Starfield: 17 BEST Weapons [Expert’s Opinion + Experience]

Explore the best weapons in Starfield like Maelstrom's versatility, Experiment A-7's alien dominance, Solstice's energy & more in the game.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, the best weapons like the Maelstrom assault rifle, the potent Experiment A-7 shotgun, and the quick-firing Solstice laser pistol stand out. Each with unique attributes, from versatility to raw power, players can equip top-tier weapons to fight enemies and conquer the cosmos.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield features 45 weapons, 8 melee weapons,and 11 grenades in total, making a 10-weapon type variety for the players.
  • The best weapons in Starfield significantly enhance player combat capabilities.
  • Possessing top-tier weapons offers a strategic advantage in challenging encounters.
  • The best weapons often come with customization options and mods, allowing personalized combat styles in Starfield.
  • High-quality weapons are crucial for tackling higher-level missions and foes.

Best Weapons In Starfield

Here is an overview of the best weapons in Starfield showcased along with Damage, Range, Accuracy, Magazine, Mass, and Value Stats: 

Serial NumberWeapon NameBest ForDamageRangeAccuracyMagazineMassValue
1The Ashta TamerBest Close-Quarter Combat Weapon.Phys 1274063.4%44.9015561
2Unrestrained VengeanceThe Best Long-Range Laser Rifle.Engy 246681.5%306.55N/A
3RazorbackThe Highest Power Pistol With Precision.Phys 614067.1%62.30N/A
4SolsticeThe Best Quick Fire Rate Laser Pistol.Energy 103069.30%161.31960
5Big BangThe Shotgun With Immense Damage.Phys 322054.7%87.00N/A
6The Old Earth ShotgunThe Best Shotgun In Starfield.Phys 732056.3%63.68N/A
7Heller’s CutterThe Best Laser Cutter For Robots.Energy 4376.7%94.00712
8The Drum BeatThe Best Versatile Combatech Rifle.Phys 83265.60%604.34922
9BeowulfThe Best Mid To Long-Range Bullpup Rifle.Phys 364069.1%3024820
10The KodamaThe Best Short To Medium-Range SMG.Phys 162065.7%302.255632
11CoachmanBest Double-Barrelled Shotgun.Phys 622038.4%23.001650
12The GrendelThe SMG With Low Recoil.Phys 42066.2%502.651402
13XM-2311The Best Mid-Range Combat Pistol.Phys 361666.90%91.18200
14The LawgiverThe Best Long-Range Ballistic Rifle.Phys 313268.00%63.62395
15PeacekeeperThe Best High-Caliber Rifle.Phys 194172.20%504.5N/A
16The MaelstromThe Assualt Rifle With Impressive Fire-Rate.Phys 44065.80%404.151210
17Experiment A-7The Best Shotgun For Aliens Foes.Phys 1192050.60%66.924747

1. The Ashta Tamer

Best Close-Quarter Combat Weapon.
The Ashta Tamer
  • Why I Chose This: It has a high base physical damage and a lever-action mechanism.
Weapon Stats Value
Weapon Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 40mm XPL
Item ID 0026D965
Mass 4.90
Value 15561
Mod Slots 6
Base Damage Phys 127
Base Damage 2 N/A
Magazine 4
Fire Rate 5
Range 40
Accuracy 63.4%

Astha Tamer in Starfield is a lever-action weapon originating from Akila City, famed for taming vicious alien creatures, the Ashta.

The Ashta Tamer stands out as the best weapon in Starfield due to its origin and design, hailing from the treacherous Akila City, constantly under siege by the deadly Ashta creatures. Its unique lever-action mechanism allows it to dispatch foes efficiently, especially up close. Its weight and power make it an unparalleled choice for those confrontations where every shot counts.

