Warzone 2: BEST SA-B 50 Loadouts & Class Setup 

Learn about the Best SA-B 50 Loadouts to make in COD Warzone 2.0

Assault rifles in the game are easily dominated by some of the best Marksman Rifles. The SA-B 50 rifle loadout in Warzone 2.0 is at the top of that list. With an amazing fire rate and firepower, it can basically conquer any Assault Rifle at any range. 

Key Takeaways
  • SA-B 50 is a marksman rifle that can be unlocked by upgrading the SP-R 280 to level 13.
  • To have a wide array of useful attachments, you must first attempt to unlock every attachment for the weapon.
  • The SA-B 50 Aggressive loadout primarily focuses on pushing camped-up enemies. The attachments for this build include:
    • Muzzle: Polarfire-S
    • Laser: FSS OLE-V
    • Stock: Assault-60
    • Rear Grip: Schlager Match Grip
    • Bolt: FSS ST87
  • In the Long-ranged SA-B 50 Loadout, you keep a distance from your enemies and aim for their heads. The attachments for this build are:
    • Optic: SP-X 80 6.6x
    • Laser: OLE-V Laser
    • Stock: XRK Spector Mod
    • Rear Grip: Bruen Lynx Grip
    • Bolt: ZLR Reinforced Lockbolt

SA-B 50 Aggressive Loadout

The Best SA-B 50 Aggressive Loadout In COD Or Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B 50 Aggressive Loadout – Image Captured by eXputer

The SA-B 50 Marksman Rifle comes with a lot of attachments that can be equipped. You can literally build it to dominate any range, whether it be close ranges or long.  It has the potential to take you into the final rounds of the game because of its quick fire rate and bullet velocity. Any player that can master the SA-B 50 is at least going to be in the top 10 of every game they play. That’s how good it is. 

This SA-B 50 loadout revolves around aggressiveness and pushing enemies from the get-go. Some players will find it weird because it is a marksman rifle, but they should know it is designed like that. This weapon can be turned into a killing machine in both close ranges and medium ranges. The quick bullet velocity can help you get one-shot kills. You do need to set the right attachments for the weapon so that we will be listing them below. 


The SA-B 50 Aggressive Loadout Attachments In Warzone 2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B 50 Aggressive Loadout Attachments – Image by eXputer
MuzzleLaserStockRear GripBolt
Polarfire-SFSS OLE-VAssault-60Schlager Match GripFSS ST87

Your plan will be to rush camping opponents and instantly get those headshots in. the faster your mobility will be, the faster you will kill your enemies. The attachments will help increase handling and mobility.

Mainly they focus on increasing the fire rate since it is really necessary for your bullets to leave the weapon faster at close quarters. These attachments will help make the SA-B 50 rifle the best Medium ranged Loadout in COD Warzone 2.0.


You will start with the muzzle and choose the Polarfire-S muzzle. It will help keep you off the minimap and not reveal your location. It handles the actual suppressing well, too, as your opponent can only find out your location if they are really near you. Another bonus will be the extra bullet velocity that helps the speed of your bullet, meaning you will get quicker shots. Recoil Smoothness and Damage Range are also slightly increased. 


For the laser sight, you should choose the FSS OLE-V. It is great for aiming at opponents and increases the accuracy of your SA-B 50. The handling of the weapon is also greatly increased, making so this Loadout the best in COD Warzone 2.0. Most players do not attach lasers because the opponents can see them. They miss out on the quick ADS speed and Aiming Stability that the attachment offers.


Next up, you will be choosing a stock to increase the Recoil Control a bit because it is much needed to make the SA-B 50 loadout. You can equip the Assault-60 Stock because it also increases the ADS speed, which is needed in those close-ranged combats where that split second could mean life or death. You will be choosing the Stock also because it increases mobility significantly. 

Rear Grip

The rear grip is kind of optional, and you can instead choose an optic. But the optics will just decrease the mobility of the weapon further. Instead, equip the Schlager Match Grip that increases both the ADS and Sprint To Fire speed. Handling the weapon will be much easier when you equip the attachment, and the iron sight will be good enough to lay down those headshots. 


Lastly, the FSS ST87 Bolt is a viable option to improve the statistics of the weapon further. As we have mentioned previously that the SA-B 50 is a marksman rifle most players use for long-distance battles. When you attach the bolt the fire rate of the weapon will increase greatly. It means that your shots will fire quicker than before without and bolt action reload.

