Starfield: How To Sell Stolen Items & Profit

Explore Starfield's vast universe and learn the ins and outs of profiting from stolen goods while avoiding contraband pitfalls.

Starfield offers its adventurers a wealth of opportunities, including the tantalizing choice of indulging in illicit activities. While regular vendors shy away from nefarious dealings, the Trade Authority and select traders in places like Mars’s Cydonia eagerly trade in stolen items. However, while these under-the-table transactions can be profitable, players must tread carefully, especially when contraband is involved.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield allows players to steal and sell items for profit.
  • Stolen items are marked with a red chevron for easy identification.
  • Regular vendors avoid trading in stolen goods.
  • The Trade Authority in Starfield is the primary destination for selling pilfered items.
  • Other traders, like those in Mars’s Cydonia, also deal in stolen merchandise.
  • Contraband detection during scans in Starfield can lead to the confiscation of both contraband and stolen items.
  • Players can rebuy stolen items at the Trade Authority to remove the stolen tag, maximizing resale value in Starfield.

Can You Sell Stolen Items In Starfield?

Can You Sell Stolen Items
Can You Sell Stolen Items (picture credits: eXputer)

Absolutely! In Starfield, players can sell stolen items, but not to regular vendors who avoid illicit trades.

Instead, the Trade Authority, available on many planets, willingly buys stolen goods. Additionally, individual traders like those on Mars’s Cydonia and Crimson Fleet vendors in the Kryx system’s Eye also trade in stolen items. However, carrying contraband with stolen items can lead to confiscation if detected during scans.

How To Profit From Stolen Goods 

Starfield’s expansive universe presents its players with moral conundrums, and for some, the allure of crime becomes too tempting to resist. If you’ve opted for this path, navigating the murky waters to sell stolen items in Starfield will be crucial for your prosperity.

Identifying Stolen Merchandise

Every item you pilfer in Starfield is marked for easy identification. The presence of a small red chevron or mark at the bottom of the item description makes it clear that it’s stolen. These stolen assets can significantly boost your in-game wealth, especially when other monetary methods in Starfield aren’t as lucrative.

Trade Authority: Your Go-To For Stolen Goods

Your Go-To For Stolen Goods
Your Go-To For Stolen Goods (picture credits: eXputer)

Normal vendors in Starfield have a code of ethics, so they’ll avoid purchasing stolen items. Therefore, the key to profiting from your ill-gotten gains lies with the Trade Authority.

Although they present a facade of professionalism, the Trade Authority is far from scrupulous, even dabbling in their share of shady dealings. These vendors, unlike the regular ones, have no qualms about buying stolen merchandise.

Below are the locations I found for Trade Authority outposts in Starfield:

  1. Neon in the Volii Alpha region: Conveniently situated right by the entrance of the city, a distinct neon-yellow sign marks the spot.
  2. Cydonia on Mars: Positioned in the central hub, simply navigate down a few ramps. It might take some time to identify this vendor, but be diligent and avoid mistakenly interacting with standard traders.
  3. New Atlantis on Jemison: A massive Trade Authority structure awaits here. Begin at The Well, accessed via the MAST district’s train. An elevator nearby leads to a gritty area followed by a long path. Turn right upon entry and once inside the building, veer right again to find the Trade Authority hub.

The Trade Authority isn’t your only option. There are individual traders, such as Denis Averin at the UC exchange on Mars in Cyndonia, who are equally willing to buy stolen items. There are also Crimson Fleet vendors on The Eye in the Kryx system ready to trade.

Steer Clear of Contraband Pitfalls

Collect contraband on to character instead of ship to steer clear from scans
Collect contraband onto to character instead of ship to steer clear from scans (picture credits: eXputer)

While selling stolen items in Starfield can be straightforward, be cautious if you’re also transporting contraband. Though your stolen loot won’t trigger alarms during scans in Starfield, contraband will. If detected, expect to be boarded and lose not only your contraband but also your stolen items. So, as you journey through Starfield, prioritize protecting your inventory, especially when considering the risk of carrying contraband.

Maximize Your Earnings

Upon reaching the Trade Authority exchange, you can either cash in your stolen goods or remove the stolen tag by purchasing the items back at no extra cost. This tactic allows you to sell stolen items in Starfield elsewhere at potentially higher prices. As each vendor offers different rates, it’s worthwhile to scout around to maximize profits.

So, as you chart your course across Starfield, remember: while the universe may be vast and full of opportunities, it’s the choices you make that define your journey. Whether you’re an explorer or a space-faring pirate, Starfield awaits your adventure.

To wrap it up, the universe is rich with choices, moral and otherwise in Starfield. While players can turn to crime and find avenues like the Trade Authority to cash in on their stolen treasures, they must navigate with caution. The cosmos rewards both the daring and the wise, but missteps, especially with contraband, can cost dearly.

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