How To Get

  • Obtain the Ashta Tamer during the “Empty Nest” quest at Akila by locating it in a concealed crate within a cave.
  • Alternatively, acquire base or upgraded versions from containers, fallen adversaries, or select NPC inventories throughout the game.
Important: Remember, Starfield’s progression system requires specific levels to unlock certain weapons. If the Ashta Tamer isn’t available initially, revisit the location after leveling up.
  • High base damage.
  • Unique lever-action mechanism.
  • Limited magazine capacity.

2. Unrestrained Vengeance

The Best Long-Range Laser Rifle.
Unrestrained Vengeance
  • Why I Chose This: Has an impressive range of 66, making it an excellent choice for engagements at a considerable distance.
Weapon Stats Value
Energy 24
Fire Rate 33
Range 66
Accuracy 81.5%
Ammo 3KV LZR
Magazine 30
Mass 6.55
Mods 7

Unrestrained Vengeance in Starfield is a rare laser rifle with unparalleled range and accuracy, equipped with the Hitman perk, enhancing damage when aiming.

The Last Rifle boasts extended range without sacrificing accuracy, making it ideal for crowd control and long-distance sniping. Unrestrained Vengeance stands out with its Hitman perk, enhancing damage by 15% when aiming.

I was able to further optimize Unrestrained Vengeance by adding a Recon Laser Sight and Long Barrel to the rifle.

How To Get

  • Defeat the formidable Hunter in the “High Price to Pay” main story mission of Starfield to acquire the Unrestrained Vengeance laser rifle.
  • Upon bringing down Hunter’s health bar once, he’ll relinquish the rifle and some credits when you return to your spaceship and ascend, even if he re-emerges.
  • Exceptional firing rate.
  • Unparalleled range and accuracy.
  • Lack of a default sight.
  • Limited energy capacity.

3. Razorback

The Highest Power Pistol With Precision.
Razorback (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: As a pistol, it offers a compact and easily maneuverable option for players who prefer agility and versatility in their loadout.
Weapon Stats Value
Fire Rate 12
Range 40
Accuracy 67.1%
Ammo 7.5MM
Mag 6
Mass 2.30
Mods 0 / 8

Razorback in Starfield is a high-power Pistol boasting a decent firing rate, limited by its magazine capacity but notable for its eight-mod compatibility.

This weapon delivers significant single-target damage at medium ranges, catering to precision players. However, its effectiveness diminishes at short and long ranges. Despite being a common weapon, Razorback surprises with its capacity to equip eight mods, showcasing its adaptability despite its compact size.

How To Get

  • Find the Razorback by exploring the world and looting crates or defeated enemies.
  • Occasionally, NPCs may have the Razorback available in their inventories for acquisition.
  • High power for a pistol.
  • Impressive eight-mod compatibility.
  • Limited magazine capacity. 
  • Effectiveness diminishes at extreme ranges.

4. Solstice

The Best Quick Fire Rate Laser Pistol.
Solstice (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: An ideal choice for a pistol with a high rate of fire for quick engagements.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Laser Pistol
Damage 10
Damage Types Energy
Ammo Types 1.5kV LZR Cartridge
Magazine Capacity 16
Rate of Fire 25
Mod Slots 7
Mass 1.3
Range 30
Accuracy 69.30%
Value 1960
Item Code 0026D961

The Solstice is a Laser Pistol powered by a 1.5-kilo Volt Lazer Ammo, designed for rapid enemy engagement, albeit with a recoil challenge.

The Solstice’s forte lies in its quick fire rate and compact magazine, enabling swift enemy takedowns. Its lightweight build and mod-friendly structure (capable of holding seven mods) empower users to control its kick efficiently.

