Starfield: All Skill Tree Guide [Ranks & Effects]

Dive into expansive skill tree system in Starfield: 82 skills, five distinct trees, and personalized interstellar adventures await.

In the expansive cosmos of Starfield, players will experience a rich skill system, comprised of 82 distinct abilities spanning across five primary trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Each skill tree in Starfield is tailored to various facets of gameplay, from physical prowess and interpersonal relations to combat mastery and technological expertise. As players journey, they allocate skill points in Starfield to unlock and enhance abilities, ensuring a unique and personalized interstellar adventure.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield presents a robust skill system with 82 distinct abilities.
  • Skills are categorized into five primary trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech.
  • Each tree targets a unique gameplay facet, allowing for varied experiences in Starfield.
  • Players allocate skill points to unlock and enhance specific abilities.
  • The progression system in Starfield rewards both experience accumulation and in-game proficiency.
  • Choices in skill allocation profoundly impact gameplay, narrative, and character evolution.

What Are Skill Trees In Starfield?

Skill trees in Starfield are a system used to customize and develop your character’s abilities.

  • Starfield features 82 skills divided across 5 distinct skill trees as the following:
    1. Physical
    2. Social
    3. Combat
    4. Science
    5. Tech.

All 5 Skill Trees In Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, players are granted an expansive array of skills to mold their character and gameplay experience. These skills, numbering 82 in total, are meticulously grouped into five primary categories, each addressing a unique aspect of gameplay:

1. Physical Skills

Physical skills
Physical skills (picture credits: eXputer)

The Physical skill tree primarily deals with the player’s physical capabilities. They can influence attributes like endurance or how much a player can carry. In my opinion, skills in this category also relate to movement mechanics, such as sneaking.

2. Social

Social skills
Social skills (picture credits: eXputer)

Delving into the intricate web of interpersonal relationships in the game’s universe, the Social tree in Starfield covers dialogue options and NPC interactions. Skills here in my opinion can allow players to persuade or intimidate NPCs, essentially shaping the narrative outcome based on these interactions.

3. Combat

Combat skills
Combat skills (picture credits: eXputer)

A quintessential part of any action RPG, the Combat skill tree in Starfield governs weapon proficiency, damage output, and various combat abilities. Depending on how you allocate points here, you might become a marksman with rifles or a close-quarters combat specialist.

4. Science

Science skills
Science skills (picture credits: eXputer)

Starfield’s foray into the realm of the unknown is encapsulated in the Science skill tree. From my experience, this is where players delve into the mechanics of healing, crafting, and research, essentially channeling their inner scientists to gain an edge in exploration and survival.

5. Tech

Tech skills
Tech skills (picture credits: eXputer)

Last but by no means least, the Tech tree in Starfield merges the worlds of robotics, security, and starship customization. From my experience, skills here can range from hacking complex systems to customizing your very own spaceship.

Mechanics of The Skills System

I discovered that Starfield’s skill system operates on a dynamic blend of experience accumulation and performance-oriented progression. Here’s a deep dive:

Earning XP Through Various Activities

Earning XP
Earning XP (picture credits: eXputer)

At the heart of Starfield’s progression system is Experience Points (XP). Players earn XP by engaging in a multitude of activities, be it combat, exploration, or successfully navigating intricate dialogues. As one might expect from an action RPG of this caliber, every in-game action, whether grand or minuscule, has the potential to contribute to the character’s growth.

Important: During my playthrough of Starfield, I found that the fastest way to grind XP was outpost crafting. This method got me 5000 XP in less than 10 minutes.

Spending Skill Points To Unlock Or Level Up Skills

Level Up Skills
Level Up Skills (picture credits: eXputer)

As players amass XP, they’ll also accumulate skill points in Starfield. Once earned, these points serve as the primary currency for unlocking or advancing skills within the aforementioned five categories.

I discovered that not all skills are created equal. While some might be available for unlocking early on, others require a more significant investment, both in terms of points and prior skill unlocks, thereby encouraging players to strategize their progression path.

Performance-Based Upgrades

Starfield introduces an interesting duality to its progression mechanics. While XP-driven progression is a staple in Starfield, the game also rewards players for in-game proficiency.

For instance, consistently landing headshots might offer boosts in relevant combat skills, while successful negotiations could elevate social skills. This dual system ensures that both time investment and player skill are rewarded, allowing for a varied and organic character development trajectory.

