Starfield: 4 BEST Vendors [200+ Hours Experience]

Save yourself from the hassle of waiting and learn about the best vendors in Starfield to sell all your loot in one place.

While exploring the vast Starfield universe, you will find valuable loot in your travels. To avoid the hassle of cluttering your personal or ship’s inventory, selling all your loot in one place is a good idea to earn money in Starfield. Despite the many accessible vendors in-game, not all will have enough credits or merchandise to suit your needs. However, four vendors in Starfield have better products and sufficient credits for you to sell most of your loot.

Key Takeaways
  • Most of the the vendors in Starfield have a small amount of credits to buy the player’s goods, which makes it difficult to sell all your loot.
  • There are 17 vendors in Starfield, but only 4 significant vendors have sufficient credits to buy all your items.
  • Using these merchants, players can easily sell all their loot in one place without worrying about resting repeatedly to reset their credits.
  • The only disadvantage about using these merchants in Starfield is that some of them do not accept contraband, while others are only accessible after you join a specific faction

Best Vendors In Starfield Comparison

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the best vendors and trade points in Starfield:

RankVendorLocationProsConsBest For
1Trade Authority- Trade Authority merchants are avalible in every major city.
- The Kiosks are available next at every established landing zone.
- All trade authority merchants have around 11000 credits.
- They will buy contraband if you get past the scanners.
- Heave Kiosks at every landing site with 5000 credits.
- Trade Authority merchants are located in every major city.
- They deal in all types of goods.
- Contraband can not be sold on Kiosks.
- You must bypass the contraband scanners to sell your loot here.
Versatility and ease of access
2Zuri's EssentialsThe Key Space Station on Suvorov planet in the Kryx System.- Has almost 14000 credits.
- Deals in all goods.
- Accepts contraband.
- Has sitting benches (resting spots) nearby for resetting.
- Can be accessed after joining the Crimson Fleet.Convenience and passing time
3Ship ServicesNext to every primary landing site in cities.- One of the only vendors in starfield that can buy/sell ships.
- Will buy stolen ships.
- Easily found near every major landing site.
- Has a huge variety of ships that vary from vendor to vendor.
- Only buys/sells ships.
- Selling stolen ships isn't profitable.
Ship upgrades
4Centurian ArsenalResedential District in New Atlantis City at Jemison.- 12500 Credits.
- Has a good selection of weapons.
- Only buys/sells weapons.Selling High-value items

4. Centurian Arsenal

The Best Vendor For Selling High-Value Items.
The Centurian Arsenal to sell weapons in Starfirld.
The Centurian Arsenal weapons dealer in New Atlantis (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Centurian Arsenal has the highest amount of cash than any other shop in New Atlantis (other than the Trade Authority) so it’s an ideal spot for disposing of junk for credits.

The Centurian Arsenal is a weapons dealer in New Atlantis on Jemison planet. Since New Atlantis is the center of operations for the Constellation (the main story faction in Starfield), you will spend much of your time there. For this reason, having a vendor where you can offload some of your loot in bulk is helpful. 

The vendor has twelve thousand five hundred credits, more than any other Vendor in the central city of New Atlantis.

  • Highest number of available credits.
  • Great selection of weapons.
  • Can only sell ammo, weapons, and throwables.

3. Ship Services

The Best Ship-Upgrading Vendor In Starfield.
Ship services vendor in Starfield.
The Ship Services outlet in Neon City landing site (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Modifying ships is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your Starfield experience, which is why this vendor is a must-visit.

Apart from standard weapons and goods, only a few vendors in Starfield’s universe deal in ships. The Ship Services merchants are located throughout the Starfield map and can be easily accessed by any player. The Ship Services make it convenient to sell your stolen ships regardless of your star system. 

  • One of the few vendors to buy, sell, and modify ships.
  • Can be easily located near any primary landing site.
  • Ship Services has a variety of ships across locations.
  • Lackluster profit from selling ships.
  • Registration fee for selling ships makes stolen ships tough to sell.
  • Loot cannot be sold here.

2. Zuri’s Essentials

The Most Convenient Vendor In Starfield.
Zuri's Essentials in Starfield.
The Zuri’s Essentials at the Key Space Station (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: In my experience, Zuri’s Essential is the most convenient vendor you can sell your loot to, particularly thanks to its leniency and ease in restocking items.

Located on the Crimson Fleet Spacestation, “The Key” in the Kyrx star system, Zuri’s Essentials is one of the most convenient, reliable, and wealthiest merchants in Starfield. Since no contraband scanners exist on the Key, you can quickly sell stolen items at Zuri’s Essentials.

Additionally, it is relatively easy to reset the merchant if you want to trade more goods. The merchant at Zuri’s Essentials has about fourteen thousand to twenty-five thousand credits, making it one of the wealthiest merchants in Starfield.

1. Trade Authority

The Most Versatile Vendor In Starfield.
Trade Authority in Starfield.
The Trade Authority merchant at the “Key” space station (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: If you had to choose 1 merchant for all your dealings, I would undoubtedly recommend one from the Trade Authority because they have the best bits of all the aforementioned vendors.

The Trade Authority (TA) is the largest vendor in Starfield, with shops in every major city. They deal in a wide range of goods, and their shops have one of the highest credits available to offload your goods. The TA also has a Kiosk Terminal setup at landing sites where you can sell minor goods. Overall, I find the TA’s vendor incredibly versatile since, in my experience, I never came across any shortcomings when dealing with them.

The only downside to using the trade authority is bypassing the contraband scanners if you want to sell your illegal items here (contraband can not be sold on Kiosks).

  • Each vendor and Kiosk has huge credits (11000 and 5000, respectively.)
  • Available in every major city, like Neon, New Atlantis, and Akila.
  • Contraband items can be sold at these vendors.
  • Requires bypassing the contraband scanners for selling illegal items.

Similar Options

I excluded some of the best options for the Vendors in Starfield from my top 4 list due to specific reasons.

  • Mining League: It only offers a higher quantity of certain resources, enabling stacking, but lacks craftable materials such as adaptive frame.
  • Reliant Medical: This vendor is ideal for stockpiling Med Packs and various aid items to quickly remedy afflictions while on the move.
  • Jemison Mercantile: This is the most viable vendor for you as it is the most flexible vendor and contains both common and rare items.

What Are Vendors In Starfield?

The door of the UC distribution center at New Atlantis.
UC Distribution Center New Atlantis, Jemison. [Image by Us]
Vendors in Starfield are Merchants that trade weapons, clothes, and other general items for credits (in-game currency); players can also use these merchants to sell their loot in exchange for money.

Many merchants specialize in one type of item, like weapons, crafting materials, and medical supplies. However, many general-purpose vendors that buy and sell all kinds of goods are also available. Players can also hail at different ships and exchange their inventory with them. 

Although countless vendor locations sell all sorts of resources and materials in Starfield, only a few have enough spare credits to buy items from you. This makes it difficult to sell all your valuable loot in one place. However, depending on your location and faction, you can use the above vendors to quickly make money from your collected loot without worrying about resting to reset the vendors.

Apart from the best vendors, there is much more to explore in the Starfield universe. For instance, you can read about mission walkthroughs like the Eye of the Storm, The Best There Is, and Surgical Strike. You can also read the guides on the best Starborn Armor, Crew Members, and ship parts to improve your playthroughs.


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