How To Get 

  • Acquire the Solstice through perseverance, as its appearance in loot from crates or defeated enemies may be sporadic.
  • Increase chances of obtaining it by farming regularly.
  • Scout locations frequented by Pirates, such as Abandoned Hangars, Deserted UC Listening Posts, and Abandoned Mines, known for possessing the Solstice.
  • Adversaries and key spots, along with Weapon Cases, Storage Crates, and Safes found in lived-in areas, are potential Solstice hotspots.
Important: Shops like the Trade Authority, Centaurian Arsenal, and Salinas Hardware, spread across significant city hubs, frequently stock the Solstice. As you progress and explore, the weapon not only becomes more accessible but also showcases varied stats and powerful mods.
  • Quick-fire rate. 
  • Lightweight and mod-friendly structure.
  • Pronounced recoil at a distance.
  • Limited damage output.

5. Big Bang

The Shotgun With Immense Damage.
Big Bang
Big Bang (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The seven mod slots provide a high degree of customization, enabling players to fine-tune it according to their preferred playstyle.
Weapon Stats Value
Fire Rate 14
Range 20
Accuracy 54.7%
Magazine 8
Mass 7.00
Mods 0 / 7

Big Bang is a Particle Beam Shotgun renowned for its immense damage output and extended shooting range, unparalleled by other weapons.

The Big Bang shotgun in Starfield trades firing rate for immense damage potential. It stands out from other shotguns with its ability to shoot over longer distances. Classified as a Common weapon without innate Weapon Perks, its compatibility with up to seven mods allows for extensive customization.

I maximized the Big Bang’s performance by adding the Laser Sight mod along with the Ergonomic Shock.

My Experience: I was able to get the Big Bang early in my playthrough and found myself relying on it throughout most of my journey in Starfield, which is a testament to the exceptional performance this shotgun offers.

How To Get

  • Acquiring the Big Bang is a testament to a player’s progression in Starfield. It’s not just scattered anywhere, this weapon is exclusive to specific in-game merchants.
  • For hopeful wielders, advancing to higher levels is essential before this behemoth becomes available in the merchant’s inventory.
  • Immense damage output.
  • Extended shooting range.
  • Low firing rate (14).
  • Hefty and weighty.

6. The Old Earth Shotgun

The Best Shotgun In Starfield.
The Old Earth Shotgun
The Old Earth Shotgun (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: High physical damage makes it a top choice for players seeking a shotgun with substantial stopping power.
Weapon stats Value
Fire Rate 6
Range 20
Accuracy 56.3%
Ammo 12G SHELL
Magazine (Mag) 6
Mass 3.68
Mods 0 / 5
Damage 73
Damage Types Physical
Item Code 00278F74

A relic from a bygone era, Old Earth Shotgun delivers powerful physical damage, optimized by the Ballistics and Shotgun Certification skill. Among the four revered Old Earth weapons, the shotgun maintains its efficiency despite age. Reloading speed is crucial, and accuracy dictates the spread, necessitating customization to match individual playstyles.

How To Get 

  • Secure the Old Earth Shotgun in Starfield by visiting gun stores like Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis, Rowland Arms/Laredo Firearms in Akila City, or Neon Tactical in Neon.
  • While there’s no known unique version, the Old Earth Shotgun’s presence is felt throughout Starfield, blending past and future.
  • Sourcing ammunition for its unique caliber remains a challenge, enhancing its novelty and adding to the gameplay experience.
Important: Reaching level 15 amplifies the odds of finding Old Earth Shotgun in Starfield, especially in Akila City. Alternatively, it sporadically appears in random loot containers and can be nabbed by guards aboard the ECS Constant.
  • Powerful physical damage (73).
  • Timeless and iconic design.
  • Heavy Fuse bullets are costly and rare.

7. Heller’s Cutter

The Best Laser Cutter For Robots.
Heller’s Cutter
Heller’s Cutter (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The consistent damage bonus against robots makes it a superior choice when facing robotic adversaries.
Weapon Stats Value
Fire Rate 76
Range 3
Accuracy 76.7%
Magazine (Mag) 9
Mass 4.00
Damage 4
Damage Types Energy
Value 712
Mod Slots 0

Heller’s Cutter is a unique Laser Cutter, originally belonging to Heller at Argos Extractors, known for its distinct design and robot-damage bonus.

