Warzone 2: All Police Station Locations

Learn about all the Police Station locations in Warzone 2 and everything you need to know about them.

Police Stations have become quite rare in Warzone 2. Since they are so scarce in the game, they are now part of some missions in DMZ. The Police stations in Warzone 2 also have a locked room filled with legendary chests and new weapons and skins you can unlock.  You will want to find all the police stations to complete the mission and open all the rooms. We have all police station locations in Warzone 2 here, so you don’t need to worry about finding them.

Key Takeaways
  • The Police Stations in Warzone 2 are the rarest things that are important for completing DMZ missions.
  • You need to unlock these stations for receiving new weapons, various skins as well as some legendary chests. 
  • There are a total of three Police Stations on the Al Mazrah map.
  • The first police station is located in sector D5 of the map, near the mall in Sa’id City. Exactly at the bottom right of the city on the map.
  • The second police station is located in sector G5. It can be spotted a bit away from the Al Mazrah city, near to the highway. 
  • Lastly, the third police station can be spotted in the F2 sector, on the upper left side of Al Marzah city. Sector F2 can be found near the bridge that connects the city.
All locations Police Station
All Police Station locations – Image Captured by Us

First Police Station Location

Police Station Location Sa'id City
Sa’id City Police Station Location – Image Captured by eXputer

So the first police station location in Warzone 2 we will be talking about is going to the one that is on the opposite side of the map compared to the other two. The Police Station is located near the Shopping Centre, which is a hot drop for a lot of players and has a lot of NPCs running around. So you have to approach the police station with caution.

The police station will be located in the sector D5 sector of your map. It is near the mall in “Sa’id City” near the river. You can easily spot it on the left side of your map if you zoom into Sa’id city. Once you know the shape from our image above, you can locate it near the bottom right of the city, right on the shore. 

Second Police Station Location

Warzone 2 Police Station Location 2
Warzone 2 Second Police Station Location – Image Captured by us

The second location is going to be a bit far, and you will now have to look toward the upper right side of your map. In the G5 sector, you will be able to find the second police station. Same as before, the police station will be crawling with trigger-happy Bots ready to gun you down. So try to seek in or take them out before entering. 

The second police station location in Warzone 2 does not really have any name to it. It is located a little far away from Al Mazrah city near the highway. The location can be spotted above the Al Sharim Pass if you zone into the top right of it. The police station is also on the edge of the water and is a bridge situated close by it. 

Third Police Station Location 

Al Marzah Police Station
Warzone 2 Third Police Station Location – Image by eXputer

Now you just have to move a little bit higher on your map and head towards Al Mazrah city. On the upper left side of Al Marzah city will be where you will find the third police station location. Similar to the other two, the third police station is also located near the water. To help you find it more easily, it is located right in front of a roundabout. 

It goes without saying the police station will have NPCs and bots surrounding it if you are playing DMZ, so watch out. The third police station is located in the F2 sector. You can spot it near the bridge connecting the city to the other land mass. Now you know all 3 police station locations.

After learning all the Warzone 2 police station locations, you are ready to head into battle complete your mission, and gain those rewards. If you are looking for Best Assault Rifles, here are our top picks.  You can also learn about the Snipers in the game, which is dominating the 2-shot meta in our Best Snipers. We that you should be good to go and dominate the battlefield.


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