Warzone 2: BEST EBR 14 Loadouts & Class Setup

Learn about the Best EBR 14 Loadouts to make in COD Warzone 2.0

Players have been switching to semi-automatic marksman rifles such as the EBR 14 in Warzone 2.0. It is simply a no-brainer that all of the players want to know about the best EBR 14 loadout that they can build in COD Warzone 2.0.

Some Things To Know Beforehand

  • The EBR 14 is unlocked right from the start of the game, meaning you won’t have to unlock it.
  • Each attachment must be unlocked in order to make the EBR 14 loadout properly. 
  • Your ADS Speed and Bullet Velocity will be improved thanks to the attachments in the aggressive loadout.
  • The attachments used in the EBR 14 long-ranged loadout will increase the Damage Range and Accuracy.
  • The 22” Boremaster Barrel is a mandatory attachment for EBR 14 as it provides much-needed recoil control.
  • By attaching the Schlager 3.4 X scope, you can have a faster ADS speed for your EBR 14.
  • The EBR 14 Aggressive loadout is best suited for middle to long-ranged battles.

EBR 14 Aggressive Loadout 

Best EBR 14 Aggressive Loadout In COD Or Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Aggressive Loadout – Image Captured by us

Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 currently has a running issue with snipers. Most of the snipers are not able to give that one-shot head that the players used to get. A sniper’s only purpose was to be able to handle multiple enemies easily.

The EBR 14 in Warzone 2.0 is kind of like the previous semi-automatic meta known as the DMR. It is equally overpowered and one of the best guns because you can simply get a kill from just three shots. In a game like Warzone 2.0, that is actually a fast TTK weapon.

Be warned that the opponent you eliminate may end up thinking you are a sort of hacker. Yes, it is that good of a weapon. There is no news about whether it will be nerfed or not, so make sure you upgrade it to the fullest. 

You would need to unlock some of the attachments to make the best EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. It will not be that hard since you just have to play with the weapon in the DMZ mode to unlock attachments. The attachments will primarily focus on the aggressiveness of the weapon from medium to long ranges. It has a slow fire rate compared to the other weapons, but you will work on that with the attachments. 


EBR 14 Aggressive Loadout Attachments In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Aggressive Loadout Attachments – Image by eXputer

The attachments you choose for the weapon are crucial. In order to make the best EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0, you have to make the correct decisions to make the weapon exactly like the DMR. When you equip the attachments, you have to look for the increase in Accuracy and Recoil Control of the weapon. Both elements of the weapon will determine whether it is going to be that three-shot gun.


We will be recommending the 22” Boremaster Barrel because the weapon becomes extremely powerful when you equip it. This barrel specializes in increasing the Recoil Control of the weapon. That means that the huge kickback of the weapon will be a little more controlled. Another element it increases is bullet velocity which means how far and how fast your bullet can hit the target. That quick speed is what the weapon needs. 


The EBR 14 loadout focuses on the middle to long-ranged battles, Most players opt for the red dot, but that would just be great in shorter ranges. The recommended scope for this loadout will be the Schlager 3.4X. It gives an extremely clear vision and doesn’t zoom completely on the target. It is that perfect range where the enemy is clearly visible and can be shot thrice very easily. The reticle perfectly aligns with the enemy without much distortion.


For a semi-automatic weapon, choosing a magazine can be difficult. The rapid speed and missed shots can easily deplete your ammo completely. Reloading in the middle of the fights leads to being killed. So to avoid such situations, you must choose the 20-round magazine. It offers a good amount of bullets to kill multiple enemies at a time. You shouldn’t be afraid to miss some shots here and there. 


You must choose an underbarrel that further improves upon the Aiming Stability of the weapon. The Phase 3 Grip is an exceptional option for such a purpose. Not only does it improve your Accuracy, but the Recoil Control is also increased. This attachment is crucial in getting those three-shot kills. You need a certain level of accuracy and recoil control to make the EBR 14 loadout the best in COD Warzone 2.0.  


