Starfield: Eye of The Storm Walkthrough [Kryx’s Legacy Choices]

Dive into Eye of the Storm Starfield quest, where players uncover Kryx's Legacy, face allegiances, and shape the game's expansive universe.

In the vast expanse of cosmos, Starfield lies a mission of profound consequence: Eye of the Storm. This quest immerses players into the enigma of ‘Kryx’s Legacy’, a mysterious ship harboring secrets of the cosmos. As they journey through the Bannoc System and aboard the Legacy, players are faced with pivotal choices, from navigating the ghostly ship’s corridors to making alliance decisions between the UC SysDef and the Crimson Fleet. 

Key Takeaways
  • Eye of the Storm centers on the puzzling ‘Kryx’s Legacy’ in Starfield.
  • Players explore the haunting legacy ship in Starfield within Bannoc IV.
  • Ship upgrades like ComSpike and Conduction Grid are vital to the Eye of the Storm quest progression.
  • Players face pivotal factional decisions between UC SysDef and Crimson Fleet.
  • The choices made significantly influence in-game relationships and allegiances.

What Is Eye of The Storm In Starfield?

Eye of The Storm
Eye of The Storm (picture credits: eXputer)
Important: Eye of the Storm in Starfield is a pivotal quest where players unearth the significance of ‘Kryx’s Legacy’.

The mission thrusts players into consequential narrative choices in Starfield, particularly during the ‘Legacy’s End’ segment. Players navigate the ghost ship, Legacy, at Bannoc IV, combat mechanized foes, make ship upgrades, and ultimately decide their allegiance between the UC SysDef and the Crimson Fleet, with far-reaching implications for the game world.

Beginning The Eye Of The Storm

Beginning The Eye of the Storm
Beginning The Eye of the Storm (picture credits: eXputer)

One thing I’ve learned is that at the onset of this quest, players are set on a course to delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos.

1. Interaction With Delgado

After your last mission, you’ll find Delgado stationed near Jazz. In your interaction, he will emphasize the importance of uploading the Genedyne data. Based on my experience you have the dual responsibility of installing two vital ship components – the Conduction Grid Module and the ComSpike Module.

2. Ship Augmentation

Getting these modules operational is paramount. I suggest for guidance, seek Jazz, your trusty ship technician. She’ll usher you into the Ship Builder Mode, where you can modify your vessel. I’m going to provide you with a simple breakdown below:

  • Navigation: Enter Ship Builder Mode and select the ‘Add’ option.
  • Installation: Choose ‘Equipment’. Both modules, Conduction Grid and ComSpike, will be available. To ensure optimal placement, look for the blue-marked areas on your ship’s layout.

3. Reporting Your Progress

Once your ship’s equipped and your tasks are complete, set course for the UC Vigilance. Your key contact there is Commander Ikande. During your report, you’re granted the liberty to be either sincere or playfully evasive. Your approach can set the tone for future interactions, so I recommend you choose wisely.

Ghost Ship Discovery

Ghost Ship Discovery
Ghost Ship Discovery (picture credits: eXputer)

In this intriguing chapter, players chart a course to the haunting remnants of a legendary spacecraft.

  1. Set Course: Head to Bannoc IV in the Bannoc Star System.
  2. First Glimpse: Approach to reveal the Legacy ship, tagged as “Unknown Signal” on your navigational systems.
  3. Race Against Nature: Board the Legacy swiftly to avoid storms threatening your vessel.
  4. Aboard the Legacy: Once the ship is docked safely, ensure your ship’s hull remains intact.
  5. Navigational Aid: Trust Starfield’s objective marker but be prepared for occasional misdirections.
  6. Secrets of the Ship: Occasionally veer off-course for hidden corners with voice logs and loot.
  7. Mechanical Adversaries: Encounter lethal turrets and robots; approach cautiously and strategically.

Key Artifacts To Retrieve

  • Transfer GalBank Module: This pivotal item can be found near a lifeless corpse, its significance soon to be unveiled.
  • Lock Manipulation: For those skilled in security, opportunities arise to pick locks, offering smoother access to some of the Legacy’s secluded areas.