Physical Skill Tree List

Skill NameRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
Boxing25% more unarmed damage.50% more unarmed damage.75% more unarmed damage. Knockdown chance.100% more unarmed damage. Knockdown chance.
Fitness10% more O2.20% more O2.30% more O2. Reduced O2 for sprinting/power attacks.30% more O2. Reduced O2 for sprinting/power attacks.
Stealth25% harder to detect. 5% extra sneak damage.50% harder to detect. 10% extra sneak damage.75% harder to detect. 15% extra sneak damage.100% harder to detect. 20% extra sneak damage.
Weight Lifting+10kg carry.+25kg carry.+50kg carry.+100kg carry. 50% stagger resistance.
Wellness+10% max health.+20% max health.+30% max health.+40% max health.
Energy Weapon Dissipation-5% energy damage.-10% energy damage.-15% energy damage. Reflect 25% energy damage below 50% health.Reflect 25% energy damage below 50% health.
Environmental Conditioning+10 Airborne resistance.+10 Thermal resistance.+10 Corrosive/Radiation resistance.Reduced environmental afflictions.
Gymnastics15% less fall damage. Combat slide.20% less fall damage. Faster Zero-G.30% less fall damage. Zero-G stability. O2 on mantling. Higher jump. Speed boost post-slide/mantle.30% less fall damage. Zero-G stability. O2 on mantling. Higher jump. Speed boost post-slide/mantle.
NutritionFood/drink 10% effective.Food/drink 20% effective.Food/drink 30% effective.Food/drink 50% effective.
Pain Tolerance-5% physical damage.-10% physical damage.-15% physical damage. 5% chance to ignore damage at low health.5% chance to ignore damage at low health.
Cellular RegenerationSmall injury recovery boost.Moderate injury recovery boost.Noticeable injury recovery boost.20% chance to prevent injury.
DecontaminationSmall infection recovery boost.Moderate infection recovery boost.Noticeable infection recovery boost.20% chance to prevent infection.
Martial Arts15% melee/unarmed crit boost.15% disarm chance on power attack.10% damage reduction for melee/unarmed.Reflect 50% damage on block.
ConcealmentAvoid mines. 2.5x/4x sneak damage.Stealth run. 3x/5x sneak damage.Chameleon when still. 3.5x/8x sneak damage.Stealth breaks enemy target. 4x/10x sneak damage.
Neurostrikes10% stun chance unarmed.Add EM damage to unarmed.20% stun chance unarmed.Stun AoE after single stun.
RejuvenationSlow out-of-combat heal.Faster out-of-combat heal.In-combat heal. Fast out-of-combat heal.Faster in & out-of-combat heal.

Social Skills List

Skill NameRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
CommerceBuy for 5% less and sell for 10%Buy/Sell increased by 5%Buy/Sell increased by 5%Buy/Sell increased by 5%
GastronomyCraft specialty food/drinks & research at Research LabGourmet food/drinks research/craftDelicacies research/craftOccasionally no resource use. Exotic recipes craft/research
Persuasion10% increased persuasion chanceChance increased by 10%Chance increased by 10%Chance increased by 20%
ScavengingExtra credits in containersExtra ammo in containersExtra aid items in containersHighlighted tracked resources with hand scanner
TheftUnlock pickpocket ability10% increased pickpocket success20% increased pickpocket success20% increased pickpocket success. Can pickpocket weapons
DeceptionShips 10% stronger surrender. 10% less effective scansShips/Scans increased by 10%Ships/Scans increased by 10%Ships/Scans increased by 20%
DiplomacyNPC at/below level: cease fighting temporarilyNPCs up to 10 levels above: cease fightingNPCs up to 20 levels above: cease fightingForce NPCs to stop fighting permanently unless attacked again
IntimidationNPC at/below level: flee temporarilyNPCs up to 10 levels above: fleeNPCs up to 20 levels above: fleeIncreased fleeing duration
Isolation+10% dmg & 15 DR for Spacesuit/Helmet without companionsDmg/DR increased by 10%/15Dmg/DR increased by 10%/15Dmg/DR increased by 10%/15
NegotiationAccess to Bribery in speechBribery cost reduced by 25%Bribery cost reduced by 25%Occasional zero bribery cost
InstigationNPC at/below level: attack allies temporarilyNPCs up to 10 levels above: attack alliesNPCs up to 20 levels above: attack alliesAffected NPCs continuously attack allies
LeadershipCompanions gain affinity 25% fasterCompanions get 50 more health & 50kg capacityPeriodic healing by companions when low on healthDouble bonuses on Companion skills & self-reviving chance
Outpost ManagementAdditional cargo links at outpostsAdditional robots at outpostsAdditional crew at outposts2x production from extractors
ManipulationNPC at/below level: obey commands temporarilyNPCs up to 10 levels above: obey commandsNPCs up to 20 levels above: obey commandsExtended command obedience duration
Ship CommandUp to four active crew membersOne additional crew memberOne additional crew memberTwo additional crew members
XenosociologyAlien (10 lvls above): flee temporarilyAlien (10 lvls above): cease fightingAlien (10 lvls above): attack alliesAlien (10 lvls above): obey commands temporarily