Secondary Weapon 

You will be choosing the P890 pistol as your secondary. The P890 is one of the best pistols in the game. I know most think that pistols aren’t really that important in-game plays. You have to consider the fact that in extreme citations, as described above, switching to a pistol like P890 could prove beneficial. It has good damage and is a very accurate weapon of choice.

You may need the right attachments for the pistol in order to make it better at its range. Some of the attachments will greatly affect the Accuracy too. 

Secondary Weapon Attachments

BarrelOpticMagazineTrigger ActionRear Grip
Matuzek CottonmouthSZ Mini10-Round MagazineXRK Heavy V3Bruen Anchor Grip

You can start by equipping a barrel. There are a lot of choices, but most of them tend to reduce mobility and handling greatly. The best option of them all is the Matuzek Cottonmouth barrel because it makes the gun almost three shot killing weapon. It can greatly impact the gun and improve its damage range so that you can use it as a finisher. 

Optic And Magazine 

For the optic, you will choose the SZ Mini just because it gives you a clear fight of your surroundings. The Iron sight of the gun is extremely bad and literally covers the head of the opponent while you’re aiming at them. Since it is a pistol and will not require much ammo just simply attach the 10-round magazine. The finishing shots of the gun will be enough to handle a downed or one-shot enemy. 

Trigger Action

The pistol has a pretty slow fire rate in comparison to the others. You can get rid of this problem by attaching the XRK Heavy V3. not only does it improve your fire rate, but it also helps deliver a hell of a punch by giving the weapon an increased damage range. You really cannot mess up in choosing the attachments for the pistol. 

Rear Grip

The last attachment should be Bruen Anchor Grip which is a rear grip. It is a great attachment for increasing the handling statistics of the weapon. All of these attachments will help build the best P890 handgun.


Sentinel Perk Package In Warzone 2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Sentinel Perk Package– Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Who doesn’t enjoy having more skills at their disposal? The Perks in the game are simply too valuable to ignore because they offer so many advantages. People even start out with only the standard in-game weapons while still moving toward the loadout drops in order to obtain those advantages. You ought to be able to figure out which perk package to choose so that your loadout in COD Warzone 2.0 is the best SA-B 50 loadout.

Perk Packages 

In Warzone 1 or the previous adaptation of the game, you were able to choose any perk that you liked and make a perk set of your choice. You can no longer do that since you can only choose between perk packages. It is a basic set of four perks consisting of Base perks, a Bonus Perk, and an Ultimate perk. 

There used to be only three perks to choose from, but now these preset perks give you four, so it’s a win-win. You will be selecting the Sentinel Perk Package, which is a pretty underused package considering the preset perks in it are a unique combo. It is a defensive type of combo, meaning it will help you gain an advantage over your opponent if they try to use tactical equipment on you. 

Base Perks 

There are about two perks as the base perks. In the Sentinel Perk package, you will be getting the Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad as your perks. With the help of Battle Hardened, the effect that the tactical equipment has on you is essentially diminished. Even if an adversary uses a stun or an EMP on you, it won’t have much of an impact, and you can still defend yourself. 

They’ll assume a flash has rendered you blind or a stun has rendered you unconscious so that they may move freely. You may simply kill them by taking them by surprise. Although it does not render you immune to the equipment, it can be quite useful. 

The C4 is becoming the go-to lethal equipment for Call Of Duty players, and all they do is plant those C4s in houses and wait till you enter it and trap you in the explosion. They get the funny clip, and you die. Most of the houses in the final circle are filled with C4s, so one should tread carefully. 

With the help of Bomb Squad, you will be able to see those traps on your own. You can either disable them or turn them against their deployer. Using this perk can be quite fun because if the enemy ignores the trap, thinking it’s theirs, they will get caught in the explosion. 

Bonus Perk

As a bonus perk, you will get the Cold-Blooded which is, of course, helpful against any type of thermal optics there is. Most of the COD players are trying to run the thermal optics again, so it would be great to have this perk by your side. Not only would it be hard for people to see you, but their aim would be completely thrown off. This can be really advantageous for you since you can practically win every fight against these thermal optic users. 

Ultimate Perk 

In Warzone 2.0, many new features have been introduced, which you can gain to your advantage. One of those features is the new Overclock perk which is a little overpowered if you really think about it. What it does is that it recharges your field equipment similarly as it did in Plunder game mode. You can select a field upgrade, and after using it, a timer will be set in which the field upgrade will be getting charged. 