The muzzle is an important attachment to equip because it provides that much-needed sound suppression. You must equip the ZLR Talon 5, as it gives you that amazing increase in Accuracy. Recoil Stabilization is also part of the bargain as it is smoothened greatly. The sound suppression keeps you off of the mini-map. Enemies won’t be able to notice where the fire is coming from unless they are extremely close to you. 

Secondary Weapon 

The Best Fennec 45 Secondary Weapon For EBR 14 Loadout In COD Warzone 2.0.
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Fennec 45 Loadout– Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Although the EBR 14 is a pretty good gun on its own, it can be caught lacking in close quarters. Due to the way you have built it, engaging in extremely close-quarter battles can be risky. You may get the kill sometimes, but you have to master the weapon in order to do that. Since you will be choosing the Overkill Perk, you can choose a primary weapon as your secondary. In your case, you should equip the Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 is an extremely powerful SMG. It is currently the best SMG in the whole game because of its fire rate. It has the fastest fire rate of all the SMGs. Choosing the Fennec 45 as your secondary will surely make your EBR 14 loadout the best in COD Warzone 2.0. You will need to equip the right attachments for the SMG so that it can truly uphold its potential. 

Secondary Weapon Attachments

There are about five attachments that you can equip, so you have to choose carefully. Your goal will be to build a weapon that is best in close-range battles. The first attachment you will choose is an optic. Now keep in mind that this is an SMG, so a 2x scope will best suit it.  The Slimline Pro is an incredibly clear optic to use. You can aim the reticle at the opponent’s head and eliminate them. Its amazing field of view allows you to engage with multiple enemies.


The Stock you choose is an important part of building the perfect Fennec 45, so you will need a good Stock to handle the recoil. For this purpose, the Agile Assault-7 Stock provides a significant increase in ADS speed. Originally the weapon came with a slowed-down animation. This will help you be able to boost your mobility and aim at your opponent faster. The sprint speed is also affected greatly when you attach it.

Rear Grip 

It is a unique attachment specifically designed for the Fennec 45. The rear Grip is called the Fennec Rubber Grip. The ADS speed is further improved, making it an even quicker weapon to take out enemies. Your mobility is decreased when you sprint with the EBR 14 in your hand. If you switch to the Fennec 45 while running, the increased mobility will help you greatly. The recoil control and handling of the weapon are slightly increased. 


As mentioned above, the Fennec is an extremely quick weapon. Handling it can be extremely tough. If you fail to track an enemy for a split second, your magazine will run out. That is how fast the weapon truly is. The default 30-round magazine will not be enough to finish the enemy. We recommend you attach the 45-round Magazine. Not only will you not run out of ammunition while fighting, but you will even have enough to finish the enemy off. 


The recoil of a weapon decides whether it is comfortable to use or not. The Fennec 45 has a decent recoil, but due to the high fire rate, it can become a problem. To solve this problem, you must equip the Phase-3 Grip as your underbarrel. The recoil control bar is improved by the grip-making so that you can get kills comfortably. The instant recoil jump will be gone, and controlling the gun will be much easier. 


Weapon Specialist Perk Package In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Weapon Specialist Perk Package – Image by eXputer

Everybody loves extra abilities at hand to gain an advantage over someone. The game’s perks are simply too beneficial to overlook because they have so many benefits to give. Even those who begin the game with only the default in-game weaponry nevertheless seek the loadout drops in order to benefit from those advantages. In order to have the best EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0, you should be able to choose which perk package to select. 

Perk Package 

The Weapon Specialist Perk Package will be used by you simply because it may be incorporated into your gaming strategy. Your approach will be more likely to succeed if you select the special abilities wisely and appropriately. The benefits of this package will enable COD Warzone 2.0 players to create the best EBR 14 loadout possible. There are about three categories of perks present in a Perk Package. 

Base Perks 

The Overkill perk, which we previously described as being essential to gameplay, is the first foundation perk you will receive. Long and mid-distanced battles may be successfully handled with the EBR 14 loadout. You’ll benefit from having another primary weapon like the Fennec 45. It’s because using the Fennec 45 will make it much easier for you to conquer and win close-range battles. It’s important to have a backup weapon, such as an SMG, rather than a rusty old pistol.

