Starfield: 16 BEST Traits [Hands-On Experience]

Explore the best traits in Starfield such as the Dream Home trait, Empath & more, and learn which one suits your playstyle the most.

In Starfield, players can pick from many traits that change how they play and what they experience. From getting a big house to being part of special groups and factions, these traits make each game different. It’s like adding your own touch to your space adventure by personalizing which traits to pick and skip.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield offers 17 Traits for player customization.
  • Traits add unique effects to character customization, influencing gameplay.
  • They affect combat, resource management, and relationships.
  • The best Traits bring benefits and drawbacks for balanced gameplay.
  • Whatever traits you choose will impact early and late-game experiences in Starfield.

For more information regarding the ideal traits and backgrounds in Starfield, here’s a detailed video from eXputer:

Best Traits In Starfield

Here is an overview of the best traits in Starfield showcased along with what each one does and the best features as well:

Serial No.Trait NameEffectsBest Feature
16Dream HomeAcquire spacious property without UC citizenshipImmediate expansive property and strategic advantage
15WantedTarget for bounty hunters; damage boost at low healthBoosted damage and loot opportunities during fights
14Raised UniversalExclusive dialogue & chest in Sanctum UniversumRich lore immersion and early-game benefits
13Raised EnlightenedSpecialized dialogue & chest in House of EnlightenedEarly game progression and unique narrative depth
12Serpent's EmbraceBonus during Grav Drive jumps; tie to fanatic cultHealth/Oxygen boost and role-playing richness
11United Colonies NativeDirect home purchase; increased quest creditsImmersion in socio-political fabric & material perks
10Terra FirmaHealth & oxygen boost on planets; penalties in spaceEnhanced terrestrial experiences and boosts
9Hero WorshippedGains an Adoring Fan with giftsBalance of comedic relief and tangible gameplay perks
8Kid StuffLive parents in New Atlantis; 2% weekly credit feeSentimental & material rewards; unique narrative
7Alien DNAAugmented health/oxygen; reduced healing/food effectEnhanced health and challenge of balancing drawbacks
6Freestar Collective SettlerExclusive dialogue, enhanced faction rewards, elevated bounties.Augmented credits for Freestar tasks.
5Neon Street RatUnique Neon dialogues, superior Neon rewards, higher bounties.Enhanced credits from Neon quests.
4SpacedImproved health/oxygen in space, reduced planetary abilities.Optimal for space-based confrontations.
3TaskmasterAuto-repairing ship systems, pricier crew recruitment.Auto-ship repair in intense situations.
2EmpathCompanions influence combat prowess based on relationship.Emotional attunement gives combat edge.
1IntrovertReduced oxygen consumption solo, less efficient group oxygen use.Perfect for prolonged solo exploration.

16. Dream Home

Dream Home Trait
Dream Home Trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

A trait allowing players to immediately acquire a spacious, luxurious house, the Dream Home Trait in Starfield bypasses the need for UC citizenship or its equivalent.

  • Dream Home trait in Starfield provides players with a spacious property, offering a sanctuary and strategic advantage.
  • Players can efficiently store in-game items without waiting to buy a house or dealing with limited ship cargo space.
  • Despite the 125,000-credit mortgage, the weekly fee of 500 credits is relatively low in Starfield’s in-game economy.

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15. Wanted

wanted trait
Wanted trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Wanted is a unique trait in Starfield, where players become the target of bounty hunters, resulting in occasional skirmishes. However, it grants a substantial buff, boosting damage when health is dropping.

  • The Wanted trait in Starfield offers significant advantages.
  • The damage buff when health is low is a game-changing benefit, allowing players to fight effectively even in tough situations.
  • In my experience, a lot of the encounters I had with mercenaries turned into valuable opportunities for loot and farming.
  • Starfield’s design ensures that bounty hunters often conflict with other in-game factions, indirectly helping the player.
My Tip: I recommend using the Quick Grav Jump option whenever you encounter Bounty Hunters that are far above your level.