For the lethal equipment, a newly added equipment known as the Drill Charge is being used by players across all platforms. It is incredibly powerful if you just time and place it right. What it does is it drills through surfaces, and when it reaches the end point of the surface, it throws down a grenade. It is especially effective against camping players and players who are merely holding down a spot. Its element of surprise is what makes it so overpowered. 

Tactical equipment is something that either provides you with a special benefit or nerves down the senses and strategies of your opponents. Stim is a popularly used tactical equipment because most of the players who are in a heated battle lose a significant amount of health. At those stages, the player who has the most health typically wins the bout. It regenerates your health instantly, enabling you to win the fight. 

Field Upgrade 

You would need to have a field upgrade best to fit your circumstances. It is that extra ability to ensure victories against players. The suggested field upgrade for you will be the Battle Rage. It is incredibly overpowered and pairs well with your Ultimate Overclock. With the help of Battle Rage, you can regenerate your health at a much faster rate, and your tactical sprint becomes indefinite.

Both of these features run out as soon as the timer of the field upgrade runs out. Tactical equipment such as flash grenades has no effect on you if you have the field upgrade on. It is incredibly beneficial if you are rushing a whole team that is hiding at a spot. 

SA-B 50 Long-Ranged Loadout 

The Best SA-B 50 Long Ranged Loadout In COD Or Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B 50 Long Ranged Loadout – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

As we have previously discussed with you before that the various attachments can turn the weapon into anything you want it to be. The previous loadout primarily focused on short to middle-ranged combats, but this loadout is different. It unleashes the true potential of the marksman rifle. You can make this loadout to get the best long-ranged SA-B 50 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 

This loadout is the best one to counter the snipers of the game. People tend to use those slow-firing snipers in order to get the kills, but a smart choice like the SA-B 50 can be the difference between the battles. The reason for it being the best at long ranges is that the SA-50 Loadout consists of attachments that affect its handling and damage range greatly in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 


SA-B Long Ranged Loadout Attachments In Warzone 2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B 50 Long Ranged Loadout Attachments – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
OpticLaserStockRear GripBolt
SP-X 80 6.6xOLE-V LaserXRK Spector ModBruen Lynx GripZLR Reinforced Lockbolt

In this Call Of Duty SA-B loadout, you will use the best attachments to further improve upon its range so that it can stand tall against “superior” snipers. The attachments will also consist of a scope this time around so that you can better look at enemies at further ranges. Us eXputer writers have managed to collect this data by hours of playing the game and constructing the best SA-B 50 loadout. 


The best laser for such a marksman rifle is the OLE-V Laser which you are going to attach to your SA-B 50. It is absolutely important to have this laser alongside other attachments because many attachments are going to deplete the handling of the weapon. The laser will help increase the handling and also significantly increase the accuracy of your marksman rifle. You do have to keep in mind that the enemy can see the laser.


A major change in the loadout from the previous one is that you will be adding an optic in your rifle. It is necessary to add an optic in this loadout. You will not be able to see the opponent wandering at long distances without a scope. The best scope for this job will be the SP-X 80 6.6X, as it has the best clarity of all scopes. The reticle is pretty easy to align with the heads of your enemy to nail those perfect headshots. 


For the stock, you will have to choose one that improves upon your damage range and accuracy. The XRK Specter Mod does just that. The stock helps improve the damage range and handling of the weapon, making it a steady gun to use. 

It is extremely important for a loadout like this to have a steady aim when firing because you can miss those crucial shots.

Rear Grip 

At this point, the loadout is missing an attachment that improves its ADS speed more. That is where the Bruen Lynx Grip comes in. It is best suited for long-ranged weapons just because it slightly increases damage range too. You will feel how better the weapon becomes once you attach the rear grip because it becomes extremely quick.


We are going to wrap the attachments with a bolt. The very last thing the weapon needs is fast bullet fire. Targets at long distances can be hard to kill and thus requires quick bullet velocity in order to kill them. The ZLR Reinforced Lockbolt can help you get those quick, snappy headshots you see in most famous twitch clips. All of these attachments all together make the best SA-B 50 long-ranged loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

Secondary Weapon

Although you might think that it is probably best if you run this weapon alone when it comes to close-quarter combats, this weapon isn’t entirely dependent. An SMG would be a great option to run alongside it to help defend against enemies at close ranges. You can use the primary weapon as your secondary if you have the Overkill perk in your loadout. In your case, you will have the Overkill perk, so the best SMG option for you will be the Vel 46

Secondary Weapon Attachments 

MuzzleMagazineUnderbarrelBarrelRear Grip
XTEN RR4050-Round MagazineFSS Sharkfin 90L38 Falcon 226MLachmann TCG-10

The Vel 46 is an amazing choice for an SMG and pairs extremely well with the SA-B 50. A marksman rifle and SMG combo have been paired up since the first version of Warzone. The Vel-46 has an amazing bullet velocity and fire rate when compared to Assault Rifles. You will be able to dominate mid to close-range fights and, of course, the long-ranged combats too. You will need the proper attachments for the weapon to make it even more powerful. 


