Warzone 2: BEST M13B Loadouts [Short & Long Range]

M13B's High Fire rate can turn the tide of a battle & you must learn how to utilize it the best in Warzone 2.0.

With COD Warzone 2.0’s release, the game got several new things, such as the M13B. It is a deadly Assault Rifle, which, if used correctly, can get you to victory in the Battle Royale. So today, we’ll discuss the Best M13B loadouts in COD Warzone 2.0. Not only that, you’ll learn about which weapons go great with our loadouts of M13B in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. 

Key Notes

  • The M13B is a powerful AR in the game.
  • M13B in COD Warzone 2.0 has some of the best Loadouts in the game.
  • These loadouts use different attachments that completely change the AR.
  • Unlocking M13B is a unique experience where you have to defeat a powerful enemy in DMZ mode.
  • It is a Hard Task, so proceed with caution, as it can backfire on you.

Short-Range M13B Best Loadout

For our first loadout, we went with a low-weight M13B with a lower range and then coupled it with another primary weapon with a longer range. It gave us the best of both worlds. We were able to couple it with a Sniper Rifle that allowed us to deal good damage even at long range. And using the high Fire Rate of the gun, we made it lightweight and further increased its Fire Rate.


As our attachments focus on increasing the M13B stability and somewhat decreasing its weight, we went with the following attachments.

close range loadout of M13B in COD Warzone 2.0.
The following loadout focuses on increasing the Mobility of M13B. [Image Captured By eXputer]


For the Muzzle, we have different options that do different things on the gun. Some muzzles increase the damage and the range or even suppress the bullets’ sound. Now with these options, we have to go with the one that will benefit us the most. For that, we decided to go with the Sakin Tread-40. It is a ‘heavy compensator’. It increases the Vertical and Horizontal Recoil Control, allowing you to keep your aim on the opponents, even if they’re running away.

To further enhance the Sakin Tread-40, we went to the Weapon Tuning and changed one thing in it. In the Recoil Stabilization and Aim Down Sight Speed toggle, we dragged the toggle all the way to the Aim Down Sight Speed. That way, the Muzzle will have good Recoil Control and great Aim Down Sight Speed.


In the Underbarrel, among all the choices, none seems more solid than the FSS Sharkfin 90. That is a really great Underbarrel foregrip. It is a well-rounded grip that literally has no Cons in the game. Instead, it helps increase the Aiming Idle Stability of the gun. What that does, is it increases the M13B’s stability while you’re on the move. As you’re moving, the aim won’t sway here and there, it will stay in one place.


Now the laser is something interesting in the loadout. It is the FJX Ultrabeam XR. It is basically a powerful flashlight that will light up the dark areas of the structures. And if the opponent is hiding there, they won’t be able to surprise attack you. Apart from that, the laser attachment helps greatly with increasing the Sprint to Fire speed of M13B. Not only that, it will increase your Aim Walking Steadiness.

They both will slightly increase the Handling of the weapon for the attachments that reduce it. But there is a bad side to it. The Flashlight will be visible as you use the ADS on it. That isn’t a big thing, considering all the benefits you’ll be getting with it.


As we all know, the optics it is totally dependent on the user’s preferences. Some people like the Red Dot, and others like a small 2x Scope to aim at opponents. But for our preference, we went with the Cronen Mini Pro optics. It is a small ‘near-perfect sigh picture’. The red dot is precise to the point that you can keep it on the opponent’s head, and they’ll be down in seconds.


The stock for the gun is quite interesting in itself. It is the Stock that is a Factory Stock of an SMG. Yes, that’s right, we went with none other than the Bruen R90 Factory Stock. Now the reason for that is it is a lightweight stock with nothing too extra in it.

Once applied, it helps with your mobility. The Aim Walking Speed is slightly increased, as is the Sprint Speed. Not only that, it lightly increases the Recoil Control of the M13B too. But there are a few things that it takes away from the gun. For example, the overall aiming stability or accuracy of the gun is slightly decreased. But that isn’t something that will make the gun unusable, as the M13B already has a good chunk of accuracy.