It stands out with a distinctive paint job and a consistent damage bonus against robots and also offers an elevated experience compared to regular cutters.

How To Get

  • Obtain Heller’s Cutter at the Argos Extractors mining outpost on Vectera in the Narion system.
  • Find it inside a building to the right of the landing pad, concealed in a crate near the entrance.
  • Interact (E, X, or A) to claim it.
  • Wait until after the ‘Back to Vectera’ mission to access the outpost; attempting before will find it locked.
  •  Deals 20% extra damage to mechanical critters.
  • Need to progress through the main story to get it.
  • Only shines against bots, not all-purpose.

8. The Drum Beat

The Best Versatile Combatech Rifle.
The Drum Beat
The Drum Beat (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The 60-bullet magazine ensures sustained firepower, making it ideal for extended combat scenarios.
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 8
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types 11mm Caseless
Magazine Capacity 60
Rate of Fire 160
Mod Slots 7
Range 32
Accuracy 65.60%
Mass 4.3
Value 4922
Item Code 0018DE2C

The Drum Beat boasts a large magazine capacity of 60 bullets, providing sustained firepower in combat. It specializes in Physical damage, benefiting from Ballistics and Rifle Certification skills.

Players are advised to customize the Drum Beat to match their combat preferences for accuracy, fire rate, and range.

How To Get

  • Defeat Ecliptic Agent, Ecliptic Commandant, or Ecliptic Specialist for a chance to loot The Drum Beat.
  • Engage Pirate Freebooter or Pirate Marauder in combat to obtain The Drum Beat.
  • Take down Spacer Punk enemies to acquire The Drum Beat weapon potentially.
Important: Alternatively, shops like the Centaurian Arsenal, Neon Tactical, and UC Exchange offer The Drum Beat for purchase, with potential mods varying based on the player’s level.
  • Large magazine capacity (60).
  • Has versatile fire for close to mid-range combat.
  • Moderate base damage (8).
  • Mod-dependent for optimal performance.

9. Beowulf

The Best Mid To Long-Range Bullpup Rifle.
Beowulf (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Offers a substantial damage output of 36 physical damage per shot, making it a powerful choice for engagements, especially at mid to long-range distances.
Damage 36
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types 7.77mm Caseless
Magazine Capacity 30
Rate of Fire 50
Mod Slots 8
Range 40
Accuracy 69.1
Mass 2
Value 4820
Item Code 0004716C

Among the myriad of weapons, Beowulf stands tall as a top-tier choice, easily making it among the list of the best weapons. This bullpup rifle, reminiscent of the famed Old English poem, boasts a damage output of 36 Physical damage per shot. Further enhanced by the Ballistics and Rifle Certification skills, The Beowulf rifle is a force to be reckoned with.

Players can adjust its fire rate, accuracy, and range through various ammunition and weapon modifications, letting them mold the Beowulf to best suit their combat needs.

How To Get 

  • Defeat Pirate Marauder to have a chance of acquiring Beowulf.
  • Engage Spacer Scum or Spacer Troublemaker enemies to potentially obtain Beowulf.
  • Despite Grendel’s higher fire rate, Beowulf boasts superior damage and accuracy, making it a valuable asset for Spacefarer’s arsenal.
Important: Those more inclined to trade can purchase the Beowulf in Starfield from retailers like Centaurian Arsenal, Neon Tactical, Rowland Arms, and UC Exchange, with potential mods being influenced by the player’s level.
  • Dominates mid-range, decent up close and afar.
  • Moderate fire rate (50).
  • Limited modes lack burst or exotic options.

10. The Kodama

The Best Short To Medium-Range SMG.
The Kodama
The Kodama (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It has an impressive fire-rate and high accuracy
Weapon Type Rifle
Ammo 7.77mm
Item ID 00253A16
Mass 2.25
Value 5632
Mod Slots 7
Base Damage Phys 16
Base Damage 2 (if exists) N/A
Magazine (Mag) 30
Fire Rate 170
Range 20
Accuracy 65.7%
Item Code 00253A16

The Kodama is a top-tier SMG in Starfield, designed for short to medium-range engagements, boasting a strong fire rate and dealing high physical damage per shot.