The Strong Arm basic perk is the following bonus you’ll receive. The fundamental perks of the perk package bundle are the Overkill and Strongarm perks. If you have the Strong Arm perk, you can throw dangerous weapons like grenades further. With grenades, you may employ even longer cook periods before launching them. If an enemy manages to throw the grenade directly at you, you may merely toss it back because doing so starts the countdown over.

Bonus Perk 

Perhaps the most creative little perk available in Warzone 2.0 is the Spotter Perk. It is rather underused since Call of Duty players don’t know how to use it properly. Hacking the enemy’s tactical equipment effectively turns it against them. Meaning it is sort of your own trap now.

This suggests that once you master tactical hacking equipment like Trophy Systems, Claymores, Mines, and C4s  will become your trap. The opponent will fall victim if they try to pass them since they would think it was their own trap that they devised. It is a clever ability and can be utilized to make fun clips. These perks will help make this EBR 14 loadout the best in COD Warzone 2.0. 

Ultimate Perk 

A lot of the time, or almost always, you can get knocked down by the opponent. It is a really panicky situation and can be really frustrating. The Survivor Perk helps you gain some advantage over the opponent even while you are down. What it does is that it pings the entire team of the opponent who downed you. Your team will be notified, and it will be easier for them just to find them out and kill them. 


In every kind of warfare, whether it is close-quarters or long-range, you can employ equipment. Building the best EBR 14 Loadout in COD Warzone 2.0 requires careful equipment selection. The equipment helps you in every sort of combat, and you have to handle your equipment well so that you can get team wipes. It is fairly challenging to use the equipment smartly. There are two types of equipment included. One is Tactical the other is Lethal. 

For the Tactical equipment, there is no doubt the best one you can choose is the Stim. It helps you regenerate your depleted health instantly. Normally your health takes about five seconds to heal completely. During battles, if you get damaged severely by chance, it can be tough just to fight back. Stim gives you a second chance to engage in battles and finish enemies. You can stack two stims at a single time in your equipment. 

The Lethal piece of equipment you are going to use is the infamous Semtex. It is a C4 and a Frag grenade combined. It packs an incredible punch and has a big damage spread. Semtex Grenade is extremely useful in such situations where you find a whole team camping in a house. Ust simply either throw it onto the roof of the room or the ground and see how damaging it is. Sticking it to the opponent can kill him instantly when it goes off. 

Field Upgrade 

The field upgrade best suited for your rushing strategy will be the Dead Silence field upgrade. It is arguably the best field upgrade currently in the game. An extremely powerful ability that no one can hear or determine. It is used primarily against those opponents who are either hiding or camping in a building. It is also used in instances where you are running solo and don’t want the other team to hear you. 

What it does is that it silences and numbs down your steps so that your walking hearing is not alerted to the opponent. The opponent can never see you coming or, most importantly, never hear you coming. It can easily be utilized to engage with a whole team at a single moment. It uses the element of surprise to further your cause of rushing and destroying your opponents. 

EBR 14 No-Recoil Loadout 

Best EBR 14 Long Ranged Loadout In COD Or Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Long Ranged Loadout– Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The game developers mainly intended the EBR 14 to be a long ranged marksman rifle. It was meant to conquer assault rifles that are good range. The previous loadout focused on just the medium to long ranges. This loadout is a more precise type of loadout that reduces the kickback of the gun. You can call it a no-recoil loadout, too, because there is little to no recoil with this setup.

Of course, the things that make it such a good weapon at longer ranges are the attachments. Without the attachments, you will not be able to buff it to that point of no recoil and easier kills. You do have to be ready for some drop in mobility because of the attachments. 