We will be starting with the muzzle, and the best muzzle for the SMG would be the XTEN RR40. The bullet velocity is greatly increased, giving you that extra speed to kill off your enemies quicker. Mainly the muzzle suppresses the firing sound of the weapon so that you are not shown on the mini-map, but the recoil control is also a bonus that goes along with it. The damage Range is slightly increased with the loss of some mobility.


The normal amount of magazine size will not be able to cut it if you are switching between the SA-B 50 and the Vel 46. You will need to equip the 50-round magazine because those extra bullets can be the legit difference between life and death. The quick marksman rifle shot and finishing with Val 546 is the way to go. If you miss that shot, you would have to depend on the Vel 46 to do the rest of the job.


You should choose the FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel because it is the best choice for the Vel 46, especially if you are going for close-quarter fights. The FSS Sharkfin 90 will Improve the aiming idle stability, and that will lessen VEL 46’s excessive sway. Additionally, the absence of any drawbacks makes the FSS Sharkfin 90 the greatest item available. Just make sure you unlock all of these attachments beforehand.

Rear Grip 

The next attachment will be the rear grip, and we need something that can improve your recoil control and smoothen it up so you can aim for the head easily. That will be made easy if you are a PS4 player because of the aim assist. All the pc players, this will be an important attachment for all of you. Anyways the rear grip you should be equipping is the Lachmann TCG-10. The accuracy and precision it gives are unbelievable.


For the barrel, just equip the L38 Falcon 226M, and you won’t live to regret it. Not only does it improve the damage range, but the ADS speed is increased. The Aim stability it gives is what you will be attaching to the barrel. It will help you move between the attacks of your enemies much quicker, and with the boosted ADS speed, you can take them on at rapid speed. 

Perk Package 

Weapon Specialist Perk Package In Warzone 2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Weapon Specialist Perk Package– Image by eXputer

This time around, you will be using the Weapon Specialist Perk Package simply because it can become part of your game plan. If you choose the special abilities correctly and carefully, your strategy will have a more chance of being successful.

Base Perks

The first base perk you will get is the Overkill perk which we discussed is vital to the gameplay. The SA-B 50 loadout will easily handle long-distance fights. Having another primary weapon, such as the Vel 46, will prove beneficial for you. It is because in close to mid-range fights, the Vel 46 will help you dominate and finish fights much more easily. Having a secondary weapon such as an SMG instead of a floozy old handgun is crucial. 

The next base perk you will be getting is the Strong Arm perk. These two perks make up the base perks of the perk package. You may hurl deadly weapons like grenades farther away if you have the Strong Arm perk. Even longer cook times can be used with grenades before you throw them. You may just toss the grenade back because doing so resets the countdown if an attacker gets to hurl it directly at you.

Bonus Perk 

The Spotter Perk is perhaps the most ingenious small perk you can utilize in Warzone 2.0. The Call Of Duty players don’t know how to use it correctly, and it makes it fairly underutilized. It really turns the enemy’s tactical equipment against them by hacking it. 

This implies that once you are able to hack tactical gear like Claymores, Trophy Systems, and C4s, they will become your own. They will therefore perish if the opponent attempts to walk past them, believing it to be their own trap that they set.

Ultimate Perk

There are some unfortunate times when you get knocked down by the enemy team. Well, who are you kidding? you get knocked down most of the time. With the help of the Ultimate, known as the Survivor Perk, you will be able to ping down the enemy team as you get downed. That will help your teammates find the rest of the team and kill them off. You will also be able to get revived even faster with this perk.  


The equipment you equip for the loadout should be something that helps you hold off positions easily. A lot of players tend to rush houses in the last circle in an attempt to win. Having equipment like Claymore and Throwing knife would be a smart decision at the moment. Both of these pieces of equipment will help you build the best SA-B 50 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0.

