Warzone 2 Best KV Broadside Loadout: Class, Perks, Attachments

Get lock and loaded to dominate your opponent by building the best class!

The new KV Broadside in Warzone 2 is an ultimate game-changer weapon that will leave your opponents quaking in fear. The gun is a semi-auto Shotgun that can pierce the target without giving them a chance to react. Broadside has impressive speed and spectacular DPS, making it a close-range beast in Mazrah and Ashika Island. So, if you plan on experimenting with the weapon, make sure to have the best KV Broadside Loadout in the competitive battles of Warzone season 2.

Key Takeaways
  • KV Broadside is a new semi-automatic Shotgun in Call of Duty Warzone that comes with the patch of season 2. 
  • To make the weapon more deadly at close range, you can equip it with the right attachments and class.
  • To control the handling and accuracy of the shotgun, you can use Bryson Choke and R7 Stock, which works on the bullet spread and weapon mobility.
  • You can use Gunner D20 as Barrel to reduce the weapon’s recoil.
  • The best attachment to make the gun unstoppable is the 25 Shell Drum Magazine which triples the magazine capacity of the shotgun.
  • You can use the Dashboard 60 Bolt and VLK Laser sight to increase the firing rate and hip fire accuracy. 
  • With Broadside, you can equip a decent Assault rifle for medium-range combats.
  • The best perk for Broadside is Weapon specialist, as it gives you special benefits from Overkill, Strongarm, and Survivor perks.
  • You can use the Frag-Stun combo with Broadside, as they are the most reliable for close-range fights. 
Important: The KV Broadside is a newly introduced weapon in the Season 2 Battle Pass. You can unlock it in the B4 section of the Battle pass for free.

KV Broadside In Warzone Season 2

The Assault rifle category in Warzone 2 is already so overpowered, but if we specifically discuss the close-range masters, the new season has specifically focused on game-changing updates. The previous season also had some decent shotguns, such as Expedite 12 and Bryson 800, but the introduction of KV Broadside has filled the gap of a semi-automatic shotgun in the game. 

Warzone 2 Best KV Broadside Loadout
KV Broadside [Image by eXputer]
The KV undoubtedly has the edge over other available shotguns as it features an impressive firing rate without compromising the damage and magazine capacity of the gun. The gun portrays the powers and capabilities of an automatic rifle packed into a shotgun. With its raw potential and devastating close-range power, the shotgun can be considered the ultimate tool for dominating close-quarter fights. 

Whether you’re barging into a building or engaging with a camping squad, the KV Broadside is the perfect weapon to have by your side. The gun can truly become your killing machine if you’ve equipped it with the right attachments and class. 

Best Attachments For KV Broadside

If you want to dominate competitive opponents and always have the upper hand over them, it is crucial to customize your weapon with appropriate attachments.

Using the correct accessories according to your playstyle can considerably improve your combat skills. These attachments are not just cosmetic enhancements but play a significant role in tuning the weapon and making it better. 

Best build for broadside
Best Attachments [Image by eXputer]
Selecting suitable attachments can give you a wide range of benefits, such as reduced recoil, improved accuracy, finer handling, and increased reloading speed. Here are some attachments that you can equip to make the best loadout for KV Broadside in Warzone 2 Season 2.

  • Muzzle: Bryson Choke
  • Barrel: Gunner D20
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Magazine: 25 Shell Drum
  • Stock: Markeev R7 Stock
  • Bolt: Dashbolt 60

Bryson Choke Muzzle

While using the shotgun in hip fire mode, the major focus is on controlling the bullet spread, as it impacts the accuracy and damage of each round. To control the bullet spread, we will use the Bryson Choke, as it will tighten the spread of your shotgun pellets, making it more effective at close range.

Warzone 2 Best KV Broadside Loadout
Bryson Improved Choke [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
Choke is a great attachment if you’re playing aggressively, as it can help you hit the enemies with more accuracy when you’re rushing inside a house to take down a squad. Since the gun already has a fairly high bullet capacity, adding the Bryson Choke will enhance the performance of the weapon at close as well as slightly mid-range. 

Gunner D20 Barrel

To work on the weapon’s accuracy and recoil control, we will use the Gunner D20 Barrel, as it is easier to unlock and provides fairly good advantages. When equipped, you will notice a fair improvement in weapons recoil, especially when you’re using it in semi-auto mode. With reduced recoil and increased handling, you will be able to make up your aim with more accuracy to hit the bull’s eye. 

Overall, the Gunner D20 Barrel is an excellent attachment to pair up with the Bryson Choke as they go well together to work on the accuracy and handling of shots. The Gunner-Choke combo gives you the increased accuracy, lesser recoil, and better weapon handling that makes your shotgun a true beast on the battlefield. 


The crosshair of shotguns provides great assistance in making up your aim and hitting on the target; however, sometimes you mess up your aim due to bullet spread and larger distance from the enemy. To increase your hip fire and ADS accuracy, you can equip the VLK LZR 7MW Laser with your shotgun to track down your target. 

Using a laser attachment on your shotgun is a good recommendation, as sometimes you may also need to use your ADS if the enemy is at mediocre range. The 7MW laser slightly enhances your ADS speed along with hip fire accuracy. Moreover, it also gives an aesthetic and more prominent look when using a laser with your gun. 

25 Shell Drum Magazine

25 Drum Magazine
Magazine [Image by eXputer]
Now we will discuss the exceptional attachment of Broadside, which makes it a true beast in the Shotgun category. The Broadside has the feature to equip a massive 25 Shell Drum Magazine with it. With this attachment, you will never have to worry about running out of ammo while in contact with multiple enemies. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that along with each shot, you will notice a slight increase in the bullet recoil, making the weapon difficult to handle. So, make sure to give a micro pause between each shot to handle the beast in a better way. 