Secondary Weapon

The M13B in our current loadout is more of a ‘run-and-gun’ loadout of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. Meaning it has good Mobility and Handling compared to the next loadout that we have made. You’ll get to that in a while. But first, we need to get a proper Secondary Weapon for the loadout.

Now you might have noticed that we haven’t done much about the range of the M13B. That is because the loadout is designed so that you can use a Marksmen Rifle or a Sniper Rifle as the secondary weapon. Now you’re open to numerous options for the loadout, but the one that we believe is perfect for the current loadout is Signal 50.

Signal 50 loadout.
Signal 50 is the Best Sniper for our current M13B loadout. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]

Now before you start to question that the Signal 50 in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 isn’t fit for the M13B class loadout or whatever, hear us out first. We have selected certain attachments that ensure that we’ll get the best out of the gun. So, without further ado, here are the attachments for our Secondary Weapon Signal 50 Loadout.


For the secondary weapon, the Signal 50, we got these attachments.

  • Barrel: 29” TV Kilo-50
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V
  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Stock: SO Inline Stock

Now the 29” TV Kilo-50 Barrel significantly increases the Bullet Velocity and Damage Range of the already high Signal 50. Not only that, it slightly increases the Recoil Control and the Hip Fire Accuracy. Whereas the SA Finesse Grip slightly improves the Sprint to Fire and Aim Down Sight speed. It gives you the crisp and quick kills that you’d need to perform as a sniper. The Nilsound 90 Silencer’s main purpose is to keep you off the radar.

The FFS OLE-V laser increases the Aim Down Sight and Sprint to Fire speed. For the stock, we have the SO Inline Stock, a small stock that improves mobility by increasing the Sprint Speed and Crouch Movement Speed. Not only that, it increases the Aim Down Sight speed of Signal 50. You’ll get superb handling speed with both of these.

Perk Package

For the Perk Package, we have to go with the Weapon Specialist Package. The main reason is that its first Base Perk will help us carry two Primary weapons at once. So we have to utilize it to the best of our abilities.

Weapon Specialist Perk Package.
The Weapon Specialist Perk package lets you carry two primary weapons. [Image Captured By eXputer]

Okay, so the first Perk is the Overkill. It has one purpose, to let you carry two primary weapons. Now they can be any weapon, but you’ll be at an advantage over your opponent with the Perk.

As for the second Base Perk, we have the Strong Arm perk. There isn’t much use for the Strong Arm perk in our current loadout, but if the need arises, you can use it. What it does is that it lets you throw equipment much farther. Not only that, it will let you see the equipment’s trajectory, letting you know where exactly it will hit. Using it, you can definitely make some great plays.

Now that you have a Sniper, your main goal with your squad will be to be their Spotter, and that is what our Bonus Perk is. It allows you to spot enemy equipment through the walls and let your teammates know of them before they are surprised. Not only that, you’ll be able to utilize the perk further to make good plays for your squadmates.

Then there is the Survivor Perk, which is the Ultimate Perk. When you get downed, you’ll automatically ping the enemy location. Not only that, if you have a teammate revive you, they’ll be able to do it faster and help you get in action quickly.


For the Tactical and Lethal Equipment, here’s what we chose.

Tactical Equipment

Stun Grenade is good Tactical Equipment. When fired, it will stun in front of the enemy, giving you a bit of an advantage. Using the M13B’s high fire rate is all you’ll need to make a difference in the fight. Throw it at an enemy, and watch them trying to get away from you. You’ll have a small window of opportunity, so you’ll have to utilize it and get the best out of it.

Lethal Equipment

The best Lethal Equipment for the loadout is none other than the Claymore. You can place it at a strategic position, such as an entrance to your sniping spot, and when the enemy comes, they’ll get knocked out quickly. So you won’t be getting any surprises. Not only that, you can place it while the enemy is chasing you. They won’t even see it and get killed.

Long Range M13B Best Loadout

Now for the Second Loadout in COD Warzone 2.0, we gave the M13B a bit of range by giving it a long-range barrel. Not only that, we paired it with a larger magazine to ensure that the high Fire Rate doesn’t empty the magazine quickly. The magazine and the Barrel affected its mobility and handling, so we decided to pair it with a Pistol.