14. Raised Universal

Raised universal trait
Raised Universal trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Raised Universal Trait in Starfield signifies the Universal religion, granting access to exclusive dialogue choices and a special chest within the Sanctum Universum.

  • Raised Universal is a special trait in Starfield.
  • You get special rewards for being in Sanctum Universum, which helps a lot, especially at the beginning of Starfield.
  • The trait also lets you talk in a special way, which helps you learn more about the Universal group and the game’s story.
  • You can learn even more if you read some books in the game.

13. Raised Enlightened

Raised enlightened trait
Raised Enlightened trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Continuing the list of Starfield Best traits; The Raised Enlightened trait signifies a player’s upbringing within the Enlightened religion in Starfield, allowing access to specialized dialogue choices and a unique chest within the House of the Enlightened.

The Raised Enlightened trait is a smart choice in Starfield. Here’s why:

  • You get special loot in New Atlantis, a starting area, which is super helpful.
  • You can choose unique dialogue options that dive into the game’s lore and unlock special missions related to the Enlightened.

12. Serpent’s Embrace

Serpents embrace trait
Serpent’s Embrace trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Serpent’s Embrace trait represents devotion to the Great Serpent deity in Starfield, granting followers a unique stat bonus during Grav Drive jumps.

  • Serpent’s Embrace is a high-risk, high-reward trait in Starfield, appealing to strategic players.
  • Grav Jumps grants a substantial +25 bonus to Health and Oxygen, a game-changing boost.
  • Regular jumping is necessary to avoid stat penalties, adding an exciting and engaging element to gameplay.

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11. United Colonies Native Trait

United colonies native trait
United Colonies native trait (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Born and raised in the United Colonies, the United Colonies in Starfield emphasizes your character’s deep roots and familiarity with the region, leading to unique advantages and deeper insights.

  • The United Colonies Native Trait provides unique immersion in Starfield’s socio-political world.
  • As a native, you can directly buy homes in the United Colonies without needing military service.
  • Financially advantageous, it offers more credits from quests and higher bounties from rival factions.
  • These increased bounties reflect the significant narrative impact of your decisions, influencing inter-faction dynamics.

10. Terra Firma Trait

Terra Firma trait
Terra Firma trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Terra Firma Trait represents a character’s preference and adaptation to planetary environments over space in Starfield, providing health and oxygen boosts on surfaces but penalties in space.

  • Terra Firma Trait suits players focused on planetary exploration.
  • It enhances health and oxygen levels for prolonged surface exploration.
  • Ideal for those who enjoy in-depth land explorations, interactions with indigenous species, and uncovering terrestrial secrets in Starfield.

9. Hero Worshipped Trait

Hero worshiped trait
Hero Worshipped trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Hero Worshipped is a quirky trait that earns you an Adoring Fan in Starfield who, despite being chatty and bothersome, offers valuable gifts and can join your ship’s crew.

  • The Hero Worshipped Trait combines humor, homage, and utility.
  • It pays homage to Oblivion’s Adoring Fan, adding nostalgia and humor to Starfield.
  • Despite the Adoring fan’s enthusiasm, the frequent gifts and extra crew members offer valuable advantages.

8. Kid Stuff Trait

Kid stuff trait
Kid Stuff trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Kid Stuff is my personal best trait in Starfield, as it allows your character’s parents to be alive and present in New Atlantis.

  • The trait comes with a 2% weekly credit deduction.
  • This cost is compensated by unique rewards from your parents, items not accessible to early players in Starfield.
  • These gifts have sentimental and monetary value, including weapons and ships.

7. Alien DNA Trait

Alien DNA trait
Alien DNA trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Alien DNA Trait in Starfield emerges from a daring experiment where your character’s human DNA is blended with alien DNA, granting augmented health and oxygen but diminishing the efficiency of healing and food.