Markeev R7 Stock

Since Broadside is a heavy gun as compared to assault rifles, moving around with it slightly compromises your mobility and speed. So, to counter the drawback, we will use the Markeev R7 Stock, as it will improve your weapon handling and mobility.

You can switch to your melee to move faster when you’re not engaged in combat and just scouting an area. However, you have to be cautious and stay alert all the time, as you never know when a spooky enemy can catch you off-guard!

Dash 60 Bolt

Lastly, we will use the Dash 60 Bolt to complement the weapon. The bolt will work on the firing rate of the shotgun, making it more lethal and deadly. With all these attachments equipped with your weapon, you will experience high accuracy, better mobility, lesser recoil, and an improved rate of fire. 

Now, if any opponent is unlucky enough to come under the radar of your customized Broadside, he must get ready for some rough time. With its accurate and deadly shots, the shotgun is sure to quickly dispatch any foe, leaving them with little chance of escape. 

Best Perk Package For KV Broadside

Warzone 2 comes with premade perk packages that you can select with your weapon class. Unlike previous editions, you cannot customize these packages. Instead, you can select the suitable one from the available options. 

Best Perk class
Weapon Specialist Image by eXputer]

To make a well-balanced loadout that will help us in team deathmatch and battle royale mode, our recommendation for the class build is “Weapon Specialist,” which has the following perks:

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor


Overkill is an overpowered perk that suits well with players that have an aggressive playstyle. The perk allows you to equip a dual primary combo in your loadout, giving you a fair advantage to be more offensive on the battlefield.

As you will be wielding a shotgun, you can select either a long-range specialist Sniper as your second option, or you could go for an LMG or an Assault rifle. By selecting the Overkill perk, you can test out different weapon combinations and add more versatility to your playstyle while fulfilling your love for shotguns.

Strong Arm

The Strong Arm is a great perk to increase your accuracy in tactical and lethal equipment throws. The perk allows you to throw your equipment at a considerably larger distance as compared to the normal projectile. If your enemy is camping at a bit far range, the perk can come in handy as he will not be expecting a throwable coming his way. 

You can also take advantage of the perk when you’re stuck in a crossfire and can not reach your teammate who is low on ammo or medics. You can simply toss the items without getting out of the cover. 


For the Bonus Perk, we have Spotter, which can help you dodge the enemy’s sneaky attacks as it can detect items across the walls. With the help of the perk, you will be able to spot sneaky claymores that your opponent has placed right above a ladder or behind a door. It will also help you in detecting field upgrades or any other implantations that are not visible to your naked eye. 


Lastly, we’ll have Survivor as our ultimate perk, which has two edges. First, it will ping down the enemy that kills you on the battlefield, letting your teammates know the exact location to kill him quickly. Other than that, you will be able to get revived and dive back into the battlefield more quickly. 

Best Class Equipment

Although the weapon plays the primary role in combats and battles, equipping it with the right class is what complements your loadout. Making the right class can make up for the drawbacks of the weapon while enhancing its capabilities.

We recommend you invest some time in building the perfect class for you that suits your playstyle. To help you out, here is an appropriate class that can help you out in making an optimal KV Broadside loadout in Warzone 2. 

Primary Weapon

As you know that KV broadside is a master of close fights and lacks in performance with the increase in distance. So, you can equip Broadside as your secondary weapon and use a powerful Assault Rifle such as Kastov-545 as the primary weapon. In this way, the assault rifle can handle the mid-long range fights, while Broadside can assist you in close-quarter combats whenever you need to break into a compartment or take out campers. 

If you want an AR with better handling, then you should consider using Kastov 545 and Lachmann-556, which are easier to handle and deals a decent amount of damage. Other than that, you can also go for the damage-dominating weapon STB-556, which offers high DPS.

Tactical: Stun Grenade

Warzone 2 Best KV Broadside Loadout
Stun Grenade [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
As you’ll be having a lot more close-quarter combats while using the shotgun, we recommend you to use the Stun grenade as your tactical. Stun Grenade is an underrated throwable and can be really game-changing if used correctly. 

Sometimes, the campers are already aware of your presence and are ready for your rush. So, in this case, you can catch them off-guard by tossing a sneaky Stun Grenade before barging in. It will create panic between the enemies, making them unable to react properly. You can take advantage of the situation and wipe them out with your never-ending Broadside blows!

Lethal: Frag Grenade

Tactical and Lethal equipments
Frag Grenade [Image by eXputer]
For Lethal, we will use the classic frag grenade. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing a well-cooked frag onto your enemies and getting a free kill. If you cook your grenades right and throw them accurately, you are guaranteed to get a knock, as it is nearly impossible to escape from a frag grenade. 

Also, make sure not to hold the grenade in your hands for too long after pulling out the pin, as it can explode in your hands as well. 

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our guide on the COD Warzone 2 best KV Broadside loadout. Broadside is the most optimal option for close-ranged combats. You can also use the weapon in slightly medium-ranged engagements as well, but it will become a bit difficult to control the weapon with the increase in distance.

Other than that, make sure to learn about the weapon tuning option that helps you customize each attachment of your shotgun according to your playstyle. If you also want to consider other available options in a different weapon class in Warzone, you can go through our guide on the best LMGs in COD Warzone 2.0

Furthermore, you can get more knowledge on long-range weapons by going through our specific guide on the best Snipers in Warzone 2. As an alternative, you can also check out some other best shotgun loadouts. Lastly, you can also go through our overall best loadouts in the game, where you can find the best weapon from each class.


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