You must not worry about it much because it just balances out the weapon to not become too Overpowered. When you equip the following attachments, you will be able to build the best no-recoil EBR 14 in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 


EBR 14 Long Ranged Loadout Attachments In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Long Ranged Loadout Attachments – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Most of the attachments will focus on improving the damage range because the weapon needs to be more accurate at longer ranges. The accuracy bar almost fills up when you set the proper attachments to the EBR 14. All the attachments are necessary to make this EBR 14 loadout the best in COD Warzone 2.0. The recoil control of the weapon is increased enough to make it no-recoil. If you try to increase it furthermore, it will be pointless. 


You will be starting with the barrel and choosing one that fits the EBR 14 best. The 22” Boremaster Barrel is really heavy on the weapon making so that the recoil stays in control. The slight increase in recoil control is all that matters because it makes a big difference. The bullet velocity of the weapon is also greatly increased, which makes the EBR 14 counter bigger weapons like LMGs


This time you will be attaching ammunition because it is absolutely necessary for making the best no-recoil EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. The 7.62 High-Velocity Ammunition is a good choice for it. It primarily increases the Bullet Velocity and provides a huge bump in Accuracy. The Damage Range is also increased side by side, making sure there is no area left where the gun isn’t overpowered. 


You will need a stock to run with the weapon because, up till now, it still lacks a bit in the Recoil Control. The SO-90 Factory Stock makes sure you have enough control over the kickback of the weapon. Not only that, but the Aiming Stability is also a bonus that comes while attaching the Stock. All of these little extras help make fill up the Accuracy bar and make the best EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0.


Since the main strategy towards the weapon will focus on long-ranged battles, you must use a proper scope. The Luca Bandera Scope is a versatile scope that has a magnification of 3.7-8X. The zoom can handle players from 40 to 200 meters away from opponents. The reticle doesn’t obstruct the field of view but gives a clear picture of the surroundings. You can aim easily at opponents without worrying about magnification since it can be changed. 


The last attachment will be the magazine, and you need something that does not decrease mobility so much. The 15-round magazine is perfect for this scenario since it gives the least amount of reduction in mobility. The bullets are also enough to counter multiple enemies at the same time. All you really need are just three to four bullets to finish an enemy fully. 

Secondary Weapon 

P890 Loadout In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: P890 Attachments– Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

When firing at the adversary, you have a number of opportunities to miss. For the majority of Call of Duty gamers, that is the situation. When a squad overwhelms you, you may simply run out of ammunition before you can kill the final survivor and cause a whole squad-wipe in-game. You finally call for some assistance from your teammates, and at that point, you are probably downed. The P890 pistol will serve as your backup weapon.

One of the best pistols currently in Warzone 2.0 is the P890. We are aware that most gamers believe that pistols don’t actually matter in-game plays. You need to take into account the possibility that moving to a handgun like the P890 may be advantageous in the extreme circumstances mentioned above. It is a weapon of choice that is very precise and deals decent damage. To improve the pistol’s Accuracy, you might require the appropriate attachments. 

Secondary Weapon Attachments 

You may begin by preparing a barrel. There are several options, but most of them tend to decrease the damage and handling of the weapon significantly. The Matuzek Cottonmouth barrel is the greatest option out of all of them since it turns the rifle into a nearly three-shot lethal weapon. The Damage Range bar is significantly increased, making sure that the bullets reach the target quicker than usual. 

Trigger Action 

Compared to the others, the pistol fires at a somewhat modest rate. The XRK Heavy V3 may be attached to solve this issue. It boosts your fire rate greatly, and it also makes your attack more powerful by extending the weapon’s damage radius. The attachment is a fair trade between the mobility you get and the recoil you lose. The EBR 14 can only be the best loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 if it has some mobility along with it. 

Optic And Magazine 

You will select the SZ Mini as your optic simply because it provides you with a clear view of your surroundings. The gun’s iron sight is so terrible that when you’re aiming at the target, it actually covers their head, making it hard to hit headshots. It is simply just a handgun so that a 10-round magazine would do perfectly well with the gun. Finishing the opponents, especially the downed ones, will be easy. 