Notably futuristic in design, the Kodama SMG excels in close-quarters combat, effortlessly taking down enemies from short distances. Encounters with Spacers, starting around Level 12, often yield this weapon.

Players can also procure it from shops such as Centaurian Arsenal, Rowland Arms, and UC Exchange, with possible mods influenced by the player’s current level.

How To Get

  • Access the Starfield console command interface.
  • Input the specific command to spawn the Kodama directly.
  • Execute the command to instantly obtain the Kodama without the need for searching or exploration.
Note: By entering “player.additem 00253A16”, players can effortlessly add this SMG to their inventory. Want multiple units? Just append the desired quantity after the item_id, as in “player.additem Kodama 100”.
  • Extremely high fire rate (170).
  • Lightweight and versatile design.
  • Moderate base damage.

11. Coachman

Best Double-Barrelled Shotgun.
Coachman (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Delivers a substantial 62 points of physical damage per shot, showcasing a high damage output that makes it particularly effective in close-quarters combat scenarios.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Shotgun
Ammo Caseless Shell
Item ID 0026D96B
Mass 3.00
Value 1650
Mod Slots 7
Base Damage Phys 62
Magazine (Mag) 2
Fire Rate 47
Range 20
Accuracy 38.4%
Item Code 0026D96B

The Coachman is a potent double-barrelled shotgun in Starfield, perfect for close-quarters combat, boasting a high damage output but limited by its low fire rate. This double-barrelled titan delivers extreme physical damage and is most effective when used in close to mid-range skirmishes.

How To Get

  • Purchase it from Trade Authority shops in major cities like New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Neon.
  • Loot it from defeated Spacers, commonly found in locations like Abandoned Mines, Deserted Mineral Plants, and Abandoned Mineral Refineries.
  • Search Weapon Racks, Cases, and Safes scattered across the galaxy for a chance to find The Coachman.
  •  Devastating close-range damage, melts enemies in tight spaces.
  • Has a long reload time.
  • Wide shot pattern makes precision tricky.

12. The Grendel

The SMG With Low Recoil.
The Grendel
The Grendel (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Its low recoil provides players with better control and accuracy during sustained fire.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Rifle
Ammo 7.77mm
Item ID 00028A02
Mass 2.65
Value 1402
Mod Slots 8
Base Damage Phys 4
Magazine (Mag) 50
Fire Rate 170
Range 20
Accuracy 66.2%
Item Code 00028A02

The Grendel is a high-rate-of-fire SMG with low recoil, optimal for both indoor skirmishes and enemies in cover during mid to long-range combat. Such features make the Grendel a dominating choice for mid-range engagements, especially in crowded settings where minimizing recoil can provide a tactical edge.

How To Get

  • Get the Grendel from combat encounters with Spacers, Ecliptics, and other enemies.
  • Explore places like Abandoned Mines, Deserted Relay Stations, and Mercenary Bases to find it in containers.
  • It’s frequently obtained after exploration or combat, making it readily available in your arsenal.
Important: For those looking for a hassle-free acquisition, the Grendel is readily available for purchase in major cities, including New Atlantis and Cydonia.
  • In essence, with its high fire rate of 170 and wide availability, the Grendel is a must-have for every Starfield enthusiast, offering both firepower and versatility.
  • High fire rate (170).
  • Low recoil for accuracy.
  • Risk uncontrollable explosions and collateral damage.

