom, we’ll be focusing on the Aiming Idle Stability.


The Optic attachment that we went with was the Aim OP-V4. It is a great Optical attachment that ensures there isn’t much gimmick in the scope for you to aim at the head. The Pros of the attachment are that it gives a ‘Precision Sight Picture’. At the same time, you have to give up on some of the Aim Down SIght speed. Now that is something that is already low compared to other guns as it is an RPK. So, it isn’t a bad trade overall.

In the Tuning, on the left Tuning option, we moved it all the way towards Aim Down Sight speed. That gives back some of the ADS speed taken away. Whereas on the Tuning on the bottom, we moved it all the way towards ‘close’.

Rear Grip

Our Rear Grip attachment is the Demo-X2 Grip. It is a ‘Smooth and Reliable pistol grip,’ but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work with the RPK. It improves the Recoil Control of the RPK, giving you a smooth firing experience. The Rear Grip takes away a bit of Aiming Stability, so that’s what you have to keep in mind.

When we get into the Tuning, we need to get somewhat of that Aiming Stability back. For that, we moved the bottom slider all the way toward the right to the Aiming Idle Stability. For the Slider to the left, we moved it upwards to Recoil Steadiness.


For the Ammunition, we went with the 7.62 High-Velocity bullets. The main reason for it is that there is no good considerable Barrel attachment with the RPK that will ensure we’re getting a good range. That is why it is better to go with the Ammunition attachment. It will give good BUllet Velocity. But take away a bunch of Damage Range.

When we head toward the Tuning section, we can regain some of the Damage Range. For that, we moved the slider on the left all the way toward the Damage Range. And for the slider on the bottom, we went with Bullet Velocity. We were able to regain some of the damage lost with other attachments.

  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • 1st Perk: Double Time
  • 2nd Perk: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Overclock

Secondary Weapon

Basilisk has superb recoil control and mobility among all of the Pistols in Warzone 2. It can hold 5 Bullets at a time, but at times, you’d only need one bullet to take out an enemy. If you want to improve the Pistol further, you can use these attachments.


  • Barrel: 10.5” FTAC Arrow
  • Trigger Action: Bryson HTA
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo Basilisk
  • Ammunition: .500 Snake Shot
  • Laser: REVO-LSO 7MW

TAQ-56 – Best AR Class

TAQ-56 is one of the Best ARs available in the game. So it was the perfect choice for our Best AR Class loadout. It has everything that you’d expect from an AR. the Gun has good Mobility and Handling that allow you to shift places and start firing bullets in seconds. We’re pairing it with the P890 that has the famous One Shot One Kill loadout.

TAQ-56 in the game.
TAQ-56 is one the best AR available in the game. [Image captured by; eXputer]


Komodo HeavyFTAC Ripper 5617.5 Tundra Pro Barrel60 Round Magazine5.56 High-Velocity

As for the attachments, you’ll note that they focus mainly on increasing the Damage and Accuracy of the gun. With our tunings, we‘ve ensured that we get the best out of the attachments. You’ll have increased Range and Recoil Control with the Class Loadout. We’ve used the 60-Mag Round, which takes away a fair bit of Handling and Mobility, but even that won’t be enough to stop the deadly gun.


In the Ammunition, we decided to go with the 5.56 High-Velocity bullets. These bullets further increase the Bullet Velocity of the gun. That way, you’ll have an improved TTK. It will significantly reduce the time it takes to kill the enemy. You’ll have reduced Damage Range with the gun.

In Ammunition Tuning, you can’t go wrong. But for our TAQ-56 Class, we tuned the left toggle towards the Damage Range. Whereas for the toggle at the bottom, going for Bullet Velocity is the best option.


For the Magzine, we have two attachments available. Out of those two, we went with the 60 Round Mag. Although the 40-Round Mag is a bit lighter, the benefit we’ll be getting while using the 60-Round Mag is quite high. It gives us the insurance that we have enough bullets to take out a few more enemies before the need to reload. It takes away a bit of Handling and Mobility.


The 17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel is the perfect choice for the TAQ-56 barrel attachment. It is a long and accurate barrel that will help you make precise shots at enemy operators. It increases the Damage Range and Bullet Velocity of the gun. That and the Hip Fire Accuracy increase help you take out opponents a longer range. It slightly decreases the Aim Down Sight speed and Hip Recoil Control.

When we head onto the Tuning, we increase its Recoil Steadiness on the slider to the left. That gives us better control of the gun. Whereas on the bottom slider, we went all the way toward the Damage Range. 