Rear Grip 

Lastly, you have to equip a rear grip, and in your case, you can benefit well from choosing the Bruen Anchor Grip. The handling of the weapon is made easier, plus the Accuracy is almost full to the max. Now the weapon will be ready to dominate all modes of the game, whether it be DMZ or battle royale. All of the attachments mentioned above will help make the gun the best EBR 14 loadout in COD Warzone 2.0. 

Perk Package 

Sentinel Perk Package In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: Sentinel Perk Package – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

You will choose a very underused and underrated perk package which is the Sentinel Perk Package. It is about Four Perks like every other perk package, but it is quite unique on its own. Some are derived from the prequel of the game, and some are new. The perks specifically focus on defense and using the opponent’s strategic placements against them. All in all, they will help you make the best EBR 14 loadout in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 

Base Perks 

There are about two base benefits. You will receive the perks Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad as part of the Sentinel Perk bundle. The impact that the tactical equipment will be on you is effectively lessened with the aid of Battle Hardened. You can still defend yourself even if an enemy stuns you with the tactical because it won’t have much of an effect.

Sometimes the players are careless and aimlessly run toward their opponents after stunning them. Usually, that would make sense, but if they try to do that to you, they might get quite a surprise since it will not affect you. Once they try to rush the building, you can finish the job. It is amazingly useful. 

Players are turning to the C4 as their preferred fatal weapon. Players simply hide the C4s in different parts of homes and wait for you to arrive, and then blast you alive. They see the amusing footage of yours, and you get eliminated. One should be cautious because C4s are mostly used in the majority of the homes in the last circle.

That is where the Bomb Squad perks assist in such cases. It gives you the ability to seek out various tactical and lethal traps laid around the house. Both are disabling them and using them against their deployer options. Utilizing this perk might be enjoyable since the adversary will be caught in the explosion if they disregard the trap and believe it to be their own.

Bonus Perk 

You will get the Cold-Blooded as your bonus perk, which is extremely popular with twitch streamers and the pro players of the game. Its ability helps makes it difficult to be spotted in Thermal Scopes. Every thermal optic will render ineffective towards the holder of this perk. As this perk is included in the Perk Package, you can think of yourself as lucky because all the professional players are equipping the Thermal Optics right now. 

Ultimate Perk 

You may take advantage of the numerous new features that have been added to Warzone 2.0. Overclock perk is a newly introduced perk that is a tad overpowered when it comes to its ability. Whatever field upgrade you choose will not go once it has been used. The field upgrades will have a timer to them, and you can use them again and again. The ability will remind you of the old game mode in Warzone 1, which was the Plunder. 


Your loadout equipment should be chosen wisely and something that makes it simple for you to hold off positions. Many players tend to push various homes in order to kill the final squads. It would be wise to have tools like a claymore and a throwing knife in these types of situations. Both of them have the capability of saving you from last-minute death. The equipment will help you in making the best EBR 14 Loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

For the lethal equipment, you will, of course, go for the Claymore. The Claymore is used mainly as a boobie trap for players. It is the best set of trap one could make since it is a type of mine. It is not that clearly visible to the enemy too. Once the opponent trips over it, they get mined and explode. People usually use it against camping players or tower campers so that they get the taste of their own medicine. 

In Call of Duty, using the Throwing Knife to score more kills is entertaining. Knives are fun to play with and can be used for some insane kills. It is quite difficult to master, but once you do, it can be really fun to use. Since getting eliminated by a throwing knife in Call of Duty is quite embarrassing, most gamers merely utilize it to capture amusing videos.

They also serve a real purpose too, though. Whenever you down an opponent, you use bullets to kill the downed opponent fully. Instead, use the throwing knife to get a quick kill, and you will save some bullets too.  Just simply walk over the eliminated body, and you can recover the knife back easily. 

Field Upgrade 

The optimal field upgrade, like the Battle Rage, is required for your situation. It is that additional capability that guarantees victory over opponents. The Battle Rage is the best field enhancement for you. It complements your Ultimate Overclock perfectly and has a huge advantage over it. Battle Rage allows you to restore health far more quickly and extends the duration of your tactical sprint. 