For a longer range and more bullets in the magazine, here are the attachments that we selected.

M13B long range loadout COD Warzone 2.0
Our second loadout focuses on increasing the range of M13B while utilizing its Fast Fire rate. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]


First up, the Barrel for our second loadout is a pretty good one. It is a 14” Bruen Echelon. The Barrel’s length plays a significant role in the loadout. It increases the Damage Range of the M13B. With that, it increases the Bullet Velocity. Overall, you can expect it to increase the Damage and the Range of bullets traveling. So you’ll be getting an increased range on an already high-range gun. 

Not only that, the Barrel increases the Hip Fire Accuracy of the gun too. If you fire a bullet with Hip Fire mode, the bullet will go directly to your aim. Then your job will be to ensure that the aim stays on the opponent. With that, you can expect the Recoil Control to increase on the gun too significantly. There are a few letdowns. It decreases the Aim Down Sight speed, Hip Recoil Control, and Movement speed of your operator.


We’ve gone with the same Sakin Tread-40 Muzzle as that of the last loadout. That is because it increases the Recoil Control, further allowing you to get a good aim onto your opponents. Using it will ensure that your gun doesn’t move too much, and when you aim, the aim stays in its place.


The Commando Foregrip that we’ve selected as the Underbarrel attachment is a universal grip. You’ll find it on almost every other gun in the game. That is because it is versatile and provides good Stats to the gun it is used on. The Foregrip is a ‘Heavyweight angled grip’, which has the job of ensuring that you get good overall weapon stability. But it comes with a tax on the gun. The Movement Speed of your operator is affected by it. Still, it is a good Underbarrel attachment.


Now for the optics, again, we have several different options to go for. You can go for a Scope or just a small attachment for the M13B, and that’s what we did. We went with the Corio RE-X Pro optics. That is a small reflex sight that has an ‘Auto-illuminated reticle’. It is great for Precision Sight as it ensures that you’ll always be aiming for the opponent’s head. It does have a negative effect on the Aim Down Sight speed of the gun, though. So you’ll have to live with that.


Lastly, the Magazine of the loadout is completely optional. We went with it because the M13B has a significantly higher Fire Rate in the game. The 60 Round Mag gives us enough assurance that even after we nail down an opponent, we’ll have enough bullets for a couple more enemy operators.

The Magazine increases the gun’s weight, but we’ve somewhat controlled that with other attachments. So it shouldn’t affect the overall mobility and handling of the gun.

Secondary Weapon

The M13B is a powerful and precise Assault Rifle. It has the Fire Rate of an SMG, whereas the damage of an Assault Rifle. The range isn’t the longest, but it is good enough to ensure that you can take out opponents in mid-range combat. Because of that, we didn’t have to get a super-powerful secondary weapon.

The Secondary weapon of the M13B loadout needs to be a solid weapon of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. One on which we can rely on the battle and that it can take out opponents quickly, like the M13B. For that, there is no other choice as good as the X13 Auto. It is an automatic Pistol that does good damage at a shorter range.

X13 Auto loadout.
X13 Auto is the perfect secondary weapon for the loadout. [Image Captured By eXputer]

So if you aren’t comfortable with the M13B in the short range, then the X13 Auto is your best bet. Whereas if you are okay with using the M13B in the short range, you can switch to X13 Auto and finish the fight instead of reloading your gun. It gives you too much room for making plays.


For the secondary weapon attachments, we got the following.

  • Barrel: Impact Point
  • Magazine 33 Round Mag
  • Laser: FJX DOID-70
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Lima-6
  • Stock: XRK Bar Stock

You need a solid Barrel, such as the Impact Point, as you’ll need to have good Recoil Control and hip fire accuracy. That is because we’re running a 33 Round Mag, which will essentially make it a mini-SMG. With that, our laser, the FJX DOID-70, increases the overall stability of the weapon. Not only that, but it also improves the Sprint-to-fire speed, which makes it the perfect weapon to chase after opponents.