In the Muzzles, we chose the Komodo Heavy. The main purpose of the Komodo Heavy is to give us better Recoil control on the TAQ-5. The Muzzle focuses on Horizontal Recoil Control while taking away a bit of Handling. It affects the Aim Down Sight speed and the overall Aiming Stability of the gun.

In the Weapon Tuning, we decided to move the bottom tuner all the way to the right, towards the Gun Kick Control. Whereas for the tuner on the left, Recoil Stabilization is the way to go. That way, you’ll get advanced recoil control.


The Recoil Stability would have improved by a lot with all the attachments. But it still isn’t as high to be called ‘No Recoil’. To further improve, we have the FTAC Ripper 56. Now it is a great foregrip which will help you a lot with the Recoil. It improves the Aiming Idle Stability and Recoil Stabilization. That will surely help you in all battles. Not only that, it improves the Hip Fire Accuracy too.

For its Tuning, we went the same road as almost all of the attachments. On the left side, we tuned all the way toward Recoil Stabilization to get every bit of extra recoil we could get. Whereas on the tuner at the bottom, Aiming for Idle Stability is the way to go.

  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • 1st Perk: Double Time
  • 2nd Perk: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Focus
  • Ultimate Perk: Birdseye

Secondary Weapon

The Semi-Automatic P890 is one of the best choices that you can have for the TAQ-56. People expect it to be weaker than other guns, but it can become the beast if you use the right attachments. Using it will give you one of the best experiences with the Pistol.


  • Barrel: Matuzek Cottonmouth Barrel
  • Laser: XTEN Sidearm-L400
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo P890
  • Magazine: 12-Round Mag
  • Trigger Action: Bruen MG80 Trigger

FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane is the BEST SMG in Warzone 2. And it is fair enough to say whatever Class Loadout you use on the gun will work perfectly as long as you know what you’re doing. It lacks a bit of range, so we’ve decided to pair it with a Sniper Rifle. For that, the Victus XMR seems like the perfect choice.

FSS Hurricane Loadout
The FSS Hurricane is an SMG that is known for its powerful stats. [Image captured by; eXputer]


BarrelMuzzleUnderbarrelStockRear Grip
FSS Cannonade 16”XTEN Razor CompPhase-3 GripDemo Quicksilver StockXTEN Grip

Our Loadout of the FSS Hurrinance doesn’t change much in the gun. You’ll still have that superb Fire Rate with high Mobility and handling. You can consider these attachments and their tuning as a tweak to the already powerful SMG.


FSS Cannonade 16” is designed for the FSS Hurricane SMG. It is a long 16” Barrel that is heavy, but it increases the Damage, Range, and Accuracy of the gun. Yes, the ADS speed and Hip Recoil Control take a hit. But when you consider the Damage Range, Hip Fire Accuracy, and Bullet Velocity that you’ll get with it, the loss seems minimal.

In the Tuning section of the Barrel, we moved the tuner on the bottom towards the Damage Range. In contrast, the tuner on the left side is tuned for Recoil Steadiness.


Now the XTEN Razor Comp is a great Muzzle. It is a ‘Superior’ muzzle that drastically improves the overall Recoil Control and Accuracy of the SMG. You won’t only get Horizontal Recoil Control but also Vertical Recoil Control too. It is good to have a muzzle. It takes away a bit of Handling by reducing the ADS speed and Aiming Stability.

For the tuning of the Muzzle, here’s what we did. We moved the tuner to the left all the way towards Recoil Stabilization. As for the tuner on the bottom, it is better to move it toward Gun Kick Control. That way, you’ll get much better overall performance from it.


The Underbarrel for the FSS Hurriance that we chose is Phase-3 Grip. Now it is a reliable Grip that will ensure that we have overall stability for the gun. Using it will improve the stats revolving around Aiming Idle Stability, Hip Fire Accuracy, and Recoil Stabilization. It will reduce a little bit of Walking speed and Aim Down Sight speed. But we’ll recover them in the next two attachments.

When we head towards Underbarrel Tuning, we have a lot of options. But for the Phase-3 Grip, we decided to further increase the Recoil Stabilization by moving the toggle all the way up on the left side tuner. Although we recommend leaving the tuner at the bottom as it is, you can play with it to your liking.


Demo Quicksilver Stock goes on the best for us with the SMG. It is a lightweight Stock that drastically improves the overall Handling and Mobility of the gun. Of course, if you’re looking at these, you might have to forgo Accuracy and Recoil Control. As for the attachment, it improves the Sprint speed, Aim Walking speed, Crouch Movement speed, and Aim Down Sight speed. That way, chasing after opponents will be a piece of cake.