As soon as the field upgrade timer expires, both of these features expire. When the Battle Rage is enabled, tactical weapons like Stun Grenades have no impact on you. Whenever you are pushing a team of adversaries, who are all hiding in one place, the Battle Rage will help you dominate them. 

Best EBR 14 Class Setup 

EBR 14 Class Setup In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Class Setup – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

All the above Attachments, Perks, and Equipment are absolutely necessary to have in order to make the best EBR loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. If you choose some wrong attachment for your weapon other than the ones we discussed, the weapon will be completely different. Each and every attachment provide a chain of boosts in the statistics of the weapon. Some increase mobility, while some increase recoil. 

Do not just simply rush into making a rash decision as you equip the attachments and perks at random. When you do that, your game plan and strategy towards the game become weak, making sure your opponent has the advantage. You just have to simply upgrade the weapons so that you can unlock all attachments required. The EBR 14 is an excellent weapon of choice; connecting various different attachments to it will just further nerf it. 

How To Unlock EBR 14

EBR 14 Weapon Tree In WZ2
Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: EBR 14 Weapon Tree – Image by eXputer

There is a prolonged process of unlocking weapons in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. Thankfully in the EBR 14s case, there is no such thing. The weapon is unlocked from the very start.  Most players tend just to play more and more games to just unlock weapons, but you will be saved from that process. However, you will have actually to unlock most of the attachments in Warzone 2.0. 

A weapon takes a long period of time to be upgraded especially if you are playing normal battle royale modes. The thing with battle royale is that you may have to play till the end in order to get some XP. Most of the time, you get killed early, and even if you stay till the end, it requires you to spend a lot of time. Previous modes like Plunder have not been introduced yet in the game, which means that you need to rely on other game modes.

The DMZ has been currently used to upgrade weapons further so that they are leveled up properly. Every time you play a match in any game mode, the XP given at the end of the match increases the level of your account and upgrades your weapon too.

Both XPs are achieved differently. In order to increase the weapon XP, you must focus on getting more kills in each match. Doing so will help make the best EBR 14 loadout you can possibly build.

Pros And Cons Of EBR 14 

The EBR 14 is an extremely efficient and versatile choice of weapon for all players. The reason is that whether you are an aggressive player or a strategic player, you can use the weapon. You do have to consider the drawbacks of the weapon and take them into account. You do not have to worry about it that much, though, because all of the details provided above will definitely help you make the best EBR 14 loadout in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

Pros Of EBR 14

The three-shot kill kind of reminds you of the OG meta weapon known as the DMR. It is as quick if not quicker, than the DMR. It doesn’t take much time to master the weapon completely. Playing a few games will be enough to demonstrate its power to you fully. Once you unlock all of the attachments required to make the EBR 14 loadout the best in Call Of Duty warzone 2.0, there is no stopping you.

Cons Of EBR 14 

The drawbacks of the weapon are few, but it is crucial that you know them in order to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon. First of all, you have to see the fact that it is a semi-automatic weapon. You can increase the fire rate as much as you can, but it will still be slower than the weapons like SMGs. In the second loadout that we mentioned, the mobility decreased significantly.

After all of these drawbacks, the gun remains pretty overpowerful. Even if you are fighting against a lasering Assault rifle head to head, those three shots will be enough. You will win that fight pretty comfortably. It is an eminent addition to your weapon arsenal.  All of the Attachments, Secondary Weapons, Equipment, Field Upgrades, and Perks help make the EBR 14 loadout the best in Call OF Duty Warzone 2.0. 

Final Words 

You now have full knowledge about the best EBR 14 loadouts in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. It will now be up to your preference in choosing between both the loadouts. Make sure to comment down below the loadout you will be using in your next match. Also, give your opinions about the weapon and how it fits your playstyle. Make sure to check out our guide to know how to do a finishing move in Warzone 2.  

While you’re at it, make sure to check out everything there is to know about the Resurgence Map if you already don’t know much about it. If you are a Valorant player and want to know how to convert the Valorant mouse sensitivity into Warzone 2, make sure to check our guide.  

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