But that’s not all, and the Cronen Lima-6 is a good Rear Grip. It further enhances the Sprint-to-fire speed of the X13 Auto while improving the Aim Down Sight speed. Lastly, the XRK Bar Stock will come in handy in more than one way. First, it increases your mobility, whereas the X13 Auto’s accuracy is increased too. So you’ll be running two powerful weapons in the loadout.

Perk Package

The Perk Package that we chose for our Loadout is Warden Package. Now the Warden Package is designed with a few things in mind. It is designed to ensure that you’ll have good mobility and handling of weaponry. Which is perfect for our current loadout. And we’ll explain why it is so.

Warden Perk Package.
The Warden Perk package has some good perks in it. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]

Okay, so the first Base Perk of the Perk package is the Double Time perk. Now, if you’re familiar with the Perk, you’ll know where we’re heading. But if you don’t know, here’s what it does. Its description states that “Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%”.

In COD Warzone 2.0, if you are using a low-mobility weapon, like our current loadout of M13B, you’d want to use the Tactical Sprint more often than expected. That way, you can outpace the opponent as you’ll be able to run more than them. So whether you’re following them or you want to reposition yourself, you can use it to your advantage.

The second base Perk is a Strong Arm. As the name suggests, it allows you to throw your tactical or lethal equipment farther than normal. Not only that, it’ll let you see the trajectory of the equipment you’re throwing. Using it, you’ll make opponents that are hiding behind obstacles come out of their spots.

The bonus Perk of the loadout Fast Hands allows you to use equipment and reload and swap weapons faster. As you’re using a heavy 60 Rounds mag, it will make it faster to reload that. Not only that, you’ll switch to your secondary much faster than usual.

Lastly, the Overkill Perk will charge the Field Upgrades at a slower rate. But it will allow you to hold two charges of the field upgrade at a time.


For the equipment, we need something throwable, so we can properly utilize our Fast Hands bonus Perk. And in the list of equipment, we just got the items that will help us utilize that.

Tactical Equipment

Flash Grenade in COD Warzone 2.0 is the best option for Tactical Equipment in the current loadout and class of the M13B. You’ll have to perfect using the Flash Grenade to ensure that you can get benefits out of it. For our strategy, we use the Flash Grenade, and right after it fires off, we rush toward the enemy using the Double Time perk. As the enemy operator is somewhat blinded and deafened, they won’t know you’re coming onto them.

Lethal Equipment

Now, what is the best item in Lethal Equipment than the Frag Grenade? Almost all of the FPS players know how the Frag Grenade works, so using it is fairly easy. Using the Strong Arm perk, you’ll be able to throw it at greater distances. In comparison, the Projectile Trajectory factor will help you understand where the Grenade will end. You can use it and create special trajectories that will make the enemy run in specific directions and become an easy target for you.

Best M13B Loadout In Warzone 2.0

COD Warzone 2.0 lets you choose Custom Loadouts for M13B, but not all of these are the Best. As there are tons of options in attachments, you’ll have to pick the best of the best. You must remember a few things before you go to choose your attachments. There are tons of attachments, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them will work great on the gun.

You can either go and test each one of them individually, or you can leave it to use as we show you the Best Loadouts that you can use with your M13B in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. These loadouts are designed with one thing in mind, how to make M13B more deadly than it already is. 

Now the M13B is a new gun that just got released in the latest update in Season 1, so you might not have enough time to try out different things with the gun. So, we selected the best attachments, loadouts, perks, and secondaries for the gun, and here’s what we did.

Unlocking M13B In Warzone 2.0

We conclude our loadout to the M13B in COD Warzone 2.0. You have to remember, and you can’t just go and make a loadout of the M13B out of the blue. You’ll have to unlock it. But the unlocking experience isn’t something that you’ll usually find in the game. It is a unique experience, at least for us. For that, you’ll have to play a specific game mode and there kill one specific mini-boss to unlock the M13B. And here’s how you do it.

First of all, you will have to get to the DMZ mode in Warzone 2.0. Now it is a unique mode, where you’ll have to go in there and successfully get out of the game through one of the three exfil spots in the map. So, here’s what you need to do.