In its tuning, we moved the tuner on the left down towards Aim Down Sight Speed. But for the tuner on the bottom, we left it as it is because a little bit of Recoil and Accuracy on a gun won’t hurt its overall performance.

Rear Grip

The Rear Grip for the FSS Hurricane will be the XTEN Grip. It is a comfortable grip that significantly increases the Handling of the SMG. It will increase the Sprint to Fire SPeed while also increasing the Aim Down Sight Speed of the gun. That is great as the SMG are considered ‘light weight, so the attachment will make it much more usable in close combat. The XTEN Grip slightly reduces the Recoil Control of the gun.

When we got to the tuning of the Rear Grip, here’s what we did. We moved the tuning to the left all the way down towards more Aim Down Sight speed. Whereas for the tuning on the bottom, we moved it to Sprint to Fire speed. That way, we have a much better response time on the gun.

  • Tactical: Heartbeat Syringe
  • Lethal: Claymore
  • 1st Perk: Overkill
  • 2nd Perk: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor

Secondary Weapon

For the Class of FSS Hurricane, we decided to go with the Snipers. There are tons of options that you can choose from among the snipers, but we decided to go with Victus XMR. Here are the attachments that we used.


  • Muzzle: Bruen Agen 90 Silencer
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal Explosive
  • Rear Grip: Bruen G900 Grip
  • Stock: XRK Rise 50
  • Optic: SP-X 80 6.6x


We have already explained how the TAQ-56 is one of the best ARs in the game. The TAQ-V is the Best Battle Rifle in the game. It has a great range that will allow you to take out enemies at a longer range. We’ve combined it with the Akimbo X12, which gives double the power of the Pistol, as you’ll literally have two pistols.

TAQ-V in the game.
TAQ-V, like the TAQ-56, is the best in its category of Battle Rifles. [Image by: eXputer]


18” Precision-6 BarrelPolarfire-SFTAC Ripper 5630-Round MagazineCronen Mini Pro

The attachments focus on increasing the Range of the gun while giving better Accuracy and Damage range to the gun. We have a 30-Round Mag, which isn’t much, but it will give better overall results with the Gun.


18” Precision-6 Barrel is the barrel that we have selected for our Barrel attachment. It is to increase the Accuracy at even longer ranges. With the barrel, you’ll have a higher Damage Range and Bullet Velocity. That will allow you to hit targets at longer ranges with better accuracy. Not only that, if you use it in hip fire mode, then it will have increased Hip Fire Accuracy. The Mobility and Handling take a hit with the barrel.

In the Tuning, we decided to go all the way towards Recoil Steadiness on the tuner to the left. On the bottom, we moved the tuner to the Damage Range to ensure no one will be safe.


In the Muzzle attachment, we wanted to go with something that will have almost negligible Cons. So, the Polarfire-S is the best way to go. It gives you the Sound Suppression that will keep you safe. Not only that, the Muzzle adds a fair bit of Bullet Velocity and Damage Range. With the Muzzle, you’ll have great Recoil Steadiness. As it adds a bit of weight, you’ll have reduced Aim Down Sight speed and Aiming Stability.

We’ve tuned the Polarfire-S for Recoil Smoothness. That will allow us to ensure that we’re getting all the hits without the gun going up and down. In addition to that, we went with the Bullet Velocity.


FTAC Ripper 56 is a great Underbarrel. It has good Aiming Idle Stability, which will help with the overall stabilization of the gun. It gives improved Recoil Stabilization. Not only that, you’ll have In addition to all that, you’ll have better Hip Fire Accuracy.

The tuning for the Underbarrel is to increase the Aiming Idle Stability. That way, you’ll have better movement speed. Increasing the Recoil Stabilization will give you a better advantage in the game.


TAQ-V has a 20 Round Mag. It is a small amount for a gun of this caliber. We went with the 30-Round Mag. Now, it is totally up to you; with a bigger magazine, you’ll be losing a fair bit of Handling and Mobility. But the 30-Round Mag is the sweet spot between all that, so we went with that.


The Cronen Mini Pro is our go-to attachment for the Optics of a gun if we don’t want to have Zoom on it. It offers a ‘near-perfect sight with an unobstructed view’. That Precision Sight Picture will allow you to get a clear headshot of the opponent. It takes away a little bit of ADS speed, but we can live with it.