  • The Alien DNA Trait offers enhanced health and oxygen levels, beneficial for space exploration and combat.
  • It challenges players with compromised healing and food efficiency, encouraging strategic resource management and planning.
  • Players can research to improve item effectiveness, adding depth to gameplay.
  • While modified items won’t match non-trait bearers, the increased base health and oxygen levels provide a valuable advantage for combat and explorations in Starfield.

6. Freestar Collective Settler Trait

Freestar collective settler
Freestar Collective Settler (Image Source: eXputer)

The Freestar Collective Settler Trait in Starfield makes affiliation with the Freestar Collective grants players exclusive dialogue choices and enhanced rewards from faction tasks, but at the cost of increased crime bounties from opposing factions.

  • The Freestar Collective Settler trait increases credits earned from tasks within the Freestar Collective, enhancing resource gathering.
  • It also raises bounties in rival territories, adding high-tension challenges for cautious players.

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5. Neon Street Rat Trait

Neon Street rat trait
Neon Street Rat trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield originates from Neon’s harsh streets; this trait grants unique dialogue choices and superior mission rewards within Neon, however with an increased crime bounty from rival factions.

  • The Neon Street Rat Trait combines the game’s narrative depth and benefits.
  • Players with this trait excel at exploring Neon City’s challenges due to their natural knowledge.
  • They earn enhanced credits from Neon-specific quests, enriching their resources.
  • Special dialogue options for Neon create a deeper connection with the city’s residents.

4. Spaced Trait

Spaced trait
Spaced trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Spaced trait enhances health and oxygen in space but reduces capabilities on planetary surfaces. It cannot be used together with the Terra Firma trait.

  • The Spaced Trait enhances health and oxygen for space adventures in Starfield.
  • Space is a crucial part of the game’s narrative, especially in the late game.
  • Increased health and oxygen levels in space provide a significant advantage in high-stakes situations.
  • This trait turns players into skilled astronauts, well-equipped for space challenges.

3. Taskmaster Trait

Taskmaster trait
Taskmaster trait (Image Source: eXputer)

The Taskmaster Trait in Starfield allows the crew members to auto-repair damaged ship systems they’re proficient in, though at the cost of a pricier crew recruitment fee.

  • The Taskmaster Trait offers quick ship repairs in intense situations.
  • The increased crew hiring cost becomes insignificant as you gather more credits.
  • This trait can be a game-changer after a tough space battle, with the crew performing auto-repairs.

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2. Empath Trait

Empath Trait
Empath Trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The Empath Trait in Starfield allows your interactions with companions to influence your combat prowess, increasing effectiveness when pleasing them and reducing it when upsetting them.

The Empath trait combines relationship dynamics with combat, benefiting players who value connections. Main companions typically align with this trait, offering strategic dialogue options and a temporary Self-Esteem boost for persuasion checks. If a companion doesn’t match, you can choose a compatible crew. Understanding your crew’s feelings makes the Empath trait a valuable asset, turning relationships into in-game advantages in Starfield.

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1. Introvert Trait

Introvert trait
Introvert trait (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Introvert Trait in Starfield optimizes oxygen consumption for lone adventurers, making solo ventures more sustainable but making group travels less efficient in terms of oxygen use.

  • When combined with the Isolation skill, it enables a unique solo experience in Starfield.
  • The trait’s benefits remain unaffected by robotic companions like VASCO.
  • While early missions may require companions, long-term players focused on solo exploration and stealth will greatly benefit from the Introvert trait in Starfield.
Important: Deciding between Introvert and its counterpart, Extrovert, reflects a player’s unique journey in Starfield; it’s a choice between camaraderie and self-sustained exploration.

In summary, Starfield Best traits system personalizes your journey through the game. Whether you harness the Empath’s emotional abilities or embrace the Introvert’s solitude, these traits empower you to shape your space adventures uniquely. They act as a guiding compass, ensuring each journey you make is truly memorable.

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