Claymore is a type of planted mine that can be positioned at places like doors or some blind spots of houses. They act exactly like a mine and kill those who dare to step on it. When you are in a position where you have a good cover, you can plant the claymore at the entrance. The other opponent might try to steal that cover from you and, in an attempt for that, might get blown. 

The throwing knife is a fun way of getting extra kills in Call Of Duty. You can play around with knives and do some crazy trick shots with them. It is kind of embarrassing if you get killed by a throwing knife in Call Of Duty, so most players just use it to get funny clips. 

Field Upgrade 

You are granted tools or talents that let you make better movements when you use field upgrades in a game. One of the best field upgrades is the Dead Silence, and you can use it to your advantage whenever you want to push or rush an adversary. Your movements may be completely masked by it; that way, it is simpler to surprise a foe. When they least suspect that you are rushing, they would be utterly oblivious to what is going to happen to them.

Best SA-B 50 Class Setup 

SA-B Marksman Rifle Custom Loadout In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B Marksman Rifle Class Setup – Image Captured by us

In order to create the best SA-B 50 loadout, you must equip every single one of the attachments above. It is crucial that you get it right because if you don’t, the weapon will be entirely different. You would have to unlock attachments or maybe even weapons in order to max out the weapon fully. Some people maybe just rush the process of getting the attachments that they have at the moment and use that. 

It is the wrong course of action to do such a thing because you would be nerfing yourself and the capabilities of the SA-B 50. You can upgrade each weapon and try to get as many attachments as you can. In terms of what attachments you would want to equip, we have already helped you with that. If you follow the exact SA-B 50 class setup we have mentioned above, Victory is definitely assured for you. 

How To Unlock SA-B 50 

SA-B 50 Marksman Rifle Weapon Tree In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: SA-B 50 Marksman Rifle Weapon Tree– Screenshot Captured by eXputer

It is yet another whole process in the system of Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. Most of the weapons, especially SA-B 50, are unlocked in the game from the start.  Most of the players have to work hard in order to unlock the weapon of their choice. This unlocking process is quite different from the previous adaptation of the game.

You had game options like plunder and many more where you could just focus on upgrading weapons in the game. There is no such news as to when plunder returns in Warzone 2.0. 

There is a whole section mainly purposed to tell you the progression you made in Warzone 2.0. You would be able to unlock the SA-B 50 by leveling up the SP-R 208. You would have to level up the weapon to level 13, and then you will get the SA-B 50 in your inventory. If you want to, you can check this by simply heading over to your loadout and checking the weapon tree of SP-R 208.

If you want the SA-B 50, you would have to really grind weapons and play day and night in order to get the XP required to level up the weapon. There are two types of XPs. One upgrades your level, and the other upgrades your weapon. You would have to focus on getting as many kills as possible in the game. It is really up to you and how much you are willing to play in order to get the best SA-B 50 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 

Pros And Cons Of SA-B 50

When you get the chance to run the SA-B 50 in-game, you will see just how many advantages it has. It is an extremely special and unique gun that will get you the skills required to win the battles. However, you do have to recognize the fact that it also has some flaws and drawbacks in some areas. But you do not have to worry about them because the advantages outweigh the drawbacks by a margin.

Whenever you feel like having those quick pace battles in Warzone 2.0, you can equip the weapon and lay down headshots. It kind of resembles the Kar-98K in some ways but with way better handling. SA-B 50 will be your main go-to gun once you unlock all the attachments.

There are some disadvantages to the weapon, including the fact that you would have played with the weapon a lot in order fully master it. The weapon does have a little recoil kickback making your shots not that accurate at times. Even with the attachments, the recoil control is down by a lot. Other than that are no such Cons that the weapon has. 

The weapon will be a great addition to your arsenal, and with the amazing fire rate and firepower, you can easily get those one-shot kills. All of the attachments, perks, field upgrades, and equipment make the SA-B 50 the best marksman rifle currently in the game. 

Final Words 

You now know the ideal Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 SA-B 50 loadout builds. Either the long-ranged loadout or the aggressive loadout should be used in this situation. Whichever one you select, be sure to leave a comment below with your opinion on the actual weapon. While you’re at it, be sure to read our post on the Best Kastov-762 Loadout for COD Warzone 2.0.

Also, if you’re a Valorant player having trouble setting the mouse sensitivity, see our tutorial on how to change the Valorant mouse sensitivity into Warzone 2.0. The Polyatomic mastery camo is a new mastery camo that is one of the hardest mastery camos to unlock. If you want to unlock it, be sure to read our tutorial.

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