Now when we head towards a tuning, we have different options. On the left, you have Flinch Resistance and ADS speed improvement. If you want, you can switch between any of them. For our build, we went halfway toward Flinch Resistance. On the bottom, we moved the Eye Position towards Far.

  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Molotov Cocktail
  • 1st Perk: Battle Hardened
  • 2nd Perk: Bomb Squad
  • Bonus Perk: Cold-Blooded
  • Ultimate Perk: Overclock

Secondary Weapon:

For the TAQ-V, we suggest using the X12. The X12 is a powerful Pistol that can make all the difference if given a chance. It will help a lot when you have to reload, as ‘Switching to Secondary is faster than reloading.


  • Barrel: XRK LUC-9
  • Muzzle: DZ Open Comp
  • Trigger Action: XRK Lightning Fire
  • Rear Grip: Akimbo X12
  • Laser: 1MW Pistol Laser

SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 comes in with some great Class Loadouts. So, we’ve utilized those loadouts to our needs and ensured that we have one of the best guns in the game. Paired with the Vel 46 using the Overkill Perk, you’ll get the best out of the Class Loadout in Warzone 2.

SP-R 208 in the game.
Our Class setup drastically improves the SP-R 208. [Image captured by; eXputer]


Polarfire-S22.5” Elevate-11FSS OLE-V LaserSP-X 80 6.6xZRL T70 Pad Extension

Although it is a superb gun, we’ve gone with some attachments that make it furthermore powerful. We’ve drastically improved its Range and Accuracy, with little to no Mobility and Handling loss.


Our Muzzle for the loadout is the Polarfire-S. It is a Sound Suppressor that does a great job. The Muzzle will come in handy if you don’t like enemy operators swarming on you. Not only that, it will increase the Bullet Velocity and Damage Range of the gun. If you want a bit of Recoil Smoothness on the gun, it is one of the best suppressors for that. It reduces a bit of the ADS speed and Aiming Stability of the gun.

When we head towards a tuning, our main goal is to increase its Aim Down Sight speed. For that, on the left, we tuned it all the way down toward ADS speed. Whereas on the bottom, we tuned it towards Bullet Velocity.


The 22.5” Elevate-11 allows you to do high damage to enemies that are at long distances. It will improve the Damage Range of the gun. With that, the Bullet Velocity will improve too. If you want Hip Fire Accuracy on the gun, it’s the perfect Barrel for no-scope shots. The gun takes a hit on the Recoil Control and ADS speed, so keep that in mind.

In the tuning, we’re looking at Recoil Steadiness. On the left, tune it all the way up for Recoil Steadiness to get the maximum out of it. As for the tuner on the bottom, it’s better to leave it in the middle.


The FSS OLE-V Laser goes perfectly well with our SP-R 208 Warzone 2 Class. It improves the AIming Stability of the gun with its Speed. You’ll see improvement in the Aim Down Sight speed, Aiming Stability, and Sprint to Fire speed of the gun. But, the laser will be visible to enemy operators if you use it in ADS.


SP-X 80 6.6x is the best Scope that we found in the Optics attachment. It is the ‘Factory optic for the SP-X 80’. We’re using one of the best Scopes found in the game. It has a great 6.6x Magnification to the gun. Not only that, you have a second option for an 11x Magnification on the gun. That way, even distant enemies will be right in front of you. You’ll have to deal with a bit of decreased Mobility and Handling on the gun.

In the Tuning, we moved the tuner on the bottom all the way toward the Close Eye position. As for the tuner on the left, it’s better to move it toward Flinch Resistance. That way, you’ll have much better Range and Accuracy.


In the stock, we decided to go with the ZRL T70 PAD Extension. It is important if you want to overcome the ADS speed and overall speed that we lost with other attachments for the Class. Once equipped, you’ll see an improvement in the Crouch Movement Speed and Sprint Speed. It allows you to reposition yourself in case you miss a shot. The biggest benefit is the improved ADS speed of the gun.

In the tuning, our target is the Aim Down Sight speed of the gun. So we move the Tuner all the way down towards it. As for the tuner on the bottom, we moved that one down to Aiming Idle Stability.

  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Claymore
  • 1st Perk: Overkill
  • 2nd Perk: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor

Secondary Weapon

For the SP-R 208, we decided to go a little differently. Unlike other Perk Packages, as we went with the Overkill Perk, we are independent to go with two Primary Weapons at once. That’s why we decided to go with the Vel 46. It is a great SMG with a good Fire Rate and Mobility.