13. XM-2311

The Best Mid-Range Combat Pistol.
XM-2311 (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Boasting a substantial damage output of 36 physical damage per shot, it delivers impactful hits. This makes it a formidable choice for quickly eliminating adversaries in mid-range encounters.
weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Pistol
Damage 36
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types .45 Caliber
Magazine Capacity 9
Rate of Fire 67
Mod Slots 5
Mass 1.1
Range 16
Accuracy 66.90%
Value 8200
Item Code 0024561C

The XM-2311 is a formidable pistol specializing in Physical damage and is the best weapon under the pistol category that can be utilized for mid-range combat. Its impressive fire rate and substantial physical damage output position it as a top-tier pistol.

Additionally, with the flexibility of five mod slots and compatibility with various ammunition and magazine weapon mods, players can tailor the XM-2311 to their specific playstyles, enhancing its rate of fire, accuracy, or even effective range. The Space-Adept Perk, specifically designed for space combat, further amplifies its value.

How To Get

  • Visit Rowland Arms in Akila to purchase the XM-2311.
  • Explore the galaxy and loot adversaries to potentially obtain the XM-2311.
  • Search containers scattered across various locations to discover the XM-2311, offering both power and precision for those seeking an unmatched choice in the Starfield armory.
  • Has high physical damage (36).
  • Boosts damage in space for extra punch against aliens.
  • Fewer customization options compared to other guns..
  • Moderate range (16).

14. The Lawgiver

The Best Long-Range Ballistic Rifle.
The Lawgiver
The Lawgiver (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: With 31 points of physical damage per shot, it packs a punch, ensuring effective long-range enemy elimination.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Rifle
Damage 31
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types .50 Caliber
Magazine Capacity 6
Rate of Fire 10
Mod Slots 6
Mass 3.6
Range 32
Accuracy 68.00%
Value 2395
Item Code 0002D7F4

The Lawgiver is a powerful, lever-action ballistic rifle delivering a hefty .50 Cal slug, blending old-west aesthetics with space-age capabilities.

This prowess, however, comes with a slight trade-off in the form of mediocre accuracy. Fortunately, by utilizing mod enhancements like scopes, players can bolster the Lawgiver’s efficiency considerably, making it one of the most versatile weapons in the game.

How To Get

  • Defeat Spacers in locations such as Abandoned Mines and Deserted Mineral Plants to obtain Lawgiver.
  • Discover Lawgiver within locked safes scattered across various points of interest in the game.
  • It can also be purchased from Trade Authority shops in major cities like New Atlantis and Cydonia, especially as players progress in levels.
  • Due to its prevalence, players can easily acquire this remarkable weapon without deviating much from their primary quests, often with enhanced stats and weapon modifiers as a bonus
  • Plenty of mods for customization.
  • Long-range capability (32).
  • Limited ammo capacity requires careful management.
  • Slow reloads can be risky in combat.

15. Peacekeeper

The Best High-Caliber Rifle.
Peacekeeper weapon in Starfield
  • Why I Chose This: It offers a unique combination of precision, firepower, and versatility.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Rifle
Damage 19
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types 11mm Caseless
Magazine Capacity 50
Rate of Fire 112
Mod Slots 8
Mass 4.5
Range 41
Accuracy 72.20%

The Peacekeeper is an exceptional high-caliber rifle in Starfield known for its precision and unmatched firing rate, perfect for methodical players aiming for one-shot victories.

What sets the Peacekeeper apart is its unique ability to one-shot-headshot adversaries from medium distances, making it ideal for strategists who prefer taking time to plan and execute. With a fire rate primed for crowd control and an Extended Magazine Perk, skirmishes are transformed into swift victories.

How To Get

  • Navigate to the Altair system to receive a distress call from Private Mahoney, initiating the Groundpounder side quest.
  • Progress through the quest, culminating at the Freestar Collective Research Outpost on Altair II.
  • Confront and defeat the Spacers at the outpost.
  • As a reward for completing the quest, players will be bestowed with the mighty Peacekeeper.
  • Has large magazine capacity.
  • Exceptional accuracy.
  • Has limited ammo availability.
  • Requires completion of a specific quest.

