Starfield: Executive Level Walkthrough [Persuasion & Reception]

Navigate Ryujin Industries' climax, influence key decisions, and shape the faction's destiny in The Executive Level of Starfield.

The Executive Level quest in Starfield marks the climax of the Ryujin Industries faction quest line, serving as the ultimate side mission for players. Upon its completion, all participants who have been following the Ryujin Industries side quest will bring their faction quest to a close.

Key Takeaways
  • The climax of the Ryujin Industries faction quest line in Starfield happens at the Executive Level quest on Volii Alpha.
  • Players can strategically influence the faction’s story and impact board members’ decisions by having the internal Neuroamp in Starfield.
  • Following the engagement, a crucial meeting occurs where players decide the fate of Infinity LTD and the future of the internal Neuroamp.
  • This quest offers three different outcomes with varying rewards, depending on how players choose to approach and play it.

How To Complete Executive Level Quest 

Screenshot by me
Executive Level Menu (Image Sourced by me)

To accomplish this mission, you need to engage with seven board members, all situated on the same Executive Floor within Ryujin Tower.

Upon finishing the ‘Sabotage‘ mission in Starfield, the Executive Level will start with your next encounter with Masako in her office. Throughout the preceding missions, your focus has been on addressing the data breach within Ryujin Industries.

After successfully dealing with the rival company responsible for the leak, Infinity LTD, Masako, as the CEO of Ryujin Industries, discloses her thoughts on the fate of Infinity LTD and takes decisive actions regarding the development of the Neuroamp.

Your input on the situation is also sought. With the internal Neuroamp now in your possession in the faction quest line, you can use it strategically to influence characters to align with your preferred decisions. As an operative, your current assignment involves leveraging your skills to sway the board members toward adopting your favored choices.

Speaking to Ularu
Speaking to Ularu (Screenshot by Me)

After speaking with Masako at the quest’s outset, you can easily locate them in their respective offices in the Executive Level of Starfield. 

Here’s a list of the Ryujin Industries board members:

Speaking to Veena
Speaking to Veena (Image taken by me)
  1. Masako
  2. Ularu
  3. Veena
  4. Dalton
  5. Genevieve
  6. Linden
  7. Alexis

If the viewpoints of the board members differ from your own, you’ll have to convince or influence them using your Internal Neuroamp.

Participate in the Meeting

After gathering all the votes, players must go to the conference room for a sudden meeting. In this assembly, there’s a final opportunity to change the direction of events by voting either for or against Masako as the CEO of Ryujin Industries. In case the meeting doesn’t start after you sit down, you can check out this Steam Community Post for potential fixes.

Consider the Acquisition of Infinity LTD

Manko speaking during the meeting Screenshot by Me
Manko speaking during the meeting (Screenshot taken by Me)

Choosing to acquire Infinity LTD is recommended, as it boosts players’ likability in Starfield. This decision not only makes romantic interactions with companions who appreciate the choice easier but also ensures harmony. However, it’s essential to note that closing down the company won’t significantly impact the storyline.

Contemplate the Future of the Internal Neuromap

Manako speaking during the meeting Screenshot by me
Manako speaking during the meeting (Screenshot by me)

Players who follow a moral path in Starfield are advised to discontinue the Internal Neuromap, a mind control device. This choice not only enhances likability among allies but also helps prevent potentially harmful technology from falling into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, players also have the option to proceed with the production of the Internal Neuromap, albeit at the cost of incurring a few negative likability points at the Executive Level of Starfield.

All Possible Outcomes Of The Executive Level Quest

Now, let’s delve into the culmination of your decisions. There are two primary endings, each with subtle variations. 

Masako as CEO, Imogene Returns

Masako as CEO (Image captured by Me}
Masako as CEO (Image captured by Me}

Achieving this ending requires sparing Imogene in Guilty Parties and delivering Imogene’s slate to Dalton.

During the board meeting, when Ularu advocates for Masako’s removal as CEO, it’s crucial to assert Imogene’s innocence.

Rewards for this outcome include:

  • 16,400 Credits.
  • An office on the Operations floor.
  • A personal Mission Board for Ryujin Industries.
    Return of Imogene.

Making Ularu CEO

Ularu gets confronted (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
Ularu gets confronted (Screenshot Grabbed by me)

To secure this ending, prevent Dalton from learning about Ularu’s role in setting up Imogene. This can be achieved by eliminating Imogene or choosing not to provide Dalton with the slate. Persuade Ularu to disclose her plan, then align with her.

When Masako confronts you in her office following the SSNN report, you can deceive her about your involvement and manipulate her into believing Ularu would be a suitable president for Ryujin. During the board meeting, support Ularu when she calls for Masako’s resignation.

Rewards for this conclusion include:

  • 16,400 Credits.
  • An office on the Operations floor.
  • A personal Mission Board for Ryujin Industries.

Initially Supporting Ularu but Retaining Masako as CEO

Masako becomes CEO (Image Grabbed by me)
Masako becomes CEO (Image Grabbed by me)

An intriguing option involves keeping Dalton unaware of Ularu’s role in Imogene’s setup, achieved by eliminating Imogene or withholding the slate. Persuade Ularu to reveal her plan and align with her. Similarly, assure Masako of your commitment to uncovering the mole.

During the board meeting, when Ularu pressures Masako to resign, it’s crucial to support Masako. This results in Ularu’s dismissal, earning you a modest bonus in credits.

Rewards for this ending include:

  • 18,400 Credits.
  • An office on the Operations floor.
  • A personal Mission Board for Ryujin Industries.

That’s the end of my guide about the Starfield Executive Level, where I’ve included the information shared earlier. In this guide, I’ve explained in detail how to go through the Executive Level mission. Players encounter an important choice when picking the new leader for Ryujin Industries. The suggested choice is to make Masako the CEO, guiding the faction towards a positive future.

If you want to know about the mission before the Executive Level, check our guide on the Sabotage mission. If you’re interested in learning about Starfield’s Skill Tree, take a look at our guide for that. And if you’re confused about Console Commands and Cheats in the game, our guides expert Irfan Ansari can help you with that, too.

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