  • Stock: Vel A-568 Collapsed
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Muzzle: SA Schalldampfer 99
  • Rear Grip: ZLR Combat Grip
  • Laser: Point-G3P 04


One of the Best Snipers in the game, we have the MCPR-300 for our last, but not the least, Best Class loadout of Warzone 2. It is a powerful Sniper Rifle with high stats. To complete its loadout, It seemed fit to use the Best Pistol with it. That’s why we’re using the X13 Auto.

MCPR-300 Best Classes in Warzone 2
The MCPR-300 is a Powerful Sniper. [Image by: eXputer]


MuzzleBarrelLaserAmmunitionRear Grip
FTAC Reaper22” OMX-456FSS OLE-V.300 Mag High-VelocityCronen Cheetah Grip

Our attachments increase the Range and Accuracy of the Sniper. The attachments increase the damage a little bit. But the Range and Accuracy are what you should be looking at. It will give you one of the best Sniping experiences in the game.


Using the FTAC Reaper muzzle with the MCPR-300 is the best option. It will ‘Significantly increase the Range and Recoil Smoothness’ of the Sniper. Not only that, it s a Sound Suppressor. So, like us, if you want to stay away from unnecessary encounters with enemies while you’re sniping someone else, it is the way to go. It increases the Damage Range, Recoil Smoothness, and Bullet Velocity of the gun. It takes away a bit of Handlin.

When we head towards the Tuning of the FTAC Reaper, here’s what we did. We tuned the toggle to the left all the way toward Aim Down Sight speed. We left the toggle at the bottom as it is.


22” OMX-456 Barrel goes perfectly our our MCPR-300 Class. Now it is a long barrel that is designed with accuracy in mind. It improves the Bullet Velocity and Damage Range of the Sniper. Not only that, you’l have a much improved Recoil Control and Hip Fire Accuracy on the gun. As it is a long barrel, it will affect the Handling and Mobility of the gun.

For tuning the 22” OMX-456 Barrel, we have improved the Mobility. We tuned the tuner on the left to Aim-Walking Speed. As for the tuner on the bottom, it is better to leave it as it is.


For the Laser attachment, we’ve selected the FSS OLE-V Laser. It is a ‘bright laser’ that greatly improves the overall Aiming Stability and Speed of the gun. When you equip it to the Sniper, it will increase the Aim Down Sight speed, Aiming Stability, and, most importantly, Sprint to Fire speed. But there is a drawback. If you’re using it in ADS, the laser will be visible to the enemy operators.


Now, as we’re looking to minimize the TTK of the gun, it’s better to get the .300 MAG High-Velocity rounds. These rounds will increase the Bullet velocity of the gun. But they somewhat reduce the Damage Range of the gun. But we can recover it when we head towards the Tuning section.

In the Ammunition Tuning, first of all, we need to recover some of the lost Damage Range. For that, we moved the tuner to the left all the way up toward the Damage Range. As for the tuner on the bottom, it is best to move it to the left to Bullet Velocity.

Rear Grip

Cronen Cheetah Grip is one of the best grips that you can choose for the MCPR-300 Sniper. We’re using it for one reason, to recover some of the Handling of the Sniper. It significantly improves the Aim Down Sight speed of the sniper. Not only that, it improves your Mobility as it improves the Sprint to Fire speed. You’ll be losing a bit of the Recoil Control, but it doesn’t matter much with Snipers.

In the Tuning, we’ll be focusing on Mobility and Handling. For that, we moved the tuner on the left all the way down towards Aim Down Sight speed. As for the tuner on the bottom, it is aiming at Idle Stability.

  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade
  • Lethal: Proximity Grenade
  • 1st Perk: Scavenger
  • 2nd Perk: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Focus
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost

Secondary Weapon

With secondary weapons, there are numerous choices. But as we’ve already explained, if you go with a ‘Two Primary Weapons’ loadout, you’ll sleep on some of the good perks of Warzone 2. But with snipers, mostly, there’s no need to have a second Primary weapon. That’s why we decided to go with the X13 Auto. It will save us from the trouble of choosing rather bad Perk Packages.


  • Muzzle: FT Steel Fire
  • Barrel: Impact Point
  • Laser: FJX Diod-70
  • Rear Grip: FTAC OL-Z Grip
  • Magazine: 50-Round Drum

Final Words

That completes our guide on the Best Classes in Warzone 2. We’ve combined the Primary weapons with the best guns that went with them. When you’re using any of these Classes, you’ll be a deadly hunter. But that goes on without saying you need to have the Best Settings of the game to get the highest FPS possible. You don’t want random hiccups in the game to mess with your gameplay.

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