Kryx’s Legacy In The Bannoc System

Kryx’s Legacy In the Bannoc System
Kryx’s Legacy In the Bannoc System (picture credits: eXputer)

Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield is an enigmatic ship nestled within the Bannoc System. Often veiled by the ominous red mist of Bannoc IV, this vessel holds untold secrets from a bygone. Kryx’s Legacy is vital for players seeking deeper immersion and understanding of the expansive universe Starfield offers.

1. Charting The Course

Your first marker? The ethereal Bannoc IV is located within the vast expanse of the Bannoc System. This celestial body is not just another spot on the map, but a beacon leading to the enigmatic Legacy of Kryx.

2. A Word Of Caution

I recommend that navigators beware! Bannoc IV is veiled in a sinister red mist, posing a tangible threat to any spacecraft. It isn’t merely atmospheric fog; it has the potential to inflict serious damage on your ship. I would advise you to approach cautiously, noting the mist’s patterns.

3. Locking Onto Signals

Amidst the cosmic haze, an “Unknown Signal” will serve as your North Star. The anomalous broadcast isn’t just static; it’s potentially the key to unlocking the mysteries of Kryx’s Legacy.

4. Safely Mooring The Ship

Finally, as the silhouette of the Legacy emerges, you’ll find solace in knowing that docking on board is safe. The Legacy, despite its cryptic aura, offers a haven against the hazards of Bannoc IV’s environment.

Escaping The Legacy In Eye of The Storm

Escaping The Legacy
Escaping The Legacy (picture credits: eXputer)

Navigating the eerie interiors of the Legacy in Eye of the Storm is no mean feat. Thankfully, with the right strategies, you can find your way, grab what you came for, and exit unscathed. Here’s my concise guide to ensure your escape goes off without a hitch.

1. Trusting Your Tools

Your primary guide within the Legacy is the objective marker. It’s been programmed to show you the way, so trust its guidance. However, be aware of its occasional hiccups.

2. Tactical Terminal Interactions

As you meander through the ship, you’ll encounter terminals that offer more than just lore. Certain ones, when accessed, grant you a strategic advantage against the relentless mechanical foes guarding the Legacy’s secrets. I advise you to use them wisely to bypass or deactivate these enemies, making your journey slightly less perilous.

3. Hidden Treasures Inside The Vault

Your efforts are rewarded when you stumble upon the ship’s vault, which houses Jasper’s impressive stash of credsticks. The vault is not just a testament to wealth but also a beacon of the Legacy’s storied past.

4. The Prize Weapon – The Revenant

Among the treasures is the unique Revenant rifle – a must-have for any Starfield player. This isn’t just any weapon in Starfield; it’s a legacy in its own right and a testament to the game’s intricate design.

5. Making Your Exit

With treasures in hand, it’s time to leave. Follow the steps I’ve listed below:

  • Initiate the escape by flipping the switches nearby.
  • Engage with the Module Locks, following on-screen prompts.
  • Secure the Core – the heart of the Legacy.

6. Navigating Your Way Out

As you retrace your steps to escape, I recommend to avoid direct contact with the ship’s environmental hazards. These could range from fire outbreaks to collapsing sections. Be cautious, I highly suggest that you rely on your tools, and remember: that while speed is of the essence, recklessness could be your downfall.

Deliver Kryx’s Legacy To The UC SysDef Or Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

Deliver Kryx’s Legacy to the key
Deliver Kryx’s Legacy to the key (picture credits: eXputer)

Choosing the recipient of Kryx’s Legacy is crucial, akin to picking between the Crimson Fleet and UC SysDef. This decision determines the favored faction. For SysDef supporters, Commander Ikande is the contact, while Crimson Fleet sympathizers should approach Delgado. Rewards remain consistent, with each player receiving a substantial 250,000 credits.

Side with UC SysDef: Aligning with SysDef grants privileges like UC Vigilance access and wins companion favor.
Side With Crimson Fleet: On the flip side, Crimson Fleet allegiance ensures unobstructed travel in pirate domains and perpetual access to The Key in Starfield.

The final call rests with players, influenced by their moral compass, role-playing strategy, and prior factional commitments.

To sum up, the Eye of the Storm mission showcases player agency and immersive storytelling. Unraveling Kryx’s Legacy highlights the significant impact of choices on allegiances and the Starfield universe. Before leaving, I recommend exploring guides on Starfield’s best crew members, Temple Eta, Almagest casino location, and Starfield Parents location.


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