16. The Maelstrom

The Assualt Rifle With Impressive Fire-Rate.
The Maelstrom
The Maelstrom (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: With an impressive fire rate, it becomes a formidable assault rifle suitable for both close and mid-range combat situations.
Weapon stats Value
Weapon Type Rifle
Damage 4
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types 6.5mm CT
Magazine Capacity 40
Rate of Fire 150
Mod Slots 7
Mass 4.15
Range 40
Accuracy 65.80%
Value 1210
Item Code 002984DF

The Maelstrom is a multifaceted assault rifle known for its adaptability, from being a rapid-fire menace to a silent marksman’s tool, depending on its modifications in Starfield.

Maelstrom’s true power lies in its seven mod slots, which can transform it from a bullet-spewing beast to a silent sniper capable of downing enemies in just two headshots.

Note: In my opinion, the Maelstrom is not only a great weapon but also incredibly addicting, thanks to its modding potential.

How To Get

  • Defeating Crimson Fleet Pirates and Ecliptic Spacers.
  • Exploring planetary and lunar locations, such as abandoned outposts and mines.
  • Unlocking containers like Weapon Cases, Storage Crates, and Safes.
  • Purchasing it from shops like Salinas Hardware and Centaurian Arsenal in major city hubs like New Atlantis and Neon.
  •  Has high fire rate.
  • Versatile with seven mod slots.
  • Moderate base damage (4).
  • Limited long-range accuracy.

17. Experiment A-7

The Best Shotgun For Aliens Foes.
Experiment A-7
  • Why I Chose This: It comes with the unique “Exterminator” Weapon Perk and boasts exceptional damage output.
Stats Value
Weapon Type Shotgun
Damage 119
Damage Types Physical
Ammo Types 15×25 Cll Shell
Magazine Capacity 6
Rate of Fire 10
Special Effects Exterminator: +30% damage against aliens.
Mod Slots 8
Mass 6.9
Range 20
Accuracy 50.60%
Value 24747

Experiment A-7 is a powerful Rare Shotgun in Starfield known for its exceptional damage output, especially against alien foes. This shotgun has a limited magazine and longer reload time and deals tremendous damage, often requiring just two to three shots to defeat adversaries.

I overcame its inherent accuracy issues with mods like the Laser Sight and Tactical. These mods allow players to harness the weapon’s full potential effectively.

How To Get

  • Journeying to New Atlantis and using the Overlord Shuttle to reach the Deadrock Mining Outpost.
  • Receiving it during the “Entangled” main story mission from a security guard named Ethan at the Nishina Research Station after investigating a distress signal.
  • Choosing a persuasion dialogue option concerning local scorpions to ensure Ethan hands over the shotgun.
  • Exceptional damage output. 
  • Exterminator perk: +30% damage against aliens.
  • Limited magazine capacity.
  • Longer reload time.

Alternative Picks

Although there are other good picks for Best Weapons in Starfield, I left them out of my top 17 list due to specific reasons.

  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol: A great option for players who want a reliable pistol for taking down enemies in close quarters.
  • Magshot: A solid pick, but it has a slightly lower fire rate and less recoil compared to the other weapons I selected earlier.
  • Gallow’s Reach: Despite being a powerful weapon, it has low ammo capacity and limited customization options.
  • The Last Priest: While effective, it is a melee weapon, which makes it unsuitable for players who prefer ranged combat.


To wrap it up, exploring interstellar adventures requires optimal firepower & best weapons in your inventory. The Maelstrom’s adaptability, Experiment A-7’s devastating force against aliens, and the Solstice’s precision energy strikes prove essential. As players chart unknown realms, these weapons remain paramount choices, ensuring success against the most formidable galactic adversaries.

This is all about the best weapons that you can find in “Starfield” If this article piques your interest and you want to explore more consider reading, The BEST Backgrounds in Starfield, and BEST Starfield Companion guides.


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