How To Team Up In Warzone 2 [Assimilation Guide]

Learn the step by step process to team-up in Warzone 2

Here are easy-to-execute steps if you want to learn how to team up in Warzone 2.0:

  • Open the emote wheel (emotes are friendly actions that are used to taunt others)
  • On the right of the wheel, you will find two options; one for the invitation and the other for joining.
  • Just go near a player and send an invite, of course, by opening the emote wheel and pressing the invite button.
  • Or, if you receive a notification saying that you have an invitation from the opposite team, press the join button on the emote wheel. 

Key Highlights

  • Assimilation is the new mechanism in Warzone 2 that enables you to swap sides in combat.
  • You can play against your teammates or change your team once your teammates are dead.
  • Proximity chat is a new addition to Warzone 2 too. It enables you to communicate with other players nearby.
  • To invite other players or to join other teams, navigate to emote/ping wheel. 
  • Swapping the teams disables friendly fire.

Teaming Up Using Proximity Chat

Another advantage of this mechanic is to communicate with other players by getting close to them. This is called Proximity chat. You can use the feature to find yourself a new team or invite a new player to your team. This is the feature in Warzone 2 that is quite enjoyed. 

Chatting makes the game more interesting. You can set up strategies more efficiently, or if your friend needs help, that is how he can ask for help. Activision is taking the gaming experience to the next level by adding these sorts of features to the game.  

This is everything about Assimilation. Let’s dive into the main topic, which is, of course, the steps to team up in Warzone 2.

This is pretty much how you team up. But the thing to keep in mind is that once you swap your side, the friendly fire gets disabled. If you cannot convince a player to either join your team or accept you in his/her team, you can always use proximity chat to communicate. This is what it is actually for. 

Along with many extra additions, such as new weapons loadouts, and maps to the game content, there has been an addition of a new feature. This new mechanism is the most exciting one.

This mechanic is called “Assimilation” in Warzone 2. Since the game is just released, and the Assimilation mechanic is quite new, most of the players don’t know how that works or how to join other squads in Warzone 2

This guide contains everything you need to know about the teaming-up procedure and the perks of teaming up with your opponents. So, be with us till the end to know everything about this and to make the game even more exciting. Before jumping straight to the explanation of the team-up process, let us first explain what this Assimilation means.

What Is Assimilation?

Warzone 2: how to team up
Team Up Method via Emote/Ping Wheel In Warzone 2 [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
As we have mentioned above, the teaming up mechanism with the opposite team members is known as Assimilation. This new feature is newly added in Call Of Duty Warzone 2 as well as in the new Call Of Duty DMZ. You can swap your side even during the battle. 

There are some limitations to Assimilation as well; you cannot add players beyond the limit of a team. For instance, you are playing trios, so you cannot add more than 3 players to your team. Similarly, the team size for quads is 4. ‘Unhinged’ playlist is where this mechanic gets interesting. You can merge 2 trio teams into one team. You can have 6 players on one side.

Warzone 2: Unhinged BR Trios
Unhinged BR Trios mode in Warzone 2 [Image Captured by us]
Before this new update, the player who was left alone when all of his teammates got dead had very little hope of surviving in the game. But now, even if the player is playing as a lone wolf, he or she can always swap the team and start playing from the other side.

Wrap Up

I used to turn all the extra sounds off while playing Call Of Duty. But, ever since, Warzone 2 came out with the assimilation feature, the game is not been the same. The experience has gone insane. Without proximity chat, the game feels incomplete. 

If you do not have competent teammates, just change your team, and you are good to go. You can also team up with other guys to eliminate a strong squad playing against you. Or wipe out a squad that has more players than you.

Another thing to be mindful of is that while you are joining the other squad, they might be already killing enemies or getting killed. So, if they accept your request and you are not vigilant enough, you might end up getting killed. Make sure you are quick enough to take over the game once you send a request to join a squad.

So, in a nutshell, this mode of game gives you a chance to socialize and grow the gaming community as a whole. 

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