As you Enter the DMZ, your goal will be to go to the Radiation Zone. It will be marked with a Hazard sign in a yellow circle. In that Radiation Zone, you need to find a target who is known as the Chemist. Your goal will be to defeat the Chemist, pick up his special M13B, and get out of the game using an Exfil. But that isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to come prepared as he isn’t easy to defeat.

Radiation zone in COD Warzone 2.0
The Radiation zone is a part of the DMZ map. [Image Captured By eXputer]


First of all, your goal will be to come prepared. You’ll need to get a level 3 Armor Vest and tons of armor plates to survive the Radiation zone. That is because not only are the enemies in the Radiation zone harder to defeat, they aren’t the only threat there.

Since the M13B is a high-value gun, you’ll find other players competing for it. You’ll have to get there and fight other players to get the gun. You’ll also need to get the UAV tower, as it will help you locate the opponents so you won’t get surprise attacks from them.

Remember, you’ll have to be quick with getting the M13B. Because chances are, by the time you get there, some other players have already defeated the Chemist and run away with M13B. That’s why you should double up and get it as quickly as possible. For that, you can get your armor and other stuff ready and then come back again and try for it.

One thing before you jump in there you need to get the Gas Mask or the Radiation Blocker pill. Now the pills can be found at different places on the map. As for the Gas Mask, you will find it in the radiation zone, equipped by the AI. Kill them and get them as fast as you can, as it will surely come in handy.


We’ve already explained that you need to jump into the zone and get the Chemist before everyone else. So you’ll have to start a new game and run toward the Chemist. When you get there, your goal is to find him and kill him. If you can’t find him, it means that you were late and someone else came and took the gun from his body. You’ll have to retry.

But if you find the Chemist, kill him as soon as possible. He’s a strong opponent that will take a lot of bullets before you can kill him. Once he is dead, you can go to his dead body and pick up the M13B. Your goal will be to run towards the Exfil area. You can’t just wait for the game to end because if you die or leave the gun, it is lost.

The M13B in DMZ.
Picking up M13B in DMZ. [Game Snapshot by eXputer]

Once you have successfully extracted, you’ll get a message that M13B is unlocked.

Pros And Cons Of M13B

The Assault Rifle M13B is surely one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone 2.0. That is because of a few different reasons. First, we loved the unique method of unlocking the gun. Of course, it was, at times, really hard as you had to fight different players while trying to take care of the radiation and other things. But all in all, it was a fun experience.

Once you get the gun, you realize a few things. The Gun has good Damage with a high Fire Rate. That makes it great for encounters where you need to fire in mere seconds. Its mobility and handling are quite good, which makes it a good gun overall. Yes, there are a few flaws, but they aren’t something that a few attachments can’t fix.

First of all, the Recoil of the gun isn’t that great. We mean that it is great if you are switching from a typical AR. But you’ll have to learn its unique recoil pattern if you want to master it. But a few attachments that increase the weapon’s stability will fix it in no time.

Then its Range is quite low compared to a typical AR. This means that unless you attach some big barrel, you won’t be able to do good damage at a range. Another substitution would be to make a loadout without a barrel and then give it a long-range weapon, like our first loadout.

Apart from these and a few smaller flaws, the gun is almost perfect. We had a lot of fun trying to test it out and trying out different attachments to it. We hope you have the same experience as we had.

Final Thoughts

The M13B is a great gun to make loadout in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. But that doesn’t that everything will go great with it. A good loadout needs to be carefully selected to ensure that you’re getting the best out of the gun. We have prepared two different loadouts that fit different use cases of the gun. Whether you want it as a long-range gun, just add a long barrel. If you want to use it as a support weapon for a longer-range weapon, take out some of its weight, and you’ll have better mobility.

Whichever of these loadouts of M13B you choose for COD Warzone 2.0, you’ll get the best experience out of it. That means you’ll have the opportunity to use it in different scenarios, where it is quite fun to test out new things. Anyways, check out these loadouts and let us know what you think about them.

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