How To Find Weapon Lockers In Warzone 2

Here you will learn everything you need to know regarding weapon lockers in warzone 2.

Weapon Lockers, just like medicine cabinets, provide loot to the players in Warzone 2.0. Many players are not familiar with weapon lockers because they are not very common and cannot be found easily around the map. Players need to make some effort to find them.

Key Highlights

  • Weapon Lockers are a great source of loot that provide players with different guns and weapons in the game.
  • These are not very common around the map, and players need to put some effort into finding them.
  • Mostly weapon lockers are found in the stronghold, which is a hotspot for many players. So, players need to fight to get to weapon lockers.
  • While looting weapon lockers, players need to be very careful of their opponents or even opponents based on AI.

What Are Weapon Lockers?

When playing call of duty warzone 2, several players may have come across a daily mission that involves opening 3 weapon lockers. Some players may have also read about weapon lockers in warzone 2 on the internet and wondered what weapon lockers are.

Weapon lockers provide a great weapon, and not only that, there is enough ammunition for the players so that they can use the weapon in the game. Not only that, but players will also find different lethal and tactical weapons to help them throughout their gameplay. Weapon Lockers also provide players with different great attachments for the weapons they are holding at the time.

How To Find Weapon Lockers?

Warzone 2 Locker
Warzone 2 Weapon Locker

Now that you know what weapon lockers are and what the benefits of weapons lockers are. You might be wondering how to find a weapon locker while playing Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. Firstly, weapon lockers are not very common in the game, and there are some locations in the maps where you can find weapon lockers.

While playing warzone, there are great chances that you will find a weapon locker around strongholds in Al Mazrah. Here is the building where you can find weapon lockers mostly.

weapon lockers location on map
Weapon Lockers Location on Map – [image credits-eXputer]
To access the strongholds, you just need for the first circle to close if you are playing battle royale mode. The key here is to be extremely vigilant as there might be opponents in search of weapon lockers that cause potential danger for you. In DMZ mode, players require an access card to access strongholds.

Getting Key Cards For Strong Holds

Players can get these cards by:

  • Purchasing it at any station for 5000 dollars. would need to collect money to get enough to purchase them.
  • Looting it by defeating the opponents who have these keycards to access weapon lockers. This might be a little intense as strongholds are the hotspot, and there are many players in the area. So, you might have to engage in a lot of fights.
  • Killing AI patrolling around the stronghold. This is comparatively easier, but the same problem continues here. The area is a hotspot with a lot of opponents so fights may become intense.

Killing patrolling guards or opponents around the strongholds might be a really difficult task. So, it is advised to rush towards strong holds with a squad. After you gain access to the stronghold, you can now collect the resources to help you win the game. Make sure to be extra careful of the surroundings as you may not know from where you can get attacked by different enemies.


Call of Duty Warzone has provided its player’s many different things that they can open in the game to get loot. These things include medicine cabinets, fridges, and safes. Weapon Lockers are also one of the sources of loot that provide players with different weapons. Weapon Lockers provide weapons, ammo and attachments, and lethal and tactical weapons. So, if a player opens one of them, it can greatly benefit them during the gameplay.

Weapon lockers are not common throughout the map. Players can mostly find them in strongholds near Al Mazrah. As they are not common on the map, more and more players are present in strongholds to gain access to weapon lockers. So, getting to the lockers might be intense.

Players may also need access cards in order to get to strongholds if playing DMZ mode. Players can get these cards by different methods. This guide has discussed all the essential information required to gain access to weapon lockers in warzone 2 and how to make use of them.

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