Combat Skill Tree List

Skill NameRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
BallisticsBallistic weapons do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%Range increased by 30%
DuelingMelee weapons do 25% more damage & take 10% less damageMelee kills: +20% speed for 10sIncrease damage by 25% & take 5% less damageMelee kills heal 10%
LasersLaser weapons do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%5% chance to ignite target
Pistol CertificationPistols do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 15%Increase damage by 25%+25% crit chance after pistol kill for 5s
Shotgun CertificationShotguns do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%Small stun chance on kill
DemolitionsGrenades show trajectory & +25% explosion radiusIncrease explosive damage by 25%Reduce explosive damage taken by 25%Double previous bonuses
Heavy Weapons CertificationHeavy weapons do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%+25% Physical resistance while aiming
IncapacitationEM weapons do 5% more damageIncrease damage by 5%Increase damage by 5%15% chance of 300% EM damage
Particle BeamsParticle beams do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%+5% crit chance
Rifle CertificationRifles do 10% more damageIncrease damage by 10%Increase damage by 10%Reload 30% faster when still
Marksmanship+3% crit chance for non-auto ranged weaponsIncrease crit chance by 5%Increase crit chance by 7%Double crit damage without scope, knockdown with scope
Rapid ReloadingReload Ballistic weapons 30% fasterReload Energy & EM 30% fasterReload Particle Beams 30% faster & 50% interrupt resistance50% reload speed boost for 15s on hit
Sniper CertificationReduced scope swayLonger breath hold+25% crit chance on headshot50% more damage with scope
TargetingMark 1 enemy within 25m, increased accuracy & range without aimingMark 2 enemies within 50m & notable accuracyMark 3 enemies within 75m & greatly increased accuracyDisarm 10% chance & mark 4 enemies within 100m
Armor PenetrationAttacks ignore 15% armorIgnore 15% more armorIgnore 20% more armorReduce enemy armor by 25% for 6s
CripplingHumans 30% more likely to downHumanoids slower recoveryHumans down earlierAll enemies & +100% damage to downed
Sharpshooting+50% headshot crit damage with ranged+50% leg crit damage+50% crit damage to all+25% crit chance for 20s after crit kill

All Science Skill Tree List

Skill NameRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
AstrodynamicsIncrease grav jump range of jump drives by 15%Fuel cost reduced by 15%Grav jump range & fuel cost increased by 30%Fuel cost reduced by 50%
GeologyGet more common and uncommon inorganic resources from surface objectsRare inorganic resources increased by X%Exotic inorganic resources increased by X%Chance to harvest additional rarer resources
MedicineMed Packs etc. restore 10% additional Health 10% fasterHealth restored increased by 20% & 20% fasterHealth restored increased by 30% & 30% fasterHealth restored increased by 50%, 50% faster & chance to cure an affliction
Research MethodsResources for craft & research reduced by 10%Resources reduced by 20%Resources reduced by 40%Resources reduced by 60% & sudden developments in research doubled
SurveyingOptional zoom to hand scanner, scan distance increased by 20 metersScan distance increased by 30 metersScan distance increased by 40 metersScan distance increased by 50 meters
BotanyGet more common/uncommon organic resources from plants etc.Rare organic resources increased by X%Exotic organic resources increased by X%Chance to harvest additional rarer organic resources
ScanningDetect uncommon inorganic resources & ship infoRare inorganic resources & specific ship infoExotic inorganic resources & better ship combat infoUnique inorganic resources & complete list of cargo on ships
Spacesuit DesignCraft improved spacesuit, helmet, and pack modsSuperior mods availableCutting-edge mods availableChance that mod construction is resource-free
Weapon EngineeringCraft improved weapon mods at Weapon WorkbenchSuperior weapon mods availableCutting-edge weapon mods availableMaster-level weapon mods available
ZoologyGet more common organic resources from creatures etc.Uncommon organic resources increased by X%Rare organic resources increased by X%Chance to harvest additional rarer organic resources
AstrophysicsScan moons of current planet. 10% chance to discover a trait20% chance to discover trait in system30% chance to discover trait within 16 LY50% chance to discover trait within 30 LY
ChemistryCreate improved chemsSuperior chems availableCutting-edge chems availableChance to triple chem quantity when crafting
Outpost EngineeringConstruct improved outpost modulesSuperior outpost modules availableCutting-edge outpost modules availableOutpost modules cost reduced by 50%
Aneutronic FusionShip reactors produce 1 extra unit of powerReactors produce 2 extra unitsReactors produce 3 extra unitsReactors produce 5 extra units
Planetary HabitationBuild on extreme temperature planets. Increase max Outposts by 4Build on extreme pressure planets. Outposts +8Build on toxic/corrosive planets. Outposts +12Build on high gravity planets. Outposts +16
Special ProjectsResearch experimental projects at Research LabCraft rare components at Industrial WorkbenchCraft exotic components at Industrial WorkbenchCraft unique components at Industrial Workbench. Outpost extractors chance for additional resources

Complete Tech Skill Tree List

Boost Pack TrainingYou can now utilize boost packsFuel usage reduced by X%Fuel regeneration increased by X%Doubles previous bonuses
PilotingYou can now utilize ship thrustersTurn rate & maneuverability increased by X%Can pilot Class B shipsCan pilot Class C ships
SecurityYou can attempt to hack Advanced locksHack Expert locks; Blue ring indicationHack Master-level locks; 4 auto attemptsSimplify puzzle; 5 auto attempts
Targeting Control SystemsUnlocks ship targeting functionalityLock-on time reduced by 15%; Fire rate -25%Lock-on time reduced by 30%; 10% crit hit chanceLock-on time reduced by 60%; 20% system damage
Energy Weapon SystemsEnergy ship weapons do 10% more damageDamage +20%; Cost -30%Damage +30%; Cost -45%Weapon recharge speed +30%
Engine SystemsShip's top speed increased by 10%Boost duration & cooldown improved by X%Top speed increased by 20%Enemies disengage during boosting
PayloadsShip cargo holds have 10% more capacityCargo capacity increased by 20%Cargo capacity increased by 30%Cargo capacity increased by 50%
Shield SystemsShip has 20% increased shield capacityShield capacity increased by 40%Shield capacity increased by 60%Occasional 100% damage resistance
Missile Weapon SystemsShip missile weapons do 10% more damageDamage +20%; Cost -40%Damage +30%; Cost -60%20% Range, Speed, Reload increase
Particle Beam Weapon SystemsShip particle beam weapons do 10% more damageDamage +20%; Cost -20%Damage +30%; Cost -30%Increased crit hit chance
Robotics10% more damage to Robots/Turrets; Control robotDamage +20%; Make robot fleeDamage +30%; Make robot attack alliesControl robot commands for limited time
Starship DesignImproved ship modules installationSuperior ship modules installationCutting-edge ship modules installationExperimental ship modules installation
Starship EngineeringAll ship systems repair 10% faster25% damage mitigation for ship systemsRepair speed increased by 25%Random full system repair
Automated Weapon SystemsAutomated ship weapons do 10% more damageDamage +20%; Reduce costs -30%; -20% damageDamage +30%; Crit chance +20%Turret weapons recharge 40% faster; 20% more damage
Boost Assault TrainingNearby enemies take damage when you boostKnockdown chance on boostHover in place while aimingTime slowdown by 70% while hovering
EM Weapon SystemsEM ship weapons have 10% increased damageDamage +20%; Cost -30%Damage +30%; Cost -45%Small chance to instantly disable enemy engines

This concludes my guide on All Skill Trees In Starfield. To sum it up, the game’s multifaceted skill system offers an immersive depth, allowing players to carve unique paths through its vast universe. With 82 skills spanning five distinct trees, every choice impacts gameplay, narrative, and character development, ensuring every interstellar journey is as individual as the stars themselves.


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